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Chapter 156: Hatred


A slender hand settles on soft flesh, leisurely sliding down along the curves of the body. Black scales cover most of the honey-coloured skin, creating a sleek texture beneath one's fingertips…

Such a familiar feel, what is it?

A dragon?

The wide expanse of scales feels similar to smooth human skin. A numb sensation rises in the bottom of his heart before coursing through his body in all directions.

Abruptly opening his eyes, a silent cry leaves Huo Zaiyuan's lips. Just as he wants to sit up, he realises his chest is pinned under a head, arms encircling his waist in a tight hold…

No wonder he would dream about a black dragon winding tightly around his body, smooth scales rubbing gently against his skin…

"Little Yuan…" The man mumbles lowly in his sleep, rubbing his cheek against Huo Zaiyuan's slim chest before going still once more.

"I'm here. Be good and continue sleeping." Really, this rascal.

Stroking Long Zhanye's hair, a smile tugs Huo Zaiyuan's mouth upwards.


F City

"He Lianming, what exactly do you think you are doing?" Full of anger and indignation, Ah Si kicks the door of the house in, charging in and immediately sees the very person that caused him to explode sitting nonchalantly on the windowsill.

Black military uniform thrown on carelessly, He Lianming inhales a lungful of cigarette smoke and exhales slowly before his gaze lands on Ah Si.

"I am not your subordinate. Therefore, I am not duty-bound to obey you." A cold, murderous glare on his face, He Lianming greatly resembles a vicious, wild wolf.

Seeing the dangerous look, Ah Si momentarily represses his anger, wiping it as best he can from his face. Dredging up a plastic smile, he forces his tone to adopt a more neutral approach. "Yes, yes, I'm at fault. Of course, you aren't my subordinate. Such a brilliant and prodigious Lord Commander…who would dare ride above your head."

"You are an eyesore. Scram out of my sight." Eyes narrowing, the whip in his hand abruptly lashes out, wrapping around Ah Si's throat and dragging the soldier towards him.

The flexible weapon coils tightly around his neck and before Ah Si can react, the cold, attractive face is suddenly so close.

"You…you…what do you want? Didn't…didn't you tell me…to scram?"

"You are real cute." Lush lips curve upwards into a humourless smile as He Lianming leans forward, opening his mouth slowly. "Ah Si, between Huo Zaiyuan and I, who is good-looking?"

"Naturally it is you who is more handsome, Lord Commander!" In Ah Si's eyes, the alluring smile on the other man's face induces only fear in his heart.

Ah Si has already followed this man for more than a year, but he is never able to decipher exactly what is going on in his mind. He Lianming is too enigmatic.

"Then why doesn't he look at me even once?" That demonically charming visage approaches even nearer.

"That…that's…he's blind…mmm…" Even before he can finish chocking out his words, his mouth is blocked by He Lianming's lips. Ah Si's eyes widen in astonishment.

This…he…He Lianming is unexpectedly kissing him…

It is nothing more than a light touch of lips to lips before He Lianming shoves the other man away, the harsh glint in his eyes kicking up the tension within the room by another notch.

"How about you? Besides wanting to cooperate with me, what other reasons do you have for standing by my side…?"


"You like me, isn't that right?" A slender hand reaches out, nimble fingers unbuttoning the collar of Ah Si's uniform to bare his clavicle. Stopping down, He Lianming plants a kiss on the skin there.

In the dim room, soft pants and groans gradually fill the silence as a soft pair of lips trail kisses down a bare chest. A blissful flush stains Ah Si's face as he basks under He Lianming's attention.

"Ah, that's right. I like you!"


Nimble fingers deftly unfold an origami star, quickly revealing a slip of paper with words written on the inside. A skim of it causes Long Zhanye's brow to furrow.

"That damned idiot, what is he trying to do…?"

"Who's trying to do what?" Pushing the door open to slip inside, Huo Zaiyuan enters just in time to hear the man sitting behind the office desk grumble.

"Nothing. Why are you here?" Long Zhanye raises his head, shooting Huo Zaiyuan a smile before beckoning him forward.

"I came to see what’s holding you up. It's already mealtime but you haven't come out, so I came to find you." A flicking of his left hand and a large platter of red braised pork appears. This is one of Long Zhanye's favourite food.

"Ah, little Yuan, I love you so much." Long Zhanye spreads his arms wide in invitation as soon as he sees the fragrant dish.

As per usual, the meal consists of three meat, one vegetable and a soup. Long Zhanye's stomach growls in hunger, and he immediately delves into his meal while Huo Zaiyuan settles down next to him, lifting the slip of paper to read.

"Tsk, tsk, really worthy of being A City's senior officer. To be able to accomplish your task to this extent, really remarkable," Huo Zaiyuan says in admiration as he scans through it. "But is it really not an issue? I mean, those people he brought away."

"Ai…I never expected him to do something like this. I graduated the academy with him and occasionally go on missions together. When I heard news of his defecting upon me return, I was truly startled." Biting down on the end of the chopsticks, Long Zhanye heaves a small sigh. "Fortunately, grandfather is fine, or else I will definitely skin him alive."

"What should be done next? You have to take into account that He Lianming is very familiar with the inner workings of A City, which will be extremely unfavourable to us if he decides to use this knowledge. Or worse, sell this information to someone else," Huo Zaiyuan states as he sends the slip of paper into his space.

Should anyone else see this, the words written on it will cause an uproar.

"We will just have to advance whenever we see the chance. Either way, regarding his case, it is lucky grandfather managed to suppress the information on time. Or else, if word of a military commander defecting gets out to the public, who knows what kind of storms it will bring?" Long Zhanye muses, then pulls Huo Zaiyuan into his arms and kisses his lips.

"You…don't kiss me immediately after eating! Your mouth is so oily!" The greasy feeling on his mouth causes Huo Zaiyuan to freeze before pushing the man who is leaning in to steal another kiss away.

"It's no big deal. I'll just have to help you lick it clean." Without waiting for Huo Zaiyuan to react, he swoops down and draws his tongue leisurely across the youth's pretty petal lips. "Compared to the food, my little Yuan's red lips are more delicious…"


Whispered terms of endearment drifts out of the office. On the balcony outside, a crouching figure frowns, hands unconsciously clenching into fists.

That damned Long Zhanye, if this continues… It seems they need to push their operations forward.

Gritting their teeth, the person hiding on the balcony to eavesdrop swiftly flips over the railing and escapes.

The head buried in Huo Zaiyuan's neck lifts before a tongue slowly runs horizontally across the kiss-swollen lips even as a sharp glint flashes across his eyes.

"Tsk, tsk. Really dangerous ah. Someome actually dares to climb up to the balcony outside my office to eavesdrop," Long Zhanye murmurs, then drops his gaze back to Huo Zaiyuan, who is lying flat on top of his desk, partially pinned beneath his own body. A mock-miserable expression surfaces. "Little Yuan, this world is really awful. Let's take a spaceship to Mars."

Huo Zaiyuan snorts in amusement, shoving at his firm chest.

"Enough, you. The act is over, shouldn't you get off me now?" This man is really so indecent. How in the world did he manage to climb all the way up to senior officer?

"Why must I? Hugging little Yuan feels so comfortable. Let me hold you for a while longer. In any case, it's not like anyone is going to come in." Long Zhanye shamelessly sticks closer to Huo Zaiyuan with no intention of getting off anytime soon.

At this moment, the office door is pushed open and a soldier walks in. As soon as he registers the scene within, his eyes blow wide.



"Ahh - I - I didn't see anything! Really! Really didn't see anything!!" Along with the soldier's screech of fear and alarm, the office door slams shut. That poor soldier flees as though demons are on his heels, completely forgetting the matters he was meant to report.


Within the dim room, the smell of sex lingers. Two naked bodies are tangled around each other on the wide sofa. As the person on top stiffens for a second before relaxing, the one below presses two fingers on the tight muscles at the bottom of his spine.


"Rest well, leave the other matters to me." Eventually pulling away, Ah Si picks up his discarded military coat and covers the person still laying down before reaching out to push scattered strands of hair away from the pale cheek. "Since this is your wish, I will definitely help you achieve it."

"Then I look forward to your success," He Lianming replies, closing his eyes.

Planting a kiss on He Lianming's forehead, Ah Si puts on his clothes and leaves the house.

Silence settles in the room once more as He Lianming pushes himself up to a sitting position. Sweeping a gaze over his ravished body, a cruel smirk curves his lips.

"Hehe…Long Zhanye…since you have never paid attention to my love for you, then I will show you how deep my hatred runs!"

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