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Published at 11th of May 2020 10:55:03 AM
Chapter 106.1

Project Development (1)

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The day after Valentine’s Day was the Lantern Festival . The two hottest topics on the internet on this day was news about the Lantern Festival, and discussion and evaluation of the movie, 《Strife for Power》 .

【Yesterday, I watched the《Strife for Power》and cried until my eyes were swollen . Now my eyes look like they’re two big walnuts! Film Emperor Qin, pay me back my tears! Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, shouldn’t the movie be sweet? 】

【I was so excited to see the movie . The ending of the movie was so touching . Film Emperor Qin looked so handsome wearing a police uniform . Now, all my friends and I want to be a policemen!】

【The snow scene in the movie was really beautiful . It was even more beautiful than it appeared in the photos . I really want to go there! When I do, I’ll bring back a snowman as a souvenir!】

【The plot for《Strife for Power》is really well developed . It was so exciting yet nerve racking! I was unable to peel my eyes away from the screen . In addition, all the dark side of society portrayed in the movie felt so real . It made people feel scared after watching it, but at the same time, it also gave me hope . I sincerely liked the movie, so I give you a thumbs up!】

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【Film Emperor’s Qin is naturally very handsome, but the heroine of the movie seemed to be a little distant from Film Emperor Qin . I wonder if the script for the movie was specially modified because of Queen Su . Hehe . Will President Su be jealous when she sees the Film Emperor acting with another woman? Looking for an answer!】

【To be honest, I feel that the plot for《Strife for Power》isn’t very original . However, the movie itself is very simple and realistic, especially the fighting scenes . Even though there weren’t any glamourous special effects edited into the fighting scene, the scene still felt very exciting to watch . Film Emperor’s movies are of very high quality . The movie tickets are very worthwhile and the movie itself was worth seeing . 】

【As a professional movie critic, I can confidently say that the movie《Strife for Power》is definitely an action movie that is worth watching . In this movie, the various characters are well developed and nuanced . The actors portrayed their characters very successfully . This is especially true for the police character acted out by Mr . Qin Jiran . He did extremely well by highlighting the true profession of a police officer in modern society . Also, the dark side of society described in the movie was also extremely profound . The portrayal and acting was very accurate…】

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were sitting at home eating stuffed glutinous rice balls while they scrolled through major forums . Sitting next to them was Mother Su, little Su Nuo, and the people from the Su Family . They were all eating delicious stuffed glutinous rice balls . While they ate the meal, they praised Qin Jiran’s superb cooking skill . They were impressed that he even knew how to make delicious tasting stuffed glutinous rice balls .

The meal was not the most important aspect of a family gathering . The most important aspect in a family was the atmosphere . The atmosphere should be warm and comfortable . It should make people feel nostalgic .

“Jiran, how did your new movie do at the box office? Are you satisfied with the result?” Mother Su asked his son-in-law with concern .

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“It earned about 80 million at the box office . It’s alright . ” Qin Jiran was neither satisfied nor dissatisfied by the result . After all, the amount a movie earned at a box office doesn’t represent the quality of a movie . Not to mention, 80 million dollars was already quite high for a police action movie . Besides, this was only the first day . Excluding his own remuneration, his total investment in the film was around 20 million dollars . It was already considered a great investment .

“Hehe, is 80 million not enough for you? I think you made a lot of money this time . When you make a big investment in your next movie next time, let me invest in it too . ” Mother Su was very interested, after all, she was a businesswoman . Whenever there was money to be made, there will always be businessmen and businesswomen . Investing in the production of movies was considered a huge profit if the movie did well at the box office .

“Mom, didn’t you reject dad when he asked you to invest in his resort? Aren’t you afraid that dad will get jealous if you suddenly invest in the production of a movie?” Su Yanyi teased her mother . Her mother was always too lively and would always do unexpected things .

“Resorts are so boring . We already own many resorts, but your dad is busy to the point that he never goes to any of them! It’s ironic of him to build a resort that he will never use . I don’t like that idea . However, investing in a movie is different . Jiran, you’re already considered an list actor in China . Do you have any plans to become an international actor? I know several foreign directors . I can introduce them to you . It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to enter the international movie market based on your skills . Both Yanyi and I will support you . ”

Mother Su’s eyes were both glowing as she said that . Supporting her son-in-law to become an international movie star was a worthwhile investment!

“Mom!” Su Yanyi was helpless against her mother’s excitement . Although her mother was unable to control her, she was unable to control her mother either!

“Why? You don’t like that idea?” Mother Su asked Su Yanyi .

“That’s not it . I want Jiran to follow after his own dreams and ideas . ” Su Yanyi just felt that Qin Jiran would have his own opinion and didn’t need their meddling .  

“I will be taking a short break for now . I will also carefully consider your suggestion . ” Qin Jiran wanted to bring his skills into the international market before, but now, he was a little hesitant . He will obviously become busier once he enters the international market . He will be abroad for a long period of time . However, he didn’t want to leave Yanyi alone for too long .

Mother Su looked at Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi, and suddenly asked, “Jiran, are you hesitating because you don’t want to leave Yanyi?”

Mother Su hit the nail in its head again .

Qin Jiran’s silence meant that it was true . Su Yanyi raised an eyebrow and said calmly, “Isn’t it normal to be unwilling to part with me?”

“I bet you are unwilling to part with him too . ” Mother Su teased her daughter . Although the expression on Yanyi’s face didn’t change, Mother Su knew that what she said was true . After all, when Jiran had to leave for 10 days to film the outdoor scene for his movie, Yanyi followed him there . How would she be willing for Jiran to leave for an even longer period of time?

This time, Su Yanyi also remained silent, which meant that she acknowledged that it was true . She was reluctant to let him go . Who would cook for her once Qin Jiran left her?

“Tsk, tsk, such an adorable young couple!”

While the Su Family members ate their Lantern Festival meal together with love and affection, Wang Zhilin fell into a state of panic in prison . For over half a month, both her body and spirit were tortured . What scared her even more was that the two men had never visited her . Even her own mother hadn’t visited her once! Only a lawyer had visited her once in the beginning, but afterward, it seemed like she was completely abandoned .

In the beginning, she endured and waited for them . But the more she waited, the more desperate she became . In the past, she feigned that she was insane, but now, she felt like she was really becoming abnormal . She couldn’t fall asleep in the morning or at night . Even when she fell asleep, she would be awakened by the two demons . She felt like she had turned into a ghost; she didn’t feel human at all anymore!

Wang Zhilin’s complexion was yellow and sallow . She looked sullen and panicky . Wang Zhilin was always curled up at the corner of the cell like a sewer rat . Any sudden sound would make her tremble all over . This was all due to the two girl delinquents . They may not have left many scars on Wang Zhilin’s body, but they definitely left lasting marks in Wang Zhilin’s heart . This was Su Yanyi’s main goal .  

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