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Chapter 27

Once an online topic heated up, it was difficult to cool down. But at this time, Ming Yu was calmly searching the Internet in the Muse Building's lounge.

Luo Ru sat on one side and carefully organized the information, sorting the invitations by type. Zhao Rui also smiled as he saw the statements on the Internet, with no signs of anger at all.

A day passed and the sunspots were still tenacious. Zhao Rui just cried out, "The ability of the public relations department is really good! Shen Xiang, that kid's ability can't be underestimated. He is perfectly maintaining this topic!"

Were the actions of the sunspots really autonomous?


Indeed, these posts, it was basically the own remarks of the Weibo users. However, Muse's PR department involved themselves and helped the small number of sunspots survive.

If Muse's powerful PR deparment hadn't lent their nuanced support, this topic would've been submerged by things like 'Ming Xiaoyu is very adorable', 'I love God Xi' and 'Ming Xiaoyu is amazing.'

Ming Yu had been part of the industry for many years, so he wasn't a naive rookie. After the show was broadcasted yesterday, Shen Xiang, director of Muse's public relations department, looked for him and asked if he would agree to this method to help sustain the heated speculation.

The small number of sunspots would keep Ming Yu's topic fresh, not allowing the topic to die down within three days.

The fashion industry, the fashion industry, the waters of this industry were very deep.

Apart from the few people standing at the peak, everyone was trying hard to climb to a higher status.

The suggestion of Muse's PR department was actually considered a very clean method. They didn't hurt anyone and took the initiative to increase the visibility of their second-tier model, which any new models would dream about.

However, Zhao Rui was a little hesitant after hearing this. Luo Ru saw Zhao Rui's hesitation and couldn't help adding, "Don't worry Brother Zhao. Ming Yu's reputation won't receive any damage.  Most people still don't know who Ming Yu is, so we have to use this to push him forward."

Shen Xiang smiled as he heard this and turned towards Luo Ru, who gently nodded at him.

Ming Yu glanced at the two people before walking direction in front of Zhao Rui. "Brother Zhao, I agree with this proposal."

Zhao Rui looked at Ming Yu with a startled expression and eventually nodded.

In fact, in Zhao Rui's heart, he was hoping that Ming Yu could smoothly climb up. Don't cause any big issues, continue to prove himself with his own strength and gain gans.

However, Zhao Rui didn't wonder why they could get these resources?

If a magazine offered Ming Yu a job, there was nothing to say. It must be due to his reputation. Then if Muse gave resources to Ming Yu, it must also be due to his ability!

Just as no pies would fall from the sky, these small sunspots would've been drowned out a long time ago by the general public.

Everything steadily developed under Muse's PR department's prediction. After two or three days passed, they voluntarily ceased their support to these sunspots, letting them disappear naturally. By then, Ming Yu would've gained a high profile and added a lot of fans.

But at this time, things started to develop beyond Muse's imagination.

Muse just wanted to maintain the topic in order to keep Ming Yu in the public eye. However, as more and more of Ming Yu's fans supported their idol, their power couldn't be controlled by others!

Many of Xi Ze's fans became fans of Ming Yu and started to speak up for him.

This mighty army directly allowed Ming Yu's Weibo to reach 1.5 million fans, an increase of more than 400,000 fans in two days!

But the more frightening thing was the increase in the number of fans on the Muse website!

Shen Xiang's people carefully checked the system and there weren't any problems. It was hard to believe, but Ming Yu's fans on the official website increased by 100,000 in two days, for a total of 270,000!

For a time, all the forums and microblogs were discussing this matter, making the support for Ming Yu louder and louder. This momentum exceeded Muse's official expectations! In the case of the search terms rankings list, #Xi Ze# quickly climbed to first place. But the second place was #Ming Yu's smile#. Even the sixth place was just #Ming Yu#!

So far, Muse's PR department got a big fruit and intended to close the topic, letting things develop naturally. But perhaps because it was brought to the light, but these wild sunspots wanted to counterattack to the end.

【 I want to laugh and cry. It is obvious that he bought fans, this method is really low. 】 【 Really low+1 】

【 Buying fans, buying the navy, is the public relations person someone who just graduated from university? 】……

The sunspots wanted to struggle, but how could Ming Yu's fans and passersby turn a blind eye?

【 Why are sunspots such jerks? Who bought a navy? My fan certificate will fall on deaf eyes, so I will just curse you. This rookie confessing to the god, who would be provoked? Horizontal scrolling message: I won't accept it! 】

【 Hahahaha, Master Po is so talented! I don't understand where so many sunspots came from.】

【 Master Po is really great! Criticizing Ming Xiaoyu for buying a navy. If Ming Xiaoyu really bought a navy, I will do a live broadcast where I eat shit! 】 (The literal translation is 'eat xiang.' I found an explanation on , but don't know if it is reliable or not)

【 I firmly believe that Ming Xiaoyu's strength is real, but I suddenly want to see the person eat shit. _(:з」∠)_ 】

【 I want to see them eating shit +1. 】

【 I want to see them eating shit +2. 】


【 (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻ Don't eat shit! These group of people, you aren't good!!! 】……

These voices continued to appear, causing the topic to be carried away by the fans. They watched the sunspots come forward then surrounded them as a group, ridiculing them.

This made the powerless sunspots angry and jittery. It ended up raising the heat on the topic again, causing a slight impact. However, these soft attacks completely lost their power from something posted on a microblog.

Do you think it was Xi Ze's microblog?

No, no, yes~

[The real Sir Wu: Remember the words you secretly said to me after recording that problem [/Cover face] [/Cover face]. Next week, should we go out to eat barbecue? @Ming Yu 】

Ming Yu's fans: !!!!!

What words?!!!

What did he say?!!!

"Wu Ming CP' fans: Our pairing seems to be around the corner!!!

Ming Yu was startled when Zhao Rui that Wu Yuzhen had suddenly inserted himself into the battle of fans, making more people ignore the sunspots, turning their gazes to the pink bubbles around Wu Yuzhen and Ming Yu instead.

He thought about it and understood that Wu Yuzhen was really trying to help.

Therefore, Ming Yu quickly wrote a reply on Weibo.
【 Good, we will go eat barbecue [/Smile] 】
Then he opened his phone and sent Wu Yuzhen a text message: [Sir Wu, thank you for helping me. I will invite you to dinner next well.]
After a moment, Wu Yuzhen replied: [I can't wait for your meal.] He was a decent gentleman, so Ming Yu didn't mind making further contact with him.

At this point, the situation on the Internet had developed in the direction of the 'Wu Ming CP.' There were even some media outlets who released an article about Ming Yu that was officially arranged by Muse.

Things on the Internet were great and Ming Yu was benefiting.

Looking at the number of Ming Yu's fans that kept on rising, Zhao Rui sighed and concluded. "I'm still not good enough. I couldn't grasp the situation like Shen Xiang or make a decisive decision. Ming Yu, it is fortunate that you resolutely accepted Shen Xiang's proposal. Otherwise, I don't know if the current situation would’ve happen."

After hearing this, Ming Yu first looked at Luo Ru and the two people exchanged a smile. Then he turned to look at Zhao Rui and added to the first. "Brother Zhao, you are a bit indecisive but it isn't a drawback. I believe that you will make great progress in the future. But… it requires you to work harder."

Ming Yu's tone was mild, not harsh when he was saying this. But Zhao Rui thoroughly engraved it in his heart.

It was true that Zhao Rui had always been good to him, Ming Yu clearly knew this. However, Zhao Rui really needed to grow up. Ming Yu didn't know why Zhao Rui was favoured by a number of senior Muse staff, such as Shen Xiang, but only someone with actual strength could move forward.

Zhao Rui nodded heavily at Ming Yu's words and started to reflect.

On the other side, something happened that no one expected!

Just as the 'Wu Ming CP' topic was becoming hotter and noisier, a microblog that hadn't updated in two months suddenly posted a new message—

【 Xi Ze: I will be waiting for you @ Ming Yu 】


【 God Xi was hacked, God Xi wasn't hacked, I think that God Xi was hacked! 】

【 What wait what wait! God Xi is waiting for Ming Xiaoyu to overcome him? Ahhhhhh! I'm looking at you, I also said that I want to go beyond you, ahhhhhhh! 】

【 God Xi cares about Xiaoyu, he isn't looking at you! God Xi cares about Xiaoyu!!!  Ahhh, I'm so excited that I ran three laps downstairs! 】

The 'Wu Ming CP' that was just heating up?

Eh? What was that?

God Xi was better than him!

God Xi's Weibo message, who cared about the 'Wu Ming CP?'

How many people could make God Xi specifically microblog about them? Find and show me!

A fan said that God Xi and Ming Xiaoyu were both Muse models, so maybe it was just the older generation taking care of the newcomer?

But when someone found that Xi Ze even followed Ming Yu's official website, everyone was stunned—

Such concern, it didn't couldn't be explained by advising a newcomer!

God Xi, come out quickly and said that your Weibo and Muse accounts have been stolen ahhhhh!!!!

At this moment, the sun slowly slid to the west, creating magnificent rose red clouds in the sky across Beijing. In the towering Muse building, a man angrily rode the elevator to the top. He kicked open the door and his opening sentence—

"Xi Ze!!  What type of medicine are you eating? Do you know the impact of your words?"

Chapter 28

When Shen Xiang kicked open the door, Xi Ze had his head bowed over potted plants. The pair of slender and thin hands— Hands! Destroy! He seemed like he was tenderly kneading the leaves, but he was destroying them.

The handsome and noble man standing in front of the floor to ceiling windows, looking calm while playing with delicate plants.

Logically, this should be a beautiful picture. However, at this moment, Shen Xiang only wanted to send the evil person in front of him into the 18 layers of hell, never seeing him again.

His mind was furious, so the normally always calm Director Shen of the PR department didn't notice the tread on the door he kicked. Shen Xiang, who was upset by the Internet and various media outlets, moved to the table and sternly asked, "Do you know how much impact your casual words caused?"

Shen Xiang didn't wait for the man to replied as he immediately blamed him. "Your words caused Ming Yu to get more attention than I expected. This means that I have to reconsider his status. I have to pay attention to him to see what level he should be put in! His future is full of uncertainly, but thanks to you, I have to spend at least a week paying attention to him!"

The silent office answered him.

Shen Xiang wasn't aware of this yet and continued complaining. "You should know that everything you write on your websites becomes an instant success! You should at least tell me before writing something, let me be your staff. What do you mean by 'I will be waiting for you?' Isn't it too ambiguous? Do you want to make your fans imagine things? Isn't this a mess? You should tell me before writing something!"

After a moment.

Shen Xiang, “…”

Another minute.

Shen Xiang, "…Xi Ze?"

Three minutes later.

Shen Xiang, “_(:з」∠)_ Xi Ze…"

Another five minutes…

Shen Xiang, "QAQ Xi Ze, Xi Ze? Hey, Xi Ze?"

After leaving the director of the PR department out to dry for a full 10 minutes, the cold and indifferent man put down his hands that had been 'lovingly' touching the leaves. He turned to look at the sofa where his long-time agent was sitting and asked, "Ding Bo, did you hear someone talking?"

The suddenly named Ding Bo thought for a moment and decided to raise his hand. "Yes, I heard it. Shen Xiang, isn't that kid right in front of you?"

Unexpectedly, Xi Ze whispered in a confused manner, "Then why did I only hear my door being kicked open?"

Ding Bo, "Pfft."

Shen Xiang, “…”

Once Shen Xiang repeated promised to ensure that the footprint and cracks on the mahogany door would be cleaned and repaired, Xi Ze suddenly found this person. He looked at Shen Xiang with extreme astonishment and asked, "Mr. Shen, when did you come?"

Mr. Shen whose whole body was shaking, “…”

In the beautiful glow of the sunset, the man tidied up his sleeves and seriously listened to Shen Xiang. When he heard that the other person was 'concerned that he couldn't determine Ming Yu's level, Xi Ze raised his head and asked, "You have to divide everyone into a level in order to manage them?"

Shen Xian was surprised for a moment when he heard this, before saying, "It is convenient for management. Muse has a total of more than 100 models. The PR department might have many people, but it will take too much labour and resources to watch everyone."

Xi Ze carefully thought for a long time before whispering, "This thing should be changed."

Shen Xiang, "?"

Xi Ze replied to the puzzled Shen Xiang. "Since you have to divide the models in accordance to level and Ming Yu's level can't be judged, then… he is at the highest level."

Shen Xiang, "(⊙口⊙)!!!"

Ding Bo drinking water, "Cough cough cough…"

Acting as if he didn't notice his agent and the director of Muse's Pr department's aghast eyes, Xi Ze raised his right index finger to his lower lip, speaking as if he was embarrassed, "Temporarily set it to the highest level."

Shen Xiang, "!!!!"

What do you mean by temporary?

It seems like you are still very dissatisfied with the highest level!

Come out, say what you aren't satisfied with! I will let you know who is at the highest level!!!

Of course, these words could only be contained in Shen Xiang's stomach. A complicated expression appeared on his face as he asked Xi Ze, "Why does Ming Yu have to be at the highest level? Right now, in Muse, only you are at the highest level. Even Luo Cheng and He Chaoman aren't included. Ming Yu's recent momentum might be good, but it isn't at the highest level yet."

In fact, I don't think he will reach the peak…

Shen Xiang silently added in his heart.

After hearing his words, Xi Ze turned to look at him with surprise. "Didn't I tell you that he fits the image in my heart?"

"Really?" There was a long pause before Shen Xiang nodded. "Yes, you said he was similar, but you weren't sure yet…"

The thin lips slightly curved up as Xi Ze showed a calm and indifferent smile. He replied in a flat tone. "Oh, now I am sure that sooner or later, he will become my person." Xi Ze saw Shen Xiang's expression and added, "Well, my model."

Shen Xiang, “…”

What was with the addition? His thoughts didn't even go that way!!!

Xi Ze, "Oh right, the Weibo message I just posted? Don't thank me. I just helped you maintain the hot topic. Of course, if you must thank me, I don't mind. You can discuss it with Ding Bo."

Ding Bo promptly raised his hand, "I'm here, I'm here. I was just doing a big of negotiation with the British media!"

Shen Xiang's expression: I'm so tired ( ̄口 ̄)".

At this point, the long tail of the sunset was just about to fall beneath the horizon, so the man walked to his dressing room and put on a slim black coat. The solemn black lining made the face that 'killed fan girls and dominated the first supermodel position' look even more beautiful and expensive. In particular, it seemed to be plated with a layer of platinum when the light shone on it.

Since they were leaving, the three people left the room together.

Shen Xiang's heart was ashes as he reached the door, but he intended to go downstairs and process everything. However, he had only taken a few steps when he suddenly heard a low and magnetic voice from behind him. "This door… ah, is it made in Italy?"

The agent, who was afraid of chaos, quickly interrupted. "Yes, this was privately ordered from Italy! Geez, look at this big footprint! Shen Xiang, how big are your feet, 43? Tsk, look at this crack. Your legs are really fierce. Hey, to repair this… how much will it cost~~~~"

Shen Xiang, ""(╬ ̄皿 ̄)凸!"

Ding Bo! Don't let me see your smug face anytime soon!

Don't come to me for help when you are being bullied by Xi Ze's sharp tongue!!!


You will definitely come to me later, and I absolutely won't help!


Ming Yu was naturally unaware of what was happening at the top of the Muse building. When Zhao Rui first found Xi Ze's Weibo, don't even talk about him, even Ming Yu and Luo Ru were very chocked.

Zhao Rui kept thinking about Xi Ze's purpose, while Luo Ru was distracted by the fact that something happened that couldn't be understood. How could such a strange thing happen?

Ming Yu also squinted for a moment, unable to come up with a reasonable answer.

Finally, Luo Ru tentatively asked, "Perhaps Director Shen asked Xi Ze for help?"

Zhao Rui clapped his hands, "Yes! That must be it!"

It seemed like the most likely answer for today's situation.

Fortunately, the three people no longer thought about it. The sky was gradually darkening, so they decided to leave first.

Zhao Rui completely accepted Luo Ru's speculation. Luo Ru herself felt like it was unlikely for Shen Xiang to do such a move, but she could only accept this answer in the absence of other options. As for Ming Yu…

The youth looked at his reflection in the elevator door and pondered for a long time. He suddenly recalled the scene a few months ago when he first met the man at Ruoshang Hall.

Three or four months had passed since Ming Yu was reborn, and he had only seen Xi Ze twice. The first time was when he was forced to hide in the bathroom, while the second time was when he faced 'bullying.'

Both times, his state wasn't very good.

"It seems… like I am being bullied?"

"Ming Yu, what did you just say?"

"Nothing Brother Zhao. I didn't say anything. I just casually remembered a few sentences."

Zhao Rui was no longer suspicious after receiving the answer, while Ming Yu continued to ponder on his guess.

The first possibility: Xi Ze had a very good heart and was helping the newcomers. He was this century's new Lei Feng.

New Lei Feng… Don't talk about anyone else, even Ming Yu didn't believe it.

The second possibility: Xi Ze was making an attempt at him and this attempt…

—Impossible, he was just a rookie. What could Xi Ze want from him?

The third possibility: Xi Ze appreciated him and thought he really had the potential to surpass Xi Ze.

Ming Yu smiled lightly and accepted this answer. At this moment, the trio arrived at Muse's underground parking lot via the elevator.

The three people were just walking out of the elevator when they heard someone shouting from behind them. "Haha, if it isn't Zhao Rui? And next to you are Ming Yu and Luo Ru?"

Ming Yu turned first and saw Muse's ace agent, Ding Bo coming towards them.

… Ding Bo could shout Luo Ru's name so accurately…

Zhao Rui laughed and asked, "Ding Bo, today you are finishing work early?"

Ding Bo slowly approached and waved his hand. "That isn't it. I accompanied that person in working overtime for a month. Now things are over, so I can temporarily take a break. Ah yes, Ming Yu, your momentum in the past two days isn't bad." Ding Bo turned to Ming Yu and continued, "Your performance is very good. Shen Xiang is planning to raise your level of concern to the highest level!"

Zhao Rui and Luo Ru who had an understanding of the highest level, "!!!!!"

The totally ignorant Ming Yu, "Then I would like to thank Director Shen. ^_^"

The four people talked as they walked through the parking lot. After chatting for a while, Zhao Rui suddenly had a though. "Ding Bo, you said you finally managed to deal with things, were you working alone?"

Ming Yu also looked at Ding Bo with some curiosity after hearing Zhao Rui's question. Logically speaking, as Xi Ze's agent, Ding Bo shouldn't be alone in his one month of overtime. Was Xi She left in the office?

Ming Yu thought this and also curiously asked, "Are you along, Brother Ding?"

Ding Bo was slightly surprised and about to say something, when he suddenly looked behind Ming Yu and closed his mouth. Then he smiled.

Ming Yu looked at Ding Bo's mysterious smile and suddenly had a flash. But just as he was about to grab onto that epiphany, he heard a low and elegant from behind him, "Apart from him, there is also me."

Chapter 29

Ming Yu couldn't help turning back to look after hearing the voice.

A tall and upright man was walking casually, soon arriving in front of the small group. The cold winter wind blew Xi Ze's clothes. He looked at the youth in front of him as the wind blew his hair, exposing a pair of narrow eyes.

This was the first time Ming Yu had seen Xi Ze so close.

At a distance that was less than half a metre, the man with a height of 193cm exerted a crushing pressure on Ming Yu, forcing Ming Yu to look up slightly.

This aura, it spread out in such an unbridled manner. Whenever this man appeared somewhere, he was destined to master the rhythm of the audience. They couldn't help paying attention to him and recognize his commands.

Just like the first time Ming Yu met Xi Ze, one side was awkward and the other side was calm. At that time, even Ming Yu was suppressed by this man, narrowly resisting being dominated by the other.

But this time, Xi Ze was doomed to be disappointed.

In the dimly lit parking lot, the youth showed just a moment of surprise before straightening his back. Ming Yu nodded with an indifferent expression and said with a smile, "Hello Mr. Xi."

The youth's voice seemed to be a mixture of maturity and immaturity. However, this strange feature suited Xi Ze's taste, causing his lips to quietly curve up.

Ming Yu's tone was casual, as if he didn't care about who was in front of him, but he was still polite.

So what if you are taller than me now?

…Can you suppress me?

In the dim lightning, sly cunning flashed through the youth's eyes. However, he was also secretly determined to work hard!

Ding Bo didn't seem to be aware of the confrontation between the two swords as he laughed. "I was downstairs when I realized I forgot my keys. Xi Ze went up to grab them, so I decided to wait for him in the parking lot." After a pause, he added, "By the way, do you need me to give you a lift if you are leaving?"

Zhao Rui shook his head. "We are going to Muse's artist apartments. It shouldn't be on your way. I have a car, so just go ahead."

Zhao Rui finished and turned to Xi Ze. After discovering Xi Ze staring at his young model, Zhao Rui was intuitively aware of something. He unconsciously went to Ming Yu and smiled at Xi Ze. "Mr. Xi, thank you for your support of Ming Yuon Weibo this afternoon. We will go ahead, so please be careful on the road."

Zhao Rui's words ended and he intended to leave with Ming Yu. He didn't know why, but his intuition was telling him that there might be problems if they stayed, so it was better to leave quickly.

Ming Yu nodded at Xi Ze and was about to leave first with Zhao Rui, when Xi Ze suddenly smiled and opened his mouth. "I am very busy and can't wait. We will go first." After looking at the surprised eyes of Ming Yu and the other three people, Xi Ze looked at his agent and said, "Let's go."

The issue of 'who will go first and who will go afterwards' seemed simple, but as Ming Yu looked at the luxurious European car driving out of the parking lot, he had no idea how to describe his mood.

Zhao Rui waited until they got on the car and asked curiously, "What did Xi Ze mean by his last words? Why can't he wait and why did he need to go first?"

Luo Ru interrupted from the side. "I also don't understand. Did Mr. Xi have an urgent matter that required him to leave so quickly?"

The youth sitting in the back seat of the car just smiled lightly as his heart found the answer.

In the afternoon, Xi Ze said that 'I will wait for you.'

Now he 'couldn't wait?'

Xi Ze, in fact, you don't have to wait. I will catch up to you soon.

Driving out of the parking lot, the warm but not dazzling winter light shone on the faces of the youth. He listened as Zhao Rui cried out, "Xi Ze's pressure is as strong as always! When I first entered the company, I heard that he had a very strong personality that people can't help trusting and obeying. I didn't believe it at first, but after I saw him personally, I truly believed it. This type of person exists!"

These words made Ming Yu's eyes slightly narrow. He looked in the mirror at the driving Zhao Rui and listened as the latter continued. "You both entered the company too late. Especially Little Luo, you have only entered the company for a year and just left the training course. Xi Ze did a lot of generation actions that year, causing the Muse executives to shuffle. I heard from A'Wei that Xi Ze currently has a lot of top employees as his confidants, including that Shen Xiang…"

The car smoothly drove through Beijing as Zhao Rui's words disappeared into the crowded traffic.

Meanwhile, a European car was driving in the opposite directly. The calm and tranquil atmosphere made people feel happy. Even Ding Bo was affected, humming slightly as he drove. He didn't bother concealing his happiness.

At a traffic light, while torturing the ears with humming, Ding Bo casually asked, "Xi Ze, the words you spoke were unusual. Do you really think that Ming Yu is your muse?"

The man leaned his head against the driver's seat in front of him. He raised his hand, gently kneading his temple before whispering, "Do you think he isn't?"

"…It is your inspiration, so how should I know?"

"Then what are you curious about?"


For a short while, Ding Bo thought about killing the man. He was humming a song when Xi Ze suddenly sighed softly. "He should be the person that I am looking for." Xi Ze paused and added. "The probability is 99%."

Ding Bo, "99%"

Xi Ze's calm eyes flashed with a touch of darkness as he said, "Yes, 99%."

Ding Bo was at a loss. "It is 99%? Didn't we work so hard doing overtime because you took the time to see his fashion show, but you still aren't sure? How can you be sure? Shen Xiang, that kid has already changed Ming Yu to the highest level of attention, don't hold him up."

After thinking carefully for a moment, Xi Ze asked, "Do you see have the invitation letter from Old Fei?"

Ding Bo exclaimed at the mention of this, "Why wouldn't I? 30 invitations! It is that old man's family, so he wanted you to 'help!' Isn't that right? Why does the person sending the invitation have such a bad temper? He is just a little better than you!"

Xi Ze didn't care about his agent's slander. He just smiled and nodded. "Ah, then I will go see the fashion show… the fashion show where Ming Yu is the chief model."

“Well, you have the final say." Ding Bo thought for a moment and couldn't help asking. "By the way, Xi Ze, you aren't acting like this because Ming Yu looks so good and you fancy him, right? But your attention is really too much at this time. He is young and his experience isn't enough. Is he really your muse? What do you like about him?"

"He is cute."

"Oh, so you think he is cut…" Ding Bo's voice stopped abruptly as he looked horrified. "Cute?  Can you repeat that? Is he cute???  No, I really can't understand your concept of cuteness!"

Xi Ze was very calm as he looked at his panicked agent. Then his lips curved as he proclaimed, "His cuteness, you can't understand it."

Ding Bo, “…”

It wasn't cute! What was so hard to understand?

Stop making a face like you are doubting my taste!

I am the one doubting your taste!!!

Soon, the car returned to the quiet atmosphere. Ding Bo was ignoring the man and once again humming when the low and magnetic voice came from the back seat again. "The back seat is a little dirty. Remember to ensure that people carefully clean it."

Ding Bo's mouth twitched. "…Didn't people just clean it the day before yesterday?"

The indifferent Xi Ze, "It is dirty."

Ding Bo, “…”

Can you change this evil cleanliness!!!

Ding Bo hummed energetically while feeling motivated by his anger. However, he could only hum a few notes when the man flatly spat out, "Disgusting."

Ding Bo, "!!!!"

Xi Ze, "Drive quietly…" He hesitated for a long moment, before deciding to tell the truth as an old friend. "Your singing is really difficult to listen to."

Ding Bo, “@#$@#@%@#%@#!!!"

Was this a euphemism?

What euphemism?

If it was a euphemism. then what did you say in the beginning?!!!


Ming Yu didn't know that at this moment, his two fashion shows were attracting one man's attention.

After all, Fei Sixin's fashion show needed to be carefully thought about for a few days until it was finalized next week. In this fortnight, Ming Yu wasn't idle. He received a surge in popularity after filming the talk show, so the Huaxia second-tire Meditation Road took the initiative and once again invited Ming Yu to shoot a cover for them.

Meditation Road was the second-tier magazine that the original owner appeared on. In recent years, its development was quite good and it had become a leader of the second-tier magazines. Receiving this invitation was proof of Ming Yu's strength.

The original owner had obtained it because the company actively allocated resources to him. But this time, Ming Yu used his own strength to make Meditation Road throw him an olive branch.

Thus, after the completion of this 'thinking' period where he shot a cover photo, the day of the fashion show would soon arrive.

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