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Chapter 109

The June weather was hot and stuffy. The salty and moist hot sea breeze blew from the East China Sea, taking away some of the heat. This was why the city wasn't a big stove just yet.

Ming Xiaoyu and Zhao Rui had just got off the plane when they met the person in charge of welcoming them from Feilu. The other person enthusiastically greeted Ming Yu and took them to the hotel where they would be staying. In the afternoon, they would head to Feilu's headquarters.

"We have already negotiated it with Mr. Zhao. Starting from tomorrow, we will shoot the hard-copy posters that will be placed at major counters throughout the country. Then there will be a series of promotional activities launched in sequence."

Ming Yu had left Luo Ru in the capital in order to handle anything necessary, while he came to S City with Zhao Rui. The staff responsible for receiving them was a deputy director of Feilu's PR department. He had previously participated in meetings with Zhao Rui, making them familair with each other.

Zhao Rui nodded at the words and said, "Okay, we will go to Feilu's headquarters this afternoon to meet with the head director." After that, he turned to look at Ming Yu. "Xiaoyu, you haven't been to Feilu yet. Let's visit their headquarters so that you can find out more about this endorsement.”

Ming Yu smiled and agreed to the words.

In fact, before Ming Xiaoyu came to S City, he already did everything possible to collect information about Feilu. He didn't dare say that he knew every piece of information on Feilu for the past decade, but Ming Yu already remembered the basic, important facts.

Ming Xiaoyu wasn't an inadequate slag. His unexpected knowledge was unveiled during the recording of the reality show ╮(╯_╰)╭.
The three of them drove to Feilu's headquarters and entered the building. The eyes of countless staff members were directed towards the young man standing in the middle of the trio. There were a few female staff members who were blushing and couldn't help feeling excited.

The influence of Trump Challenge started as early as last week and now MIng Xiaoyu fully experienced it.

In the past, he had a large number of fans in the fashion circles but he wasn't known to the general public. Now when he walked on the road, five out of ten people couldn't help looking back at him.

This national level reality show had given Ming Yu a high amount of awareness. Even if they weren't his fans, they knew in their minds that this person was called Ming Yu and he was a very good model. At the same time….he was also very handsome. ~(≧▽≦)/~

Let's insert some news here. Since the Nidelan fashion show video was uploaded, Ming Xiaoyu's official website fans had exceeded 3.75 million as of last night. He formally became the 25th ranked model on the Muse official fan rankings, overtaking three supermodels.

There were 250,000 fans left to reach 24th place but this ultrhigh popularity made the company pay more attention to him. This wasn't just the focus of the highest level staff. The entire Muse staff and models understood that there was a dazzling newcomer in their generation.

He leapt almost 4 million fans in a year.

What concept was this?

This was the next Luo Cheng!

As for Ming Xiaoyu's Weibo fans, it was already like a volcanic eruption. After Trump Challenge was broadcasted, it already rose to more than 5 million fans and now it was almost at 8 million!

Putting aside Huaxia's huge demographic, 8 million was the total population of a small country!

Of course, this high popularity meant that a flight attendant requested a photo and signature when Ming Xiaoyu was on the plane. Some passing fans on the plane and in the airport also sought signatures. Zhao Rui couldn't help bursting out as he saw this, "You have grown up, this child has finally grown up! Xiaoyu, your Brother Zhao really wants to cry!"

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

He was already an adult!

The person in charge of the Feilu side was the supervisor of the PR department. After seeing that Ming Yu came, he was happy to take them to visit the studio where he would shoot tomorrow as well as the stylist. The photographer introduced to Ming Yu was very understanding.

The ground of people conversed cheerfully and there was no sense of estrangement.

Once the shooting officially started the next day, the first-tier stylist Ye Fei of Feilu restyled Ming Xiaoyu to look more capable and mature. While Sister Ye was applying the makeup, Ming Yu took the Feilu watch handed to him by Zhao Rui and skillfully wore it on his wrist.

Feilu was Huaxia's famous first-tier luxury brand. Its main businesses were men's watches, bags, shoes, fragrances, clothing, etc. It could be called a luxury brand specifically for men. Of course, Feilu also had female perfumes and purses but they weren't as famous as the men's fashion.

As Ding Bo said before, Feilu was most famous for their men's watches. Feilu might be a first-tier brand like Nidelan, but its watches were world-renowned. Since they last century, they had been associated with the western Rolex and Tudor. They were the world's top three watch brands.

This time, Ming Yu was going to endorse Feilu's new watch series that was launched this year called 'Rong Zhi.'

It might just be an endorsement in Huaxia but the gold content of this endorsement completely surpassed ordinary second-tier global endorsements. It could be said that a first-tier model couldn't receive any better endorsement.

Feilu attached great importance to the Rong Zhi series. Ming Xiaoyu's performance was always good but this set of photos took a full five days to shoot. Thousands of photos were screened and nearly ten thousand were discarded.

This was the first time that Zhao Rui had seen such a mature and introverted Ming Yu.

From his point of view, Ming Yu had always been a handsome young boy. His radiance was visible. Even if you didn't pay attention to it, you couldn't help being attracted to his temperament and understand that this 'youth wasn't an ordinary person.'

Perhaps it was due to Ming Yu's age, but Zhao Rui always felt that Ming Yu lacked the calmness and experience of a mature man. Therefore, Zhao Rui had been afraid when he accepted the Feilu endorsement. What if Xiaoyu couldn't show the quality required by the brand?

Of course, his worries were unfounded.

Zhao Rui didn't know that Ming Yu's temperament always changed according to the theme. The previous endorsements and magazines shoots tended to give him younger themes, so Ming Xiaoyu could only show that aspect.

This time, Feilu's requirement was maturity and he could be mature!

His hair was swept back from the forehead and fixed with hairspray, looking his smooth forehead completely exposed. The set of photos for this poster required Ming Yu to be wearing silver glasses. Thus, his temperament immediately became gentle and stable, as if he was an elite worker.

The outstanding features were less prominent under the powerful and superior environment. When looking at this photo, the first thing a person would notice was the man's elegant temperature. Then they would notice his eye-catching face.

Yes, Ming Yu was no longer a teenager.

In these photos, Ming Yu's youth completed faded, leaving him with a sharp elegance caused by the years.

After the five day photo shoot, even Ming Yu felt a little tired. Zhao Rui was feeling more confident but also surprised.

Once the last photo of the day was taken and the shooting ended, Ming Xiaoyu had just walked out of the studio when Zhao Rui excitedly said, "Xiaoyu, this time your change has given me more confidence. In the future, I will try my best to broaden my horizons and give you more endorsements and fashion shows. Your style is really too changeable."

Ming Yu felt like laughing and crying at the words and asked, "Brother Zhao, what style do you think I belong to?"

Zhao Rui replied without any hesitation, "Of course, it is a gorgeous and aesthetic style. Look at all your magazine photo shoots and fashion shows. They are all very beautiful."

Ming Xiaoyu sighed deeply, with a hint of a smile on his face. "Oh, so it is my fault for being too good-looking?"

Zhao Rui, "…"

After a moment, he couldn't help asking, "Xiaoyu, how have you changed so much recently?"

Ming Yu smiled slightly at the words, "What change?"

Zhao Rui thought carefully for a moment before sighing. "You have just changed! You feel…well…it feels like you suffocate people now! You weren't like this before. You were kind and cute in the past! Who did you learn this from?"

The kind and cite Ming Xiaoyu accentuated his words, "I, am, kind, now, but, I'm, not, cute."

That evening, Ming Xiaoyu sent a text message to a man in the capital. 【Someone said I've learned bad things from you. I'm not as kind and cute as before. 】 Well, he wasn't cute.

A short time passed and there was a reply. 【 You only learn good things from me, not bad. 】 Lying in bed in the middle of the night, a small mushroom dressed in pajamas held a pillow and smiled as he looked at the text message on his phone. 【 Mr. Xi, you have a bad nature but fortunately, I am very good. You just need to follow me. 】

A short time passed since Ming Xiaoyu sent the message. Suddenly, there was a phone call from Xi Ze. The call connected and Ming Yu hadn't spoken yet when he had a low and magnetic voice, "How closely should I follow you?” The voice deliberately emphasized the word 'closely.'

Ming Yu didn't even think about it as he said, "If you are too close, then I am red and you are bare."

Xi Ze made a meaningful "Oh" sound before saying, "When I enter you, you are red and I am naked."

Ming Xiaoyu cried out, "…You are too shameless every time you open your mouth!"

Xi Ze sighed, "I'm by myself in this empty room and am very lonely. I can only talk like this because I miss you."

Ming Xiaoyu sneered at the other person's shameless words and then suddenly sat up from his bed. "Do you think you are the only one who can be shameless? Come on, I’ll tell you a joke. There is a couple, they quarrel at night…"

Ming Xiaoyu's joke finished and the man laughed twice.

This made Ming Xiaoyu unconvinced and started another joke. "I will say another one. One day, two mosquitoes are peeking at a beautiful woman bathing…"

After the second joke finished, Xi Ze laughed again and added perfunctory applause. "You speak very well."

Ming Xiaoyu became completely angry at this response. "These two are the best jokes I've ever heard in my life! In particular, the second one. I've relied on that joke my whole life! Are you lacking humour, Mr. Xi?"

There was silence from the other side of the phone.

Ming Xiaoyu snorted and intended to speak. Then he heard Xi Ze's voice, "In this world, you just need to groan two times and it is the best joke for me."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…!!!"

He instantly hung up the phone!

The first small mushroom and his husband's shameless joke contest ended.

Small mushroom was defeated!

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