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Chapter 175

Bright and dazzling spotlights shone from three directions, making the white background more dazzling. In front of the white set, two tall and handsome men were standing at an arm's distance.

Andrew Warren could become a supermodel and he naturally had advantages. He was 191cm tall, his figure was relatively good and his face was more in line with the mainstream aesthetic of the West. The blond hair and blue eyes was the authentic appearance of a Western supermodel.

Andrew's height might not be tall among the male models but he was still a few centimeters taller than Ming Yu.

Since reaching 188cm a few months ago, Ming Xiaoyu's height had barely gone up. This height was quite normal for Huaxia male models yet Ming Yu was very dissatisfied and was still trying to grow taller.

But Mushroom wanting to grow taller was one thing. Whether he could grow taller was another matter. After all, he was now 18 years old. He was still in the development stage but he had long missed the golden growth period. It would be hard for him to grow taller in the future.

As a result, the 3cm height difference caused people to subconsciously think that Ming Yu's presence might be slightly weaker than Andrew's.

However! Once the two people really stood together, everyone was amazed. They unexpectedly found that this young man might be casually smiling at the camera but his calm and stable temperament and his majestic aura completely highlighted him.

The two men standing together felt like an ordinary knight guarding a noble king!

In the eyes of ordinary people, the knight had enough momentum to cause them to breath coldly. Then what about the king? The king was even more noble and awe-inspiring, causing ordinary people to feel amazed!

The 3cm height difference didn't give Andrew an advantage. It actually made him seem a bit rude. The light highlighted his muscles but there was no effect. Like a foil, he made the youth at his side seem more exquisite and expensive.

This feeling became more and more obvious after the beginning of the shoot!

At first, the two men were standing side by side and looking at the lends. Later, the photographer arranged a chair and asked Ming Yu to sit in it, while Andrew held the back of the chair.

On the black carved bench, the youth's causal movements seemed to attract everyone's attention. The handsome blond man behind him was completely reduced to the background. Sometimes people glanced over but he didn't matter.

The photographer was naturally also concerned about beauty. He didn't notice it but gradually, he was often putting the lens on Ming Yu and pressing the shutter. The photographer often asked Ming Yu and Andrew to pose together. However, in the end, it became like this—

"Yes Ming Yu, raise your hands a bit more!"


“It’s beautiful! Just a few more!"


Andrew was very proud when he just entered the set. He looked down at the Huaxia dwarf with contempt in his eyes. He hinted to the other side, 'Your head is very good, haha.'

In Andrew’s heart, he grew up with his mother in the fashion industry. He was exposed to a variety of high-end shows and dinners. This broke model would definitely look like a poor hillbilly next to him!


Andrew wasn't a fool. He gradually found that the protagonist of the lens was Ming Yu!

Originally, it was a group photo with the two of them. Yet in these photos, he had stepped into the supporting role. In addition, the photographer occasionally had Ming Yu pose while Andrew stood by casually.

Shit! This was simply disgusting!

But Andrew couldn't say anything.

First of all, this was a master of photography who he couldn't offend. The other person was the top photography mater in the UK. His mother had several good cooperative relations with the master. In front of this master, Andrew had to hold back his arrogance.

Second, Andrew had an arrogant desire to secretly suppress Ming Yu. The ending was…

"Andrew, you are slightly to the side and you are blocking Ming Yu's face."

"Andrew, your hand is in the middle of the photo. Move it away."

Andrews bizarre behavior caused the photographer to give a few suspicious commands. But once he saw Andrew steal the lens again and again, the photographer was furious and directly scolded, "Andrew, what do you mean with this? Are you still a professional supermodel? Is this how you take photos?"

At this time, Andrew was using his body to squeeze Ming Yu to one side, so that Ming Yu could only helplessly appear in a small corner of the lens. The youth had an innocent appearance while the bully Andrew was arbitrarily using brute force to bully him.

In the eyes of the master photographer, this behaviour was often called 'bullying between models' in the industry. It was common whenever shooting photos with two or more people. If the two models taking photos had a bad relationship, this event would occur more often.

Models that could complement each other improved the photo. However, this didn't occur often. Usually the photo would only have one protagonist. The protagonist was often the one who bullied the other person. As for the other side, they would be bullied without any sense of existence.

Prior to this, the photographer just felt that Ming Yu had a very good sense of the lens and an excellent temperament. He didn't think that Andrew would be three while taking photos! Destroying the photos again and again, it was maddening!

Upon hearing this, Andrew was full of grievances. He immediately defended himself. "Master Oliver, it isn't my fault. When I first took photos with Ming Yu, I felt that he really couldn't take photos. I am trying to help him. This was the first step only for you to stop me. I was trying to help him find a suitable location."


"Pfft, haha…"

Many of the staffs laughed when they heard this. They stopped at Andrew's angry glare but only Luo Ru didn't hide her smile. She was still laughing silently.

Do you know what it meant to make bogus accusations?

Andrew was doing just that!

Ming Yu wasn't good at taking photos and needed help finding a position?

Andrew unexpectedly said such shameless words?

Who was the one suppressed by Ming Xiaoyu's aura and turned into a small supporting role in front of the camera? Wasn't this a really thick skin? It was so ridiculous that setting aside the laughing staff, even Master Oliver was stunned and didn't know what to say.

After seeing no one refute him, Andrew panted like he was an unhealthy person climbing stairs!

"Master Oliver, you have misunderstood me. I am helping him!"

The thickness of his skin was unique even for the people on Ming Xiaoyu's life. Ming Xiaoyu inwardly laughed and laughed at Andrew who still wanted to speak. He was too lazy to care about this person and instead opened the door for Master Oliver. "Master, maybe we should take separate photos. If I am so bad at shooting then I'm not a match for Mr. Andrei."

Andrew immediately cried out, "It is Andrew!"

Ming Xiaoyu looked surprised and asked, "Is is Andersu?"

"It is Andrew!!"

Andrew was completely provoked by Ming Yu and shouted, "Do you have ears? Picking faults. You are just a model from Huaxia. How long can you be arrogant? You will never enter the world's supermodel rankings. In front of me, you are just a small supporting role…"

“Andrew!" Master Oliver couldn't listen anymore. "Apologize to Ming Yu! What type of attitude is this? You are used to being arrogant in the United States. Don't think that the whole fashion industry is about Karma. In London, you can't face my temper! Hurry and apologize!"

Andrew had lived 17 years being spoiled by his family. When had he experienced being reprimanded in public? Even his parents never dared say no to him. This old man dared to scold him?

Andrew scolded in his heard, 'You old fat. I gave you a little face but who do you think you are?'

“Oliver, stop those words right now! I am Andrew…"


The agent standing by never thought that anyone would dare offend Andrew. He didn't expect this scene to happen. He hurriedly interrupted Andrew's words and rushed forward. He grabbed Andrew and said, "Master Oliver, I'm sorry. Andrew's mood is a bit bad today. I will take him to rest! I'm so sorry!"

Andrew wanted to say something more when he heard this. But his agent grimaced at him and begged him not to speak again. Therefore, Andrew grunted, looked at Ming Yu and Master Oliver before turning around.

Master Oliver didn't want to have a bad relationship with Karma. After all, anyone in the industry knew how much the chief designer of Karma loved her son. A small model once collided with her son and she directly used the family to block him for 30 years. The model missed the best years of his life!

Thus, Master Oliver grunted and accepted the apology. But he stressed, "I don't care. Ming Yu should be the subject of your apology."

Andrew was furious at the words and the agent hurriedly apologized to Ming Yu. Then he quickly pulled Andrew to the next room to put out the fire.

This apology didn't contain any sincerity. Ming Yu stood there with lost eyes, not saying a word.

His helpless appearance made all the employees feel sorry for him. However, they didn't dare offend Karma standing behind Andrew. They could only scold the rude man in their hearts while showing a kinder attitude to Ming Yu.

Luo Ru's mouth twitched as she silently watched this scene.

Ming Yu was poor and helpless?

Ming Yu could only bow his head and endure the insults of the other person when being bullied?

This was a joke!

Xiaoyu was really bad. He just had to stand there with a lost expression and all the people were on his side! If this was acting in a movie, he might be able to get a small gold man!

The day's photo shoot ended like this and Andrew was placed in another studio to avoid conflict. But as Ming Yu and Luo Ru came to the parking lot with Mr. Will, the three people heard an arrogant voice behind them. "Running away? Coming to the European and American fashion industries and playing such tricks on me. This Huaxia model is looking for death!"

Chapter 176

In the dim light of the underground parking lot, an overbearing blond man strutted through the entrance with a cigarette between his fingers. The unpleasant smell of smoke made the only lady in the area—Luo Ru frowned but didn't say anything.

The remark was so loud that even if Ming Yu wanted to pretend not to hear, it was impossible.

Compared with this morning's blatant arrogance, Andrew no longer concealed his nature. His contemptuous eyes swept over Ming Yu and Luo Ru before he sneered. "The thing with the old Oliver just now, I gave you a bit of face. Don't take yourself seriously."

These words didn't make Ming Yu angry. He kept looking at Andrew with a blank expression.

Upon seeing it, Andrew thought that the Huaxia model was afraid of him. He taunted, "I used to compare you and me. Before I saw you at the RAmer Charity Gala, I thought you were a character. But in this case, Mudley was a sensible person who knew who to choose."

Ming Yu raised an eyebrow and asked, "You were the one who took the initiative to call Mudley over?"

Andrew laughed. "What? No."

Ming Yu smiled and shook his head. "Of course." His tone was dignified without any rage.

The youth was indifferent but in Andrew's eyes, he thought this small model should be afraid of him. Andrew disliked it. "You Huaxia people always have a disgusting self-confidence. Do you think that you can win against me with Oliver on your side? I am the sky in the European and American fashion industry! But I am an adult. If you apologize to me today then I will spare you. I won't make trouble for you in this Ruth Mary high-end show."

Andrew felt that he was very good as he said these words. "Once this fashion show ends, you should remember not to appear in my fashion shows again. I can't stand you self-righteous Huaxia people!"

These words made Luo Ru grit her teeth with disgust. However, Ming Yu didn't move so she naturally couldn't do anything.

In fact, Luo Ru didn't understand why Xiaoyu was modestly enduring this Andrew. Andrew might have the top fashion brand Karma behind him. However, Luo Ru knew that the entire Ji and Ya was standing behind Ming Yu.

Karma was indeed a world famous luxury brand that was no worse than Ruth Mary. But it wasn't on the same level as Ji and Ya! Karma couldn't even be compared to Rosalind. How could it compete with Ji and Ya?

Ming Yu smiled and asked, "Mr., Andrew, I don't know how I provoked you that you would talk to me like this."

Perhaps it was because Andrew's mood was better. He replied, "Provoke me? You are a Huaxia person, yet you dared join the world's supermodels list at the same time as me. This is where you offended me! The thought of my name being linked with yours from now on is disgusting!"

Once he heard these words, the youth said very seriously, "Mr. Andrew, please don't insult my homeland. It is my home, the place where I was raised all my life. Huaxia has a vast land, is economically powerful and the people are very friendly…"

"Hahaha! You dare call that broken place a big land? You Huaxia people are disgusting! Yellow and black people shouldn't exist in this world! Do you know what is flowing in your blood? It is dirty blood!"

Ming Yu's eyes became red as he heard this and he cried out angrily, "Mr. Andrew, please apologize to my homeland! I have never offended you but you have repeatedly humiliated my country. You are really too much!"

“Ohh, I will never set foot on your dirty land in my life, Ming Yu! You didn't listen to me and now I am in a bad mood! Even if you apologize to me, I won't accept it! If you keep apologizing to me every time you see me again, I will allow you to continue in the high-end fashion show."

“Mr. Andrew, you are a bit out of line." Mr. Will, who hadn't wanted to get involved, finally couldn't bear it anymore. "Ruth Mary has signed a contract with Mr. Ming. I'm afraid you can't stop Mr. Ming from taking part in the fashion show.

Andrew Wallen really had a strong background but this method of bullying a model was too much. Don't talk about the party involved, even Mr. Will felt angry and sorry for Ming Yu. But he was only a small staff member and didn't dare to confront Andrew. He could only say these sentences.

Andrew glanced at Mr. Will and sneered. "Who are you? I'm telling you, the chief designer and chairman of Ruth Mary's board is friends with my mother! He is my uncle and grew up watching me. If I want to get rid of Ming Yu then I can definitely do it!"

Andrew gave his agent a look and ordered, "Call Uncle Leo. Tell him that someone is bullying me. Huhu, they dared to challenge the European and American fashion industries. They are really tired of living!"

Mr. Will's eyes were red. "You…!"

Ming Yu's eyes flashed when he saw that Andrew's agent was really making a call. He said, "Andrew, do you really think you are the sky in Europe and America? This world is about the law and your behavior…"

“Haha, you are speaking to me about the law? In Europe and the United States' fashion industry, I am the law!"

Once he saw this, Luo Ru was so angry she couldn't hold back. Luo Ru had never seen such an arrogant second generation person in Huaxia! This was simply too mad, a local tyrant!

Even Jiang Kaiyang, who had a bad relationship with Ming Yu, just waged a cold war against Ming Yu. He didn't go straight to using such means to resolve things!

Wasn't this too simple and rude?

Did Andrew have a brain?

Shouldn't he have offended many people?

Luo Ru didn't know that Andrew's words weren't really arrogant. In the entre European and American fashion industries, there were few people willing to provoke Andrew Wallen.

As the second largest luxury brand in the US, Karma enjoyed a high reputation worldly. Karma might only be ranked fifth or sixth in the world but it was only worse than the top four high-end brands. Compared to other luxury brands around the world, Karma was definitely at the forefront.

Huaxia's Ji and Ya, the United State's Rosalind, Italy's Garcia and France's Otilla. These four top luxury brands have always been relatively low-key and most of the people they serve were in the upper classes. Raymond, the chief designer of Rosalind, might've once arrogantly bullied Xi Ze but he was an honest person.

If Karma wasn't a top brand in the fashion world then Andrew wouldn't count as a second generation.

For the moment, let's not mention if the world-class fashion godfather Xi Ze ended up having a child. Even Raymond didn't spoil his children like this. Only Andrew's mother really favoured Andrew.

Her son was absolutely right, everything her son said was right, her son was heavenly!

With such a standard, Andrew really walked through the European and American fashion industries with no hindrance.

As for the East's fashion industry, Karma's hand didn't reach there. Andrew's 'I hate the disgusting yellow people' didn't spread to Huaxia because he had never been there.

Now Andrew was oppressing and insulting a small model as usual.

In his eyes, Ming Yu was no different from the models he had previously suppressed. This person thought he could go against the sky with no background and a bit of talent. Then Andrew would send him to heaven! Haha!

Thinking of this, Andrew reluctantly smiled. "Wait until Uncle Leo answers the phone. I will let you know the status of Huaxia models in the European and American fashion industries!"

Ming Yu looked worriedly at the agent making a call but he seemed reluctant to accept the situation. He stubbornly said, "You are just bullying a newcomer. You said that as a model of Huaxia, I should listen to you in the European and American fashion industries? Then would you dare say this to Luo Cheng? Would you dare say it to Du Ruo? What about He Chaoman? I dare you to say this to Xi Ze!"

Andrew was shocked when he heard these names. His expression changed when he heard 'Xi Ze' but he refused to change his words. "Do you think I will be afraid of Luo Cheng, Du Ruo and He Chaoman? I’m telling you! Sooner or later, I will be better than them! I will pull them down the list!"

Ming Yu bit his lips. He really looked like he was being bullied, making Mr. Will feel deeply distressed. But Mr. Will was afraid to speak again because he knew that Andrew's mother really did have a good relationship with Mr. Leo, the chief designer of Ruth Mary. Otherwise, Ruth Mary wouldn't have invited Andrew to walk in the show.

Indeed, this was the first time Ruth Mary invited supermodels not on the rankings and there were actually two of them! However, Ming Yu was the one that Ruth Mary really wanted to invite. Andrew came in through the backdoor.

But what about it?

Andrew’s mother didn't care if her son came in through the backdoor. In her heart, her son was the best in the world!

“Geez, the call still hasn't gone through? Ah, pass it to me! Give it to me!"

“Hello, Uncle Leo? I’m Andrew. I'm in the underground parking lot of Ruth Mary. Uncle Leo, there is a Huaxia model participating in your October high-end show. He dared to provoke me. Uncle Leo, he scolded me and insulted me. You must help me out!"

This was simply too shameless. Even the very rational Luo Ru couldn't help shouting, "Utter rubbish! You are simply reversing black and white. You are obviously the one bullying us. You stopped us while we were leaving and told Xiaoyu to apologize to you! You are racist, anti-Huaxia, and also…"

“Uncle Leo, listen. They are yelling at me again! I really never suffered such grievances. They have scolded me for a long time and said I would never be on the world's supermodel rankings. You must…"

"You really don't want to be on the world's supermodel rankings in your life."

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