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"Hao Ning, even if you are angry, what's the use of you smashing a television screen? The TV got into trouble without even bullying you. Compared to Zhou Yuan, who is one more wrongly accused? " The television suddenly turned on, showing a faint blue light without any signal. The sudden voice made the originally silent living room even more ghostly. It was a female's voice. I could hear that it came from the television. Zhou Yuan was indifferent, while Liu Shuai didn't have any mana, and he would not play any tricks. The only one left was the Yan in the mirror, so I looked at him.

Yan understood that I thought he was playing tricks, thus he hurriedly waved my hands. "Don't look at me. I didn't do anything!"

"Then what's going on?" I walked up to the TV in a fit of anger and carefully checked to see if there was a voice assistant or something. The TV was so advanced these days, I could still improve my interaction through the sensor.

As a Four Have Newcomer to the new era, I didn't believe in gods and ghosts, although there was a god of death in the mirror in my living room right now, a soulless person sitting next to me, and one beside me who used the Divine Donations to refine a demon just a few days ago. Hmm, it was really chaotic. There were so many ghosts and gods that presented me, a mortal, to be abnormal.

Suddenly the blue color on TV disappeared and a face appeared on the screen. It said to me, "Stop smashing. It's me."

"Ghost!" Before clearly seeing who it was, I, a "Four Have Newcomer", was frightened and hid back onto the sofa. My speed was so fast that I almost knocked over the mirror that Yan resided. It was too scary that the TV was talking on its own.

Seeing that I was scared out of my wits, Yan couldn't help but start laughing, "What the hell are you doing? You have been in this room together with me, a ghost, for more than half a month. I have not seen you being so scared."

I hid on the sofa and didn't dare to watch TV, but I still refused to admit defeat, "It's not the same. We've met many times, and you're still in the mirror. Beside, we have chatted a lot, so I have some knowledge of you. I know about things like television, but with the development of technology now, it's impossible for such a television with such a feedback to appear. What do you think, Liu Shuai? Liu Shuai? "

I called out to Liu Shuai a few times, but there was no response. Could it be that he was also scared and dumbstruck?

I secretly glanced at Liu Shuai and realized that he was staring straight at the screen. His face revealed an enigmatic smile, his mouth slightly agape, and his chin seemed to be slightly pulled apart by someone. Some unknown liquid flowed out from his mouth. It seemed like he was possessed by a demon.

What was he looking at? I was curiously, so I slowly turned my head to the direction and realized that the person who appears on TV was the great beauty Fan Bing Bing, but it didn't seem to be her exactly. Fan Bing Bing was always dressed in fashionable clothing and shew up in a variety of shows, but this one was wearing pajamas and was lying on the sofa at home. The pajamas were made of silk and it fit perfectly, and because she was lying on her side, the key part of her chest was faintly discernible, as if the silk would fall off if she moved. It was no wonder that Liu Shuai had that kind of expression. He had turned to be erotic.

"Hey." I pushed Liu Shuai, "Do you even need to go that far? Fan Bing Bing's just in the middle of filming a new movie. How come you are so erotic? But then again, it's also a miracle that this episode is broadcasted."

"Is that, emm, Hao Ning? What are you talking about? "

The voice reappeared in the TV. Only then did I realize that it was the voice that communicated with me previously in the TV. I was originally very scared, but after seeing the beautiful woman, I actually forgot to be scared. No wonder in the past, those ghosts had to turn into beautiful women in order to attract the attention of the scholars and drew their Yang Qi. If they had all turned into Zhang Fei, then these scholars might have already been scared away before they could even speak.

Ah? No, how did Fan Bing Bing know my name was Hao Ning and talk to me? Wasn't it a TV show?

I turned my head and saw that Fan Bing Bing had already sat up, still smiling at me. Suddenly, she caught sight of Liu Shuai's dazed look from the corner of her eyes, and looked at her own body, then she got enraged and stared at Liu Shuai. Since the beauty was angry, I should naturally help her out with "drawing the sword". I hastily flicked Liu Shuai's forehead, "Hey, no matter how beautiful Fan Bing Bing is, you don't need to watch her like that, do you?"

Liu Shuai woke up from his stupor and rubbed his head, "It's none of your business. Are you blind? She is not Fan Bing Bing. She is Zhao Li Ying?"

"What?" I felt that something was amiss, so I reacted and asked tentatively, "Are you Xiaomi's new smart robot? "

"Hehe." Fan Bing Bing covered her mouth and laughed when she heard my words, which made my heart ripple. "You are so cute. How come you forget it? I was talking to you in the supermarket last week. "

Oh, I remembered now. Last time when Liu Shuai and I went to visit Zhou Yuan, we stopped in a supermarket, and Fan Bing Bing who was on TV suddenly spoke to me. I told Yan about it, but he didn't answer me at all. She said that she would contact me in the future, but I didn't expect it to be today.

"So it's you …" I laughed. Although it was strange to speak to my TV, this feeling was completely different from talking to Siri on my phone. I could also chat with Siri on my phone, but most of the time it replied with "I don't understand you". It wasn't artificial intelligence; it was clearly an artificial idiot. However, this Fan Bing Bing in front of me was much better. She had expression and could speak fluently. "What, what are you? How did you know me?"

"Haha, guess!" Fan Bing Bing gave me a naughty wink. "You are an internet product manager. Guess who I am?"

"Hmm." I recalled carefully, "The last time I saw you was in the supermarket. That time there was a smart TV, which might have a camera and face recognition function. It could recognize human faces and then randomly run an artificial intelligence program, reorganize the image, and create a dynamic face of Fan Bing Bing. Then, together with the machine's sonic function, it could create a camerlike face to attract customers to use. It probably recorded my information last time and uploaded it to Xiaomi cloud. This time, at home, I incidentally touched the TV and activated your program. That's why you can talk to us, right?"

As I analyzed, I praised my technical comprehension. I looked at Liu Shuai in the blink of an eye, "Do you agree with my analysis. However, I never thought that this thing would be realized by Xiaomi first. "

Liu Shuai stared at the television, completely ignoring me.

"Hehe, that's all wrong." Fan Bing Bing laughed.

It was really embarrassing to speak wrongly in front of a beauty, and I blushed for it. In order to shift the awkwardness, I looked around. Zhou Yuan's face was completely pale, while Liu Shuai's expression was sluggish. Only Yan was left normal. Thus, I said to Yan, "Yan Fang, what do you think?"

Yan looked at me coldly, "My name is Yan, not Yan Fang. Don't randomly give me a name. Though I don't cultivate Tai Chi, I can still throw others a few meters away. For those who make incorrect recognitions or pretend fake items to be authentic, I will bring them down to suffer the punishment in Tongue Pulling Hell."

"Damn, this is just a joke. Do you even need to go that far?" I covered my mouth in horror.

"I'm not talking about you," Yan laughed, "I'm referring to someone else, but he cannot hear it, while you can't take it anymore!"

Then, Yan looked carefully at Fan Bing Bing on the television, and his expression was strange, as if he was extremely happy and somewhat sorrowful at the same time. He shook his head and muttered "Impossible", then thought for a while and asked me, "Who did you see?"

"Fan Bing Bing," I answered honestly.

Yan then asked Liu Shuai, "Who did you see?"

"Zhao Li Ying," Liu Shuai wiped the corner of his mouth as he watched TV with a smile.

Then, he asked Zhou Yuan, "How about you?"

Zhou Yuan remained expressionless, "It's a blue screen. I did not see anyone on it."

Yan suddenly realized something and asked me a strange yet unrelated question,

"Hao Ning, what's the key points of your internet products?"

"Hmm?" I felt a little strange. Before I could think it through, I lowered my head and thought for a moment, "One of the key points is the user experience, which means we should meet the needs of the user. However, it is a mission impossible to traditional Internet in the past, because the user base is too large and the people who provide Internet services are limited, so there must be some unmet need. But now that artificial intelligence has appeared, many voices expressed that artificial intelligence can customize the services that are customized for everyone according to his or her behavior and needs. Oh right, Yan, the TopBuzz that you like to read everyday are selected based on your preference."

"Hahaha, then doesn't this mean that the Internet knows everyone's appearance and preference, yet doesn't know those of their own?" Yan laughed and stood up, "If that's the case, then doesn't this mean that artificial intelligence on the Internet is characterized by showing the appearance of others, humans and longevity but itself?"

"Showing the appearance of others, humans and longevity but itself." I thought about it, as if it were true. "It sounds familiar to me. Seems like I've heard of it somewhere before. "

"What you heard before should be another sentence." Liu Shuai laughed when he heard Yan's words, "It is the essence of Vajracchedika Sutra. The original saying is 'no appearance of self, others, humans and longevity'. However, Yan, you are really amazing to be able to turn the Internet into this kind of feature. It is a question that we Internet practitioners have never thought about!"

After Liu Shuai praised Yan, Yan didn't even have time to be happy before Liu Shuai immediately turned back to watch TV with an infatuated expression. Yan smiled bitterly and looked at me without saying a word.

I also felt that Yan's conclusion was very clear-cut. Just as I was about to agree, the space beside me suddenly split open and a person walked in. I took a close look at it and found that it was Zhang Quan.

What happened tonight? There was a god of death who could only live in the mirror, a walking dead Zhou Yuan, a currently dazed Liu Shuai, a mysterious television that could "live" over, and then a garrulous deity. All of them came to my place. Was it the Grandmaster Hong Jun's Violet Firmament Palace?

I didn't have the time to ask Zhang Quan why he was so rude that he used magic techniques to come to my house without warning, but Yan took the lead and spoke first, "Fellow Taoist Yun Zhong Zi, what makes you come here?"

"Hahaha, don't bring up the name Yun Zhong Zi again." Zhang Quan waved his hand and said a few words which surprised me so much that even made my eyeballs fall out of their sockets.

"Now that the new god has appeared, I, this penniless Taoist, have to come."

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