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Chapter 156

This statement from Ji and Ya was mercilessly smashing a group of people in the face.

If every top luxury brand in the world had a high-end studio, then among these top brands, there were four high-end studios that had an absolute status.

The first was the world's first high-profile brand, Garcia. It was the top luxury brand in Milan, Italy and had a long history and foundation. The second was the American Rosalind, which had a high status in men's fashion. The third was Otilla, located in Paris, France. The overall strength was the weakest but it was the oldest fashion brand in France.

And the fourth one was Ji and Ya.

Ji and Ya's founding time might be the shortest among the four luxury brands but it attracted the attention of fashion lovers all over the world.  It could be said that Ji and Ya was the most important driving force behind why Huaxia had such a high position in the global fashion industry.

Genius didn't care about age or gender. When Mrs. Ye brought Ji and Ya to the front door of the fashion world, she just gently pushed the door open and showed the countless design masters behind the world. They were surprised by her work and after many years, she became unsurpassable.

Once Mrs. Ya became old, many people were worried about the future development of Ji and Ya.

After all, it could be said that she single-handedly set up the design style of Ji and Ya. If there was no outstanding leader, could this high-end studio have the same status as before?

The emergence of Xi Ze caused a lot of Western fashion masters to secretly curse!

What the hell was this? At the time, Huaxia had Ji Heya and now there was Xi Ze!

Why did this land have so many geniuses?

You should give others a bit of courage to live!! (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻  

In short, Ji and Ya might be the most junior of the of the four top high-end studios but its status was recognized by everyone. Today, this studio issued a statement specifically for Ming Yu. This was simply a gold token in the industry!

In the statement, the studio explained that because the outfit for Ming Yu was too rushed, they had to work overtime to finish the outfit in a very short amount of time. After that, Ming Yu went directly to the RAmer Charity Gala with this outfit so Ji and Ya couldn't take photos for the official website. This misunderstanding was created.

The extremely short time period, Ji and Ya naturally didn't disclose specific information.

Six days! If outsiders knew that they only spend six days making this outfit, what type of sensation would be caused?  They were also afraid that some people would think, 'Why is Ji and Ya so painstakingly making an outfit for Ming Yu?'

Thinking of this, the design masters of the Ji and Ya studio smiled proudly—

Haha, in this case, how could they be caught? Xi Ze's little lover couldn't be revealed to the public yet. Later, they would discover that they ate a whale!

…The masters took this into consideration but they didn't consider another point.

【 No way?  Ming Yu can actually make Ji and Ya specifically design an outfit for him? And the outfit is for the RAmer Charity Gala? Wait, I am not awake! Don't these high-end studios only tailor outfits for their top members?… 】

  【 The price of a outfit and the price of buying an outfit is very different… 】

【 Don't talk about money. The outfit was made in a very short period of time! Why does Ji and Ya hold Ming Yu in such high esteem? Do they want to cooperate with Ming Yu?!!! 】……

At this moment, no one dared to question the origin of the outfit and whether it could get the title of best dressed. Right now, Ming Yu's name was faintly bound to Ji and Ya. After recalling the Sun and the clamor of Western netizens…

Many Huaxia netizens smiled and touched their cheeks lightly.

Oh, does it hurt~ Don't come back again~

Since you put your face out while fighting, hehe, then be hit!

Of course, there were many fans of Ming Xiaoyu who noticed another situation—

【 What? I just saw someone say that Ji and Ya made a special outfit for Ming Xiaoyu. Some people will have to eat shit. Oh sorry, I said it wrong. Where is the person who will eat shit~ Ah, this is a complete dog! 2333  】

【 You were barking all this time. Why aren't you saying anything now? The second person who threw themselves in the ring…no, the kennel dog? What about the dog who is going to swing in Yangtze River? There is a swimming position that is definitely suitable for you. Dog paddling, hahahaha 】……

【 Oh my, it is a ghost. I was flying to eat shit, only to take a detour after seeing Ming Yu's name! I vow here that I will no longer blacken him. I bought 10 issues of Suyi where he is the cover as apology for my sin! 】

【 I also bought 20 copies of Suyi! What is your 10? Come back and eat shit! 】

【 Come back to eat shit! 】

【 Fresh and warm shit! …Ah, it is a bit disgusting. 】

【 Calling the person back to eat shit! 】


With the release of these three articles, it seemed that this incident slowly subsided. The balance gradually tilted in the direction of Ming Yu. For a normal battle over public opinion, the right to speak was almost entirely under the control of Muse and the Sun hadn't spoken since the incident became so big.

Obviously, the Sun hadn't expected the counterattack to be so fierce. They started off trying to discredit Ming Yu in the Western media. In the beginning, their smearing method was vague because once Muse used PR methods, the Sun would fight back.

What do you mean, stretch out your face to give people a fight?

The Sun tasted it today!

However! If it ended so simply than Ming Yu was simply a clay doll.

“At first, they wronged me. They said that I first abandoned Mudley in order to build a relationship with Xi Ze. Many things happened afterwards to let the onlookers temporarily ignore this matter, but the truths of the facts can't be hidden."

This wasn't the first time that Ming Yu came to Muse's PR department. But this was the first time he came regarding his own controversy. He entered Shen Xiang's office and said calmly, "Director Shen, I think it is time to show the most fundamental thing to the public."

Five minutes later.

Many Huaxia public opinion media published articles on their official website, official blog and official Weibo.

The Huaxia people had long been rich and spiritual enjoyment was deeply rooted in them. The media had their own fashion section and there was always some news here about the fashion industry for fashion lovers.

However, today they published an imported title link on their homepage—

[Hollywood actresses have deeds different from their words? What is wrong and who is throwing dirty water?]

The reports weren't the same but their core content was the same. They released around five or six very similar photos. The first one was Ming Yu and Mudley arriving, the second one was a photo of the two near the signature wall, the fourth was a photo of Ming Yu and Xi Ze while the last was a photo of Mudley and Andrew Wallen!

The most striking of all these photographs was the third one, where Mudley held Andrew's arms and smiled at Ming Yu!

It was unknown who took this shot. It seemed they wanted to take a photo of the guests behind but accidentally took one of the three people.

In this photo, the youth had a faint smile on his face. His smile was as bright as ever but facing the female partner holding someone else, Ming Xiaoyu's fans became sour and then anger burned in their eyes!

【 Damn it!  Forcing me to swear! Who the hell are these people? Inverting black and white! Who was the first to change partners? Who changed first? God Xi hasn't appeared yet but this woman has already held the hands of others! God Xi hasn't appeared yet but this woman has already held the hands of others! 】  

【 Oh, I'm really laughing to death! The Americans have no manners. When the red carpet hasn't finished, they change their male companion. This is the first time I'm seeing it! I previously said that it was unscientific for Small Mushroom to abandon his female partner and find Xi Ze. My mushroom isn't such a person at all! Now the truth is clear, right? 】

【 Some people's faces are really thick like walls!  The walls feel humiliated! How can there be such a shameless person in the world? She did such a bad thing and even said Ming Xiaoyu abandoned her? Please look at your urine to see if it is okay. If you are like this, I am very dissatisfied that you held the hands of Small Mushroom! Please look at your urine to see if it is okay. If you are like this, I am very dissatisfied that you held the hands of Small Mushroom! 】  

【 I really think that this scene is very similar! A few months ago, there was a shameless person who got hurt and tried to frame Ming Xiaoyu! Hey, people are really cheap! 】

At this time, the Western netizens still wanted to protect their idol: 【 Mudley and Andrew know each other. They passed the signature wall and have finished the red carpet. What is wrong with chatting with a friend at this time? 】

After seeing that they showed no shame despite the pot being broken, the Huaxia netizens were filled with indignation.

【 Who was it that said Small Mushroom abandoned that woman and started a crusade? Now that the person has changed, you've changed your face? Do you think our Huaxia fans are dead? We don't speak so you think we are vegetarians? 】

【 Must give a statement! Must give a statement! Western media, don't pretend to be dumb! If you don't give us a statement, we won't end this! 】

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