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Chapter 23
Taking the family power

None the less Lian Jin Rong put a smile on her face before saying.

"Well, today's guests are really something even a Taizi has come. This servant pays her respect to his highness".

She smiled thinking that today the general would give her face since the prince was present. But she was obviously wrong.

When An Zhong Tao's opened his mouth her order "Hand over the keys!"

"What?" Lian Jin Rong couldn't believe what she heard.

"Hand over the keys of the treasury! From today on you will not be in charge of the household anymore. Everything will be managed by the di furen". An Zhong Tao replied repressing his anger.

"Is this because of Zang Momo groundless claim? She framed me!". Lian Jin Rong shouted. She couldn’t accept this!

"Where are your manners?" asked An ZhongTao in a low voice. Lian Jin Rong took a deep breath to calm herself. She looked at Lian Jin Yu's face then turned to the cunning An Qing Ran.

It must have been that evil girl! From the moment she saw her today, her bad luck started! But now she wasn't opening her mouth?

An Qing Ran was smart of course she wouldn't speak up.

Lian Jin Rong on the, on the other hand, couldn’t help herself.

"General you have to give an explanation to this concubine. Qie can't accept to give up the treasury key without so much as an explanation! Since Qie  entered the general's household she worked hard and diligently. Always supporting you! In the general's household holding big and small events. If you didn't have this concubine worrying about every detail how could every person living in the estate has such comfort?"

"Yes, you were so diligent and hardworking! Look at what the servants sent to our guest! How dare you say that you did anything good?". Answered An Zhong Tao, pointing at the dishes on the table as they had not been removed yet.

Lian Jin Rong looked at the meal on the table and didn't understand.

"What happened?"

"You let the kitchen staff send leftovers to our guest and ask me what happened!"

"My lord! I was punished in my courtyard, how could I order the staff to do so?". Lian Jin Rong defended herself.

"This is only because you manage the house poorly that such a thing could have occurred". An Zhong Tao replied in a cold voice.

Looking up, Lian Jin Rong noticed that no one would speak up for her. All the other present were enjoying the show. Especially Dong Fang Jin and Lian Mu Han. These two young masters came especially to witness her humiliation!
That An Qing Ran was even worst! The obvious smile in her eyes made her want to slap her!

"My lord, Qie really wasn't aware of this matter. How could she explain something she doesn’t know? Can't we take care of this matter tomorrow?".

Lian Jin Rong realising that she was in a bad position lowered her stand waiting to soften the man in front of her.

How could she knows now that An Zhong Tao was pushed in a corner by Dong Fang Jin and Lian Mu Han words earlier? Steadily angering him.

Even if he wanted to he could not stop, without completely losing face. Moreover, he didn't want rumours spreading saying that General An favoured his concubine and abandoned his wife.

This was the reason why he made up his mind and decided to give back the authority in the estate to the main wife.

Shaking his head he answered the aggrieved women "Quickly hand over the keys and reflect on your actions! This general is busy."

Lian Jin Rong noticed his determination and could not hold her anger.

"My lord! This concubine really do not understand what happened today! Zhang Momo framed me. Now there is this table full of leftovers. Qie doesn't know who is trying so hard to frame her, but my lord should stand for this concubine and uphold justice! Instead, you are asking Qie to hand over the estate keys. If this concubine hands over the keys  isn’t acceptaing guilty afterwards. She is really afraid of what these people would do to her! But it would seem that no one in this estate is willing to stand up and give me justice! This servant was born from a concubine and doesn’t hold any status… Who would uphold justice for her? Qie will enter the palace and find Shu Niang! She will ask her opinion on this matter! Bring me a sedan! This one is not afraid of shame, and will enter the palace now!

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