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Chapter 159

An hour later, Xi Ze slowly walked out of the building.

Two hours later, the Sun issued an apology letter on their official website and said they would apologize to Ming Yu on the front page of the next day's newspaper.

In this letter of apology, the Sun stated that they didn't find out the facts this time and made a judgment that violated the basic principles of a journalist. At they same time, they fired the people responsible for these reports.

On the surface, this incident seemed to be caused by Xi Ze's private talks with the head of the US branch of New Corporation, the group behind the Sun. But in fact, before entering the building, chief editor Song Chuci of Muse has contacted public opinion circles in Huaxia and placed pressure on News Corps.

Huaxia media hadn't disputed with Western media for a long time. Now that this peace was temporarily broken, it was subject to cross-border punishment.

After the Sun, many small newspapers that supported the Sun also issued an apology statement.

This time, apart from Mudley pretending to be dead, everything seemed to have been solved. Mudley's company shamelessly said that she was 'unwell' and the Huaxia netizens gradually subsided, not thinking too much about it.

But as the Sun and other newspapers apologized, a video appeared on major video sites around the world. It soon got millions of forwards and got many hits!

In the video, a beautiful woman was looking gracefully at the camera and spoke words of apology with no sincerity. Like it was mentioned before, Mudley's acting skills were decent. That's how she could compete against the talented people of Hollywood with her arrogant personality.

Thus, everyone saw Mudley's proud appearance in the video and became furious. Even her loyal and brainless fans were angry. Mudley didn't show the slightest bit of remorse. What was this apology letter?

What did she mean by 'I spoke accidentally. For a moment, I forgot what happened that night. I didn't expect the Sun to be so serious. It really had nothing to do with me. I'm sorry, I will pay attention to my words and deeds. I won't be caught by a villain and I'm really sorry to Ming Yu'…

What the hell was she talking about?

Why did she seem like an arrogant person blaming others when she was apologizing?!!!

Didn't she have any shame?

The rage of the fans skyrocketed. This video was recorded by Ding Bo but he really didn't expect Mudley to pass it all at once, without the slightest mistake.

This made Ding Bo think as he ordered his people to pack up the cameras. Then he smiled and said, "Mudley, in fact, aren't your thoughts exactly the same as this apology?"

Mudley's expression changed the moment she heard these words. She covered it up quickly but she couldn't hide from Ding Bo's eyes.

Mudley's eyes were very red and sorrowful as she cried out, "Sir, I really know what I did wrong. It won't happen again. Can you let me leave now…?"

Mudley wasn't stupid enough to admit to Ding Bo's words but her appearance didn't make Ding Bo feel any sympathy. Thus, the day that the apology video came out, Mudley's agent no longer restricted her freedom. The moment she left, Mudley first called little Allen.

Mudley thought that she had a good relationship with Allen. Allen was the grandson of her company's boss and would definitely help her through this difficult time. She really accompanied little Allen to a few parties and knew some big people. She certainly wouldn't be abandoned.

But what surprised Mudley was that when she called, she was directly cut off!

Wait until she tried it again! She got the notification that her number had been blocked!

Mudley panicked and rushed to the company. At this time of the day, Allen was sure to be in his office at the company. Mudley entered the company wearing sunglasses and a hat. But all the disgusted gazes at the sight of her made her feel shocked and confused.

She went up to find little Allen, only to be turned away by the other party's assistance.

Along the way, Mudley heard other small stars and staff of the company whispering to each other.

“Oh my god, doesn't Mudley have AIDS? Why would she come to the company? This is terrible!"

"Hey, Mudley's body is too good. She was too sexy in those photos!"

“My god, aren't you afraid of getting AIDS? I don't know how many times this woman and the director who died last year participated in the group parties. It is terrible!"


These sentences struck Mudley like hail.

She kept hypnotizing herself. It was impossible, these things were only known by little Allen, it was impossible…

At the same time, she remembered that in order to win the female no. 2 role, she took the initiative to hook Allen. Under his instructions, she was introduced to a big director and many third-tier stars. She participated in a full half a month of disorderly sex in a villa.

In the following years, she indulged in these promiscuous activities and couldn't extricate herself. It was really easy to meet her own physiological needs and to get rewards from the directors and producers.

Then the director died of AIDS two years later. She was afraid to check her body. Once the test showed she didn't get AIDS, Mudley was greatly relieved.

These things couldn't be exposed! Only little Allen had some photos and he wouldn't betray her…

Mudley's footsteps suddenly stopped.

She had a sudden thought as Allen's assistant stopped her outside the door.

Mudley was frozen for a minute. Then she hurriedly went on the Internet and started searching up information on herself. Once she saw the 'drug abuse', 'bullying newcomers', 'unspoken rules with directors and producers' and even information about the sex parties, Mudley collapsed to the ground and cried!

She was ruined!

Really ruined!

Once these things came out, the rest of her life was ruined!

Mudley was in agony for half an hour before finally leaving the company. Many reporters had heard she was here and blocked the way outside the door. Mudley finally broke through the encirclement and returned home. But at the door, she saw a familiar person.

The bodyguard who stabbed the knife near her finger looked at her coldly as he said, "Mr. Ding said that he would help you restore your original appearance. Miss. Mudley, please cooperate. The doctors at the nearby plastic surgery hospital are ready."


Now that this matter was finished, Xi Ze and Ding Bo flew back to London to go to the fashion show.

On the distant Huaxia mainland, Ming Yy looked at the disgusting mosaic photos and sighed helplessly. He finally looked at the videos of Mudley being interviewed by some reporters this morning and shut down the computer.

Ming Yu's brow was slightly furrowed as he looked at the distant horizon. He seemed to notice that something was wrong. But after pondering a moment, he dismissed it and didn't think much of it anymore.

Xi Ze was reluctant to pick up his phone but Ming Yu knew these things must be done by him.

Xi Ze was a person who was 'always dripping with grace in the spring phase, but will repay the enemy's sword 10 times.' At this point, Ming Yu had the same principle. Only he didn't think that so much needed to be done.

In any case, Xi Ze always did things consistently.

After the last incident with Jiang Kaiyang, Ming Xiaoyu once tried to persuade him to give the other person a chance to live in the future. Xi Ze was silent for a moment before telling the story of his sister.

When Xi Ze was four years old, he had a sister who was older by three years.

Xi Ze's little uncle was kidnapped when he was five years old. It caused a sensation in his family and all of Huaxia. After that, his uncle was naturally rescued and wasn't injured at all. One kidnapper was killed on the spot while the other received life imprisonment.

However, when Xi Ze was four years old and his sister was seven years old, the kidnapper who kidnapped his uncle was released from prison.

The Xi family never expected that the kidnapper would return decades later. The kidnapper didn't care about his own life and was even determined to die. After being released from prison, he tied a bomb to him and detonated it just as Xi Ze's sister was leaving school.

Once the police searched the man's rental house, they found this sentence in the diary: I will use this life to kill the people in your family! My big brother was killed by you! My leg is lame and I have been in prison for 20 years! I am dead but I want to grab the lives of your family members as well!"

No amount of anger could save a person's life.

XI Ze's uncle was filled with guilt once he knew this. But this incident had nothing to do with him. It wasn't that he killed his niece. It was the ignorant kidnapper's fault.

After that, the Xi family's education always stated: don't leave anybody behind.

In the hearts of the family members, the lives of their family were always the most important. In any case, they must consider themselves and then consider others.

Of course, it seemed that life was very calm now and Xi Ze was standing at the peak of the fashion industry, no one could threaten him. But he always followed his elder's words.

After telling the story, Xi Ze said to his lover, "I'm not a good or kind person."

The youth's response was a gentle kiss and low laugh. "Who said that I am a good person?"

At Xi Ze's surprised look, Ming Xiaoyu acted out the slave and master, pressing the man under his body. He said with a smile, "Since we aren't good people, we will sell our own products internally in order to not harm the public. Well… this evildoer, quickly show your original appearance!"

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow and rolled the youth under him. "I am an evildoer? Then you are a little goblin."

“Hey, you are too overbearing. Haven't you read novels when you are a child? Who is a goblin…?"

Afterwards, there were some embarrassing things. There was no need to say any more. These two people weren't ashamed and the readers should be used to it.

This meant that Ming Xiaoyu felt Xi Ze was too ruthless this time. However, he didn't do anything to stop it.

He wasn't a holy person. The exposed black materials weren't fake. He didn't have to pour dirty water on Mudley. These were all things Mudley had done in the past and Xi Ze just made them public.

Since it was only clarifying the truth, did Xi Ze make a mistake?

Of course not.

In this regard, the storm caused by the Sun and Mudley Joyce that swept over the world came to an end. This was the last bit of attention paid to the 2017 RAmer Charity Gala. A week later, some people were surprised to see a woman on the street who looked very similar to Mudley.

This woman didn't have Mudley's sharp chin or her rounded chest. She looked 70% similar to Mudley. She was slightly less beautiful but would still stand out in a crowd.

After being blocked, Mudley Joyce's name really disappeared from the memories of the public.

She threatened to 'never participate in the RAmer Charity Gala again.' Now she became a joke and no one mentioned her again. At most, when they were chatting with friends over a meal, one person said, "I see a star try to deal a big kick only for her to explode, haha!"

Three days later, Ming Yu left for Hong Kong in order to be a global spokesperson for a big international brand.

Chapter 160

Perhaps because it was close to the emerald country of Myanmar and its unique geographical conditions. Hong Hong was named an economic development zone by Huaxia officials at the beginning of the last century and gradually became one of the largest economic cities in Huaxia.

The most prosperous industry in Hong Kong was jewelry and jade.

The top five global jewelry luxury brands had their headquarters in Hong Kong. At the same time, there were a variety of first-tier luxury brands that settled in Hong Kong, adding luster to the city with dazzling jewels.

When Ming Xiaoyu arrived at their airport in Hong Kong, he was blocked by many fans at the airport. The feeling of popularity bursting was quite novel for Ming Xiaoyu. Although he had to give more signatures and his hand was sore, he was very patient and signed his name one by one. He also took group photos with the enthusiastic fans.

The incident with the Sun did make Ming Yu suffer a decrease in fame and many people hated him. But once the truth of the matter was reported and everything was reversed, these passersby slowly began to pay attention to him, perhaps out of guilt.

This concern could be horrible!

The first change happened to the number of fans on Ming Xiaoyu's official Muse website and Weibo! The former broke through the 9 million mark at an extremely fast speed and officially moved towards 10 million. By the way, the number of Cheng Su's fans today was around 9.8 million.

In addition, Ming Yu's Weibo fans grew at a terrible rate! Since many of Huaxia's celebrities were too lazy to sign up for Twitter and Facebook in the west, the number of Weibo registrations was actually a lot. Many Westerners registered on Weibo to follow their favourite actors, models and celebrities. Now that they became more aware of Ming Yu, they followed him as well.

Weibo fans might not need to pay membership fees every year like the Muse official website, but there was a mobile phone authentication. Thus, the fact that Ming Xiaoyu could gain more than 30 million fans in such a short period of time really made people stunned.

After arriving in Hong Kong, the head of 'Dusha' led Ming Yu and Luo Ru to the hotel where they were going to stay. He also handled the things they needed in Hong Kong.

"Then tomorrow, I will pick you up at 8 in the morning. Mr. Ming, please make some preparations."

Ming Xiaoyu smiled at the words and agreed. "Then I will trouble you, Mr. Zheng."

The other party sincerely shook his head. "I am honoured that our Dusha can invite you and have the opportunity to cooperate with you."

After the two sides exchanged words for a bit, Mr. Zheng left first so that Ming Yu and Luo Ru could rest.

Ming Yu was about to endorse the international luxury jewelry brand, Dusha. The jewelry brand born in Hong Kong had a high ranking at the Global Jewelry Show last year. Before the announcement of the RAmer Charity Gala's invitation list, they had contacted Ming Yu in the hope that he would become their spokesperson.

When Dusha first contacted Zhao Rui, they just wanted to invite Ming Yu to become their Huaxia spokesperson. At the time, they were optimistic about Ming Yu's popularity in the country and he also appeared on the world's supermodel list, making him qualified to be their spokesperson.

Once Ming Yu received the invitation letter from the RAmer Charity Gala, there was news from Dusha about Ming Yu possibly becoming their global spokesperson.

This made Ming Yu a bit surprised. There were more than 300 supermodels in the year but far less first-tier luxury brands. It could be said that there weren't even 200 first-tier luxury brands. Therefore, the global spokesperson of their first-tier bug names were all supermodels on the rankings.

He hadn't yet reached the supermodel rankings yet Dusha invited him to become their global spokesperson?

This was a bit strange.

In the face of Zhao Rui's confusion, the person in charge of Dusha explained after the contract was signed. "The people at our headquarters are very optimistic about the potential of Mr. Ming. It is now the end of August. Perhaps when the world's supermodel rankings come out a few days later, we will be very happy with this choice."

The implication was that Dusha was confident Ming Yu could appear on the rankings right after becoming a supermodel! Moreover, listening to this firm and confident tone, he seemed to believe that Ming Xiaoyu could get a good ranking.

In this respect, Zhao Rui was quite touched and Luo Ru was full of confidence. Ming Xiaoyu secretly inquired about the high-level information of Dusha and found that a senior director of Dusha was also a director of Muse!

With this in mind, perhaps the director found out that Ming Xiaoyu had a very high level of concern in the company.

However, these were external matters. Ming Xiaoyu had a good impression of the decisiveness of Dusha.

But to Dusha's disappointment, it was almost the beginning of September. Despite the official website being bombarded by fashion lovers, the World Supermodels Organization hadn't announced their intention to release this month's ranking. It was really strange.

Of course, Dusha didn't regret their decision. Because of this Sun incident, even if Ming Yu didn't enter the supermodel rankings, his reputation was more impressive than many supermodels on the list.

In such circumstances, Ming Yu was surprised to find the man sitting in the back of the car when the deputy director of Dusha's public relations department came to pick him up the next day.

Ming Yu was naturally surprised when he opened the door and saw such a person in the dim lighting of the car. But he nodded very calmly and entered the car.

The elegant man sitting next to Ming Xiaoyu saw his reaction and was quite appreciative. The two of them chattered and started to arrange today's itinerary.

Ming Xiaoyu listened to the other person's words for a long time before asking, "Mr. Luo, you hope to take location photos today and tomorrow. Then in the next few days, we will take photos in the studio?"

Luo Wei nodded lightly and smiled. "Yes Ming Yu, today we rented a good place and the specially invited photographer also had time. If we can take location shots today and tomorrow, it will be best.

The elegant and handsome man in his 40s was the chief jewelry designer of Dusha.

It stood to reason that this type of endorsement shouldn't be handled by the designer at all and should be handed over to the PR department. But Luo Wei was very concerned about his series of products. Even if he agreed to the endorsement, he specially came to see Ming Xiaoyu.

After the two sides agreed, the car slowly entered the parking lot of the Dusha building. According to Luo Wei's arrangement, Ming Xiaoyu would first meet the photographer. The latter would make some styling suggestions according to his shooting concept and then let the stylist design it.

Under Luo Wei's leadership, Ming Yu and Luo Ru entered Dusha's special dressing room. As he walked, Luo Wei said, "In fact, we invited a master this time. I was also very surprised. The other person didn't directly agree to our offer. But once he heard that the spokesperson was you, he very happily agreed."

Ming Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow at this and a few names flashed through his head. His lips curved as the youth spoke softly, "Brother Luo, who is this photographer?"

At this point, the group had reached a tall mahogany door.

Luo Wei pushed the frame of his glasses up his nose and smiled. "You will naturally know this master when you meet."

The moment he finished talking, Luo Wei grabbed the door handle and gently pushed open the door. There was a squeaking sound and the bright and spacious room was revealed to Ming Xiaoyu. There were all types of makeup mirrors and a wide range of clothing and accessories. This dressing room was very formal and elegant, as well as luxurious. It looked very expensive.

Once Ming Xiaoyu saw the master sitting on the sofa in the room, he sighed and smiled helplessly. "I didn't expect it to be you, Elder Fei."

Chapter 161

It was really unexpected for Ming Xiaoyu to meet Elder Fei in Hong Kong.

Fei Zhennan's position in the global photography world was self-evident. When Luo Wei said that he invited a master photographer, it definitely wasn't a boast. The word 'Fei Zhennan' alone could attract many fashion lovers.

Ming Xiaoyu and Fei Zhennan had cooperated many times. The first time was when Elder Fei sneaked a photo of him in the big studio of Fashion Entertainment. Later, Ming Xiaoyu participated in Fei Sixin's fashion show and Elder Fei took the photos. Later, Fei Sixin's brand was released and Elder Fei served as camera director of the audience.

There was a tacit understanding between Ming Xiaoyu and Elder Fei due to so many cooperations.

The two hit it off and quickly decided the stle of the first wave of publicity posters. Then they let the stylist design the hair and makeup for Ming Xiaoyu.

These things had nothing to do with Luo Wei but he didn't leave. He wanted to watch because he really valued his jewelry collection. He wanted to at least watch Ming Yu take some photos before leaving.

Luo Wei was 41 years old and had seen many world-class supermodels. Take the Polish supermodel Fukela Aidilai who was Dusha's global spokesperson last year. He was ranked 74th on the supermodel rankings, had a height of 189cm and had the bright green eyes of the Polish.

Luo Wei also accompanied this world-class supermodel and saw all the publicity photos. In the photos released, the fans liked to say that Fukela had the face of an angel. Yet in Luo Wei's eyes, he was really inferior to the youth right now.

Ming Yu's face was very suitable for makeup and was also photogenic.

Before putting on makeup, Luo Wei felt that this youth was very good and very beautiful. Once the stylist touched up the shadows and highlighted certain areas, the three-dimensional facial features of the youth seemed more beautiful. The coutours were even deeper and the clear eyes seemed to reflect a quiet layer of light. As the youth raised his eyes, it was like a wave that made people can't help but tremble.

Such a brilliant person really made Luo Wei determined to choose Ming Yu as the global spokesperson to this collection of jewelry.

Once Luo Wei watched Ming YU change clothes and go outside with other people to start the lighting and take photos, his determination changed to confidence! Looking at the bright-eyed youth in the bright sunshine and listened to the praises of Master Fei, Luo Wei accompanied them for a while day! He never thought about leaving at all!

He was about to witness the birth of the posters for the jewelry he designed this time!

In this young man, he seemed to see the radiance of his own jewelry!

While Ming Xiaoyu was in Hong Kong for the photo shoot, the September issue of Suyi was officially released.

As a top magazine, Suyi was released first in Huaxia before being released globally the next day.

As early as half a month ago, Suyi published some relevant photos of this issue on their official website. At the time, it attracted the praise of countless fans. Now that fans saw the magazine in its entirety, they were wide-eyed and couldn't describe the sexy photo on the cover!

Since Ming Yu's debut, every photo he took was extremely graceful and luxurious.

Whether it was long-haired or short-haired mushroom, Ming Xiaoyu in red or Ming Xiaoyu in silver. This type of elegant temperament made Ming Xiaoyu's fans think that their Small Mushroom belonged to the cold and gorgeous prince type.

Now their perceptions completely reversed with this cover of Suyi.

Against the background of jungle trees, a handsome youth was squinting and looking at the world outside with dangerous eyes.  The left side of his face had traces of blood and his whole body was like a cheetah about to erupt, full of strength and wildness.

His upper body was covered by a tight black vest. The tight vest outlined the youth's layers of muscles. Sweat flowed down from the tall collarbone to the chest, leaving the rest to imagination.

This photo was so sexy and charming, the only words that could describe it were 'wild charm!'

Short and disheveled black hair! Slender, straight legs!

The youth held a dagger with his thin fingers, the slightly raised hand bones looking weak and fragile. But the icy light of the dagger and the tense appearance that was ready to move let everyone know that they shouldn't underestimate this youth.

He was dangerous.

He looked at them mercilessly like they were prey.

In his eyes, everyone was just an ordinary hare. On this barren flat prairie, the people were his food and he was their natural enemy! Once his gaze was on someone, he would crouch behind grass and stare at them quietly.

Minutes passed by!

As if there was a clock, the 'tick tock' sounds were heard in the hearts of every reader.

In front of him, there was no thought of resistance at all. They could only think of running away, running away and running away! But there were also readers who had different ideas, such as:

【 Ahhhhh!!!  So handsome! I didn't expect that one day my mushroom would be handsome enough to leave the galaxy! 】

【 Seeing Small Mushroom so wild and handsome, I'm not accustomed to it. It is gratifying that my mushroom has finally grown up… 】

【 Hey, I am pregnant! How can he be so handsome! How can he be so handsome! My husband is too handsome! Who is pregnant, get√ 】

【 23333 Who is pregnant? Too funny! 】

【 This type of handsomeness is just a foul! No, I have to buy another Suyi! Lick lick lick, frame it at home, every day 100 times XDDDDD 】……

In addition to these fans, there were those who couldn't use words to describe this type of handsomeness and could only use screams to express their excitement. At this time, there were some big fans who couldn't sit still.

【 Seeking the video! Seeking the video! Tidbits of the photo shoot! My kirin arm is already moving! I want to edit the video of Ming Xiaoyu's self-attack video ahhh! 】  

【 What a surprise!!! Self-attack is too sensational! After people reminded me this morning, I discovered that Ming Xiaoyu is simply full with the aura of 'attack'. Self-attack √  This afternoon I drew a picture of Wild Mushroom x Red Mushroom! Open your mouth and eat! 】

【 I will eat it!!  Seeking the video +1!  I am unable to hold back the power in my body!! 】……

Many of the photos and videos of Ming Xiaoyu in the past had been full of the 'attack' atmosphere, but it was a bit worse compared to this wild style. If they had to use a word to describe this Ming Xiaoyu, then it was:


Yes, it was neither 'handsome' or 'cool'. It was 'rough.'

The type of roughness seen when roaming the wilderness and was the nature of a beast!

This alternative cold feeling was like a big fire that ignited all the flames. Some people started to even call Small Mushroom who suddenly emitted infinite male hormones:  【 Ahhhh Mushroom! A walking humanoid aphrodisiac! 】

Suyi had only been on sale for 24 hours and it already sold 100,000 copies! For Suyi, it was their second best sales in 2017!

You should know that the best sales of Suyi was the first issue of 2017. Suyi invited the top supermodel Du Ruo, who was ranked third in the world at the time, and shot a sexy and glamorous set of photos. It got a record 150,000 sales on the first day.

This time, a newcomer who hadn't even made it onto the supermodel rankings caused such a high number of sales for Suyi. This was amazing. All the editors of Suyi had dinner on the same day to celebrate the surge in sales!

The editors didn't think that on the second day, the sales volume didn't decrease!

The next day, Huaxia's sales exceeded 180,000! Global sales reached 150,000!

The third day, Huaxia's sales were 100,000! Global sales were an astonishing 200,000!

This was simply a life innovation record!

While the magazine was marvelling, Ming Xiaoyu's brainless tyrant fan showed off her power on the third day after Suyi's release.

【 Xiao Xiao Yu Yu: Recently, I was quite busy. I didn't even notice that Small Mushroom's cover of Suyi was actually released! The cover is so handsome! So handsome, there will be no friends! My mushroom is really handsome! [/Photo] [/Photo] [/Picture] 】

In the three photos uploaded on Weibo, the Suyi magazines were all over the place!

The thick stacks consisted of 20 issues were everywhere. People counted the numbers with a bit of patience and found there were 1,000 magazines!

【 Goddess Xiao Xiao, why did you buy so many? Well, Small Mushroom is my wife! 】

【 Tell us, do you want to pick up Small Mushroom? Say it! How many magazines have you licked? 】

【 QAQ I also want to buy 1,000 mushrooms! I will lick 999 and look at the last one!!!  The wicked rich, I'm envious and hate them! 】……

Once Xiao Biqing published the same photos in Muse's fan forum, she saw interesting comments from the fans.

In the past, Xiao Biqing's fans also spent a lot of money buying her movie tickets. The rich tyrants even bought thousands of DVDs to support her DVD sales. This type of fans did their best for their idols. Before that, Xiao Biqing also thought, 'If you secretly bought it then why bother posting it on the Internet for others to see?'

Today, Xiao Biqing understood the mood of these fans.

She felt happy and proud when she showed her liking of a person to other fans.

I just like mushroom~ I want to lick 999 and look at one ~(≧▽≦)/~ Lala, I want to use mushroom's magazines to bathe in! I want to support Small Mushroom!!!

It was really cool to say this. 23333333

At this time, Xiao Biqing saw the feelings of the other mushroom fans and felt that her liking had been recognized by others. However, just 30 minutes later! Xiao Biqing suddenly saw a strange comment.

【 My god!! I just saw a local fan who is even more of a tyrant than Goddess Xiao Xiao!!!  It is so terrible that it is impossible to describe. Go and see it yourself! The link is here →@Zyu 】

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