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Chapter 78

"No." Xi Ze replied calmly without a second of hesitation.

This answer made Ming Yu slightly shocked. He lightly placed the small bowl on the table and asked in a confused manner. "You know a lot about my itinerary and even knew what happened when I was recording on the island. This…" Ming Yu paused before continuing. "Yes, is this what Sister Du told you?"

Xi Ze shook his head. "She didn't say you were sick."

"That means Sister Du told you other things."

Ming Yu didn't think much about this issue because in certain aspects, he also had a strong desire for control. Assuming that he was a designer and Xi Ze the model he was interested in, Ming Yu would also use various means to make Xi Ze care about him. Ming Yu might be even more intimate than Xi Ze was now.

As long as the other person wasn't malicious and cared for him, Ming Yu didn't mind the man's actions of having informants. His morale requirements weren't high.

Xi Ze stayed silent and didn't answer.

Upon seeing this, Ming Yu understood the other person's words by default. He didn't care too much and kept talking. "Since you know the situation of my jobs, you should know that I endorsed the Nideland Smoke perfumes. Isn't the promotional effect very good?'

"I know." Xi Ze lightly nodded and handed the porcelain bowl to Ming Yu. "Eat the porridge."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…Weren't we talking?"

Xi Ze who was still holding the bowl. "We can talk while you eat."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…!!!"

Ming Yu felt that it was strange to listen to this man's words and to talk about such a serious topic when eating glutinous rice porridge! Sometimes he would take too sips, put down the power and speak a few words, then eat from the bowl again!

Ming Xiaoyu thought, 'I don't look solemn at all!!! (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻’  But Ming Xiaoyu, do you think that sitting in bed and talking about serious matters is solemn…

"Then this matter has nothing to do with you. Did Shen Xiang assist in the publicity?" Ming Yu thought carefully before saying, "In fact, there is a loophole in what you said. My current momentum is good, but it isn't enough to make Shen Xiang promote me to this extent. Brother Zhao said that Shen Xiang pays attention to the Muse models according to rating. Can you tell me what level I am at now?"

Xi Ze didn't expect the youth to unexpectedly cut to the key part of the problem. He was startled and stared seriously into the youth's eyes.

This contact gave Xi Ze a deeper understanding of Ming Yu.

This youth was quite clever and intelligent.

The two words weren't repeated. Ming Yu's IQ was high and his memory was good. He had a wide range of knowledge for a model and a first-class sense of aesthetics. This intelligence was supplemented by Ming Yu's cleverness. His emotional quotient was high, he carefully observed small details and he had a good grasp of human nature.

If Ming Yu had questioned his level of concern a few months ago, it would've been impossible to ask Xi Ze in person. It was because at that time, their relationship wasn't close enough. He paid close attention to human emotions.

Now Ming Xiaoyu knew that Xi Ze would happily answer this small question.

It also indicated that Ming Yu's heart treated Xi Ze in a manner different to the vast majority of the world, maybe even everyone else.

The handsome and noble man couldn't help feeling good as he thought this. His lips curved and he whispered, "The same level as me."

Ming Yu was stunned when he heard the words, his spoon even freezing in the air. It took him a moment to digest the meaning of 'The same level as me.' Then Ming Xiaoyu frowned and asked, "Xi Ze, aren't you too good to me?"

Xi Ze made a surprised expression. "How?"

Ming Yu replied, "…Isn't it?"

Let's put aside the level of concern in the company. Just look at the bowl of porridge and side dishes in front of him. Even if they weren't made with Xi Ze's own hands, he had ordered the take away. At the same time, Xi Ze stayed at his house since morning and took care of him until now.

If this wasn't 'good', then what could be considered good?

Xi Ze didn't immediately answer the youth's question. His black eyes were like deep pools as he quietly stared at Ming Yu. The emotions in his eyes were very complex, but Ming Yu didn't avoid the other person's gaze. Rather, he calmly confronted it.

The two men watched each other for a long time before Xi Ze whispered, "Well, I guess so."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…(/=_=)/~┴┴"

Hey, you are a little irritating today!!

Xi Ze was probably aware of the youth's gloomy mood but couldn't help smiling as he used his chopsticks to help Ming Yu with a few dishes. He held the vegetables and said quietly, "I have been telling you from a long time ago that you are my muse, my source of inspiration. The picture I drew of you earlier, I got a good inspiration from it. Perhaps you can see the clothing in the next Ji and Ya show. And if you agree to be my model, I will treat you better than I am now."

Ming Yu heard this and subconsciously asked, "Is it only if I become your model?"

Xi Ze's hands paused during the motion of selecting vegetables. After a short time, he shook his head and said, "There is another way that I can treat you 10,000 times better than 'being my model'."

Ming Yu didn't ask and XiZe didn't say anything more.

Ming Yu still had a bit of a cold and his appetite wasn't very strong. If the porridge and side dishes hadn't been too delicious, he wouldn't have eaten so much. Once Ming Yu's stomach felt full, Xi Ze removed the dishes. Ming Yu smiled and asked, "This restaurant's food is really good. Where did you order it from Xi Ze?"

Xi Ze was startled by the words. He turned seriously and emphasized, "I, made, all, of, it."

Seeing that this man insisted 'the food was all his own', Ming Yu could only nod helplessly. "Yes, you made it."

Xi Ze, "…"

As Xi Ze was walking towards the door, the youth's low and hoarse voice suddenly rang out in the room. "Xi Ze, I really want to thank you.”

Xi Ze's footsteps suddenly paused. He turned to look at the youth behind him raising an eyebrow and asking, "Are you thanking me for making such a delicious meal?"

Under the bright and dazzling lights, the pale youth's lips slightly curved, looking like a splendid spring flower, a type of sick beauty. He coked his head and solemnly continued, "It isn't just for these things, but all the things you have done. Whether I know it or not, thank you."

The words made Xi Ze feel startled for a very long time. Then he gave a low laugh. "A long time ago, I said I wouldn't accept verbal thanks."

Ming Yu asked, "…Ah?"

"What practical actions are you planning to use to thank me? For example, being my model?"

"…I'll take back my thanks."


His sickness came and went quickly.

Maybe it was because Xi Ze really took care of him. Ming Yu didn't know what Xi Ze did, but he woke up feeling a lot better. The next day, there were no symptoms apart from some dryness in his throat.

Xi Ze was very busy but the next day, he still came downstairs to measure Ming Yu's temperature. After confirming that there was no fever and his physical condition was much better, Xi Ze assured Ming Yu that he could freely move.

Ming Yu looked at the man's serious appearance and couldn't help murmuring, "Are you sure your surname isn't Wang…?"

The confused Xi Ze, "?"

"Huaxia has an old saying: If you have difficulties, I will help. I live next door and my surname is Wang.'"

Xi Ze, "…"

The old Huaxia saying, "…"

After lunch, Mr. Xi, who might be surnamed Wang, left Ming Yu's house first in order to let him rest. But Ming Yu wasn't a person who could be still. He had two or three days of rest and felt that his body was completely good. Thus, on Zhao Rui's advice, he attended a fashion show organized by a fashion magazine.

Occasionally, magazines would hold fashion shows and invited several good fashion brands to display a series of clothing. The one that Ming Yu attended was the exclusive fashion show of his old collaborator, Character.

Unknowingly, Ming Yu had acquired quite a high status in the industry.

In particular, the recent Nidelan advertisements overwhelmed people's attention. Once Ming Yu entered the fashion show's venue, many celebrities in the industry wanted to talk to him. Luo Ru smiled from beside him and accepted the business cards.

Once the fashion show was about to begin, Ming Yu found that sitting behind him was unexpectedly Wu Yuzhen!

Sir Wu was just as handsome as he was six months ago. Ming Yu chatted with him for a while before the fashion show began.

Half a year ago, Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian were considered the best performers in the fashion industry in recent years and Ming Yu could only occupy a small section with them in Character. This indicated the reputation of the other party. Today, when Character sent an invitation to them, Ming Yu's seat was placed in front of Wu Yuzhen. This showed how the world had changed in six months.

Small companies had the advantages of small companies, but large companies also had the advantages of large companies.

In a small company, Wu Yuzhen could get all the best resources and opportunities. In a big company, if Ming Yu had no strength and didn't try hard to go up, the good resources wouldn't come to him.

However, once in a big company, the resources obtain were incomparable to the small companies.

Once the fashion show ended, Ming Yu invited Wu Yuzhen to attend his birthday dinner next month. Wu Yuzhen easily smiled and agreed. There was no need to have too many barriers between friends. Ming Yu might've risen quite rapidly in the past half a year and surpassed Wu Yuzhen, but Wu Yuzhen didn't mind it.

Only a small and weak-minded person would envy the growth of others instead of working hard.

After the fashion show ended, Ming Yu thought up a plan to change houses.

TL: From : Next door+Old Wang. Mr. Wang who lives next door. This Internet slang term has two meanings: 1) The secret lover of one's wife. 2) Someone else's husband whom a woman often deems better than her own. She often annoyingly compares her own husband with that alpha male neighbor/friend/acquaintance hoping to inspire the husband to catch up with the "role model."

Chapter 79

The Muse apartments were built specifically for the models. The security features were excellent and the design and construction of the building was also very good. The most important thing was that the rent of this apartment was very low in the capital. It was like big benefits falling from the sky.

Of course, this was the benefit that Muse provided to their models.

However, as long as these models made money, they would buy a house elsewhere and move out.

Ming Xiaoyu didn't know other people's reasons, but he had two. First, places near the company were too expensive, Thus, this apartment was very far from the company and it wasn't convenient when going to the company. Secondly, the location of this apartment was average and it wasn't a bustling area.

Zhao Rui listened to Ming Yu's words and agreed to start looking for a house for him. Speaking of something really sad, Ming Xiaoyu had been working hard for more than half a year, yet he still couldn't buy a house in a good location in the capital. He could only pay the down payment and slowly clear the debt…

Ming Yu's savings had always been managed by Luo Ru. After hearing from Luo Ru that his savings could only buy him an apartment in the third ring… Ming Xiaoyu's brain first thought about a certain man's calm and cold face, as well as the sentence—

'I have a villa in the third ring.'

Wicked rich people!!

Ming Yu decided not to worry about these things. He had Zhao Rui and Luo Ru look around, making sure to buy a place in a good location at the best price. On the other hand, the March issue of Character was officially released.

It had been more than a month since Ming Yu took the photos. However, Character insisted on postponing the March issue until the end of their fashion show. Thus, it was only now that the issue was published for the public.

In the large and small bookstores, the kiosks across the countries, the hands of many office workers and students, this thick magazine of Character could be seen everywhere. Yes, Ming Xiaoyu was on the main issue of Character, not a sub-publication.

Originally, Character planned to have him be the cover for their jewellery issue. However, after the photos were taken, Editor Chen Rongchen pressed down on all the voices expressing doubts. Ming Xiaoyu would be the cover of this issue.

"If this issue can't sell 100,000 copies, I will bear all the responsibility!"

Chen Rongcheng didn't have Ming Yu's amazing memory. She knew that in the past year, very few fashion magazines sold 100,000 copies. The last one was the big dark house, the second-tier magazine Meditation Road. Meditation Road used Ming Yu as their cover during this period, but the reason for selling so many copies was attributed to the first-class management methods of their marketing department.

Four types of posters received randomly, how could this idea hurt them?

Character didn't match Meditation Road in marketing, but Chen Rongchen was confident that this issue could sell more than 100,000 copies. Later, there was a deputy editor who advised Chen Rongchen not to speak so rashly. However, Chen Rongchen just told him calmly, "I believe in the cover."

What was the first thing a person saw when looking at a fashion magazine?

It was naturally the cover.

Once this issue of Character was on the market, people across the country first noticed the handsome youth who was like a fairy.

He lay without any strength on the clear and white snow, wearing a fringed white linen one piece. The cuffs and collar were worn and ragged and the boy was dressed in simple clothing. The clear and clean eyes stared at the world outside the magazine.

The whole picture was a pure white.

The youth's silver hair seemed to be messy because of the wind, but it was a beautiful chaos. Snow clung to his long lashes and delicate eyebrows. The white, sparkling snow staining his clear eyes was the most touching sight in this scenery.

When a person first saw the photo, they couldn't completely describe in words the feelings contained in this photo.

The young man was curled up in the snow but his eyes contained infinite hope.

Philosophers who saw this photo first responded with 'death and light.' Those who knew photographer saw it and first through of 'the use of light and shadow.' A person who paid attention to fashion would think that 'Character has changed a lot in this period.' As for the Outward Appearance Association…

"Ahhhh, Ming Xiaoyu became even more beautiful! I want to lick his collarbone, lick his collarbone!"

"I'll give the collarbone to you. I want to lick his fingers!!"

"Ming Xiaoyu's hair is really white!  I can't decide between the collarbone or the fingers!!!"


Character's March issue sold 28,000 on the first day. This sales volume wasn't bad for Character, but everyone knew that the sales on the first day were the most. It was at least ten or twenty times larger than the sales on the next few days. Thus, wanting to reach 100,000 sales on the basis of 28,000 was simply a fantasy.

The other editors of Character felt it fell below their expectations. But on the second night, the sales feedback reported a number that they all couldn't believe. "30,000!"

Everyone, "∑(っ°Д°;)っ!!"



Was this really right? It wasn't 3,000 but 30,000?

Compared with her panicked men, Chen Rongchen calmly sipped her coffee and said, "You must know that the core of a fashion magazine is the cover. If the cover can attract people and express a state of mind, the magazine is destined for success."

Yes, many readers of Character who bought the magazine on the first day might've been really attracted by the cover and appreciated the beauty of the photo. But once they took the magazine home and read through it, their feelings went through some wonderful changes.

In addition to the cover photo, there was also a single interview with him in the middle of the magazine.

The magazine asked him several questions and Ming Xiaoyu answered in a way that was quite humourous, causing the readers to laugh and attract attention from passersby. At the same time, in the interview section, there were several or eight photos of Ming Xiaoyu along the same theme.

If the first photo on the cover caused the readers to be excited by the stunning beauty, the next few few photos made them completely forget they were photos. The readers were completely immersed in the youth's clear but deep eyes.

The white snow and the youth. This young man could make the white snow purer. He was like a silver-white elf, or a prince sealed by snow and ice. He waited for the day when spring would come and break the ice and snow.

It was really beautiful. Both the model and the photographer's techniques elevated this set of photos to the most beautiful level.

Ming Yu once said that Tao Qin was one of the most outstanding photographers he had worked with, except for Old Fei.

In particular, when it came to expressing a sad, fragile and noble body, Tao Qin's quality completely surpassed Old Fei. She used her unique feminine vision to dig out the unique beauty of the youth, while amplifying this thin beauty. Finally, a beautiful and dazzling photo was formed.

Even Ming Yu couldn't help finding Tao Qin to ask for a full set of these photos to keep at home, let alone the readers.

In particular, one reader who didn't wish to be named had already draw two images of Ming Xiaoyu's silver hair. Now that he saw the complete makeup and clothing of Ming Xiaoyu, this unknown reader was greatly surprised and made his agent buy 500 copies!

That’s right!

It was 500!

He directly emptied out the stock of two bookstores.

But the next day, the same reader who didn't want to be named waved his hands and bought 500 more!!

Ding Bo asked, "Why are you buying so much of the magazines. Do you intend to stick them on the wall or are you really going to take a bath with them? Ming Xiaoyu will keep shooting magazine photos. if you keep buying them, you won't be able to fit them in the warehouse of your villa! (╬ ̄皿 ̄)凸"

The reader who didn't want to disclose his name pondered for a moment. Finally, he solemnly said, "Help me buy another house."

Ding Bo, "(⊙口⊙)!!! ” What did he mean, what did he mean? He wanted to buy a house to exclusively store magazines of his muse? Ding Bo suddenly had a thought. "Wait! What type of person is Ming Yu to you? You already get along with him, Xi Ze!"

The handsome and elegant man stared at his overwhelmed agent calmly. Then he raised an eyebrow and said, "He is my life, a person I must seize."

At the same time, Ming Xiaoyu visited Zhao Rui who had found a new place for him.

Originally, Ming Yu thought that finding a house with a good location and was cost-effective was something that Luo Ru would do well. He didn't expect that Zhao Rui's efficiency was so high that it took him only two or three days to find a fairly good apartment.

This apartment hadn't been decorated yet. However, the owner had to go abroad and wanted to quickly sell it.

Ming Yu checked all corners of the house and confirmed there was no problem. He signed the transfer contract and asked the lawyer to read it before transferring half of the house money to the owner. The rest of the balance would be paid within the next year.

“It is really liberating…"

Looking at this bright and spacious apartment, Ming Xiaoyu smiled like he was already seeing his future home.

Well, in order to own a home, this temporary liberation was worth it.

…Don't let Ming Xiaoyu know that one of his readers, who didn't want to disclose his name, directly bought a house just to store Ming Xiaoyu's magazines. If Ming Xiaoyu knew this, he was afraid that he would throw his own magazines into his partner's face while scolding angrily, "You are the one causing the prices in the capital to soar! You are provoking the house prices!! Man, you have stirred up the fire!!!"

Alas, the wicked rich people.

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