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Chapter 1: Rebirth

Lu Yang was confused as he opened his eyes. Feeling the wet sticky feeling on his back, his clothes tightly attached, it felt very uncomfortable. The last memory he recalled was that he was falling off a cliff.

"Is this death? It's not that bad. I always hear people say that those who jumped from high places would suffer a nasty death. But right now, I don't feel that." Lu Yang thought to himself.

He was dead, but Lu Yang was calm. He already took revenge in his last life, so he didn't have any regrets. But his heart was unwilling to accept it.

Was it wrong to trust a friend, or should he accept his destiny?

In 2040, the industrial civilization of earth exploded. The machine replaced vast majority of the labor force. In contrast, the population of the earth reach an unprecedented 12 billion due to the improvement of medical standards.

Interesting fact: According to the current human population growth rate, by 2040, it would be approximately 9.2 billion. This does not include the improvement of the health care systems. Currently there’s 7.6 billion of us. Source:  

Unemployment increased the gap between the rich and the poor. Public resentment, demonstrations and rallies have become synonymous in all countries.

In order to solve this issue, countries have joined together to make various efforts. One of which was that the nine most developed countries have jointly developed a 3D holographic simulation online game called the . The dreams of any gamers for decades.

The game had only one server. All the players around the world compete together here. More than 3 billion people have entered the game, which made the popular game capitalized. When the game currency and real-time currency exchange function was activated, it played the role of elevating the stress of the majority of unemployed people.

Lu Yang came from an ordinary working class family. Taking the advantage of the spare time of university courses, he also entered the game to subsidize his family. He became an owner of a studio. However, Lu Yang did not think that such a small figure would unexpectedly broke into the hall of fame. Not only he created a small guild of 5,000 people but also established a defensive fortress in a top monster wilderness area.

In took only have a day to run from the closes system city to reach this area. Lu Yang was immediately welcomed by all players. Potions, equipment, auction house transaction and offline rest could be carried out in the fortress.

By relying on the fortress, not to mention the daily gold income, the daily investments were not an exaggeration. By this time, Lu Yang had reached the most glorious moment in life. But Lu Yang did not realize that it was just an illusory dream.

On the third day of the establishment of the fortress. Liu Jie, the president of the First Guild in the Huaxia District and the founder of a real super power guild in China, came to visit the fortress with 300 members of the main force and wanted to buy the fortress from Lu Yang.

Lu Yang naturally couldn't agree. The price given by Liu Jie was only 10% higher than the cost of construction. It was simply making a fool of himself. Besides, this fortress was the result of the joint effort of 5,000 brothers. They elected Lu Yang as the boss to manage the fortress. it represented the brother's trust in himself. If he sold it, how could he face his brothers in the future.

After rejecting Liu Jie, Lu Yang was worried about the former's retaliation. Among his brothers, there were 60, Tier 3 Mages, so he wasn't afraid of the of the other party. Lu Yang and the three vice-chairman decided to let the three of them to lead three main groups to guard the city for 24 hours in shifts. In order, to defend against any attack.

After a month of continuous tension, Liu Jie did not have any movements, which made Lu Yang gradually relaxed his vigilance.

The trust between Lu Yang and his brothers made him full of confidence which also led him to his demise. It was himself who completely believed in his friends.

On the evening of the third day after he lift the alarm, his four years bunk brother in the university found a new boss in the top-ranking wilderness area and told Lu Yang. They needed the force of all the guild's three main groups to eliminate it.

Without a doubt, Lu Yang led the three main army down the Valley with Huang Xiang leading them. But when they got there, what he saw wasn't the boss but the sneering face of Liu Jie. The president of the first Chinese Guild and his twelve main army of 12,000 members, 200 of them were top level members.

He realized at this moment that Liu Jie did not give up the idea of obtaining his own fortress, but he changed his approach. Liu Jie used a large amount of money to buy his own men to rebel and led himself to a valley where they could not escape easily and activate the return-spell to go back to the city.

In that evening, Lu Yang and the three main army were killed by the opponent in a forced battle and resurrected at least forty times.

The equipment of 3,000 member of the main army was destroyed and the losses were heavy, the fortress was attacked by Liu Jie's other six main armies, and all his efforts went down the drain at once.

In order to build the fortress, Lu Yang borrowed a lot of money from the back. At the beginning, he could easily repay the loans by relying on the fortress and the guild members. But now the fortress had been destroyed, the equipment of the main group members was destroyed or lost. He completely lost the ability to repay and face the huge debt and the desperate eyes of his brothers. Lu Yang chose to escape in panic, and kept himself in the house all day to get drunk with win.

Lu Yang thought he would spend the rest of his life in endless pain and struggle, but one thing completely awoke him.

In order to prevent himself from spending the rest of his life in debt. His parents decided to retire early in the state-owned business and go to the construction site to work every day to help Lu Yang get the money to settle his debts.

However, in less than a year, his father was inexplicably injured in the construction site and died. He died in the hospital without waiting before meeting any of his family. His father's death was a great blow to his mother. Soon after, his mother passed away too.

Within a short period of time, his parents passed away one after the other, leaving Lu Yang devastated. He thought that his father's death was an accident, but when he was beaten to the ground by Liu Jie's dog, Wang Teng. He was mocked and was informed that the accident was directed by Liu Jie. From that moment on, he knew that Liu Jie didn't want to give him any change to turn back his life.

Just when Wang Teng was about to kill Lu Yang, a comrade-in-arms of Lu Yang's parents, Han Cheng, had come from a foreign country and happened to rescue him. Han Cheng later brought him abroad.

For five years, Han Cheng taught Lu Yang how to train and kill. Five years later, Lu Yang became a well-known international mercenary, known as "Wild Fire". He was filled with hatred. His team of mercenaries returned to China. He then spent a lot of money to buy information about Liu Jie. He found the time when Liu Jie will be back home. He then set an ambush at Liu Jie's doorstep. When Liu Jie entered his house, a bullet exploded his head.

At that moment, Lu Yang finally felt free. He wanted to continue to hunt down the rest who had betrayed him. Unexpectedly, Liu Jie's family used all their power to chase him. Lu Yang could only take his mercenary Corps away temporarily. Unfortunately, when he was near the border, Lu Yang was found by the police and the assassins of the Liu Clan.

During the chase, Lu Yang, in order to protect his injured brother, led the police into the mountains alone and was eventually intercepted on a cliff.

Facing the police's persuasion to surrender, Lu Yang only sneered, his life's revenge had been done. He no longer had any regrets, but also lost the reason to live. He jumped down the cliff as he chose to commit suicide.

However, the moment he jumped down, Lu Yang thought back. It was a smiling face, without a trace of impurities. His only regret was her.

She was a college classmate of Lu Yang, named Shen MengYao. She was so beautiful and pure. At that time, Lu Yang was just an ordinary person in the university. Her every smile brought Lu Yang tremendous encouragement. At that time, the two were very close, but Shen Mengyao's family was prominent.

Lu Yang wanted to wait until he had the status to confess. Unfortunately, Liu Jie did not give him that chance. Five years later, Lu Yang came back to inquire about Shen Mengyao's news. He came to know that Shen Mengyao married under the arrangement of her family. Women cannot really make men happy.

I am not satisfied, if there were no false friends…

If I had more time to develop…

If I can become stronger…


The resentment in his chest made Lu Yang reached out and punch the wall beside him. He then felt the intense pain in his fist.

His eyes suddenly widened.

"I am not dead, how can my arm still move? How can I still feel pain?"

Lu Yang quickly got up and examined his body. He found that the body that fell into a horrible death was still intact without any scars. He touched his back, the wet sticky things were not blood. It was just sweat from the sweltering weather.

Lu Yang didn't know what was going on here. He didn't die but he was still alive. How could it be possible? Even in 2050, he didn't hear that it was possible to resurrect a man who was smashed from a fall. Even if there was, why would it be used for him, and where was he?

Looking up and around, Lu Yang found himself sitting on a dilapidated sing bed. A mosquito net covered the single bed.

He opened the mosquito net and saw it with his eyes. It was an old wooden table.

There was a line on the wall above it, "Thou shall fear not."

Seeing these four words, Lu Yang felt goosebumps all over his body. He couldn't believe that he was in the old house he used to live in, before graduating from high school. These four words were written in his last semester of his high school. It served as a motivation to study for the college entrance examination. However, he clearly remembered that the wards were erased as his mother re-decorated the house. How was it still there?

There were also some damaged plastic stools, a wooden table folded in the corner, an old 42-inch TV set. All of which were thrown away to buy new ones for himself. How was it still here? Was it possible that he was reborned?

Looking up at the clock, it was noon, Lu Yang turned on the TV and switched to a news channel.

Looking at the midday news broadcast, the female host said, "Hello, everyone, today is June 16. 2040. The seventh day of the lunar calendar month…"

At this moment, Lu Yang's head exploded. He rushed out of the door and went outside. He looked at the main building of the university that had been relocated five years ago, which was still intact in the original space. Lu Yang couldn't resist the excitement in his heart. He hit the door with his fist and screamed in his heart, "I'm really reborn."

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