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Chapter 94: Security risks

The military identity card as well as the gold stars on the epaulette attached to it confirms Long Zhanye's claim, causing the two soldiers' initial imposing manner to drop three thousand meters.

A City's military district's senior officer and Lord Captain - Long Zhanye. A legendary figure amongst the army ah…

Even during the apocalypse, senior officer Long disregards his own safety, personally coming all the way from A City to grace the distant X City with his presence in order to perform an inspection. This is truly touching, really a fine example and role model of a military man ah!

Looking at the near-worshipping expressions on the soldiers' face with not even the slightest trace of arrogance from before, Huo Zaiyuan's heart is shocked silent.

This is too exaggerated ah…

Retrieving the identity card Long Zhanye used to smack the soldier in the face with, Huo Zaiyuan studies the photograph of a younger Long Zhanye still retaining a bit of childhood innocence and feels his own lips curl into a small smile.

The image printed on this card shows a Long Zhanye at the age of seventeen or eighteen, and he recalls Long Zhanye saying he entered the military academy at the age of ten plus…so he actually climbed all the way to the rank of senior officer in the span of two or three years?

"Zhanye, how old were you when you became A City's military district's senior officer?" Huo Zaiyuan asks as he tucks the identity card back into the other man's inner coat pocket.

This is something precious. It would definitely come in handy on the road to A City.

"Eighteen years old." After thinking for a while, Long Zhanye admits this astonishing fact before a dazzling smile appears on his face, one that just shouts "aren't I simply awesome, quickly praise me".

"Eh…eight - eighteen…you didn't acquire it by making use of your connections…right?" Huo Zaiyuan's question ends in a tiny voice.

"Oi, beloved, you are looking down on me too much." The smile morphs into a sulk as Long Zhanye expresses extreme resentment.

His little Yuan really don't understand a lot of things regarding him. That wouldn't do. He absolutely must educate little Yuan in the future and let him know exactly how outstanding this senior officer is!

"Lord Captain, please enter. This military district's leader is already waiting for you inside." The person in charge of leading the way pulls the gate open for the pair, expression deferential and tone a tad nervous as he speaks.

Giving a curt nod with a ruthless expression plastered on his face, Long Zhanye appears worlds apart from the man who smiled and teased Huo Zaiyuan just a few seconds ago.

"Good heavens ah, it really is you…Lord Captain Long!" As soon as the pair enters the building, a man approximately in his thirties dressed in smartly pressed black military attire immediately walks forward to welcome them. It is very obvious he has met Long Zhanye face-to-face before. "Please be seated, this long journey has been hard on you."

"It was tolerable." Long Zhanye shakes his head, leading Huo Zaiyuan to take a seat first before gesturing for the military district's leader to sit down as well. "This safe zone is not too bad. I came this time to point out a security risk."

"Security…security risk?" The X City's military leader's face abruptly stiffens before he hesitantly says. "This safe zone…when those monster first appeared, an urgent command came down from A district ordering it to be built…and the person who issued it was Commander-in-chief Long."

"Grandfather ah." Long Zhanye pauses, mouth curving into a smile. "Can the exclusive line linking all the military districts still be connected?"

"It can, but the signal is already fairly weak." The man answers honestly.

"Little Yuan, inform the military district leader what kind of security risks exists in this safe zone. I need to contact my grandfather first." Long Zhanye tells the youth sitting next to him.


Because Huo Zaiyuan followed behind Long Zhanye, the military district leader naturally doesn't dare to slight him. Quickly, he calls a Private over to lead Long Zhanye into the command centre before inquiring Huo Zaiyuan about the safe zone's security risk.

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