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The ninth chapter-aunt is beaten

An QingRan secretly nodded, her mother let the aunt bully her for so long and dad was also cheated by their mother and daughter so much time and he should also wake up. She has never seen such a sharp look in her mother’s face. she thought that someone has changed because she had lived again.

Of course, this is just a beginning.

An QingRan  had a smile on her face, looking at her ‘dear’ aunt. Her intestines have already knotted in laughing : lets see how she ended up today.

“JinYu, you don’t be angry  first…” An Zhongtao walked to Lian Jinyu’s side and his eyes were comforting, “I don’t know anything.”

Lian JinRong’s face is changed a few times, from red to white and turn blue, as if to open a dye shop!

“You say, what the hell is going on?” An Zhongtao is not a idiot. Originally he was at the banquet with a guest. Then Lian JinRong suddenly  said that Lian JinYu had something to looking for them. When they got here such a result and she even said that kind of a sentence!

He stood beside Lian Jinyu’s side and comfort her frightened soul.

Not to mention that now An Zhongtao's face is dark and his eyes are full of cold. At this moment, Lian JinRong's mind has already turned a countless of thoughts and then her eyebrows stand up and she pointed to Zhang momo's side: “It’s all you, what do you say about the wife and the wild man? I said, how can my sister do such a thing, but to actually to look at that I am afraid that there are really a bad people coming in and my sister may suffered a loss..”

That Zhang momo is the confidant of Lian JinRong. She watches her grows up and she treated her like a own daughter. At this moment, she is like a mirror. She is pushing herself out as a scapegoat but there is no way to be busy to kneeling on the ground and begging: “The second lady, the slaves are wrong, the old eyes are dim and told the lady without seeing it properly, the slave is damned, I ask the generals to have a large  heart on seeing  the slave serving the lady  and spare the villain this one time…”

She said continuously as she kowtow.

An Zhongtao's face was green and Lian JinYu's eyes were even more clear and cold. looking at everything in front of her corner of her mouth pulled a sneer  She didn’t talk, just looked at Lian jinRong. Under her gaze, Lian jinRong suddenly spoke to her: “Sister, it’s my rule is not strict, but also i easily believed in everything, please sisters punish me…”

“Sister? I don’t dare to be, I am not qualified to be your sister!” Lian  JinYu said look towards  her own daughter. she wonders, how did this child know that it is plot of her aunt? She is just a child and her relationship with her aunt is also good. Also, when she saw her, her eyes made her heart broken as if she had not seen herself for a long time, so cherished. What happened to this child?

However, it will be relieved immediately and it must be what she had heard in somewhere.

“Dear Husband… It's my fault, you come to punish it…" Lian JinRong was very clever.she tearful and pitiful looked at An Zhongtao, if ordinary people saw they could not bear to give  the harsh responsibility.

She is not defending herself now. After watching everything An Zhongtao look at humble Lian JinYu and comforted her . That Zhang momo  also really to work hard on by taking everything on her body and finally pushed to the old eyes and she kept kowtowing.All the people behind her looked at this scene. An Qingran looked at her aunt and thought of An Zhenran.Her heart had burst of chills was really a such a mother must have such a daughter!

An Zhongtao finally snorted: “Come on, drag this evil slave of filthy mother and kill it…”

“General! Mercy ……” Zhang Momo scared pale her old head fell to the ground and bowed.

Seeing it Lian jinRong was also shocked

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