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The Super Force of Ming Clan, the second strongest power in terms of strength.

The power exclusive to God of Underworld s.

It was also because he obtained this Super Force of Ming Clan that he was able to become the overlord of the ancient world, and thus create the Ming Clan.

How powerful was the Super Force of Ming Clan?


The appearance of the Xuans, the birth of the emperor Xuan.

Ming Clan suffered a crushing defeat in this battle.

The entire clan had been annihilated, and only a few people on the edge of the Ming Clan were able to escape.

Be it in the ancient world or the divine space, they would not be able to see anyone else from the Ming Clan.

Ming Clan was exterminated, but what emperor Xuan did not expect was that the power of the ancient inheritance on his body had disappeared.


Billions of years in an hour, without a trace.

It never appeared again.

Now, it had erupted from Long Fei's body, and the Super Force of Ming Clan and the death aura on God of Underworld's body had fused together.

This made Xuan Ming abyss nervous in his heart.

Even if he did not understand what Long Fei was doing, he could still tell that Long Fei wanted to inject the Super Force of Ming Clan in his body into God of Underworld.

What were the consequences of this?

Xuan Ming abyss didn't know either, but he knew that Long Fei would definitely make a profit doing this.

I can't let him go on.


Xuan Ming abyss's eyes locked onto Long Fei, and said solemnly: "No matter what you're doing, you're about to die."

"God of Underworld!"

"Kill him!"

He gave the order.

A cold light burst out of God of Underworld's eyes as the death aura on his body burned even more fiercely. The black flames seemed to have blocked half of the sky.

It was half the size of a demon king.

It was abnormally cruel.

However …

When God of Underworld unleashed such a powerful force, he did not immediately attack Long Fei, but instead looked at him woodenly.

All sorts of memory fragments rose up in his mind once again.

"Little Ming, in the future, you will meet someone who gives you the Super Force of Ming Clan. That person will replace me, and you have to listen to him."

"Little Ming Ming, you have to protect this person well."

"Because he can resurrect you."

"You must remember, you must protect this person well."

… ….

"Little Ming, you will die this time. Don't worry, with your future cultivation base, your fleshly body won't die or perish, even if you die, your fleshly body will never rot. Someone will use your fleshly body to refine you into a puppet, and you will just have to wait."

"Wait for the person who injected the Super Force of Ming Clan into your body."

"That person will bring you back to life."

"You must remember."

… ….

"Grandpa Tian, is that you?"

"Why should I listen to him?"

"Will I die?"

"Who can kill me?"

"Grandpa Tian, what will this world become in the future?"

"Why are you telling me this? You are so powerful, you will protect Little Ming, right? "

… ….

Under the setting sun.

A burly man was leaning against a big tree. A child was running in circles around the tree.

The picture was beautiful.

"Woo woo …"

God of Underworld let out a wuwu sound.

It was the first time since his appearance that he had uttered a sound of his own.

This made Xuan Ming abyss even more nervous.

How could this be?


Xuan Ming abyss moved his body and directly entered the God of Underworld's sea of consciousness. With a loud roar, he said, "God of Underworld, kill that brat for me!"

"Immediately, immediately!"

Although Xuan Ming abyss did not have absolute control over the God of Underworld, he was a person who possessed the Xuans s.

And at the same time Xuan Ming abyss's consciousness entered the God of Underworld's sea of consciousness, Long Kuang let out a heavy cry, "It's right at this time."

"Whatever I do, you follow."


"Do not make the slightest mistake. Otherwise, he will go berserk and will never be able to possess his own consciousness again."

"Master, you will also be severely injured."

Long Kuang reminded him seriously.

Long Fei said: Hurry up, I really cannot hold on any longer. Once the level 12 ancient dragon body's power disappears, I'm afraid that the ten essence and blood will not be able to hold on, hurry up!

The current Long Fei was fighting with his life on the line!

Long Kuang did not waste any words.

"It's starting!"

"Void Souls, two fingers pressed against the temples."

"Gate of Heaven!"

"A thread rising from his forehead …"

As he spoke, Long Kuang also did some movements.

Long Fei couldn't understand what he was saying at all. She could only watch as he said what he had said, followed by what he had said himself, and then copied everything he had done exactly as he said.

In the process.

The Super Force of Ming Clan on Long Fei's body began to frantically output power, rushing into the dark flames on the God of Underworld's body, causing the flames on his body to become even denser.

He gathered his nether energy.

His body was also beginning to absorb the Super Force of Ming Clan from the black flames.

God of Underworld's own body also started to tremble, and his consciousness slowly had an even stronger reaction.

Xuan Ming abyss could feel his consciousness becoming stronger.

The stronger the puppet's consciousness, the more he needed to escape his control.

Xuan Ming abyss's heart tensed up even more, and he gave a heavy order: "God of Underworld, I order you to stop, immediately kill that brat for me."

"Do you want to disobey your master's orders?"

"Have you forgotten how you died?"

God of Underworld's body twitched.

It was as if he was frightened by something.

The absorption of the Super Force of Ming Clan slowed down slightly, but Long Fei felt very uncomfortable, as if he was being pushed backwards by strong wind, making it hard for him to advance even a single step.

In his current physical condition, he could not bear the retrograde.

He didn't have much time.

He couldn't bear it!

"Woo woo …"

The God of Underworld let out two more wuwu sounds.

The idea shivered.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A thunderous Super Force of Ming Clan suddenly exploded from God of Underworld's sea of consciousness, instantly shattering Xuan Ming abyss's consciousness.

"Pfft …"

Xuan Ming abyss spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face turned pale white.

The waiter immediately stepped forward and greeted, "Sir."

Xuan Ming abyss's pupils contracted, he gritted his teeth and shouted, "Damn it!"

He was enraged to the extreme.

Xuan Ming abyss never thought that such a thing would happen.

He could feel that the God of Underworld's self-awareness was gradually awakening. If he allowed this development to continue, the God of Underworld would definitely awaken.

At that time, he would have been resurrected.

Absolutely not.

If he was resurrected, how would Xuans Elder think of him?

Once he revived, he would definitely have to deal with the Xuans, and he would be the first one to die here.

"We can't go on like this!"

Xuan Ming abyss immediately made a decision. He was no longer able to issue any orders to the God of Underworld unless the Super Force of Ming Clan on his body disappeared.

Thus …

There was only one way to make the Super Force of Ming Clan disappear from God of Underworld's body.

First get rid of Long Fei.

Xuan Ming abyss stared at Long Fei sinisterly, "You dog, go to hell!"

He took a step forward.

With a slight movement of the air, Zhang Xuan casually whipped his arm.

"Hualala …" A huge sword that was a hundred meters long flashed out with a golden light, and slashed down at Long Fei!

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