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Chapter 1125: It’s Not Up to You to Tell Me Or Not

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Their eyes met. Irene looked at Yu Wuyuan’s smiling phoenix eyes innocently. They were a pair of gentle eyes.

Yu Wuyuan maintained the posture of feeding porridge and didn’t move. He also looked at Irene like that.

After a while, Irene slowly opened her mouth and drank the porridge.

Gale, who had seen everything, couldn’t help but widen his eyes in surprise. “…”

Yu Wuyuan smiled and scooped another spoonful.

Irene ate it without a word.

Silently, Irene finished the bowl of porridge.

Yu Wuyuan slowly stood up and said nothing. He turned around and left.

Irene watched him go until he disappeared out the door.

“Irene, you…” Gale came back to his senses and looked at Irene with lingering fear. “Aren’t you afraid that the porridge is poisonous?”

The other party had Xiao Zhen, who was proficient in poison. The two sides were enemies, so how could they eat what the other party sent over?

Irene’s expression was the same as usual. She only answered softly, “If he wanted to kill me, he didn’t have to go through so much trouble.”

When Gale heard this, he couldn’t help but be speechless. That man with an extraordinary temperament just now was the target they didn’t find in their investigation. Could he also be someone close to Prince Bai Zhou?

They had done a thorough investigation, so why did they not find out about this?

At two in the afternoon, Yun Buyao flew to Baiyun City from Shanghai. Chi Yang went to the airport to pick her up.

“How’s the Sect Master?”

As soon as they met, Yun Buyao asked anxiously.

When she received Bai Zhou’s call today, he did not hide the fact that the Sect Master was injured. Although he said that she was fine, Yun Buyao was still worried.

“Lord, don’t worry. The Sect Master is already awake,” Chi Yang answered as he drove.

Yun Buyao heaved a sigh of relief and looked out of the window.

No matter what, she did not plan to leave this time.

When they reached Xiao Zhen’s residence, the car drove towards the door. Yun Buyao looked at the mess around her and couldn’t help but frown.

Chi Yang explained, “We fought with the other party here last night. The battle was quite intense.”

“I can tell.” Yun Buyao sighed.

When they entered the villa, Bai Zhou and the rest were already waiting there.

“Yun Buyao!” Seeing Yun Buyao, Bai Zhou quickly went forward. The others also stood up at the same time.

Yun Buyao’s expression was no longer as casual as before. She nodded at Bai Zhou and found two unfamiliar faces she had never seen before. A man and a woman. They must be Yu Wuyuan and Chi Lian.

“Hello, I’m Yun Buyao,” she greeted them.

Chi Lian nodded slightly. “I’m Chi Lian.”

Yu Wuyuan still had a smile on his face. “Yu Wuyuan.”

After exchanging a simple greeting, Yun Buyao said to Bai Zhou, “Let me see the Sect Master!”

Jian Ai slept for a few hours. In addition, Yu Wuyuan had instilled genuine energy into her again. She looked much more energetic than before.

“Sect Master, Lord Yun Buyao is here,” Chi Yang said as he suddenly appeared outside the door.

Jian Ai sat up and felt that her body had some strength, so she put on her shoes and went to the ground.

The door opened. Jian Ai looked at Chi Yang with a pale expression and said, “Let’s talk in the living room. Don’t disturb Si Yue’s rest.”

With Chi Yang’s help, Jian Ai went to the living room. Seeing this, Yun Buyao rushed forward. “Sect Master!”

Jian Ai forced a smile and raised her hand to show that she was fine. “Don’t be nervous. I just don’t have much strength. My body is fine.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, sit down.”

After everyone sat down, Jian Ai looked at Xiao Zhen and asked, “Are those people awake?”

“The leader is seriously injured and hasn’t woken up yet. The others are already awake!” Xiao Zhen said.

Jian Ai couldn’t help but look at Chi Lian. She didn’t know how much strength she had used to make the Black man, who had such strong resistance, unconscious until now.

Yun Buyao roughly knew the cause and effect of the matter. After all, the first time they tried to assassinate Bai Zhou was in a hotel in the Maldives, Yun Buyao was at the scene.

Therefore, Jian Ai didn’t explain further to Yun Buyao. She only said to Xiao Zhen, “Bring someone up first and let Yun Buyao do the questioning.”

Xiao Zhen nodded and turned around to walk away.

Not long after, he appeared in the living room with Gale.

When he saw the people sitting on the sofa in the living room, a strong murderous intent burst out of Gale’s eyes. However, Yu Wuyuan had sealed their meridians with sword aura, so no one could use their abilities, let alone attack anyone.

Instead of humiliating the other party, he let Gale sit alone on the sofa in the middle.

Jian Ai looked at Gale. This person among the six of them should be the most unfamiliar to her because when they arrived last night, Gale had already fainted.

“What ability does he have?” Jian Ai asked Xiao Zhen curiously.

Last night, only Xiao Zhen had fought with this person.

Xiao Zhen stood beside Gale and explained expressionlessly, “He knows how to pass through walls. As for whether he has other abilities, I don’t know.”

Jian Ai nodded in understanding. This ability was quite convenient, especially when escaping.

“Don’t waste your effort. I won’t say anything,” Gale suddenly said with an exceptionally firm attitude.

Everyone leaned against the sofa casually and looked at Gale.

Jian Ai chuckled and said slowly, “I know you’re all professionals. Even if you die, you won’t reveal a trace of information.”

“Hmph!” Gale snorted and turned his head away. It was obvious that he did not take a girl like Jian Ai seriously.

Jian Ai was not angry, but she continued, “However, the winner takes it all. Since you’re in our hands, it’s not up to you to say anything.”

Hearing this, Gale couldn’t help but look at Jian Ai in confusion, as if he didn’t understand what she meant.

Jian Ai explained nothing and just gave Yun Buyao a look.

Seeing this, Yun Buyao stood up and walked to Gale.

When he saw Yun Buyao, Gale’s expression changed. This was because he had investigated Yun Buyao before the mission. This person was a famous celebrity in Asia.

However, in the next second, the shock in Gale’s eyes intensified because he realized that Yun Buyao’s eyes had gradually changed color.

Then, Gale fell into darkness, and his expression became dull — Yun Buyao’s Spiritual Art already had him under control.

The question-and-answer segment begins!

“What’s your name?” Yun Buyao asked the simplest question.

Gale: “Gale Barlow!”

Yun Buyao: “How many mercenaries who are ability users does your organization have?”

Gale: “Six people!”

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