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Chapter 128

Jiang Kaiyang never thought there would be such an unreasonable bully in today's society!

Xi Ze always kept his word. At his order, a group of burley men inside the room immediately surrounded them. The big fists smashed into Jiang Kaiyang's body, each one positioned cleverly. They didn't hit any deadly positions but inflicted a lot of pain.

Jiang Kaiyang became dizzy after being hit by a dozen of these punches. He stumbled and saw a man wearing glasses pick up his phone that had fallen onto the ground. After carefully wiping it with his handkerchief, the man in glasses handed it to Xi Ze.

Xi Ze's appearance was still the same as when Jiang Kaiyang saw him once at Ji and Ya's high-end fashion show. He was indifferent and had an elegant temperament that Jiang Kaiyang couldn't emit.

Xi Ze didn't even look at him when he was being beaten up by these men. The man in glasses next to Xi Ze smiled mockingly and said, "Don't hit the face. Pictures need to be taken and no evidence can be left, understood?"

The next five minutes were the longest five minutes Jiang Kaiyang had ever experienced.

Once a big fist mercilessly hit his abdomen, Jiang Kaiynag couldn't help spitting out acidic liquid and his body lay on the bed.

Apart from his pale face and sweaty forehead, Jiang Kaiyang didn't have any injuries and his appearance was still lifelike. Only Jiang Kaiyang knew that he was in so much pain that his bones were loosened. Apart from the leg that wasn't broken, every other inch of his body seemed to be wounded.

Jiang Kaiyang trembled as he looked at the man holding his phone with confusion and fear.

Why was this elegant and noble man violating the law like a bully? This was a society filled with laws. How could he easily beat a person? This person would definitely be sanctioned by the laws. Definitely!

At the same time, Jiang Kaiyang really didn't understand why Xi Ze came here. Why did Xi Ze come to the door with people to hit him, why did he take Jiang Kaiyang's phone and why did he want to take photos…

Take photos?

Jiang Kaiyang's heart tightened and the pain in his body was nothing as an ominous feeling arose from his heart. Xi Ze didn't wait for him to think anymore as Xi Ze ordered indifferently, "That face is too ugly and the forehead is covered in sweat. Give him light makeup."

Ding Bo laughed and arranged for someone to help Jiang Kaiynag with makeup.

No one knew where Ding Bo found the person but a few minutes later, Jiang Kaiyang's pale face was covered in powder. His cheeks were rosy and he looked very healthy.

Xi Ze swept cold eyes over Jiang Kaiyang before saying casually, "Almost there."

At this point, Ding Bo waved his hand to stop any further action.

What happened next made Jiang Kaiyang feel stunned.

Ding Bo suddenly took Jiang Kaiyang's mobile phone and started to take photos of Jiang Kaiyang. First he shot the leg covered in plaster, then the hand, arm and face. Ding Bo suddenly stopped his movements.

At this time, Jiang Kaiyang still didn't know that this man was the famous gold agent Ding Bo in the fashion industry. He only saw the other person push up his glasses and asked, "Mr. Jiang, can you smile more when looking at the camera?"

Ding Bo was smiling but it made Jiang Kaiyang shiver.

Xi Ze had already walked out of the room and seemed to have left. Ding Bo frowned and spoke in a reluctant tone, "If you cooperate well, I won't have to do anything worse. My temper has been quite better in the past few years but that doesn't mean I am half-hearted. I will fulfill any responsibilities, you don't have to worry about that."

Jiang Kaiyang's fingers couldn't help shaking.

“Hey, smile. I will take a few photos for you. Aren't your fans worried about you? You shouldn't let them worry. This is what you should do as an idol."

A truly good star should be a role model for fans. Only a third-rate star would use his fans' love and sympathy to make them worry and then achieve his goal.

In this situation, how could Jiang Kaiyang smile?

However, Ding Bo's patience was obviously limited. Zhao Rui, Luo Ru and even Ming Yu had never seen Ding Bo's current appearance. There was no sign at all of the gentle and refined man. His face was too gloomy.

Since Xi Ze became the chief designer of Ji and Ya, few people in the industry dared face Ding Bo.

Ding Bo could become a top agent in the fashion industry. He clearly wasn't a pure person. It was impossible for him not to be contaminated by anything. But in recent years, they had already reached the top and no one was silly enough to fight them or provoke them anger.

Jiang Kaiyang really hit the muzzle of the gun this time.

Ding Bo wasn't particularly upset. The truly angry one was Xi Ze. To be honest, Ding Bo's words were good for Jiang Kaiyang. It was better to quickly take the photos now. If Xi Ze came back, Jiang Kaiyang would probably face something much worse.

Jiang Kaiyang didn't have any good luck. A few minutes passed and Xi Ze pushed open the door to enter.

His gaze swept coldly over the shivering Jiang Kaiyang and he asked Ding Bo, "Did you shoot it well?"

Ding Bo helplessly raised a hand. "His expression is so bad that I can't shoot."

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow at the words and turned to the trembling Jiang Kaiyang. He asked in a surprised tone, "Do you want to die?"

Jiang Kaiyang's expression worsened. He had a feeling that Xi Ze was completely serious with this question.

At the same time, Jiang Kaiyang was constantly comforting himself. This wasn't possible. It was impossible. This was a lawful society; this person couldn't do anything wicked. It was impossible, impossible. It couldn't be…

It was wrong! He had shouted really loudly while being beaten just now. Why didn't any doctor or nurse come in?

Jiang Kaiyang's suddenly felt like ice.

Ding Bo knew that Jiang Kaiyang's road was certainly not good and showed a rare trace of compassion. In any case, a nurse took a photo of him playing with his phone. Using that photo would be good."

Xi Ze made a noncommittal sound at this. Once Jiang Kaiyang was feeling a little relieved, Xi Ze suddenly took the phone from Ding Bo's hand and walked to the hospital bed. He looked down at Jiang Kaiyang on the bed from a top-down angle. He calmly said, "I heard that your acting is good. Show me your acting and maybe I will think about only blocking you for a few years."

[Blocking you for a few years.]

These words shocked Jiang Kaiyang. Finally, he couldn't no longer resist the fear in his heart. He jerked and rushed towards Xi Ze standing in front of the bed. The latter immediately stepped back, allowing Jiang Kaiyang to fall to the ground.

Jiang Kaiyang begged in a trembling voice, "Mr. Xi, how did I offend you? Can you tell me? I beg you, I really didn't do it intentionally! I didn't do anything to you. How could I be silly enough to offend you? You must've misunderstood. There is a villain behind it who made you misunderstand…"

"How dirty."

Xi Ze's simple and clear words made Jiang Kaiyang feel stunned.

The next actions were no longer controlled by Jiang Kaiyang. Whether it was due to the verbal threats or the threat of the men in the room, he had to tremble and face the camera with a brilliant smile.

Jiang Kaiyang's acting ability was perfectly displayed in these 10 minutes.

Ding Bo even ridiculed happily, "Your acting skills are quite good. You will be promising after the five year ban period."

This sentence echoed in the quiet room for a long time. Jiang Kaiyang stood still as Xi Ze, Ding Bo and the big men left the room. Once the door shut, Jiang Kaiyang finally couldn't help crying loudly.

His body was in too much pain but his spirit had been tormented to the point where it almost collapsed.

Jiang Kaiyang cried for a few minutes before enduring the pain and shouting for his men to come in. He shouted for a full five minutes and they ignored him. Then he pressed the emergency bell at his bedside. Once again, the red light flashed for five minutes but no doctor or nurse entered the room.

In the end, Jiang Kaiyang dragged his broken leg and moved to the entrance of the room. He finally stood up on one leg, opened the door and saw two strong men standing in front of his door. At the sight of him, the two men's eyes filled with violence. Jiang Kaiyang was frightened and fell back to the ground. His leg seemed to hurt even more.

His phone was taken away.

No matter how much he shouted, no one else came.

Even if he wanted to escape, he was locked up here and couldn't struggle.

It was as he said on his Weibo. He might be 'awake' but this state was no different from being 'unconscious.'

In the darkness of silence, Jiang Kaiyang sat on the ground like a person who lost his soul. He couldn't understand how just 20 minutes ago, he had been looking at his strategy proiudly. He watched his fans jumped forward for him and forced the crew not to substitute him for another actor, as well as demanding answers from Ming Yu.

Now…everything changed?

No, it was more like it was screwed up.

30 minutes later, in the single room on the other side of the hallway, a handsome young man slowly opened his eyes and woke up.

Chapter 129

Once Ming Yu woke up, Luo Ru told him what was going on.

Xi Ze and Ding Bo had been gone for half an hour. Luo Ru had contacted Zhao Rui and Muse's PR department to deal with this matter. It was good that Ming Yu woke up at this crucial point.

Ming Yu's face slowly became imposing as he listened to Luo Ru's explanation.

After a long moment of contemplation, Ming YU looked at his phone screen and asked, "Sister Luo, are you sure this Weibo post was sent by Jiang Kaiyang's assistant?"

Luo Ru Ru thought for a long moment before shaking her head. "I think it was his own post."

This type of thing was self-evident. Almost everyone in the cast knew the injury that Jiang Kaiyang suffered. He simply broke a leg and used Ming Yu as a human cushion. Forget about being unconscious, he didn't even hit anything. The one who suffered was Ming Yu!

How could someone fall unconscious simply by breaking a leg?

It was possible to faint from pain but who would fall unconscious?

It was nonsense!

It had been one hour since Jiang Kaiyang sent the Weibo post. The An Li crew had made no response. On the other hand, Ming Yu and Jiang Kaiyang's agent team also didn't speak.

The entire Internet was still in confusion. Ming YU went to the Muse fan forum and saw that there were many Jiang Kaiyang fans demanded an explanation.

What could he do?

Ming Xiaoyu slightly tilted his lips and asked, "Luo Ru, you said that Xi Ze and Ding Bo have been gone for half an hour?"

Luo Ru nodded gently. "Yes, it might've been 45 minutes."

Ming Xiaoyu nodded and immediately called a number. Once the phone was picked up, the person on the other end was clearly very surprised. The man's unique magnetic voice was transmitted, the low sound being pleasant to hear. "You woke up so quickly?"

Ming Yu held the phone in one hand and looked at Jiang Kaiyang's Weibo. He smiled and said, "Well, it is a bit uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep much." Ming Yu paused before asking, "What are you doing now?"

Xi was silent for a moent. Then he gave a low laugh. "Can't you guess?"

The young man chuckled and his lips twitched. "I won't guess. Xi Ze, stop whatever you are doing now and come to my room to find me. I have osomething to say to you."

In five minutes, Xi Ze appeared in the room. Ding Bo took Luo Ru away with a smile, leaving only the handsome man and laughing youth in the room.

The two stared at each other for a long time. Then the youth asked, "What did you do to Jiang Kaiyang?"

Xi Ze blinked innocently and raised his eyebrow, "What can I do?"

“You can do a lot of things. For example, you can find the PR department of CX Entertainment and force them to punish Jiang Kaiyang, or even block him. You can also not negotiate with CX Entertainment. You can just let Muse officially condemn Jiang Kaiyang and force the crew to reveal the truth."

The young man's voice faded and Xi Ze gazed at him with a complicated and deep gaze.  After a long time, Xi ZE sighed. "I didn't think that I had such a noble image in your mind."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

Xi Ze directly told Ming Yu about his violent methods, that he had obtained evidence that Jiang Kaiyang wasn't in a coma and took away his phone, intending to post it directly on Weibo.

After listening to this, Ming Xiaoyu smiled and asked, "What are you doing to do next?"

Xi Ze replied like it was natural. "I will look for Xu Yizong d have the cast openly disclose the truth."

Ming Xu shook his head at the words. "Your means are strong enough. The crew will definitely help you. But right now, the person involved isn't Xi Ze but Ming Yu. If you do this, it won't be bad for me but it also won't be good."

Ming Xiaoyu solemnly analyzed Xi Ze.

Xi e lived in a high position for many years. In all of the fashion industry and entertainment industry, there were few people who dared to offend Xi Ze. It could even be said that there were none. Those who had capital and were called his friends and those who didn't have capital, such as Jiang Kaiyang, all of this was decided by him.

Assuming that it was Xi Ze who saved Jiang Kaiyang from being injured, he could turn the entire crew upside down or have CX Entertainment directly expel Jiang Kaiyang from the entertainment industry. All of this wasn't a problem.

Because he was Xi Ze.

However, it wasn't Xi Ze who was hurt but Ming Yu.

Of course, Xi Ze previously said that he was friends with President Chu Jinjie of CX Entertainment. The other person attached great importance to this issue. He asked Xi Ze to convey his sympathies to Ming Yu and said, "For five years, Jiang Kaiyang won't appear in the eyes of the public."

This result was all due to Xi Ze. If Xi Ze wasn't involved, CX Entertainment would send a PR director to negotiate this matter and given Ming Yu compensation. But it would be impossible to ban Jiang Kaiyang.

Xi Ze could do what he wanted but what about after he was successful?

There would be countless people who hated on Ming Xiaoyu behind his back.

"This is called a full man not knowing a hungry man. If you think about my position, you wouldn't have acted like this."

As he said this, Ming Xiaoyu raised his left hand and placed it on the man's full and smooth forehead. Xi Ze really enjoyed this action of spoiling him. His violent temperament disappeared without a trace.

Ming Yu said earnestly. "If it is me, this is what I would do next."

Five minutes later, an unknown Weibo account suddenly posted a message:

【Young Hang Small Night: What? I suddenly saw a familiar person on my evening shift! Is this man @Jiang Kaiyang? [/Picture] 】

This Weibo didn't cause much concern. After all, it was only a side account and no one noticed it.

20 minutes later, Jiang Kaiyang's Weibo suddenly posted a new message.

【 Jiang Kaiyang: [/Cry][ My assistant made a mistake and let the fans worry! I just broke my leg and I'm not unconscious. I was getting a plaster in the clinic. I had no time to check my phone. It really hurts [/Cry]
I didn't notice that everyone actually misunderstood! Thank you to all the fans for your concern. I will continue to work hard! [/Heart] 】

Nine photos were posted after this message.

The first three photos were close-ups of Jiang Kaiyang's broken leg. The middle three were photos of Jiang Kaiyang's uninjured arms and hands. The last three were of Jiang Kaiyang's lively smile. He looked very happy.

For a time, all the fans calmed down.

It was good as long as he wasn't unconscious. That was too scary!

But after feeling relieved, someone asked: 【 How was Jiang Jiang injured? Isn't Jiang Jiang still hurt? Jiang Jiang, don't worry about your phone. Take a rest and let your assistant manage your account. We won't worry!  This was a sensible fan. For some impulsive fans, they said:

【 Jiang Jiang is okay. If problems appear, haha, let's not fight! [/Knife] 】

Only 10 minutes after it was published, Jiang Kaiyang's Weibo message had been forward tens of thousands of times and there were almost 10,000 comments. After waiting 5 minutes, a marketing account suddenly came forward and said:

【 Entertainment Circle Gossip Group: Eh? A niche star said he didn't have time to look at Weibo but I just found something interesting. Do you want to see it? This way → [/Website Link] 】
Everyone took a look.

It was Young Hang Small Night's Weibo.

It was posted 20 minutes before Jiang Kaiyang's 'I had no time to look at my phone.' In the photo, a handsome man was looking at his phone and smiling happily. This was obviously a sneak shot and the pixels weren't too high. But anyone could see that it was Weibo on the screen of the man's phone!

This clear image combined with Jiang Kaiyang's sinister and proud smile…

Many fans' hearts became cold as they understood.

But there were still some intense fans.

【 What is this ghost picture? I don't understand? 】

【 The skills of sunspots are really good this year. This photo of Jiang Kaiyang, what TV drama is it a screenshot from? 】

【 Hey, it is clearly false. Anyone who believes it has a 0 IQ! 】


For a time, the fans who spoke up for Jiang Kaiyang decreased. Once there were almost only the intense fans left, another marketing account talked about Jiang Kaiyang!

【 Gossip Captain: One month after filming started, Jiang Kaiyang suddenly suffered an accident. It is a pity. A broken leg means two months of not being able to film! This is regrettable for rising stars! 】

The fans who calmed down suddenly started to riot again. Some fans who were already suspicious were attracted to this Weibo because they realized that Jiang Kaiyang was likely to be kicked out of the An Li crew!

For now, let's temporarily put aside the matter of the Young Han Small Night Weibo.

Jiang Kaiyang was going to be kicked out of the cast. As fans, they should help him! As long as Jiang Kaiyang recovered quickly in two months, he should be able to catch up. Other matters would be talked about later. First, they had to help him stay in the crew!

What could be done to move the crew?

【 @An Li cast, Jiang Jiang was injured while filming. Why haven't you given a statement yet? 】

【 Jiang Jiang was injured while shooting with the @An Li crew. Give a reason! 】

【 @An Li cast, Jiang Jiang is the second male lead. He must've shot a lot of scenes and he was injured while shooting. His injury must be related to the crew. Please check the truth and give an explanation! 】……

For a time, the An Li official Weibo was overwhelmed.

Xu Yizong was still worrying about how to announce the matter to the public. But after he saw Jiang Kiayang's fans pushing the crew to the cusp, he felt resentment. "What the hell is this? An actor is using his fans to force the crew to make an announcement these days? Jiang Kaiyang is a weak leopard with no courage. His brain is sick!"


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