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Chapter 22

A good fashion show that left people feeling good could be regarded as a success.

But an unforgettable fashion show needed something that would make people truly feel admiration. It could be excellent designs, or an outstanding model.

Although Xi Ze rarely appeared in fashion shows in recent years, mostly only for his own brand, many top international players continued to throw him an olive branch.

Why was that?

It was because as long as Xi Ze was there, it would definitely be a stunning fashion show!

This time, Yang Kangzheng got that same feeling.

It was a second-tier fashion show and there were a few first-line model. Some might become supermodels, but Yang Kangzheng didn't get that feeling from every supermodel.

However, today he was looking forward to a strange young model.

Ming Yu's position on the catwalk was third last, he was followed by another first-tier model and Cheng Su. Once it was his second appearance on the stage, the clicks of the shutters were immediately heard from the audience. It was almost overwhelming.

Many reporters and editors didn't react to Ming Yu's first appearance. Now they were well prepared and got quick shots of this remarkable teenager. Yang Kangzheng raised his SLR to take a few photos, then he appreciated the denim clothing on Ming Yu's body.

The deep blue denim gave off a youthful atmosphere and wrapped tightly around the youth's slender legs, outlining the beautiful curves. Ming Yu had an indifferent expression with no fluctuations at all. He seemed to be drifting away from this world, his calm eyes gazing in front of him.

'How could this child be unknown?'

This thought flashed through Yang Kangzheng’s mind.

Once Ming Yu arrived in front of Yang Kangzheng, his gaze shifted to Ming Yu's side. The flashing lights meant that Yang Kangzheng couldn't help seeing the face of the man sitting opposite him.

Yang Kangzheng was startled. He looked carefully at Xi Ze, but his face was once again hidden by the dim lighting of the venue.

But the reason why Yang Kangzheng was startled!

As the chief editor of a first-tier magazine, Yang Kangzheng had some interactions with Xi Ze. He was acutely aware that although Xi Ze was a polite gentleman, he was also proud and solemn, with a very high vision. Therefore, his appreciation towards anything was rare.

This type of personality was very difference, but it was normal in the fashion industry where all types of strange personalities gathered.

Now Xi Ze was smiling as he looked at that model.

He was smiling?

Wait a minute, what was he smiling at?

Yang Kangzheng's thoughts became very tangled, while Ding Bo looked at Ming Yu several times in a meaningful manner. Then he turned towards Xi Ze and said, "Ming Yu's walk is pretty good. I can't believe that he has the aura to dominate a live audience."

As Ding Bo said this, it was the finale and the audience should be focusing on Cheng Su. However, Ding Bo turned away from the sight.

Ding Bo thought for a moment and said, "This Ming Yu has the potential to enter the supermodel list!"

At the unexpected words, the handsome and indifferent man's lips suddenly curved. He lightly looked over Ding Bo and asked, "He has potential?"

Ding Bo was surprised. "You don't think he has potential?"

In the dim lighting of the venue, Xi Ze shook his head. "The new supermodels list will be released next week, so he can't catch up. However, perhaps after three more, you can see his name on the list."

Ding Bo gasped and looked at Xi Ze with great astonishment.

He asked "Why are you so optimistic about Ming Yu? He will be able to enter the list after three more turns? You must be joking, Xi Ze."  The man was too lazy to respond until Ding Bo asked, "What will you do if Ming Yu doesn't appear on the rankings."
Xi Ze looked at him and said, "Shut up. Watch the show."

Ding Bo, “…”

Who was the one to provoke the curiosity of others first!

At this point, it was the third round of the fashion show and the female models had just finished, leaving only the male models left. Ding Bo carefully continued to appreciate the fashion show when he suddenly heard a deep voice in his ears, "If he doesn't enter the rankings in three turns then… my itinerary that year, you can freely arrange it and I will accept everything."

Ding Bo: "~(≧▽≦)/~ Remember you said this!"

The world's supermodel rankings were divided into the top 100 male models list and the top 100 female models. It was updated once every three months by the World's Supermodel Organization based on the supermodel's global influence, endorsements, fashion show, annual income and other data for personal valuation.

Basically, the top ten on the list rarely changed and there were hardly any changes in a year. The ups and downs of the top 50 were usually small. Then for the last 20, there were occasionally a few dark horses. As for whether these dark horses will be short-lived or rise, it depended on their strength.

An unknown newcomer who could enter the world's top 100 rankings in three turns, Ding Bo had only seen a few people with such arrogant and domineering progress. One was the Muse Company's Luo Cheng and another was Sister He Chaoman.

Now Xi Ze was rating Ming Yu above Luo Cheng and He Chaoman?

This was too exaggerated!

Ding Bo didn't think too much and focused on being able to freely organize a person's schedule for a year. He might not look it, but Xi Ze was simply too lazy! A fashion show once every six months was already rare. His normal frequency was once a year!

This guy was still the company's largest shareholder, so Ding Bo couldn't move him at all!

Why hadn't he been pulled down the rankings yet?

Ding Bo secretly thought.

Nobody knew the nasty thoughts in an ace agent's mind as the fashion show entered the final part.

Pei Feng's autumn fashion show was a clothing conference, the finale model might by Cheng Su but it was normal for the other models to look more amazing. Ming Yu's previous two appearances made Yang Kangzheng feel very surprised, but Yang Kangzheng couldn't help clapping at the light grey jacket of his last appearance.

At this point, the audience clapped for the first time.

Many industry professionals couldn't help expressing their praise with applause, both at the clothing and this catwalk.

Clothes and models were always complementary, this model showed off the beauty of the clothing so he deserved this applause!

As for the finale model, Cheng Su…?

It was like nobody noticed his existence.

Who let him walk so closely to the most amazing model? By the time people thought about Cheng Su, he was already gone.

There was a solemn silence for three seconds.


At this time, Pei Feng's autumn 2016 fashion show came to an end.

Yang Kangzheng and many other media outlets hurried to get an interview with Xi Ze, but they found that he had disappeared from his seat along with his agent.

Everyone, “…”

He ran as quickly as always!

Anyway, today's protagonist was Pei Feng so it was good if they interviewed Pei Feng.

At this time, the fashion show was completely over, so Ming Yu's task could be considered finished. The interviews were regarding Pei Feng's internal matters and had no relation with the models. So, Ming Yu would lave the venue first with Zhao Rui and Luo Ru after taking off his make-up.

While removing the makeup, Sister Zheng had complimented Ming Yu's performance and he thanked her.

However, after cleaning off his make-up and changing clothes, a familiar figure blocked Ming Yu's path.

Zhao Rui felt stuffy, while Luo Ru narrowed her eyes and didn't speak.

As for Ming Yu?

He smiled and asked, "Mr. Cheng. I am about to leave. Did you need something?"

The youth's attitude was neither overbearing or intimate. It was like he was talking politely to a stranger. Cheng Su looked at this familiar face and felt strange. He noticed that something had completely changed, but he didn't understand exactly what it was.

Cheng Su was really handsome and his body was also very good. At 187cm tall, Ming Yu needed to slightly look up at him. However, this height didn't necessarily represent momentum. In this scene, it was the youth controlling the atmosphere.

Cheng Su looked at Ming Yu for a while before extending his right hand and speaking dully. "You performed very well. Congratulations Ming Yu, your progress is great."

A touch of surprise crossed Ming Yu's eyes as he heard this. However, he instantly covered up the emotions and shook Cheng Su's hands. "Thank you for your praise. Your performance was very good."

Cheng Su didn't respond.

Since it seemed like Cheng Su had nothing more to say, Ming Yu spoke again. "Mr. Cheng, I will go first." Then he left with Zhao Rui and Luo Ru." Cheng Su looked at his disappearing back and slowly clenched his fists.

Who was the one most able to feel the atmosphere of the show?

It was the model walking on the catwalk.

Cheng Su walked behind Ming Yu so he could naturally see Ming Yu's performance. He was also aware that he was being oppressed. But it was absolutely impossible for Ming Yu to grow eyes in the back of his head and to see Cheng Su's state.

'Your performance was very good,' he had said.

So, Ming Yu… are you mocking me?

The handsome man narrowed his eyes in a dangerous manner, and his nails gradually embedded in the palm of his hands. However, when someone came to speak with Cheng Su, he looked bright and cheerful without any signs of displeasure.

While Cheng Su was feeling anger and resentment in his heart, Ming Yu, Zhao Rui and Luo Ru were walking to the parking lot when they were stopped again. This time, Ming Yu's face wasn't indifferent. He was somewhat surprised to see the woman with a beautiful appearance.

Luo Ru raised her glasses with surprise, while Zhao Rui exclaimed, "Fei Sixin?"

Chapter 23

His reaction to the people blocking him was different.

When Cheng Su stopped him, the smiling Ming Yu became polite to the point of alienation, silently leaving after a few sentences. When stopped by this classy lady, Ming Yu stopped and didn't think about leaving quickly.

You see, the gap between people was that big.

Of course, Ming Yu didn't stop for the woman because of her beautiful and elegant appearance. Ming Yu heard the words 'Fei Sixin' and several images and information crossed his head. He immediately understood who this woman was.

After a little negotiation, the four people left the parking lot and went to a cafe not far from the venue to negotiate Fei Sixin's proposal.

"I was really amazed when my father showed me your photo last month." Fei Sixin was an active and enthusiastic person. She seemed to act as the 'host' as the waiter brought coffee. She took the initiative to hand out sugar packets to them and then spoke. "Ming Yu, your image is very consistent with my designs. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your photo."

Fei Sixin and Luo Ru was sitting on one side, while Ming Yu and Zhao Rui sat on the other side.

Ming Yu was putting sugar into his coffee. At Fei Sixin's words, he subconsciously looked up to see the other person staring at him with shining eyes.

Ming Yu, “…”

For each designer, the model who could show off their design most vividly was their angel. At this moment, in Fei Sixin's eyes, this handsome youth was like a 1000-watt lightbulb and he exuded a dazzling aura!

Ming Yu gently coughed before smiling calmly. "Thank you for your compliment, Miss Fei. In fact, it is because your design is so clever and beautiful and Master Fei's photographer techniques are superb. That is how the photo turned out so well."

After all, it was just a photo of Ming Yu and the one who took the photo was Master Fei. The level of a top photographer was really unmatched. They had their own ideas about light and shapes. Master Fei was able to make reasonable use of the lightning to take a vividly gorgeous photo.

Fei Sixin waved her hands at his words, "Just call me Sixin, Min Yu. You don't have to be so modest. Even my father, that prideful person, has acknowledged your photos and he thinks that you are very strong. I was really surprised when I saw you at the Pei Feng fashion show. The level of your walk is amazing! At that time, I felt that the problem plaguing me for months could finally be solved!"

Ming Yu slightly narrowed his eyes at this remark and he felt enlightened. Zhao Rui and Luo Ru glanced at each other with surprise, as if they didn't quite understand Fei Sixin's meaning.

They just listened as Fei Si Xin continued speaking. "The first set of clothing you wore for Pei Feng was made out of leather. To be honest, in recent years, Pei Feng's style has been inclined to be more youthful, while leather is old and mature. It is hard for young models to take control of this leather jacket. But your performance was really good. Your runway control ranks at the top of the few models I've seen."

These words really contained too much praise. Fei Sixin seemed to want to say something else, but Zhao Rui immediately interrupted. "Miss Fei, thank you for your compliment."

Fei Sixin no longer spoke on this topic. She smiled and said, "In fact, the last set of clothing with the jacket really touched me. I really like the feeling that you gave off when wearing that jacket. You are still young and your facial features haven't fully developed. However, your aura on the catwalk is very strong. I like the mature feeling that shines through your youth and I feel like it is very similar with my inspiration."

After saying this, even the simple Zhao Rui could understand Fei Sixin's meaning.

His hands lightly grasped the white porcelain coffee cup on the table as Ming Yu raised his eyes and laughed lightly. "Can I call you… Sister Xin?"

Fei Sixin was 23 years old this yaer. There was absolutely no problem with Ming Yu called her 'Sister Xin.'

Fei Sixin immediately nodded. "Yes, but Ming Yu, you don't have to use honorifics with me. I am only five years older than you."

Ming Yu didn't argue about this issue. He just bluntly asked, "Well, Sister Xin. I think I understand what you mean. You feel that I am very much in line with your designs… is it the fashion collection from the '18 years old' column?"

Fei Sixin replied, "Yes, it is that collection. However, after using a few photos of you as inspiration, I made a few improvements."

Ming Yu was slightly stunned after hearing this. 'She is a very talented designer,' flew through his mind. Then he straightforwardly said, "So after the improvements, you are hoping that I will take a few more shots for you. Or do you want me to participate in the fashion show?"

Zhao Rui and even Luo Ru were stunned by Ming Yu's words.

According to Luo Ru's thoughts, it was clear that Fei Sixin came to talk to Ming Yu about cooperating. As for the cooperation, she imagined that it would be some photos. After all, Ming Yu was only 17 years old this year. He was still young and lacked experience with catwalks. A photoshoot was the only reason a design would come to talk to him about cooperating.

Wasn't it impossible for her to specifically ask Ming Yu to become the chief model?

Fei Sixin was also amazed for a while, before she nodded. "Yes Ming Yu, I want to invite you to be my fashion show's chief model."

“Cough cough…"

The female assistant wearing silver glasses had just taken a sip of coffee, causing her to choke with a red face. It lasted until Zhao Rui handed her a cup of boiled water and Luo Ru took a few sips, taking little gasps for air.

…It really was the chief model?

Fei Sixin spoke emotionally. "I have hesitated for a few months, I didn't dare hold a fashion show. But after seeing your performance today, I felt like I was seeing hope and became really confident. Ming Yu, you are the person I am looking for, the one who will be able to express my inspiration. I hope you will consider my request and become the chief model of my fashion show."

Luo Ru, “…”

Zhao Rui, "…"

Even Ming Yu, “…”

Ming Yu smiled helplessly and couldn't help asking, "Sister Xin, you know that I am just an ordinary second or third-tier model from Muse?"

Fei Sixin waved her hand lightly. "Then I am also a new fashion designer who has never held a fashion show."

But this new designer had already published her works in Fashion Entertainment!

Now that Fei Sixin made such a sincere request, Ming Yu readily agreed to the other's offer. As if she was impatient, Fei Sixin hurried to find her lawyer so that Ming Yu could sign the contract on the spot.

Before signing, Ming Yu kindly reminded her again, "Sister Xin, my reputation is really not high. It is far less than Cheng Su, Zhai Liwen and other first-tier models. You have to think clearly. This is the chief model, it is really impor…tant.”

Ming Yu's words were drowned out by the look in Fei Sixin's eyes that said 'Sign it. I have considered clearly.'
After Fei Sixin and Zhao Rui also signed their names, Fei Sixin took away the contract, not giving Ming Yu a chance to feel regret.

This action was really consistent with Fei Sixin's 23 years of age, causing Ming Yu to feel dumbfounded.

However, as they prepared to separate, the 'young and energetic' female designer solemnly shook hands with him. She said, "Ming Yu, you might think that appointing a new person as my chief model is very risky, but I have always believed in my own vision. Your shallow qualifications don't mean that your strength is poor. You are the chief model that I want. I chose you because you can express the feeling that I want. It isn't a mistake."

Under the bright sunset, Fei Sixin strode out of the cafe, leaving Ming Yu to look after her. The young female designer wore a leather coat that suited her style. It was upright and elegant. Her appearance might be regarded as an ordinary beauty, but she left a deep impression on Ming Yu.

Ming Yu smiled wryly and left the cafe with Zhao Rui and Luo Ru, heading towards the parking lot.

…So, who got the benefits in the end?

Perhaps this was a matter of mutual benefits, a win-win situation. The female designer saw a tiger in a pig and let him sign the contract.

Ming Yu shook the thoughts away and started discussing with Zhao Rui and Luo Ru about the talk show he would appear on next week.

The sun slowly sank towards the horizon, witnessing the day's departure, while everything was quiet. Nothing seemed to have changed, but once the sun rose again, the number of visits to Pei Feng's official website would create a new record in 2016!

Chapter 24

This world's Huaxia really placed great attachment to copyright. Don't even talk about the DVDs that would be copied to the Internet for people to watch. If they clicked on a video from an Internet link, they would be transferred to the page of the original website to view it.

Pei Feng was a big second-tier Huaxia brand. It might be inferior to the top and first-tier brands, but it was still very famous in the country. It was also popular among young people. Now Pei Feng released a live video of their new quarterly fashion show. How could those young people who liked Pei Feng not click to watch it?

Therefore, three minutes after the Pei Feng official website updated, the fans found a video on the left side of the home page and quickly watched it. The fashion show video was around 20 minutes. This wasn't too long or too short, it was just in line with the viewing habits of today's youths.

What was the biggest characteristic of Pei Feng's fashion show?

Young and cool?


It was the value of colour!

The first fans to share this fashion show video to Weibo wrote as followed: 【 Ah ah ah ah, this is too handsome and too beautiful!!!  The long legs, 1.8m long legs, the legs that seem to go up to the neck!! 】  … Cough, ignore this 'irrational' evaluation. The first rational analysis should be like this—

【 Pei Feng's theme this quarter is 'Grey Blue Underground River.' Its spring fashion show had a beautiful yellow-green theme, so this is quite creative. This fashion show has the usual female models first then male models' catwalk sequence. I have to say that the show's female model, Zhao Liwen has a really quiet temperament. The first linen dress suits her elegant style. The last male model, Cheng Su also performed well. The long denim shirt will probably be the hot item this season.

But the most amazing one to me is the third-last model, Ming Yu. All three sets of clothing were really impressive and he gave a dazzling performance. It makes one feel doubt. Is it because Ming Yu is wearing the clothes that they have such a remarkable effect…

…. In short, this Pei Feng fashion show is really above the standard. If I had to say what was the most unforgettable thing for the audience…. it is probably the mole under Ming Yu's right eye? What a clever placement! Finally, thank you for increasing the maximum word limit to 2,000 words! It is a really good thing! 】

As everyone knew, Pei Feng invited high value models to participate in the fashion show.

Who could say that Zhao Liwen wasn't beautiful? Look at her 1.8m (?) long legs!

Was Cheng Su handsome? Look at his muscles and try to say something!

But if they asked who had the highest value in this show…

It must be Ming Xiaoyu!

【 Ming Xiaoyu might be a bit shorter than Cheng su, but I feel like he is so handsome. Ahhhh! The screen is dirty, I will lick it…… 】

【 The Northeast people are looking at my, my tongue has frozen stiff! I won't tell you why it is frozen! 】

【 Stupified. I have just found Xiaoyu's mole! What a beauty ~~~ 】

【 The leather jacket is really great ~!The denim is also very good ~! The long jacket is excellent~~~! I can't say anything through my tears about the mole. I just tried to put one on myself and it looks like a pockmark. _(:з」∠)_ 】

【 Before looking at Xiaoyu's photos, I ate two bowls of rice! Watching today's dynamic video, I have to eat five bowls of rice!! 】

【 LS live, five bowls of rice! 】

【 Live, five bowls of rice!!! 】

【 Five bowls of rice +1 】


Every person who clicked on the video were transferred to Pei Feng's official website to watch.  As thousands of people did this, the broke Fei Peng's record for the website traffic this year.

For a certain period of time, Pei Feng's fragile server couldn't bear such a large number of people. Therefore, netizens in some areas got a black screen for a few seconds, causing a large number of complaints.

In any case, this season's fashion show really received a lot of praise.

Public opinion, magazines and newspapers wrote that it was a 'stable but not innovative' and 'smooth.' Meanwhile, the netizens comments were completely different from the experts and were full of praise. This caused the #Pei Feng fashion show topic to reach the top three of popular topics on Weibo.

Most netizens didn't care about fashion design breakthroughs or innovations. They didn't think about 'whether this dress has a unique sense of style or fashion.' The first thing they saw was a visual feast with colourful clothes and many beauties. So, for them, this was a successful fashion show, a perfect fashion show!

【 As the Dog said: I have seen it seven times… 】

【 So what if you've seen it seven times? Do you want me to tell everyone the order of the appearances? 】

【 So what? Do you want me to tell you how many clasps there were on the silver chains that Xiaoyu was wearing? 】……

The praise caused Ming Yu's popularity to grow. Last month, Ming Yu's Weibo exceeded 500,000 fans and his official website had 100,000 fans. Now the former had reached the one million mark, while the latter was growing steadily towards 200,000.

As Ming Yu's Weibo prepared to break through one million fans, Zhao Rui was very excited and keep refreshing. Once he saw that the number changed from 999997 to 1000001, he shouted, "Ming Yu! It broke through one million! It really broke through!"

Ming Yu reluctantly nodded. "Yes yes, Brother Zhao, it finally broke through one million."

“Hahaa, this is the first step to success! You have now reached one-eighth of Cheng Su's Weibo fans in only two months! At this rate, you will overtake him in a year!"

Ming Yu… "Brother Zhao, I recall that the fans on my official website is one-fiftieth of Cheng Su?"

Zhao Rui, "…That doesn't matter! We will just look at Weibo!"

Ming Yu, “…”

Silently drinking tea on the side Luo Ru, “…”

Weibo was comparable to Muse's official website!

However, the official website required fans to register with their real names. Not to mention the strange and harsh 100 questions!

It ranged from questions like "What colour was Xi Ze's jacket from his second set of clothes in his second fashion", "What brand of perfume did He Chaoman endorse first" and "How many times was Luo Cheng in the opening model in 2016?" The questions were enough to make them sick!

It was well known that the application system of Muse's official website was really too anti-human. According to numerous fans, "If it wasn't for looking at many handsome men and beautiful women, who would want to register at your website?"

As a result of this registration system, Ming Yu's Weibo fans might've reached one million but the number of fans on his official Muse website was only 160,000. Even so, his number of fans could already be ranked in the top 100 of the company.

The higher the rank, the greater the difference in the number of fans.

The top female model, He Chaoman had more than 21 million fans, far surpassing the second ranked Xu Rong, who only had 5 million fans.

In terms of male models, Zhao Rui had once mentioned to Ming Yu that Cheng Su had more than 7 million fans, while Luo Cheng had 19 million fans.

As for that man… he had more than 30 million fans. It was a number that other people couldn't catch up to, so they never even mentioned him.

For example, after Zhao Rui confidently declared his ambition to 'catch up to Cheng Su in a year', he glanced through the list of fans on Muse's official website. Then he spoke with surprise, "Ming Yu, your current fans are just a fraction of Xi Ze's fans! This is so interesting!!"

Ming Yu with 160819 fans, "…"

The difference between them was 36 million! This really didn't mean anything good!

From a young age, Ming Yu was a very competitive person.

In the orphanage where Ming Yu lived, he drank milk every day to become taller. After school, Ming Yu would use a night light to read until midnight and sleep in the day. His dark circles caused students to call him 'Daytime Genius.'

After he entered the fashion industry, Ming Yu worked hard and stood at the top of the Chinese fashion circle, causing Europe and the United States to look at the strength of the Chinese model with black hair and black eyes… his competitiveness was a big factor in this.

The man involved didn't know it, but Ming Yu already had a plan to 'catch up and surpass 26 million fans' in his heart. He would mercilessly pull the other person down from his throne!

Although, Ming Yu…. gaining 36160819 fans, this was too unrealistic!


As the Pei Feng fashion show craze swept the Internet and the magazines for three days. During this time, Pei Feng released the photos of the participating models on their official website, drawing unanimous praise.

Three days later, Ming Yu was invited by Fei Sixin to try out the outfits.

Fei Sixin's designs were considered high-class—

High class and ready to wear clothing, the former was exquisite with more details, while the latter was standardized for the production line.

In order to ensure that the models are streamlined and cohesive, Fei Sixin needed to make slight changes to the clothing according to the figures of Ming Yu and the other models. This was to make it suit their models and to show off their unique beauty.

This was Fei Sixin's first fashion show so she put in a lot of painstaking effort. The collection of clothes was complete, but she and her aides fixed them according to the model's body. She changed everything to its most perfect state.

This fashion show was scheduled for next month, leaving time for the designer to communicate with the models.

Then the day after Ming Yu tried out the clothing, he participated in the recording of the talk show.

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