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Chapter 151: School District Houses

A decision had been made?

Before anyone could react, Jian Ai had already changed her expression. She looked at everyone and said, “What do you guys think about the first piece of land?”

When everyone heard this, they quickly put away their expressions. A strong middle-aged man with a beard said, “Hello, CEO. I’m Song Yi Ao, the director of the market operations department. Regarding the first piece of land, the development department seems to have fallen into a development bottleneck, so we discussed it together last night.”

As he spoke, Song Yi Ao opened the document folder in front of him and continued. “The first piece of land is in Wanbao District. It is the largest piece of land that is currently vacant in Baiyun City. There’s a large land area, which also means that the development of the project is convenient and diverse.”

Song Yi Ao immediately looked at Jian Ai and sighed lightly. “But the location of this piece of land is special. There are four or five schools around it. Baiyun City has a clear rule that prohibits construction around the schools during lessons. That means our construction can only take place during the winter and summer holidays. These two periods are the times when the weather is at its worst in a year. The resistance the weather brings to the construction is self-evident. Moreover, once the schools are conducting remedial lessons during the holidays and extending the duration of their classes, the time we have available will decrease further. With such a tight construction time and harsh construction environment, no matter what project we developed, we cannot complete it in a short period of time.”

Everyone’s expressions turned grave. Although this piece of land was huge, it was a hot potato in the hands of any company.

What made everyone’s head hurt was that the company had bought this piece of land for fifty-two million yuan. Wanbao District was not like Haicheng District. If they did not develop it well, it would be hard to earn money.

The conference room fell silent for a moment. Although everyone present was a top talent in the industry, they were not omnipotent. They could not do something like turning a wasteland into gold. It was obvious that they were stumped because of the resistance brought by the special geographical location of this piece of land.

Jian Ai sat on the chair with a calm expression on her face. It was as if she was unaffected by their analysis. Jian Ai had long known about these negative factors and obstacles.

But Jian Ai was thinking the opposite of everyone.

The true value of this piece of land was not its size, but its unique geographical location.

Jian Ai slowly raised her head and looked at everyone. “We are going to build a high-end residential area for this piece of land.”

Everyone was stunned. They had to develop the land. Otherwise, the fifty million yuan would be wasted. However, everyone was puzzled why Jian Ai would develop it into a residential area.

Jian Ai explained after seeing the confusion on everyone’s faces, “There are countless towns and villages around Baiyun City. Their education systems are backward, and their education standards are inferior when compared to Baiyun City. We have just entered the millennium now, but a lot of foreigners have already entered Baiyun City. Besides the people who send their children to study in the city, there are also many people who enter the city to work. These workers will also need to send their children to school in the future.”

“This is just the beginning. In the future, children’s education will become the priority for society and families. For the rural people around Baiyun City, schools in Baiyun City are the first choice for their children to study in. All in all, the demand for students will only increase. This means that the demand for houses around the school will also rise with the tide. We call such houses, which are going to be extremely scarce in the future, school district houses!”

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