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Published at 28th of January 2021 10:12:36 AM

Chapter 139

Title: Rebirth of the Evil Mother-In-Law
Translator: Fringe Capybara
Chapter 139 - The situation on the web started leaning toward Li WangJin (1)

“Many of the netizens actually support Li WangJin, saying that it is a good thing that he allows them to buy the product for cheaper . It doesn’t matter to them whether Cherry Blossom Pills was legitimate or not . Some of them even said that only someone who had never used pirated software in their entire life has grounds to criticize Li WangJin . Some even said that Li WangJin is a nice man with their best interest in mind . ”

The shamelessness of them enraged Yang MeiHua . She went on . “I don’t know what goes through those people’s minds . Li WangJin is someone who’d give forgeries to his own wife . How could anyone trust him? How’d we know that he didn’t skim during the making of the Cherry Blossom Pills? Why else would he sell them at such a heavy discount? You always get what you pay for when it comes to skin care products . ”

Xu YuQi comforted her, “It’s human nature to like bargains . Speaking of, how much of a discount are they offering for the Cherry Blossom Pills?”

Yang MeiHua continued to battle the pirate fans as she answered Xu YuQi’s question, “I think as low as 50% off . ”

Hearing that, Xu YuQi started looking it up online and found the website where she could place a pre-order for the Cherry Blossom Pills . She took a quick look at Yang MeiHua, who was still working on battling with other netizens, and quickly paid for the deposit and exited the website .

She was not the same as Yang MeiHua . Yang MeiHua came from an okay family . A box of 888 yuan Beautify Pills was nothing to her . Xu YuQi, on the other hand, only has 2,000 yuan of allowance a month . If she wanted to purchase Beautify Pills, she’d need to really scrounge or look for a part-time job . Naturally, she’d go for the cheaper Cherry Blossom Pills now that they were available .

If their formulas were the same, the products shouldn’t be too far off either .

Granted, she wasn’t planning on letting Yang MeiHua find out about that . She didn’t want uneasiness between the two of them in the future .

There were many others who very much had the same idea as Yang MeiHua’s roommate . They knew about the issues between Li WangJin and Fang JunRong, but in the end, they still chose their wallets over it and quietly placed their orders . In fact, many of those who were on the fence had gone ahead and placed their orders after finding out that Fang JunRong was suing Li WangJin’s employees .

In their eyes, Fang JunRong’s action was doubtless the most concrete proof that Li WangJin had, indeed, gotten his hand on her formula .

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The opinions on the net were beginning to lean toward Li WangJin .

Li WangJin, looking at the sales going up and up, had a big smile on his face .

Thanks to Fang JunRong, they were able to save a lot on advertising costs . He thought at most they’d be able to have pre-orders in the 500,000 range but they had already sold over 1 million boxes two days before the Shopping Festival . This had completely exceeded his expectation . He never thought that it would be so easy making money from women!

This was also the first time he felt that it was so easy to make money .

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Fang JunRong had been working on this for months, and he was able to just barge in and reap the benefits . He was as happy now as he was down a while ago .

Li WangJin, ecstatic, had a video conference with Zhang Bi . The two of them decided to continue to have the factory work overtime to churn out more Cherry Blossom Pills . Then Li WangJin went and posted another message on Weibo .

[Celebrating over 1 million boxes in presale . Adding another 1 million boxes . ]

The 1 billion yuan he had invested was already used up in the production of the first 1 million boxes . Producing more meant he had to invest even more money .

Li WangJin wasn’t going to sell more stocks this time – he still wanted to maintain his position as the number one stockholder . Instead, he opted to take out a loan . If this was a month ago, when Li WangJin was at the lowest point of his life, never mind about 1 billion yuan, he wouldn’t even be able to get a loan for 10 million yuan .

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