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Chapter 100

Chapter 100 . 1 — New Year Eve’s Dinner

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Edited by: Larkspur

“Mr . Qin, I can give you 2,000,000 . Can you not mention the fact you’re related by blood in the future? Or you can give me a price? How much do you want for you to disappear from before me forever?” Qin Jiran suddenly thought that his father was that stupid . At this time, he was actually saying such immature words!

The moment he heard Qin Jiran say this, Qin Zhenyi’s face turned incredibly unwell . His words were like a slap to his face . Qin Jiran ended up denying the Qin Family which he had always proudly regarded .

Su Yanyi smiled softly, however . She liked how he lit fire with fire . Regarding people like Qin Zhenyi who were overly confident, they should give him a reality slap . He needed to understand that not everyone was as selfish and greedy for power like him!

“You really don’t want the status of the Qin Family and the inheritance?” Qin Zhenyi asked coldly . He was unable to conceal the shocked expression on his face . After all, to Qin Zhenyi, he would never believe that he didn’t care about Qin Family’s vast inheritance .

“Mr . Qin, I was unfamiliar with the Qin Family in the past but now, I find it disgusting . So, don’t daydream anymore! To me, your words are a joke while you are a pathetic existence to the world!”

If only Qin Jiran had cared about their relationship in the past and hadn’t spoken overly harsh words to Qin Zhenyi, now that he came and spoke such uncomfortable words to them, Qin Jiran felt like he didn’t need to give him face anymore . Each action and movement in his eyes was as pathetic as a clown’s!

“You — you’re presumptuous! Qin Jiran, you, you…” This time, due to anger, Qin Zhenyi couldn’t even formulate his words . His aging face was completely red and looked incredulously at Qin Jiran . He seemed to find it unfathomable that the person in front of him had actually said what he did!

Even if he didn’t want this kid, this kid couldn’t reject him . He was his father! Shouldn’t this kid be eager for a father? No matter what, shouldn’t he try to do everything to return to this affluent family? He thought that all illegitimate sons were like this! But why didn’t the same apply for Qin Jiran? He dared to talk to like this! Did he really not place the Qin Family in his eyes?

When he thought of this, Qin Zhenyi suddenly looked at Su Yanyi . There was an obvious gloomy and sinister tint in his eyes . It was all because of this woman! Without her, how would his son dare to speak to him in this tone?!

“Don’t think that you’re outstanding just because you’re a part of the Su Family . Either way, you have become their live-in Son-in-Law . Do you not even have a man’s self-respect?!” Qin Zhenyi whose anger took over his mind only wanted to vent his anger right now . Of course, these were the truest feelings in his heart . From his knowledge, Qin Jiran must not be having a good time living in the Su Family . They cared most about finding suitable matches and spouses coming from the same affluent background . Qin Jiran was an illegitimate son and also an actor . How could the Su Family treat him well there?!

This was the bargaining chip Qin Zhenyi wanted to use for negotiating with Qin Jiran . He wanted to use him and together with the Su Family’s powers beat down his two useless brothers . After he claimed the position of the Chairman, he could reverse the method and work with Qin Jiran to scheme against the Su Family . If in the end he succeeded, owing to their relationship, he could give Qin Jiran some inheritance but not much . Albeit, it was much better than being a live-in Son-in-Law!

From Qin Zhenyi’s perspective, although he wanted to use and cooperate with Qin Jiran, there was also a feeling of charity involved . After all, in his knowledge, Qin Jiran was not living well!

Know yourself and your enemy in order to emerge unscathed through a hundred battles . Qin Zhenyi had tried to lure Qin Jiran with what the latter despised the most . He was really incomparably stupid!

“Mr . Qin, we don’t welcome you . Can you have the conscious to leave?” Su Yanyi made him leave . Although she knew that Qin Zhenyi had said this due to his over confidence, she was really uncomfortable still!

What does he mean by not having a man’s self-respect? Is it tragic to be her husband? What nonsense is Qin Zhenyi spouting?!

Qin Zhenyi left the Su Residence with a belly full of anger . But after leaving, Qin Zhenyi concealed his feelings . It was hard to tell that he was angry . He ordered the driver to drive while he pondered over some things .

Although the meeting ended unhappily, this didn’t stop him from attracting more people to his side using the Su Family’s name . The shareholders in the Qin Company were easily swayed . They were on the most powerful side . At a critical moment in the Qin Family’s internal strife, even if he was going to deceive them, he needed to bring them to his side!

At the Sus right now, Su Yanyi stared at Qin Jiran . Although she was indifferent like usual, there seemed to be something different .

“I’m angry!” Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran as she spoke . Qin Jiran’s demeanour immediately changed and he hugged Su Yanyi, feeling bad . “Sorry, I made you angry again . ”

“Tell me, am I good to you or not?” Su Yanyi didn’t react to his apology . In reality, she felt like there was no need . She was clearly angry over something else .

Qin Jiran was stunned before he reacted and understood what Yanyi was probably angry over . He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . He soothed her . “Good, of course you’re good . No one else could be as good to me as you . Yanyi, it’s completely not worth it to be angry over this . What he was saying was based on his conjectures . We don’t need to care about this!”

“I know that I shouldn’t care about his words and I don’t . But, I care about your feelings!” Su Yanyi reluctantly explained . She wasn’t used to explaining, but she would make an exception for Qin Jiran a lot . Plus, she wasn’t used to caring about other people’s feelings . It was because she knew her own personality that she’d asked him in a serious manner .

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If Qin Jiran thought that she wasn’t good enough, she might consider being better for him . She had already promised in her past life that she would protect him her whole life . This naturally included trying hard to be better for him . Although she didn’t know how exactly to be better for him, she would learn .

Qin Jiran hugged Su Yanyi tightly . Who said that Yanyi didn’t know how to talk smoothly? He’s listening to the sweetest words now!

“Yanyi, whenever you’re happy, I’m happy . When you feel blessed, I’m blessed . Do you understand what I’m saying?” He had simple feelings . Yanyi was top priority . As long as she was good, he was fine!

“If that’s really the case, then it’s good . ” Su Yanyi said,arrogantly as she slightly raised her head .

Right now, Su Yanyi was really a bit proud . See how good her taste was? She was able to choose a man who brought her pride and satisfaction .

“This is naturally true . Why would I lie?” Qin Jiran enjoyed seeing Su Yanyi’s proud look . His heart softened and couldn’t help but kiss the corner of Yanyi’s lips . He loved Yanyi, deeper and deeper .

Su Yanyi naturally believed Qin Jiran’s words . But she said something else . “If you have any other thoughts, tell me . If you feel wronged, tell me too . If someone bullies you, tell me too…”

Su Yanyi wasn’t able to finish her words as Qin Jiran deeply kissed her . Yanyi’s words had touched him deeply . If he continued to listen to her, he was afraid he might cry . Since a child, this was the first time someone had said such things to him . He finally understood that he wasn’t alone anymore, based on this feeling of warmth, treasure, and protection .

On New Year’s Eve, Qin Jiran wore the red Tang suit Yanyi had especially made for him, as expected . He had also given Yanyi a gift that morning .

“Yanyi, wear this today . I spent a long time choosing and thought this would suit you very well . ” After Su Yanyi had finished washing up, she saw Qin Jiran smiling and trying to appease her . There was a red Tang suit in his hands and it seemed to be livelier than the one Qin Jiran had .

Su Yanyi was just like Qin Jiran . She rarely wore red clothes but this Tang suit was clearly a gift in return . If she didn’t accept it, there would be no point added to the mission . Even if it had nothing to do with the mission, she felt kind of bad rejecting his gift when she saw his eager smile .

When the two donned their suits, it seemed like they wore a couple outfit . Of course, they looked like newly-weds .

At the same time, the system rang .

Congratulations to Master for completing Level 3 Mission once . Another point will be added . You now have 25 points . Master, please continue to work hard!

Su Yanyi suddenly wondered why the system required her to send Qin Jiran gifts that he liked but it didn’t do the same for her . This was unfair! Did the system discriminate against her?

Oh, fine! This Tang suit was quite beautiful . She’ll bear with it and wear it . Who let this to be this stupid man’s token of thoughts .

“Woah, Aunty and Uncle, you guys are wearing the same thing as Nuo Nuo . ” Little Su Nuo had run over to play with the two early in the morning . Seeing their clothes, he immediately broke into a smile . He seemed to be ecstatic that someone was wearing the same style of clothes as him .

Chapter 100 . 2 —  New Year Eve’s Dinner

Edited by: Larkspur

The lid of Su Yanyi’s eyes twitched . Qin Jiran patted little Su Nuo’s head before going into the kitchen and making breakfast for Yanyi . Of course, this included little Su Nuo’s too . Ever since Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were on break at home, little Su Nuo came over every day for food . Who let Uncle’s cooking skills be so great? There were all sorts of pastries and snacks too . Just the thought of them made him drool .

After breakfast, many people came to the Su Family for New Year’s . Being the third generation, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran naturally needed to show up . The two held little Su Nuo’s hands, like a family of three, and walked into the main residence . Su Yanmo who had been greeting the guests found them to be familiar . He was clearly his son but why did he feel like his son was from another family?

He’d not argue had his son liked Yanyi, his Aunty . But why did he like Qin Jiran, this Uncle, more? When he realized that Yanyi cared more about Qin Jiran than him, her Elder Brother, he had endured this and told himself not to be envious . But now that his son felt the same towards Qin Jiran, he was in a dilemma!

“Nuo Nuo, come here . ” Su Yanmo gestured for him to come over . Little Su Nuo was well-behaved and he immediately ran over with his short legs . He threw himself into Su Yanmo’s arms .

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“Daddy, Nuo Nuo ate a lot of delicious food at Uncle’s place . He’s amazing and can cook so many tasty dishes . ” Clearly, little Su Nuo didn’t understand his father’s jealousy and happily described how his breakfast went to him . Little Su Nuo’s biggest wish was to be able to eat food cooked by his Uncle .

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran, along with Su Yanmo, welcomed the guests . They sat down but didn’t say anything . Old Man Su, Mother Su, and Father Su would randomly call someone among the three over . Some had long introductions while the others had shorter ones . Some were more affectionate while others were more indifferent . From their different tones, one could tell how intimate they were with each other . Although this was a short greeting, this represented the connections Su Family had in A City and in the country .

Regarding their connections abroad, foreigners don’t celebrate Chinese New Year . Of course, some foreign friends would call and greet them, especially Su Yanmo who was in charge of numerous businesses abroad in recent years . He received calls from many countries . Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi listened to it and at the same time thought it was interesting . They greatly admired Su Yanmo, especially Qin Jiran . This was the first time he found out that Elder Brother spoke several languages!

“Daddy, how do you know so many languages? Nuo Nuo doesn’t even understand . ” After listening to his father attend the phone calls, he asked him in confusion .

“Once you learn the languages, you will understand . ” Su Yanmo patted little Su Nuo’s head . Since he is his son, he needed to take on the Su Family’s responsibilities . He would have to learn numerous extra things that normal children wouldn’t have to, just like him and Yanyi . Although it would be quite tiring, it would fill his life with color and excitement .

“Will daddy teach Nuo Nuo?” Little Su Nuo asked, still uncertain .

“Yes, daddy and the teacher will both teach you . Does Nuo Nuo want to learn?” Little Su Nuo was five years old now . It was clearly suitable for him to learn languages now . The younger a child starts to learn a language, the easier it is to understand and embrace the language .

“I want to . When Nuo Nuo learns the languages, I will be able to understand what daddy is saying . ” Little Su Nuo nodded happily, clearly very willing .

“Ok, then be good and learn . ” At little Su Nuo’s words, Su Yanmo was happy with the result . It seems like his son regarded him highly .

In the afternoon, they prepared dinner . Everyone was going to eat together . There was a lot to prepare but Mother Su personally cooked this time . Without a doubt, Qin Jiran became the main chef . He and Mother Su made dinner together .

The four generations of the Su Family lived under the same roof, but there were only seven of them in reality . Although there were some relatives who came to visit them, they wouldn’t stay here to celebrate the New Year . Therefore, they just needed to prepare dinner for seven . However, Qin Jiran and Mother Su still planned on cooking twelve warm dishes, four cold dishes, two bowls of soup and a certain amount of desserts . Plus, they would make the food according to the Su Family’s taste . No matter whether it was Qin Jiran or Mother Su, they were really considerate .

Su Yanyi, being the relaxed and carefree person, was called into the kitchen by Mother Su to help out . Although Su Yanyi had a cold face, she didn’t reject her either . A cold face didn’t mean she was unhappy . One could only say that she was normally expressionless .

“Yanyi, you should learn how to cook . Mother has never tried out your cooking skills . ” Mother Su said as she chatted with Su Yanyi . Actually, she was a bit embarrassed . Her daughter didn’t know how to do anything but her Son-in-Law did . Although she was really happy that her daughter had found a man who could do everything, she was embarrassed of her daughter!

But the two had strange expressions on after they heard Mother Su say this .

“I will . ” Su Yanyi said seriously . It was only two words but Mother Su felt as if she had heard wrong .

“You said you would? What do you know? Can you cook? Have you cooked before?” Mother Su couldn’t be any more surprised than now . Was Yanyi saying she knew how to cook? How was this possible!? It wasn’t that she looked down on her daughter but that Yanyi never went near the kitchen since she was a child . Don’t mention cooking, servants would even serve her a warm cup of water!

“Mhm . ” Su Yanyi calmly nodded . It was just cooking . Did her mother need to act so surprised? Mother wasn’t calm enough but she wasn’t like her Elder Brother either . She didn’t know who she resembled though . Oh, perhaps her grandfather?!

“You believe this?” Mother Su thought that she had heard wrong, so she decided to tell someone else about this . But when she saw Qin Jiran’s calm expression, she knew that she wasn’t hallucinating or anything . Without waiting for Qin Jiran to respond, she exclaimed in an incredulous tone . “You knew that she could cook? Did she cook for you?”

Oh, this wasn’t acceptable . How could she have never eaten food cooked by her daughter? She was so jealous and envious of him!

Mother Su glared at her Son-in-Law . What should she do? She was envious of her Son-in-Law!

“Yes!” Qin Jiran mimicked Su Yanyi’s actions and nodded his head calmly but his eyes were smiling . His Mother-in-Law’s lively personality was quite different from Yanyi’s . If he wasn’t mistaken, his Mother-in-Law was looking at him with jealousy .

Heh . It seems like only he had eaten food cooked by Yanyi . He felt incredibly blessed!

“Unacceptable! Yanyi, we’re celebrating the New Year today . Since you can cook for your husband, you should cook for your mother too, right?” When Mother Su shifted her gaze to Su Yanyi, she looked miserable . Su Yanyi felt her scalp going numb at this sight!

Mother, your gazes only work on father . She could only give her a discount here .

“Then I will be in charge of cooking the rice . ” Su Yanyi calmly explained . This was the price after the discount!

Qin Jiran held in his laughter by the side and Mother Su immediately looked upset . She negotiated and said, “No . You need to cook at least four dishes . Cook two non-vegetarian dishes and two vegetarian ones!”

“I’m only cooking two dishes!” Su Yanyi looked at her mother and negotiated as well .

“Three!” Even an extra one would be great!

“Only two, otherwise, nothing!” Su Yanyi didn’t budge this time . She only cooked two dishes because of the family’s face!

“Fine, two it is! But you need to cook two main course dishes . You can’t just cook stir-fried julienned potato or cucumber salad or something like that to fool us . ” Mother Su, in reality, was worried about Su Yanyi’s cooking skills . She knew her own daughter . Was it really possible for someone who had never entered the kitchen to become a super chef? Of course not!

Su Yanyi didn’t answer Mother Su this time . She started to ponder over what she was going to cook . She didn’t plan on fooling them anyway . She was a prideful person and since she’d decided to cook something, it must be the best!

Seeing that her daughter wasn’t talking to her, Mother Su went to her Son-in-Law to quell her curiosity . “Jiran, how is Yanyi’s cooking? Is it edible? Do I need to prepare medicine ahead of time?”

It felt like Mother Su’s voice was low and only for Qin Jiran to hear, but Su Yanyi clearly head it . The servants helping them couldn’t help but giggle too .

“Mother, since you don’t trust me, why are you asking me to cook?” Su Yanyi was in a dilemma . She didn’t really want to cook either, ok! She was only in charge of eating the food every New Year!

“Cough . Despite how unpalatable the food might be, mother will have to taste it . Otherwise, it would be a shame . ” Mother Su had already set her mind, thinking that Su Yanyi’s cooking wouldn’t be that great . She kept on saying it would be “unpalatable” . Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were speechless at this .

“Mother, Yanyi is great at cooking, better than me . ” Qin Jiran felt the need to explain this . Didn’t she see how unhappy Yanyi was?!

Chapter 100 . 3 — New Year Eve’s Dinner

Edited by: Larkspur

 “Jiran, you don’t need to cover for Yanyi . Do you think I don’t know her? It’s fine if it’s not edible . It’s not like I will dislike you . I’m your mother . But I am sorry that you are marrying someone who can’t even cook . ” Mother Su felt bad for Qin Jiran and looked kindly at him, as if he’s really suffering from a lot of hardships .

Qin Jiran didn’t know whether to cry or laugh . Mother-in-Law was acting like a buffoon and this was giving him, the Son-in-Law, a lot of pressure! Didn’t she notice the cold glares Yanyi was already sending his way?

“Mother, you’re joking . Yanyi is really good at cooking . Plus, I also like to cook so whether Yanyi knows how to cook or not doesn’t matter . It is getting late, I think we should start cooking as little Su Nuo will be hungry soon . ” Qin Jiran knew that Mother Su was mostly joking, but he still wanted to explain . He felt incredibly blessed to be able to be with Yanyi . How would he think this was tiring?

“Ok, ok . I’ll stop teasing you guys . You’re quite an honest person . You won’t even allow me to joke about Yanyi . You’ll be bullied by Yanyi like this . And you’re still standing there laughing foolishly . Aren’t you quite a slow person?” Although it felt like Mother Su was joking, in reality, this was the truth . Ever since he’d married her daughter three years ago, Mother Su had already started to investigate everything about Qin Jiran- his personality, abilities, and his feelings for her daughter . Otherwise, why would people say that only parents cared about their sons/daughters? Despite how much freedom she gave her children, she still cared and looked after them!

It was because of this concern that Mother Su held a favorable impression of Qin Jiran . But at that time, it seemed like Yanyi didn’t like him that much . As a mother, she didn’t interfere with their relationship . But she thought it was a pity . Now, seeing their strong relationship, she was at last comforted .

Mother Su had taken into account the fact that her Son-in-Law was good to her daughter . She was happy in her heart . Naturally, she treated her Son-in-Law like her own son and couldn’t help thinking that he was always being bullied by her daughter . She felt sympathetic towards him .

“I don’t bully him . ” Su Yaya calmly clarified . When had she bullied him? At most, she would just tease him . This wasn’t bullying . This should be the way of love! Speaking of bullying, mother would always bully father!

“Yanyi doesn’t bully me . ” Qin Jiran said this at the same time as Su Yanyi . After they had spoken, they looked at each other . They felt they were good at reading each other’s minds . They smiled .

“I suddenly feel like I’m a light bulb!” After witnessing their exchange, Mother Su voiced her realization .

“Mother, stop acting like a clown . Go and cook . ”

There was a warm and joyful atmosphere in the kitchen . When Mother Su saw Su Yanyi making two exquisite dishes, she had a strange look . After all, one could tell she wasn’t that skilled in the kitchen . However, it seemed like her daughter really knew how to cook!

“Is it edible?” Mother Su asked, eagerly . However, this question held ambiguity . They didn’t know whether she was asking if she could eat it now or if it was edible .

Su Yanyi brought the dishes to the dining table, dismissing her mother’s teasing . She’d especially picked two main dishes to make . The presentation of the dishes was very important too . She couldn’t let her mother secretly eat this .

“Try my cooking . ” Su Yanyi proudly declared to the already seated Su Family .

Fine . She liked the feeling of cooking food for people she liked . Especially when she saw everyone’s shocked and eager looks . This gave her a sense of pride .

Drunk Dragon . The main ingredient was shrimp with white wine as a side . It was an upgraded version of drunk shrimp . The most striking difference was in its appearance . The shrimps were arranged into the shape of a dragon and the head of the dragon was lifted up high, as taught by the system . It looked quite imposing, lighting up people’s eyes at the sight .

Feng Chaotian . The main ingredient was chicken or stewed chicken . Although it was the main ingredient, there were a lot of side ingredients giving it a brilliant color . It looked very beautiful, especially the carving of the phoenix tail . It was vivid and life-like, all done by Su Yanyi .

While Su Yanyi was preparing the two dishes, Mother Su was flabbergasted . She was suspicious and thought her daughter was possessed by unknown things . How else could her cooking skills be so good!?

“Yanyi, it’s great that we’re celebrating New Year’s together . You’ve learned to joke with us now . ” Father Su sighed, making Su Yanyi’s eyes twitch . On the other hand, Qin Jiran gave a helpless smile . As for Mother Su, she started laughing in the first moments . She knew that her husband was the most considerate! See how thoughtful his words were?!

“It’s not a good habit to boast, but this chef’s cooking is pretty good . Is he newly hired? I didn’t even know . I must take a bite . ” Grandfather Su joined the scene, clearly not believing Su Yanyi’s words .

Yanyi can cook? And this well? What is this, a joke? The sun didn’t rise in the west!

This time, Mother Su laughed louder .

Little Su Nuo was very confused, curious as to what grandmother was laughing at . He blinked his eyes and asked, “Grandmother, what are you laughing at? Are you very happy?”

“Yes, grandmother is very happy . Grandmother has heard a lot of jokes . ” Mother Su went along and blinked her eyes . Little Su Nuo was even more confused . How come he didn’t hear any jokes?

“Grandmother, Nuo Nuo wants to hear a joke too . ” Little Su Nuo looked eagerly at Mother Su .

“Then let your Aunty tell one . ”

Little Su Nuo immediately looked at Su Yanyi eagerly . Besides eagerness, he looked at her in obvious surprise . He seemed to be saying: Aunty is so amazing . She can even tell jokes!

Su Yanyi was very speechless . Why did it feel like she was being bullied by her family?

“Hahaha . This year’s celebration is going to be great . In the past, I felt this family was too quiet . You guys are quieter than your previous siblings . With Nuo Nuo now, it’s different . Even Yanyi knows how to cook . This is all due to Jiran’s contributions . Otherwise, we would never be able to try out Yanyi’s cooking . Ok, ok . I’m going to stop . Let’s all come over and try this . Little Nuo Nuo is drooling already…” Old Man Su chuckled out loud as he spoke his mind . . Then he had everyone come over for dinner .

The whole family gathered together for New Year Eve’s dinner, eating food cooked by their sons and daughters . Listening to his great grandson’s soft voice, Grandfather Su felt like his life was complete .


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