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Chapter 130

Yu Yizong was only in his early 50s this year and his qualifications in the industry weren't as profound as Elder Qi. However, every movie directed by Xu Yizhong caused an explosion at the box office, making his reputation not any worse than his seniors in the industry.

As mentioned before, Xu Yizhong had a habit. He didn't like to disclose the movie stills in advance.

Thus, there were no photos released to the outside world despite An Li shooting for almost a month already. Most of the fans outside the industry didn't even know if An Li was a costume movie or a modern movie.

Now this type of thing happened and the producer and assistant director's opinion was to directly show the video taken at that time. Then the truth would be revealed to those with discerning eyes.

But Director Xu hesitated!

What if he released this video? The second male lead and the fourth male lead's appearance would come out! At the same time, everyone would know that this was definitely a martial arts movie. Moreover, Bai Xiu was a key figure and Director Xu's special favourite. He intended to make Bai Xiu public only in the final round of publicity!

Xu Yizong had felt such hesitations until Jiang Kaiyang's second Weibo post. In this situation, he didn't wait. Instead, Jiang Kaiyang directed the fans' firepower at the crew. How could Director Xu not be angry? Making an urgent inquiry of Director Xu?

Now people dared act wildly. CX Entertainment might've invested in this movie but Jiang Kaiyang was just a small, new star in CX Entertainment. Even CX Entertainment didn't dare do anything to Director Xu. This Jiang Kaiyang, he was really a dog who wanted to die.

If Director Xu hesitated again, no one knew how things would develop.

Xu Yizong didn't hesitate again. He sneered and waved his hand at the assistant director. "Sort out the video and make it public. Only the filming process for the 17th should be good. In addition, the text should be written by Xiao Li. He knows what to say."

The assistant director heard this and nodded. He asked with some curiosity, "Director Xu, Jiang Kaiyang is injured and I heard he must rest for at least two or three months. Should we shoot other scenes and wait for him or…"

“Are you dreaming? Wait for him? Before this, I was wondering if I should change the actor or not. Now he is fucking using his fans to threaten me, does he think I am an herbivore? Go handle things quickly for me. I don't want to see this group of fans again!"

10 minutes later, Guan Bo of the An Li crew released a message, briefly explaining the ins and outs of the matter. He clearly expressed it and attached a short video.

In the video, a tall and handsome youth in red was carrying a long sword and moving across the building like a red butterfly.

On the other side, the white-clad Jiang Kaiyang was moving awkwardly. His handsome face contrasted with the youth and made him look ordinary. In particular, the consecutive mistakes made him look funny in the air, like a clown.

On Weibo, the An Li crew solemnly emphasized that the prop team hadn't made any mistakes and the safety of the wires was guaranteed. The unexpected reason was that Jiang Kaiyang was distracted during acting and there was a great error. There was even risk to Ming Yu.

In the end, Ming Yu rescued Jiang Kaiyang despite the danger to his life. At the same time, Ming Yu was seriously injured. So far, the crew hadn't been able to contact him. All they knew was that in the position where Ming Yu's head hit the wall, there was a lot of blood.

In addition, the cast revealed terrible news.

While being sent to hospital, Ming Yu was really unconscious while Jiang Kaiyang was screaming from the pain. His spirit was particularly good!

Jiang Kaiyang, you want to drag the crew down and let the crew be pressured by public opinion so that your contract wouldn't be terminated?

You really don't know Xu Yizhong!

Xu Yizong was the type to be good to you if you were good to him. But if you dared calculate against he, he would bankrupt you and come at you with an inescapable net! Xu Yizong would never be threatened. Daring to negotiate with him in this way was suicide!

Once the fans saw An Li's message, Jaing Kaiyang's fans were silent on the sidelines. They wanted to see what happened when Ming Xiaoyu's fans exploded!

【 Oh no!  What do you mean Ming Xiaoyu is unconscious?  What does that mean? Didn't Jiang Kaiyang say he was the only one injured? Why didn't he mention that Xiaoyu was injured ahhhhh! 】  

【 I saw it ittttt! On the video, Ming Xiaoyu suddenly hit the wall! What is going on? @Ming Yu, what happened to Small Mushroom? @Jiang Kaiyang, give an explanation! What about the agent and assistant? What about the company? What about Muse? @Muse Modelling Agency @Zhao Rui! What happened to Ming Xiaoyu?!!! 】

 【 Damn! Before they said that my Small Mushroom was unscathed. Now my Small Mushroom is unconscious from saving people! Some self-proclaimed unconscious person only broke a leg? Damn it! Has there ever been such a splash of dirty water? I haven't said so many curse words in years. Now I really want to unload on Jiang! 】

【 What about Jiang? Where is the so-called million Jiang army? Do you think Small Mushroom has no one? Do you think we can be bullied? I will borrow your words. If my small mushroom isn't fine then we will fight endlessly!!! 】……

On Jiang Kaiyang's side, most of his fans were no longer talking. Only a handful of fanboys/fangirls still said, "The cast is spreading rumours, this is slander." "My family's Jiang Mingming can act very well, he wouldn't make such a mistake etc.

But most of Jiang Kaiyang's fans silently closed their mouths and didn't speak again.

The cameras used by the An Li crew were all ultrhigh definition. It made all the details clear and it was impossible for anyone to deny it. It was too difficult to fake a video in a short amount of time. This could only mean two things:

First, the video was true. The so-called suddenly accident was purely from Jiang Kaiyang's error. He even implicated Ming Yu, who saved him and might’ve been seriously injured as a result.

Second, it was true that Jiang Kaiyang deceived his fans. Someone had previously photographed him happily browsing through Weibo. Now there was a crew member corroborating it. Anyone who thought it was false evidence could only have a free heart.

Jiang Kaiyang used his fans.

Jiang Kaiyang cheated his fans.

The handsome youth with a bright personality would show a proud smile when looking through Weibo.

How much they liked him before was now how much they hated him!

It was because once extreme love was betrayed, it would lead to extreme hatred!

For a time, countless Jiang Kaiyang fans made a statement on their Weibo.

【 National Jiang Fan Club: This is representative of 18 people. Last time, I used this number to make a statement. The 18 people under me have decided unanimously to change from fans to passersby. I'm sorry, I have loved Jiang Kaiyang for so long and watched him step by step. It is impossible to become a sunspot. Now this account is abandoned and no messages will be posted. 】

【 Officially Don't like to Eat Ginger: I paid attention to my 3W fans. My sister fans turned into sunspots, hehe. 】

【 Jiang's Life Push: Turning fans into sunspots. After watching the video, I feel like my face is 10cm thick. From now on, no one will be allowed to shoot me! I was a fan of a cheerful and handsome boy, not a sinister star who only uses hi fans. I have more than 8W fans and they are turning black. 】

【 An Lili Only Loves Jiang: Oh, the passersby are black. Live broadcast, click to enter → [/Web link] 】…

Jiang Kaiyang's fans were buzzing as many of them turned into sunspots. Some of the crazy fans who was still insisting it was fake were swept away by the large wind and stopped being fans.

Half an hour after the An Li crew made their Weibo post, Jiang Kaiyang's fans dropped from 15 million to 11 million! Wait another five minutes! The number of fans fell directly below the 10 million mark!

Jiang Kaiyang might be in this position but how could Ming Xiaoyu's fans give up so easily?

Previously, Jiang Kaiyang made a post that hinted Ming Xiaoyu was the one who caused him to be injured. Ming Xiaoyu's fans didn't dare say anything because Ming Xiaoyu and the An Li cast hadn't spoken. They were unclear of the truth and were afraid to jump on a conclusion.

But now things were completely the opposite!

Their Small Mushroom was unconscious in order to save Jiang Kaiyang. Now he threw dirty water on him?

Damn it! There was no villain more disgusting than Jiang Kaiyang!

What was the use of his fans turning away? Jiang Kaiyang didn't publicly apologize and would just enter the entertainment industry again.

In this half an hour, a large group of Ming Xiaoyu's fans kept mentioning @Muse Modelling Agency, @Zhao Rui and even @Du Ruo, Wu Yuzhen, Liu Qian…Even Xi Ze's Weibo appeared a lot.

At the same time, they quarreled with Jiang Kaiyang. They soon opened up the topic of kicking Jiang Kaiyang out of the entertainment industry. After seeing the hot topics, many people hurriedly entered and saw it. They took one glance and immediately accused Jiang Kaiyang.

Ming Xiaoyu saw his fans wanting justice. He slightly bowed his head and didn't respond.

Xi Ze looked down at him and asked, "I thought you would immediately tell them that you are fine."

Ming Yu looked the handsome and elegant man next to him and gently sighed. "Your starting point is too high. You haven't experienced the distress of small models. Previously, Jiang Kaiyang's fans constantly insulted me and my fans. This caused my fans to suffer insults and they could only swallow their bitterness. Now it is time for my fans to get rid of their shame."

Ming Xiaoyu paused before earnestly saying, "If I respond immediately, it would seem I was too rushed and the still struggling fangirls would catch the slip and bite at my fans. I need to find an appropriate time and not allow Jiang Kaiyang's fans to catch any flaws. But I also need to wait until my fans completely occupy the upper hand."

Xi Ze raised his eyebrows with interest at this analysis and asked, "When is the right time?"

Ming Xiaoyu answered. "Originally, I thought it would be almost an hour. But…" Ming Yu suddenly paused and looked down at his phone screen, sighing heavily. "It is now."

35 minutes was enough to let Ming Yu see that many fans were worrying about his health. They were very worried about him and also hated those who splashed dirty water on him.

Ming Yu wasn't Jiang Kaiyang. He couldn't watch his fans worrying about himself and still remain indifferent. His heart wasn't yet that ruthless and he felt very distressed towards his fans.

Thus, after 35 minutes, Ming Xiaoyu opened his Weibo and Muse forum and sent a message.

【 Ming Yu: Everybody doesn't have to worry. My body is very good. The worst thing is probably…my hand [/Smile] [/Picture] 】

Chapter 131

The photo that Ming Yu posted on Weibo was a photo of himself and his right hand.

In the photo, the handsome youth was smiling slightly. His delicate eyebrows and brow looked very relaxed and he had a casual and natural appearance. However, this face was very pale and his lip color was light. It was like there was no blood.

His right hand was even more terrible. The thick gauze was wrapped around it and it was completely invisible. However, Ming Xiaoyu had inadvertently taken it from a side position and a little bit of red blood could be seen on the back of his hand.

My god! How deep was the wound that there were still traces of bleeding despite such tight bandaging?

【QAQ, Mushroom lick lick lick. Mushroom, does it hurt? If you are in pain then call this sister=3= 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu really only hurt his hand? I don't believe it! Mushroom, don't be afraid to say it. You hit the wall so hard, how can you only hurt one hand? 】

【 I am asking Ming Xiaoyu for a full body photo! I will worry if I don't see it! That Jiang broke a leg but your whole body was smashed. How can only your hand be hurt? Mushroom, don't be afraid. I will lick you so that there is no pain. 】……

This was the style of the sister fans. For the female banknote fans and the wife fans:

【 Ahhhhh QAQ! My Small Mushroom's hand! My Small Mushroom's tender hands!! 】

 【 Hand! What is happening with his hand? Ming Xiaoyu's hands are supposed to be white and beautiful! There must be no accidents! 】

 【 Did my husband really only hurt one hand? 】…

Thanks to Ming Yu's statement, the fans on his Muse forum and Weibo were noisy but they were no longer so worried. Ming Xiaoyu might've hurt one hand but at least he had woken up. He might be pale and have a poor complexion but he seemed to be okay. He wasn't seriously injured.

Now that they were reassured about Ming Yu's injuries, his fans started to siege the remnants of Jiang Kaiyang's fans!

Ming Xiaoyu might not be seriously injured but dirty water was splashed on him by Jiang Kaiyang and his fans!

This wouldn't end with just an apology. Jiang Kaiyang had to get out of the entertainment industry!

Don't think that the fans active on Weibo and the major forums were only entertainment fans. In fact, the fans of the fashion industry were no less than the entertainment industry!

They might not like watching movies or listening to songs, but everyone loved beauty. Everyone wanted to be more dazzling. Thus, they couldn't help paying attention to the fashion trends and became fashion industry fans.

Didn't fashion trends depend on the magazines, models and fashion shows?

On the surface, these fans didn't like being disorderly or express their feelings. But once they reached a critical point, they would all move for the model they loved. They demanded an apology!

【 #Jiang Kaiyang should leave the entertainment industry# Don't apologize then leave! 】

【 #Jiang Kaiyang should leave the entertainment industry# He only uses his snake followers. Apologize quickly! 】

【 #Jiang Kaiyang should leave the entertainment industry# How can you say that you are unconscious when you are the one who caused the accident? I have never seen such a shameless person! Nauseous! Apologize! 】……

After the mass rioting of Ming Xiaoyu's fans, some of the fans who turned their backs on Jiang Kaiyang started speaking.

【 Anrili is disgusted with Jiang Kaiyang: I feel guilty at the thought of my questioning the fans of a certain person two hours ago. This video is really too truthful and the photo is disgusting. Jiang Kaiyang, I have been a fan of you for a spend and send tens of thousands of yuan on you. Now I will say on behalf of your tens of thousands of fans: Come out and apologize!  #Jiang Kaiyang should leave the entertainment industry# 】

【 Smaller Fish: In the past, there was a meeting for fans and he was clearly someone who was so sunny. How could he be such a person! The picture I see is complete different! A false case, hehe. #Jiang Kaiyang should leave the entertainment industry# 】

【 According to V: I apologize. Previously, I went to the Muse official forum to scold Ming Yu and now I must apologize to the fans. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have listened to a villain's words. As for Jiang Kaiyang, let him apologize. #Jiang Kaiyang should leave the entertainment industry# 】…

Jiang Kaiyang never expected that there would be a nurse who took a photo of him looking at Weibo. He also never expected that someone would take his phone and restrict his personal freedom so that he couldn't communicate with the outside. He never thought that his agent and company would stay silent on this matter, not speaking a single word to defend him!

The most unexpected thing for Jiang Kaiyang was that many media brands and marketing accounts expressed their opinions on Weibo and WeChat. Many media organizations wrote articles directly censuring him on their websites! A certain daily newspaper criticized him as 'the cancer of the entertainment industry!'

Wait a minute!

Why was everything so big?

Normally, the media would wait a dozen hours or even a day later than fans to express their public opinion. But in the span of several hours, they suddenly expressed their opinions in a concerted manner and suppressed Jiang Kaiyang.

So many media organizations spoke up about in a chronological and natural manner. This make Jiang Kaiyang, who was already at a disadvantage, even more disreputable. Even the passersby who didn't know the details would see this name and unconsciously think he wasn't a good person.

In this situation, the voices of the intense fans were drowned out.

Immediately afterwards, there was an official notice from the An Li crew.

【 The male number two, Jiang Kaiyang's performance in An Li is different from the original thoughts of the crew when shooting the related scenes. Therefore, the An Li crew has formally cancelled the contract with Jiang Kaiyang and are willing to pay the relevant fines as compensation. 】

Normally, the cast would be scolded by the celebrity's fans whenever making such an announcement. If it was different than what they were thinking, what was going on during the audition? This was just an excuse!

But now no one challenged the decision of the An Li crew.

Even fools would know that the An Li crew's announcement had only one purpose: to kick out Jiang Kaiyang.

First of all, Jiang Kaiyang's reputation was too smelly. If it was joined together with An Li, there would be no benefit to the movie. Secondly, Jiang Kaiyang was now injured. An Li's progress was already hurried so how could they specifically wait for him?

Under these circumstances, the An Li crew made a mercenary choice. But all the onlookers took it for granted. There was only one reason: the person involved was really disgusting!

In just five or six hours, Jiang Kaiyang changed from being a popular new star to a pseudo-star that everyone hated. This speed was too fast. A few hours ago, his fans were feeling distress and were worried about his body. Now a few hours later, he fell into such a tragic situation.

In the end, Ming Yu looked at several photographs on Jiang Kaiyang's phone and stayed silent for a long time. He didn't take any actions.

Xi Ze looked at him and asked, "You aren't going to send them?"

Ming Xiaoyu gazed at these photos for a long time before sighing. He forwarded the photos to his own phone before deleting them on the original.

“If these photos come ot, he really will die." Ming Yu handed the phone with the photos removed to Xi Ze. After seeing Xi Ze's expression, the youth raised his eyebrows and explained. "I don't feel sorry for him. I just don't feel the need to do this. He is currently miserable enough. Why make him more miserable? In any case, CX Entertainment has given up on him and also blocked him for five years."

In this respect, Xi Ze had no opinion. If Ming Xiaoyu thought it was okay then he thought it was okay.

However, Xi Ze didn't notice that Ming Xiaoyu had left himself a trump card. He sent the photos to his own phone and deleted the ones on Jiang Kaiyang's phone.

Ming Yu deeply believed that Jiang Kaiyang didn't know about the existence of these photos. If he knew, it was absolutely impossible for him to let these photos be stored in the 'recently deleted' list. Instead, he would've permanently destroyed them.

As long as nothing happened in the future, Ming Yu wouldn't expose these photos to the public. Jiang Kaiyang was a disgusting person and had done something against Ming Yu. However, Ming Xiaoyu was very satisfied with the current results since Jiang Kaiyang received his retribution.

It was the saying: come out with dirty water, sooner or later it will be returned!

Since Jiang Kaiyang oppressed and used others, he must be prepared to be bullied and used in return.

The last hammer in this situation was CX Entertainment's official announcement.

The next morning, when everyone had almost forgotten this matter, CX Entertainment published an official announcement on their website and official blog.

【 This is about CX Entertainment's artist, Jiang Kaiyang. CX Entertainment has signed with Jiang Kaiyang for ten years and it is now the fourth year. During this period, Jiang Kaiyang and…as above, CX Entertainment will accept the compensation penalty from An Li for Jiang Kaiyang's cancelled contract. Jiang Kaiyang's right leg is broken and his mobility is limited. His next schedules have been canceled in order to allow him to recuperate peacefully. His return date is uncertain. 】

This statement was the last bell for Jiang Kaiyang.

In fact, this matter wasn't that serious. If the person involved was Fang Liangxiu or Du Ruo, he might've not have been forced to this end.

It was all because the person he offended was Ming Yu, i.e. Xi Ze.

Small Mushroom's husband.

Black hearted.



Chapter 132

Once the doctor confirmed that there were really no problems, Ming Xiaoyu took the opportunity to return to the capital the next day.

Once back in the capital, Ming Yu planned to simply rest and recover. Unexpectedly, a certain man took him to a private hospital and had him checked for a long time. He even stressed, "You must check if there are any problems with the brain."

Ming Yu might've blocked the back of his head with his hand and the doctor at H City's hospital said it was just a slight concussion, but Xi Ze was still uneasy. After repeated confirmations, he was finally willing to believe that it was just a concussion.

Once they left the hospital, Ming Xiaoyu couldn't help laughing. He took the man's right hand with his uninjured left hand and whispered, "Xi Ze, I'm really quite moved that you would do this. You are the first person to be so nice to me. I am in a good mood and will allow you to cook a meal for me."

In the beginning, Xi Ze was listening with great interest as he wondered how the youth intended to repay him. But once he heard the last words, he raised an eyebrow and asked, "Did I hear you wrong? You will allow me to cook a meal for you?"

The young and handsome man nodded naturally. "Yes, don't be too happy. I haven't given you an opportunity to show off in a long time. You should take advantage of it."

Xi Ze made an expression that said 'I see what you are trying to pull.' Ming Xiaoyu saw this and sighed helplessly. "In fact, you don't know this but my cooking skills greatly improved when I was in H City. It is a pity that one of my hands is hurt or I would cook for you myself. You should cherish the last time you get to show off. After all, it won't last for long."

Xi Ze didn't respond as the two men walked towards the parking lot. Ming Yu pulled open the door with his unharmed left hand and couldn't help asking, "Why is there no reaction to the words I just said?"

At this moment, Xi Ze half leaned over and helped Ming Yu fasten his seat belt. Due to his right hand injury, Ming Xiaoyu had to twist his body every time in order to pull the seat belt with his left hand. It was quite laborious to pull the elastic belt over.

After discovering this point, Xi Ze took over the task of 'wearing the seat belt for Small Mushroom.'

Xi Ze didn't immediately respond to Ming XIaoyu's question. He just calmly buckled the seat belt. The dim light of the sunset shone through the clean glass of the car, highlighting the handsome and deep features. As long as he didn't speak, he was like a god beloved by others, with an enticing and stunning appearance. But once he raised his head and looked at you, there would be a cold and indifferent noble aura spread out invisibly, producing a feeling of alienation.

Xi Ze narrowed his eyes and stared closely at the youth. If it was anyone else, such as Ding Bo or Shen Xiang, they would feel creeped out and disturbed. But Ming Xiaoyu still had an indifferent appearance. There was a slight smile on his face and he wasn't impatient.

The two of them stared at each other for a long time before Xi Ze finally sighed. "I am in your hands."

The words were very soft and Ming Yu didn't hear them properly. After he asked again, Xi Ze's lips curved and he ridiculed, "It is nothing. I was just thinking that I feel like eating braised lion's head, boiled meat, crystal shrimp and sweet and sour pork."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…?_?"

He couldn't help crying out, "Can't you forget these four dishes?"

Xi Ze fastened his seat belt for himself and replied, "They are my small mushroom's favourite dishes. I don't dare forget them."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻"

This was a hard day!!!

Ming Yu's hand still hadn't fully recovered and was still a little painful when touched. Thus, that night, Xi Ze didn't stay in Ming Yu's home. He helped Ming Yu clean hish and and then returned to his own apartment, telling Ming Yu to call him at any time and he would go downstairs.

However, once Xi Ze took off the youth's shirt and saw the large number of bruises on his back, Xi Ze couldn't help frowning and rubbing the beautiful curves with his fingers silently.

As a model, Ming Yu's figure was naturally very good. Xi Ze believed that Ming Yu was his favorite model he had ever seen, male or female.

The youth's body wasn't emaciated and had a thin layer of muscles over the lean body due to his insistence on exercising. The white shoulders, narrow waist and raised bones. Xi Ze had seen this beauty countless times and every time it was bright and clean.

But at this moment, the beautiful back was covered in large bruises.

Despite using his legs to buffer himself, Ming Yu's back had surely hit the wall. Otherwise, where else would such a loud banging sound come from? Ming Yu's back wasn't swollen but the bruises were very blue and large, causing a shocking sight.

“You are making me itchy." Ming Yu turned and grabbed the man's hand, saying with a laugh, "My back isn't hurt. If you are distressed, shouldn't you look after my hand? I need to change the dressing."

The youth held out his right hand to Xi Ze.

His actions were natural without the slightest signs of embarrassment. Xi Ze took Ming Yu's hand and started to change the bandage.

It was a good choice to pick Xi Ze. It might just be wrapping a bandage but he did it very beautifully.  The medicine was a bit painful because it was necessary to use iodine to clean the wound. However, Xi Ze's actions were very light and it was already over by the time Ming Yu felt the slight sting.

Ming Yu looked at the man's focused appearance and couldn't help laughing.

This was the second time today that he had been amazed by this man.

Perhaps it was like the first time the two of them met each other. There was absolutely no love at fight sight. It was a feeling of 'this person is perfect.'

They were always honest with each other and freely admitted, 'I first noticed you because of your external appearance, not your internal self.'

Ming Yu believed that Xi Ze was the best person he had ever seen in his two lives, in both temperament and appearance. It was the same for Xi Ze. Wasn't it natural for them to be attracted to each other's appearance and then their inner selves after they got to know each other better?

Once Xi Ze finished tying the bandage, Ming Yu gave a low chuckle. “You are always spoiling me and giving me the illusion that I should feel sorry towards you. But now you are uncharacteristically gentle."

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. "I am gentle?"

Ming Xiaoyu solemnly nodded. "Yes, you are gentle." It seemed this wasn't enough as he added, "Very gentle."

Ming Yu originally thought that Xi Ze would be modest and then he would reply, "It would be good to continue this." However, XI Ze shook his head and said seriously, "I'm not uncharacteristically gentle. I am always gentle."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…(/=_=)/~┴┴"

Damn, this shamelessness ruined the atmosphere!!

He rested in the capital for two weeks. Maybe it was because the medicine was expensive and the effect was very good. Maybe it was because Ming Xiaoyu's physical quality was very tough. By the time he officially planned to return to the cast, the bruising on his hand had gradually faded. There was only a faint layer that could be covered with powder. The back of was restored to its original smooth and white appearance, with only the slightest hint of purple.

Do you think that these two people would be able to quietly restore the injury during these two weeks?

How could that be?

The day after returning to the capital, Xi Ze was applying medicine on Ming Yu who took the initiative. Xi Ze had no choice but to respond to the fiery kiss. They kissed and kissed until it was necessary to release the flames. This time, Ming Xiaoyu said very seriously, "This time I am on top!"

Xi Ze agreed with his mouth but while Ming Xiaoyu wasn't paying attention, he suddenly fiercely seized the initiative.

Ming Xiaoyu had tears of pleasure and grief as he cried out resentfully, "You aren't trustworthy!"

Xi Ze spoke sincerely. "You are hurt. I am doing this so that it isn't hard for you."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…How is it hard!!"

This time, he didn't want to hit his heart and Small Mushroom completely released his anger.

During Ming Yu's two weeks of rest, the An Li cast completed all the scenes in H City. Jiang Kaiyang had only entered the cast for a week and hadn't shot many scenes. He was quickly replaced by a new actor who had a pleasant cooperation with the crew.

The role of the second male lead wasn't very difficult to act. If Jiang Kaiyang hadn't entered through the back door, he might not have received the role.

Thus, once the crew moved away from H City, Ming Yu also packed his things and intended to fly to Y Province to join the crew. This time, a certain man was very careful while Ming Yu was packing.

Ming Yu didn't know if he should laugh or cry as he said, "I am going to shoot a movie. What are you doing with me?"

Xi Ze replied calmly. "I will go with you and watch in order to cheer you up."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

How could he be so calm and free with his recent Ji and Ya work?

This guy so easily abandoned the industry. How could he remain the world's top supermodel without being pulled down from his position? There was really no justice in this world!

Regardless of how speechless Ming Xiaoyu was, Xi Ze eventually followed his husband…cough, it was the principle of 'Mushroom sings, I will follow.' Thus, he went to Ming Xiaoyu to Y Province where the next An Li scenes would be filmed.

Chapter 133

Surprise wasn't sufficient to express the feelings of the An Li crew.

From Director Xu and Xiao Biqing to the make up assistants and logistics staff. When they saw the tall and handsome man next to Ming Yu, everyone's chins dropped as their mouths opened in horror.

Perhaps only Fang Liangxiu and a certain informant weren't surprised when they saw Xi Ze. After all, they knew that Xi Ze had been secretly watching all of Ming Yu's movements and interpreted this as:

The body is working (Ji and Ya) while the heart was elsewhere (An Li).

Of course, Xi Ze wasn't exaggerating. He really clung to Ming Xiaoyu and didn't give him freedom. Most of the time, he only talked to Ming Yu. Once the latter was shooting, he communicated with Fang Liangxiu and sometimes left the crew to deal with his own business.

Director Xu and some cast members kenw that Xi Ze once went to explore Ming Yu's work site for three days.

This incident had sparked a heated debate among people in the industry a year ago. However, Xi Ze didn't make any other moves and they thought that Xi Ze might've just done it on a whim, feeling that this small model had good talent.

Why did Xi Ze stop looking at Ming Yu? They thought, 'Talented new people emerge every year but how many become successful and climb to the top? Perhaps Xi Ze observed and found that Ming Yu wasn't the right person and gave up. There are many reasons.'

However, they didn't know that Xi Ze hadn't given up on Ming Xiaoyu. It was that Ming Xiaoyu firmly refused him!

Some people were very curious about the relationship between Ming Yu and Xi Ze, such as the second female Wang Yueyao.

Once she saw that Xi Ze gave Ming Yu a bottle of water after a scene, her curiosity and instinct for gossip rose to the peak. In the end, Wang Yueyao could only look at Ming Xiaoyu and Xi Ze with a gaze of 'I don't exist and I'm not looking at you.'

Ming Yu was accustomed to the attention of others but Wang Yueyao's eyes were really too sharp. After a filming section, Ming Yu helplessly sighed and said with a smile, "Sister Yao, if you have something to say then say it directly."

Wang Yueyao unexpectedly didn't say anything. She just waved her hand and replied, "It is nothing. I was just thinking that you have a good relationship with Mr. Xi. I once met Mr. Xi at a party. At the time, I thought he was very good but didn't seem to get along with anyone. But in the past few days, I think that Mr. Xi is quite good."

It really was the case! At the beginning, the majority of the An Li crew members were awkward when interacting with Xi Ze.

Xi Ze was different from Fang Liangxiu and Xiao Biqing. Setting aside his identity as a supermodel, Xi Ze was also a majority shareholder in Muse and Ji and Ya, as well as having a good relationship with the president of CX Entertainment. This feeling was similar to going on an outing with coworkers only for the leader to suddenly come for an inspection, or chatting with some friends only for your mother to come over and listen…

Anyway, it was really uncomfortable.

Moreover, many people felt that a person like Xi Ze was very difficult to get along with. This wasn't because they understood Xi Ze. It was because Xi Ze's aura was too strong and his temperament very cold. He gave off an impression of an 'unapproachable person.'

This feeling was normal, just as many cast members thought that Ming Xiaoyu was easy to get along with when they saw him. Most models and celebrities had outstanding looks, but the former had a type of calm temperament that was often more prominent.

Many cast members couldn't help liking Ming Xiaoyu after getting to know him.

In Zhao Rui's words, "Your sister skills are becoming more advanced every day! (╬▔皿▔)"

Therefore, the first impression wasn't necessarily accurate. After getting to know each other, the cast of An Li found that while Xi Ze might not be a person easy to communicate with, he was definitely qualified to be a gentleman.  He was always polite and courteous, regardless of whether the person was the director, screenwriter or cleaner. His attitude was appropriate and he never made anyone feel inferior. He also took the person seriously.

Once Wang Yueyao learned of the true relationship between Ming Yu and Xi Ze in the future, she would be so astonished that her eyeballs bugged out. Did Wang Yueyao think that Ming Yu and Xi Ze were lovers and she didn't dare ask Ming Yu?


Wang Yueyao never thought in this direction. She always believed that in the fashion or entertainment industry, normal homosexual people would show obvious closeness. The two of them were so close that they wore a sign 'we don't have a normal relationship' above their heads. How could they be a couple?

Xi Ze stayed with the An Li crew for three or four days. He would occasionally go out to deal with his own work. He usually only spent half days with the crew and took care of Ming Xiaoyu under the guise of being a friend.

During this period of time when Ming Yu wasn't present, most of the plot of An Li had been filmed.

Li Ninghan and An Yucheng experienced several disturbances and finally arrived at the Extreme Fire Palace. They only needed to go up the mountain to find the villainous Bai Xiu and discuss with him. However, An Yucheng suddenly disappeared at this time, making everyone very alarmed.

The crew deliberately chose a beautiful place in Y Province to film the scenes of the Extreme Fire Palace.

Clear and transparent lake water slowly flowed down the flat slope. There was the clear sound of water and blue waves. The bright sun shone through the thin clouds and reflected the light, like the sparkles of diamonds.

The mountains were beautiful and the trees were green.

This type of place didn't match the name of Extreme Fire Palace. However, the Extreme Fire Palace was precisely situated in such a beautiful place.

The closer they got to the Extreme Fire Palace, the colder Li Ninghan felt. At this time, An Yucheng unexpectedly disappeared. Everything was lost in mystery. It was as if a heavenly net was open in front of them, just waiting for them to enter.

Since the name of this movie was 'An Li', the protagonist couldn't just be the heroine.

An Yucheng was the best person in the martial arts world. How could he acquire such superb martial arts as an orphan? Why did he coincidentally meet the heroine when she descended the mountain and ended up helping her?

An Yucheng's master was called Bai Xiu.

The genius who shocked the martial arts world more than 20 years ago had only one disciple in his life.

In the end, the cold and covered with bruises Li Ninghan slowly climbed the 999 steps to the Extreme Fire Palace. There, she saw the lover that she had been looking for so desperately for over a month. She saw An Yucheng wearing a dark robe and sitting in the main hall, looking at her coldly.

An Yucheng asked her, "Who are you looking for?"

Li Ninghan spoke coldly. "I came to the Extreme Fire Palace to find its master, Bai Xiu."

An Yucheng asked again, "Are you looking for the master of the Extreme Fire Palace or Bai Xiu?"

Li Ninghan was shocked and finally murmured, "An Yucheng, you are the master of the Extreme Fire Palace."

The truth was finally exposed to the world.

Everyone knew that over 20 years ago, Bai Xiu suddenly created the Extreme Fire Palace. Some people suspected that it was he who killed his own master and fellow disciples. This type of nonsense naturally wasn't believed by everyone. However, Bai Xiu didn't refute it.

He didn't refute a single word and lived alone in the Fire Palace. Since the night of a full moon 20 years ago, no one in the martial arts world saw Bai Xiu or An Yucheng.

Li Ninghan suddenly remembered the people she had encountered on the way here. They never mentioned the name Bai Xiu but they talked about a senior who had taken care of them 20 years ago. The name of this senior wasn't mentioned but he liked wearing white clothing, just like An Yucheng.

What was the truth about what happened 20 years ago?

Li Ninghan was pressed step by step by An Yucheng to the edge of a cliff and hesitated.

In her mother’s diary, it was written that Bai Xiu always liked wearing red clothes. His beauty was beyond any females but he was extremely vicious and had no compassion.

However, An Yucheng spoke differently. The best martial artist she ever met spoke about a young and chivalrous man who liked wearing white clothes. He might be slightly biased in his dealings with others but he had a very good heart and helped a lot of people.

Such a person, even though he didn't refute the rumour that 'Bai Xiu destroyed his school,' no one in the martial arts world believed he would do such a thing. Therefore, the Fire Palace could safely develop to its present state and became a big force.

An Yucheng sat in the high seat with a cold expression. "Do you know why my master hasn't stepped outside in 20 years?"

Li Ninghan gritted her teeth and cried out, "Let Bai Xiu out. Let him out so I can confront him!"

An Yucheng sneered. "Let Bai Xiu come out? You want to confront him? Dead, Bai Xiu is dead! My master passed away 20 years ago! How can I give him to you?"

Li Ninghan's body became cold and she could barely stand up.

Chapter 134

Li Ninghan had lived in the mountains with her parents for all of his life. She didn't know about things in the martial arts world. If her parents hadn't been killed, she wouldn't have gone down and would've spent the rest of her life in the mountains.

In her mother's diary, it was clearly recorded that 'Bai Xiu is vicious, mutilated others and threatened to slaughter his own brother and sister disciple.' Yet An Yucheng and the other people in the martial arts world said that Bai Xiu was a gentle and good person?

20 years ago, he was a killing god in the diary. Bai Xiu used his power to destroy his school and vowed to kill his brother and sister disciples.

But now Li Ninghan got another answer.

Due to his high talent and excellent appearance, Bai Xiu had always been loved by his master. He was being set up to be the next generation leader. Perhaps it was because he was too obsessed with martial arts. Bai Xiu had a pure nature and wasn't good at getting along with others. He had little contact with people other then his brother and sister disciples.

However, just because he was willing to believe in others didn't mean that others would treat him sincerely.

Jealousy was something that everyone felt. Some people controlled it well and made it their driving force. Others couldn't control it well and it made them hateful.

Bai Xiu lived an easy life for 16 years.

He was the next generation master of the best martial arts school, he had a face that others couldn't condemn and he enjoyed the respect of countless martial artists.

Once he turned 16, everything suddenly broke and there was no possibility of recovery.

Bai Xiu skinned people and made them into lanterns to play with?

At the lantern festival, his brother and sister sent him the lantern and let him fly it.

Bai Xiu killed more than 100 people?

It was because he got a secret letter from his brother and sister to meet them there.

Up until the day that the school was destroyed, Bai Xiu didn't understand how these 'coincidences' happened. He never doubted his brother and sister. These 'coincidences' made the master shut him up in isolation, saying he should reflect. In fact, the master was protecting Bai Xiu from the unknown people trying to frame him.

He hadn't been confined for long. On a certain night, Bai Xiu saw his young uncle come to him while bleeding. He was only 10 metres away from the door when a sharp sword pierced the uncle's stomach and the key in his hand fell towards the door.

Bai Xiu didn't know who the sword belonged to.

But at this moment, blood filled his eyes. He suddenly understood why none of his teachers or uncles were watching him tonight and why it was so silent!

Bai Xiu broke free from confinement and moved. He thought he would see wicked demons. What he never expected was to see his most trusted brother and sister pierced their master's chest with swords!

Since it was a story of jealousy, it was natural to have jealous people.

In this story, there were two jealous people.

For the past 16 years, how good was Bai Xiu and how jealous were these two people?

Bai Xiu could learn a technique in one hour that took them a month to learn. Why was Bai Xiu younger than them by 10 years but they were obscure in the martial arts world?

Jealousy was a terrible devil. Once a line was surpassed, it would turn into sin and evil.

That night, the two people dropped a colourless and odorless poison into the food of the entire school, leaving them with only 30% of their martial arts abilities. Once their strength was lost, the two people destroyed this school with their own hands.

Originally, they wanted to frame Bai Xiu so that everyone in this world would doubt him. They didn't think that their uncle would unexpectedly break through and go to the backyard.

After that, there was no need to talk anymore. Bai Xiu could've killed these two beasts who destroyed their school. But he hesitated for a moment and his sister disciple threw two gunpowder bombs that allowed them to escape.

One hit him in the face and exploded. The other fell onto an oil barrel that the two people prepared and caused a monstrous fire!

In Li Ninghan mother's diary, she liked to write: His clothes were as bright as the flames. The blazing fire and his beautiful face covered with blood made him as terrible as a devil.

This gunpowder bomb completely disfigured Bai Xiu. At the same time, his furious hart caused a backlash. He used all his strength to find a martial arts talent to pass on his skills and discovered a small orphan An Yucheng. Bai Xiu hoped that An Yucheng could take his place and find the wicked demons who escaped.

"Do you know what his last words were?"

Li Ninghan couldn't accept this truth. She could only shake her head.

An Yucheng sneered. "My master, until the very end he didn't understand why his most respected brother and sister would do such a thing. He passed on all his skills to me before he died. This caused his body to deteriorate and he became like an old man!"

"I have never met a martial artist as decisive as Master. When I saw him, the left side of his face was terribly scarred and it was sometimes too hard to speak. His wounds would be pulled and he would start bleeding."

"But! No matter how much your parents hurt him, Master was still the 16 year old boy reluctant to doubt you parents! He thought that the two of them must have a situation that would make them do such a dirty thing!"

“He was a fool. Master, he was a fool! He was only my master for half a year but he was a fool. He didn't know how jealousy could corrode a person's heart, leaving behind hollowed out flesh and blood. They would just be a walking dead living for hatred, eager to chew on the bones of others to survive!"

"Li Ninghan, I led you here to ask your parents one thing on behalf of my master."

"We clearly agreed to go to the West Lake to see the full moon. Why didn't you come?"


In fact, when Ming Xiaoyu first received this script, his first thought was that Bai Xiu was too holy.

Regardless of who they were, they had harmed him so badly and even slaughtered his master. Why would he think that they weren't wicked and were actually facing difficulties?

But after reading the script carefully a few more times, Ming Yu was silent for a moment before sighing. "He isn't holy. He is just deceiving himself."

A 16 year old who lived a proud and good life. This young man was spoiled when growing up and never saw the sinister side of the world. How could he withstand such a disaster?

Imagine that the brother and sister who had always been good to you when growing up actually always hated you. Once they hatred accumulated to a certain extreme, they began to sully your reputation and borrow another person's knife to kill you. How could you suspect that the brother and sister who accompanied you since childhood would actually do such things?

It was absolutely impossible.

Your brother and sister killed your father in front of you and seriously injured you, setting a fire to burn you to death. How could you understand why they were doing this?

You were rather believed they were threatened and helpless.

Therefore, there was this sentence. "On the full moon, why didn't you come?"

Until his death, Bai Xiu didn't understand why his brother and sister disciples would do such things. He hoped there was a black hand behind them, forcing them to do these things.

This type of person was sad and pitiful.

His brother and sister were also hateful and pitiful.

The age of 16 should be a proud and prosperous time. But due to his brother and sister, the young man who showed his glory to the world died six months later.

Then his apprentice searched for 20 years and finally found traces of the wicked people in the mountains.

This was the story of An Li.

Did An Yucheng love Li Ninghan?

Love, he loved her very much. Love was completely out of his control. Despite knowing she was the daughter of his master's enemies, he couldn't help being drawn to her stubbornness and determination. He couldn't help falling in love with her.

Did Li Ninghan love an Yucheng?

Love, she loved him very much. Even if he was the man who killed her parents and cruelly made her face the grudges of the previous generation, she loved this man without any regrets.

In the Extreme Fire Palace, the pair of lovers raised their swords and stabbed the other.

Love was love but hatred wasn't something that could be resolved with just 'love.'

That night, a raging fire occurred in the Extreme Fire Palace. At this moment, the grand palace was burned to the ground. In the ruins, the leader of the martial arts league, Yin Yi led his men and searched. After a long time, he found two charred bodies.

It was because of extreme love that they couldn't live in harmony, seeking death together.

…If it ended here, Ming Xiaoyu deeply believed that he would grab Director Xu's collar and question why he made such an ending.

Think about it. The previous generation's grudges belonged to the previous generation. It was clear that An Yucheng didn't kill Li Ninghan's parents. Yes, after receiving news of the couple, An Yucheng didn't have time to make a decision. The two people were killed without his permission…

The grudges of the previous generation were already over. The ghosts might not be settled but what did this have to do with An Yucheng and Li Ninghan? Why did these two people have to suffer from such pain and even die in a fire together?

Thus, at the end of the script, there was an ordinary couple living in a border town, selling bread for a living.

In this scene, the handsome man seemed to have very good features but was blind it one eye. He seemed to have been stabbed by a sword. His wife was even more frightening. The young woman's face was full of terrible scars, like an ugly flower unable to bloom.

He gave her a blow and she gave him a blow.

From then on, the grudges of the older generation disappeared and there was no hatred between them.

The martial arts disputes, the chaos of the world, they had nothing to do with the young couple selling bread.  In addition, on the annual full moon night, the two of them would spend their year's income to travel to the West Lake and see the full moon. In all respects, these two were like the most common husband and wife. They didn't disregard each other's ugliness and poverty. They only lived for the other person.

An Li, An Li.

In the end, there was really only An Li.

The movie ended in this way and Ming Yu's final scene was his audition scene. However, it was different. This time, it was no longer the heroine's fantasy. It was a real scene.

Ming Yu put on the only white clothes he wore in the entire movie and his black hair was rolled up in a high bun.

Unlike the heroine's diary, Bai Xiu always loved white.

He was like a pure white paper. He had a 16 year old's innocence and kindness but was also stupid and naive.

Once he saw Ming Yu in the costume, Yu Yizong slowly lowered his script and stared silently at Ming Yu for a long time.

The young man looked elegant but the innocence in his eyes contrasted with his gorgeous appearance. Once he saw that his most beloved brother and sister had come, an indescribable surprise filled his eyes as he rose with surprise.

His eyes were like a sky full of beautiful stars as the youth's lips curved. He couldn't hide his joy as he cautiously asked, "Brother and Sister, have you really come to the West Lake to see the full moon?"

Once true, the words became a prophecy.


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