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Chapter 32

The winter wind was blowing over the capital, filling the air with a cold frost that showed the cold weather. However, around the large convention hall on the Third Ring Road, the low temperatures didn't freeze the enthusiasm of the reporters. Lights kept flashing on the red carpet and shutter sounds were heard.

Xi Ze didn't choose to be sneaky like last time, where he hid himself from the reporters. This time, he openly stepped onto the red carpet. After he entered the hall, he chatted with the swarming reporters for a few moments before leaving.

He might be attending for Ming Yu, but he took the time to talk to Old Fei. Old Fei moved beside him. "Xi Ze, you really gave me a lot of face. You have been so busy recently, but you came to this show for my sake. Can you help me by going to a gathering later? I will owe you a favour!"

Xi Ze smiled and gave a low laugh. "Good, Old Fei."

…You see, a person took the initiative to offer this, so he shouldn't shun the personal favour.

In the spacious and bright hall, most of the 500 seats were filled. They were surprised when they saw Xi Ze, before walking over to talk to him.

After all, they had a relationship with Old Fei so most of the people here had some fame and weren't newcomers. Speaking a few words to Xi Ze wasn't a big deal. However, Lu Yue was one of the exceptions.

Lu Yue was an emerging photographer. A set of her photos won an international award last year, and she was a regular with many major magazines. Old Fei invited her due to her potential.

However, Lu Yue had a status that he didn't know about.

She was a diehard fan of God Xi!!!

Five years ago was the first time she saw Xi Ze's fashion show. Later, she frantically collected this person's hard copy photos, magazine introductions, endorsement information, film and television appearances… Lu Yue was a diehard Xi Ze fan!

Lu Yue never thought that she would actually see God Xi at today's fashion show.

If she knew, she would've spent the whole day getting her make-up done!

It was one thing to see Xi Ze, another to go up to him. Before the fashion show opened, Lu Yue clutched her heart in a corner and secretly looked at Xi Ze, not daring to go forward to say anything. Lu Yue waited for the fashion show to start, only to excitedly find out that God Xi was sitting in front of her!!

Things turned out like this, as if God was saying that she should go to talk to him!  Thus, Lu Yue hesitated for a long time before finally mustering the courage to go forward with a piece of paper and pen. She only intended to say a few words with Xi Ze and quickly get a signature.

"E…Excuse me, Sir… Could I please get a signature?"

The second half of Lu Yue's sentence was completely soft as she clutched the paper and pen.

Please sign, please sign, be sure to sign!

Nobody will stop me from getting his signature!

After listening to Lu Yue's words, the handsome man sitting in the front row looked slightly sideways and up at her. There was a deep look in his eyes, with a touch of a smile, as Xi Ze spoke in his low voice. "Ah? What did you just say?"

It was an ordinary sentence and Xi Ze had even made his aura more approachable. But Lu Yue stared at his face for a moment before turning red. She repeated waved her hand and cried out, "No… nothing!  Nothing!!"

Xi Ze looked at her with surprise, before eventually turning his head away.

Lu Yue: QAQ!  Why did she have to wilt in front of God Xi!

Lu Yue was filled with grief and indignation when the venue suddenly darkened. In the darkness, Lu Yue became surprised as she and everyone sucked in their breaths. The T stage was actually made from some type of luminous material!

In the centre of the dim venue, the long T stage flashed silver. This light wasn't dazzling, but it allowed the T stage to look like crystal. In the darkness, it exuded a brilliant and dreamy feeling.




After a few consecutive sounds, the spotlights lit up, shining in the middle of the T stage. The crowd saw that the T stage seemed transparent and it was unexpectedly paved with a thin layer of feathers, giving an elegant and ethereal feeling.

Accompanied by elegant and soothing music, the first runway model appeared.

At this moment, Lu Yue focused all her attention… well, she focused most of it on the runway show. She was a little distracted by Xi Ze in her peripheral vision. The fashion show was important, God Xi was also important!

She had to say, Fei Sixin's fashion show was really carefully decorated. Every model wore clothes that were in line with their temperament, and the double layered effect of the stage gave the audience a full visual feast.

Lu Yue kept shooting with her SLR and sometimes noticed the model's clothing.

After all, Lu Yue was a photographer rather than a designer. She just entered the industry for a few years, so her knowledge of fashion design wasn't profound. For example, she felt that every set of clothing that Fei Sixin designed was bright and stunning. But if she was questioned, she could only say a few things about the clothing.

Before coming to this fashion show, Lu Yue heard that the chief model was a complete newcomer!

The news was 'inadvertently' revealed by Master Fei in an interview, but no one knew the new model's name. As more and more models walked on the T stage, Lu Yue was looking forward to it. Which newcomer would be the chief model? Who was this new person?

Lu Yue sneaked at peak at God Xi. Well, they certainly wouldn't be a match for God Xi, he was the more dazzling…

A person appeared in her line of sight, causing Lu Yue's eyes to suddenly widen and her thoughts to completely stop!

At the end of the T stage, a handsome young man was stepping forward with a smooth pace.

The T stage was the most common runway style. Xi Ze and Lu Yue sat in front of the T stage. Each model faced them while walking forward, and had their backs to them when walking back. Now Lu Yue had good eyesight and could clearly see the young man in the distance!

A jade green long cape hung from the youth's left shoulders and stopped at his left knee. He was wearing a light green vest, with silver embroidery in a beautiful vine pattern.

He wore pure white pants and walked barefoot on the feathers.

Once the lights shone on the complex embellishment on his right arm, it reflected off the gems with a gorgeous glitter, leaving everyone feeling astonished at the depth.

The moment she saw these clothes, a sentence appeared in Lu Yue's heart—

[He is the fairy prince from the forest.]

Today was the first time Lu Yue completely understood the concept that inspired a designer.

It wasn't due to the clothing, but the body wearing these clothes!

His delicate eyes indifferently looked in front of him, his full lips slightly poured as he steadily stepped on the feathers. Every step caused the feathers to move up and down, causing a fantastic effect.

Just like all the models in the show, the youth's make-up was minimal, but there was a leaf-like curve drawn in gold at the end of his eyes. When those eyes stared straight ahead, she suddenly saw a noble prince, an arrogant elf… but that wasn't it! He was the master and emperor of this forest!

Once Ming Yu came to the front of the T Stage, Lu Yue couldn't help lifting her SLR, quickly finding the best light and took a photo. After the first photo, she couldn't help taking a second one.

Lu Yue was surprised to find that she didn't have to hesitate when taking the image! In her lends, the youth's every move was like a painting, as if every action was a freeze frame that would make a beautiful poster.

Ming Yu walked back and the second wave of models came out. Lu Yue clutched her thumping heart and gasped to herself, "How can he be so good-looking? He is the new chief model? He is very good… no no! My life is firmly for God Xi, I won't climb this wall!!!"

Lu Yue thought this and hurriedly looked at her idol to firm up her belief. However, Lu Yue's eyes widened the moment she saw Xi Ze's expression, and she almost exclaimed aloud.

God Xi was smiling!!!

She wasn't mistaken! She observed God Xi all night, so why was God Xi suddenly smiling?

Did something interesting happen just now? There was only the new model…

Eh?  Was God Xi smiling because of the new model?

Lu Yue felt like she learned something incredible today.

So, in the next wave of catwalks, Lu Yu focused on carefully observing Xi Ze. She saw her idol lean back in his chair and calmly look at the models on the stage. Occasionally, he would speak a few words to his agent next to him.


Before long, Lu Yue was amazed to find that her idol suddenly sat straight up and his eyes stared intently at the stage!

Lu Yue hastened to look—

A handsome young man wearing a light blue trench coat was walking forward.

Lu Yue, “…”

She seemed to know too much, she might be silenced…

Since her own idol appreciated the new model, Lu Yue naturally couldn't feel guilty about carefully watching this fashion show, especially when Ming Yu appeared.

After four consecutive waves, Lu Yue became more amazed. Not only did the youth have an excellent appearance, he could show off the flamboyant style of the clothing and dominate the live audience with his momentum!

Whenever the youth appeared on the stage, you couldn't help focusing on him. His well-deserved luminosity captured the audience's eyes and attention!

In the finale of the show, the youth wore a dark blue suit. The steady aura and mature clothes showed off a unique charm, making people completely ignore the age of this person. They felt like they were seeing someone at the top of the pyramid, an extravagant duke of the kingdom.

Ming Yu's last appearance caused the audience to clap.

In this round of applause, Lu Yue was the most enthusiastic and also the loudest.

Didn't you see that God Xi was clapping? She was applauding with God Xi, so she had to be loud!!

Chapter 33

As soon as the fashion show was over, Lu Yue summoned the courage to ask for a signature from Xi Ze. As the latter gazed at her with astonished eyes, Lu Yue happily received an autograph from God Xi. Then she took a photo of him, sent it to his Weibo before releasing a long message.

【Lu Yue luluyue: #Xi Ze Ming Yu# Tonight I attended @Fe Sixin fashion show, absolutely beautiful! I took a lot of awesome photos. Before the official photos are released, I want to show my treasure [/smirk] [/smirk] PS: I saw God Xi at the show and got his signature, here is a picture to prove it. But tonight's biggest star is Ming Xiaoyu! It is one month late but I officially became Ming Xiaoyu fan! 】

Lu Yue sent out this message, but also attached a photo of Xi Ze's autograph. The penmanship was steady, yet vigorous and powerful. The simple 'Xi Ze' flowed in a pleasing manner.

Xi Ze's signature had always been very beautiful and was famous among the fans. Few people could get his autograph, but his signature had been seen by all fans and was very special.

—This signature was definitely not a fake!

At this point, Lu Yue's popularity wasn't small and she attached 'Xi Ze's signature.' This microblog message made several rounds and the #Xi Ze Ming Yu# topic heated up.

【 God Xi went to see Xiaoyu's fashion show? This is great!!!  My Ming Xiaoyu was the star! 】

【 Wait a minute, then today is Ming Xiaoyu's fashion show? How did I not know that Ming Yu was participating in Fei Sixin's fashion show?  I remember that a few days ago, Master Fei said that the chief model of this fashion show is a newcomer… Handsome male god, Ming Xiaoyu lickkkk!!! 】

【 So originally Master Fei was talking about Ming Xiaoyu… if he knew then he should've said the truth right away!!! 】……

Such topics circulated on the Internet, and on Ming Yu's official fan forum, there were many people who excitedly delivered the message that 'Ming Xiaoyu participated in Fei Sixin's fashion show.'

The official forum only became brisk in the last couple of months. Every model under Muse had their own account and fan forum. Generally speaking, everyone only needed one forum to manage their fans properly. However, those like He Chaoman, Luo Cheng and Xi Ze obviously had many branched off forums.

The current manager of Ming Yu's fan forum was Luo Ru. Zhao Rui handed her the job last month, and she was doing a great job. She selected a few experienced fans to serve as moderators, deputy moderators and intern moderators, as well as organizing well separated areas for fans to discuss.

A warm family-like environment was more conductive for the cohesion of fans.

Currently, the discussion on Ming Yu's fan forum was in full swing. Many people in their hearts had already identified that Ming Xiaoyu was the newcomer that Master Fei talked about. However, they didn't dare say such words in case sunspots grabbed onto them.

On the other side, after the fashion show ended, Ming Yu took off his make-up before going to the celebration party.

Zhao Rui watched the celebration scene. After pondering for a while, he said, "We have to find you a dedicated private make-up artist, Ming Yu. You don't need a special make-up team, or have two or three make-up artists like Cheng Su. But a private make-up artist is still very necessary."

Luo Ru heard this and interrupted from the side, "Yes Brother Zhao. Ming Yu has received an endorsement and is negotiating for a MV filming. It would be troublesome if their make-up artist isn't suitable for him."

Zhao Ru thought for a moment before replying, "Then I will go to the company tomorrow to find A'Wei. She is responsible for the company's styling matters and I have known her for many years, so she should be able to give us some advice."

Ming Yu was rubbing his eyes with his fingers when he heard these words. He stopped the movements of his hand and raised it. "Brother Zhao, don't you need to go to CX Entertainment tomorrow to talk about the MV cooperation? The job of finding a private make-up artist should be handed over to Sister Luo. She will do a good job."

Zhao Rui looked at Ming Yu with surprise. He wanted to say something, but subconsciously stopped after seeing Ming Yu's expression.  Zhao Rui turned to Luo Ru was if he perceived something. "Little Luo, this matter is very important. Are you sure?"

An assistant like Luo Ru should only be responsible for Ming Yu's trivial details. An important task like looking for a make-up artist shouldn't be handed over to her. However, since Ming Yu suggested 'leaving things to Luo Ru', Zhao Rui agreed. In the past six months, Zhao Rui recognized Ming Yu's views more and more. In addition, he found that the assistant Shen XIang arranged for Ming Yu was quite powerful.

Luo Ru was surprised for a moment. She looked back and forth between Ming Yu and Zhao Rui. Finally, the capable woman pushed her glasses up and nodded. "Yes Brother Zhao. I won't let you down."

Thus, the 'search for a private make-up artist' temporarily came to an end. The Ming Yu trio left the venue to attend the celebration.

Not every fashion show had a celebration afterwards. For example, Ming Yu last participated in the Pei Feng autumn show and all their models (including chief model Cheng Su) just left directly. But this was Fei Sixin's first fashion show. Old Fei was also very supportive of a celebration to enjoy this perfect first time.

The atmosphere of the place was very active, when many of Old Fei's friends present as support. There were magazine editors, designers and photography masters, so this entire celebration took a steep leap forward. It was a shining chance for the new models to come forward and chat with the masters.

This time, Ming Yu didn't have to do anything. Fei Sixin took the initiative to introduce him to a lot of people in the industry. According to Fei Sixin, her intentions were very simple. "Little Yu, you know Sister Xin's strength. If we have another chance to cooperate, you can't refuse me!"

But the look in other people's eyes… was a big weird.

Sister Xin, Sister Xin. In 17 days, Fei Sixin would turn 24 years old.

This could be considered a sister?

She also called herself a 'sister' in front of Ming Yu.

The 17 year old Ming Yu was only six years younger than Fei Sixin. As the saying goes, a female being three years older than her boyfriend would be rich. Then being six years older… let's just say she would be twice as rich!

Fei Sixin helped Ming Yu be introducing him everywhere. She even acted close by putting an arm around Ming Yu's shoulder, wasn't this interesting?

Only Ming Yu knew that this seemingly sober designer was drunk and he had to lend his body as support so that she wouldn't fall.

After the dumbfounded Ming Yu brought Fei Sixin to a corner of the place, he left her with her father and reluctantly left. Before Ming Yu left, the drunk Fei Sixin spoke some significant words. "Little Yu! Don’t forget, we will continue to cooperate! Understand?"

Hearing these words, Ming Yu quickly turned around and gently agreed. "Yes Sister Xin. As long as you need it and I am free, I will continue to work with you. Okay?"

Fei Sixin gained peace of mind after hearing this and nodded, leaning her head on her father's shoulder and falling asleep.

After leaving the celebration venue, Ming Yu wondered, 'Are there still designers in this world seeking to cooperate with models?'

With Ming Yu's eyes, he clearly knew that Fei Sixin's future was absolutely limitless. She had a very high degree of insight and sensitivity. Her feminine but not weak perspective brought out some of the unique charms of men and she was inspired by alternative designs. Sooner or later, Fei Sixin would became a first-class men's designer.

In the face of such a design master, even the world's top supermodel couldn't refuse.

But at this time, Ming Yu never imagined that in the coming days, this seemingly casual verbal promise caused him to eat vinegar, making his lose his first counterattack against that cold and handsome man.

It was late so Zhao Rui escorted Ming Yu to the apartment building, telling him to remember to get up early tomorrow. Then Zhao Rui drove away.

The red taillights of the car gradually disappeared around the corner of the neighbourhood. Ming Yu wasn't someone who feared the cold, but the December night wind of Beijing blew against his empty neck. He felt a trace of cold, so he moved quickly in the direction of his apartment.

After swiping the card through the first access point, Ming Yu smiled as the interior heating made him feel warmer. He was just about to access the second floor. However, his finger had just touched the card when a deep voice was heard behind him, asking in a tentative manner, "Ming Yu?"

Ming Yu's body abruptly stiffened and he turned his head to look.

Under the bright lights of the apartment building, a tall man in a black coat was looking down at him. Light shone above his head, giving his handsome face a more three dimensional feeling. Xi Ze laughed and said, "What a good coincidence, meeting you here."

Chapter 34

Ming Yu never imagined that he would meet Xi Ze downstairs from the Must artists' apartments.

This coincidence was like a comet crashing into the earth, Zhao Rui being shrewd and cunning, Luo Ru not forcing him to drink the medicinal soup… It was a 'miracle' where the probability was less than one in a million.

Ming Yu wasn't stupid, so he naturally couldn't think that this was a coincidence. He didn't believe Xi Ze's words. However, the other person was a senior and the one Ming Yu was bound to defeat. Therefore, Ming Yu smiled and spoke politely. "It is a good coincidence, Mr. Xi. Do you live in the artist apartments?"

This sentence was nonsense.

Ming Yu had heard it from Zhao Rui in his first week of being in this world. The artist apartments were for second and third-tier models like Ming Yu, and even some famous second-tier models wouldn't live here.

Th security from the company was good, but as long as a person had money and status, they didn't want to 'squeeze' in such a small room, even if it meant renting a house in the capital with the highest land prices.

But under the bright and dazzling lights, the handsome and elegant man calmly nodded and straightforwardly changed topics. "You actually live here. There is a good cafe nearby. Since we met so coincidentally, isn't it better to sit and talk?"

Ming Yu raised an eyebrow at this invitation.

In his last life, other people had also straightforwardly sent an invitation to him. A cafe was a relatively open place, while most people invited him to KTV or private clubs. As for the purpose of these people…

They naturally wanted to do the unspoken rules with him.

But to the disappointment of these people, while Ming Yu didn't consider himself a good boy who loved labour and wanted to reverse the core values of socialism, he didn't have to use such means. Thus, he declined the opportunities to leap forward and spent two years in the industry before emerging at the top.

Now Xi Ze unexpectedly invited him?

These thoughts were completed in a flash. But as Ming Yu looked at the man in front of him, it felt like his thoughts had been seen through. There was a faint smile in the deep, dark eyes, as if he was in control of everything and also aware of Ming Yu's next reaction.

Ming Yu's mouth slightly tilted upwards as he nodded. "Good, Mr. Xi. If you don't mind, can I go upstairs to get a scarf?"

Next, Ming Yu didn't go upstairs to get a scarf, because he was directly given one by Xi Ze. Then the two of them walked out of the Muse apartments. The cafe was diagonally across the street from the apartment. The waitress standing in the doorway exclaimed when Ming Yu and Xi Ze entered the store, she apparently recognized them.

Xi Ze chose a table and they sat down.

Ming Yu still felt a bit uncomfortable at the soft woolen scarf wrapped around him. This was a camel-coloured wool scarf, with lattice decorations that were similar to a rope-like shape. The hem of the scarf was embroidered with a simple 'XZ.' Needless to say, Ming Yu completely understood what these initials meant.

Within three seconds of his request to go upstairs to get a scarf, Ming Yu watched as Xi Ze smoothly took off the scarf around his neck, naturally arranged it on Ming Yu.

Even Zhao Rui wouldn't do this type of action to him!

This man did it so easily!

…He was as calm as Ming Yu, but it felt like something was wrong.

Ming Yu quickly rejected his overly intimate act and intended to remove the scarf. Then Xi Ze looked at him and spoke calmly, "I have an obsession with cleanliness." He paused and added, "It is a very serious, very serious obsession with cleanliness."

Ming Yu, “…”

So why did he give Ming Yu this scarf…

"What would you like to drink?"

Ming Yu woke up at the man's pleasant, low voice and calmly answered, "Lemonade."

Xi Ze heard it and gently nodded. He spoke to the blushing waitress, "Two glasses of lemonade. Thank you."

In the next five minutes, Ming Yu witnessed Xi Ze's 'very serious obsession with cleanliness.' In the end, how serious was it?

Before sitting down, the man wiped the stool with a paper towel.

This was understandable. After all, he was obsessed with cleanliness.

Then after ordering the two glasses of lemonade, the man started to wipe the table in front of him.

—Not bad. Wiping the table was something that even those not obsessed with cleanliness would do.

However, in the five minutes they talked, he had rubbed it for all of the five minutes!!

"I attended the fashion show tonight." After five minutes, Xi Ze finally let go of the poor, wiped clean table. Then he smiled lightly at Ming Yu and continued, "Your performance is very good. The first set of clothing was very smart and well done. It is suitable for your style."

Ming Yu smiled and nodded. "Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Xi. I heard from Sister Xin and Old Fei that you were present. I was busy with the catwalk and didn't notice. Sister Xin will be very happy if she knew that you rated her so highly."

At this time, two glasses of lemonade arrived at the table.

Ming Yu raised the cup and took a sip, but Xi Ze was still wiping at the glass with a paper towel

Ming Yu, “…”

[This man is really boring.]

—From MIng Xiaoyu's first impression of Xi Ze.

As if aware of Miing Yu's silent gaze, Xi Ze put down the paper towel and looked at him. "Do you think that I am boring?"

Ming Yu stared blankly and subconsciously shook his head.

Xi Ze gave a low laugh. "Your eyes are filled with 'this person's obsession with cleanliness is really terrible'."

Ming Yu slightly clenched his fingers and stayed silent for a moment. Then he laughed. "Mr. Xi, you are thinking too much."

"Call me Xi Ze." The handsome man paused before adding, "I am eight years older than yo. There is no need for honorifics."

Ming Yu smiled and nodded in agreement.

Xi Ze continued. "My cleanliness is not very serious, but there are different manifestations depending on the people. In front of the people I have decided to treat seriously, I way to behave better, but at the same time, I become more paranoid."

Ming Yu heard the words 'treat seriously' and straightened. He looked very seriously at the person on the other side. "I don't quite understand what you mean."

Xi Ze only smiled gently and drank the lemonade. Then he said, "Once again, you don't have to use honorifics with me. My point is very simple. Ming Yu, your performance is very tempting. From your appearance, photos and catwalk, they all shine, making me feel inspired."

Ming Yu's eyes slightly opened at these words, as if he understood the other person's meaning.

The pair of deep and dark bottomless eyes stared straight at Ming Yu, as if seeing into his heart.

There was silence around the table for a moment. No one spoke and there was just the faint sound of breathing. The two people looked at each other for a long time, before Xi Ze let out a deep sigh. "Ming Yu, do you want to work with me?"


Ming Yu never had a deep exchange with Xi Ze before, so he never thought that this man would have such a character.

When talking to him, the atmosphere would be completely controlled by him. He was in charge of the topics and manipulated the atmosphere. He knew what Ming Yu wanted to say and saw the the worries in his heart. Xi Ze seemed easy-going, but in fact…

This man's smile never came from the heart.

Yes, even when he asked "Do you want to work with me?", Ming Yu didn't see much concern for a friend from the other person. However, this couldn't be blamed on him. After all, the two people had only seen each other three or four times. Ming Yu didn't regard the other person as a friend.

Ming Yu asked why Xi Ze wanted to cooperate with him and the answer was, "You are the person I am looking for."

Other people might not understand Xi Ze's meaning, or their thoughts might go in a crooked direction, but Ming Yu felt sudden enlightenment. He had seen too many designers in his last life and had many world-renowned designers as his friend. For these designers, having a source of inspiration was something they pursued all their lives.

Therefore, Xi Ze's uncharacteristic actions today and his good attitude was because he wanted to invite Ming Yu to join his studio as his exclusive model.

This type of thing would be great news for any model. They would be so thrilled that they couldn't sleep for three days and three nights, thanking God for winning Xi Ze's favour.

However, after understanding Xi Ze's meaning, Ming Yu smiled and refused the other person's invitation.

It was the first time Xi Ze showed surprise tonight, and he also lost control of the topic.

The handsome youth looked at him calmly. There was a faint smile on his face as he said, "I'm sorry, but I don't think we are suitable to work together for the moment."

At this moment, Xi Ze saw the teenager who controlled the runway with his momentum.

Just like now, Ming Yu mastered the atmosphere between the two, and also mastered his own emotions.

After a moment of silence, Xi Ze solemnly gazed into the boy's eyes and repeated, "I really want to work with you, Ming Yu. I can give you the highest contract and let you rocket forward. You will become the hottest supermodel in the next five years. There is even the great possibility that you will surpass me."

Under the bright crystal chandelier, the youth smiled, like a spring flower blooming. Xi Ze suddenly became startled. The scene wasn't removed from Xi Ze's mind until the two people were saying goodbye at the door of the cafe.

"Mr. Xi, I will return this scarf to you. It is too intimate and I can't accept it."

Ming Yu loosened the scarf as he spoke, intended to return it to Xi Ze. In the next second, his hand was held by Xi Ze. Ming Yu looked up at the other person in surprise, only to see Xi Ze laugh with lowered eyes. "I will give this to you. You have already refused to work with me, so don't turn down this little gift."

Ming Yu was slightly stunned for a moment and couldn't help asking, "…Your obsession with cleanliness?"

Xi Ze's lips curved. "To my muse, I will never worry about cleanliness."

Did Xi Ze think that because people called him Ming Xiaoyu, he would lose his heart after hearing such seductive words and agree to the other person's request?

Then he was very wrong!

Ming Yu calmly nodded. "It is a pleasure to be your Muse."

What shyness? What discomfort because of fear? This was nothing!

Xi Ze slightly narrowed his eyes and stretched out his right hand. "Let us start again. Ming Yu, I am Xi Ze. If you want, I think we can start by being friends."

Ming Yu raised an eyebrow in a provocative manner at the words, "Start by being friends?"

Xi Ze agreed. "Ah, we will temporarily start with friendship. Afterwards… it will end with the most intimate partnership."

Ming Yu couldn't help laughing as he heard these words. By this time, he had a strange impression of this man. It was probably similar to 'This man is actually quite interesting.' It was a good impression.

Thus, Ming Yu reached out to the other person and said, "Hello Xi Ze. I am Ming Yu."

The two people left the cafe and snow fell down from the sky. Staring at the youth's back, Xi Ze saw a few snowflakes fall on the youth's scarf, just like crystals.

"Your reason for rejecting me… is it because you think you will surpass me?"

Ming Yu, "…"

"Ming Yu."

The man's eyes gradually darkened and the smile slowly faded away A complicated expression appeared on his face as he looked at the other person's back. Xi Ze watched the youth completely disappear around the corner and closed his eyes, before turning away.

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