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Chapter 475: Laying It on Thick

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However, Mr. Yun Xiao was someone whose mind could not be read.

“Group C is not on my schedule,” Shen Xi composedly retorted.

Letting out a grin, Su Muyan held it together and retained an urbane front.

Hmph! Not on his schedule? Mr. Yun Xiao sure knew how to come up with excuses. At least, he knew better than to embarrass himself.

Nestled in a corner, Chief Director Su Botao yelled at the chief writer. “Quick, put it on his schedule!”

The chief writer acknowledged the request, but it was not like he could do anything to Mr. Yun Xiao’s timetable. The fact remained that he had no control over Mr. Yun Xiao.

Group F saw this coming. This was the real Mr. Yun Xiao. It would be weird if Mr. Yun Xiao was easily swayed.

Su Muyan proceeded to conduct vocal training for Group F.

Gu Yang’s morning schedule had ended by then. Standing by Mr. Yun Xiao, he happened to glance at his mobile phone screen and was shocked.

He was on a mobile game!

It was a two-player mobile game.

He was typing while playing the game. Such nimble fingers!

Ten minutes.

Twenty minutes.

Gu Yang stood there without the intention to leave. He watched Su Muyan and would check on Mr. Yun Xiao every now and then. The latter was focused on his phone with his slender fingers never ceasing to dance on the screen.

Shen Xi was playing the latest version of a mobile game which had an online messaging feature. The person who was playing the game with her was Li Yuan.

Her in-game ID was “I’m No. 1” while Li Yuan’s ID seemed to echo her statement – “Yes”.

[Yes: It’s been half an hour. Take a break.]

[I’m No. 1: One more round. It’d be the last round.]

Another half an hour later.

[Yes: It’s twelve.]

[I’m No.1: Just one last game!]

[Yes: One last time, and that’s it.]

Su Muyan’s vocal training was over. It was time for lunch at twelve.

The production team called for the break.

Gu Yang looked at the person beside him who was still engrossed with his phone. Unable to see the fun in mobile games, Gu Yang cleared his throat. “Mr. Yun Xiao, the morning training session is over.”

Shen Xi responded and ended the last game. She sent a message. [I’m No. 1: Li Yuan, I’m going for my lunch now. You should too.]

[Yes: Sure.]

Acting like nothing ever happened, Shen Xi put away her phone and got up to leave.

Group F, who was waiting on Mr. Yun Xiao to wrap up the session, exchanged a glance. They probably should not count on Mr. Yun Xiao to be as approachable and personable as the other mentors.

Nevertheless, they felt the joy of being coached by different mentors. Finally, they were no longer cast-offs.

By the end of the training, Group F swagged their walk and held their heads high, a contrast to yesterday’s dejection as if they were forsaken by the world.

Naturally, the other groups had to ask and take a dig at Mr. Yun Xiao. It went without saying, they had Mr. Yun Xiao’s back.

These other trainees had better watch their tongues because their Mr. Yun Xiao was more than just a great dancer!

The other groups were unconvinced without witnessing the truth themselves. Sure, Group F may say Mr. Yun Xiao knew the dance to the theme song, but anyone who put their heart into the dance would be able to do it.

Most importantly, Group F was laying it on thick with Mr. Yun Xiao’s dancing skills. They were making it as though Mr. Yun Xiao was better than the other two mentors who were professional dancers, Mr. Gu Yang and Ms. Xia Mi.

Xia Mi and the other mentors were intrigued by Group F’s statement. Since it was clear Mr. Yun Xiao had shown them the ropes, the mentors were curious about his capability.

Su Muyan did not chip in on the conversation because he could not care less. He had only picked up the tea from Group F that Mr. Yun Xiao could dance when he went there to coach on their vocals.

It was only the theme song’s dance. Any dummy could do it with just a bit of practice. What would the trainees know? Just because someone could dance, it did not mean they were good.

Gu Yang gave it a thought before relaying his opinion based on his observation. “He’s very professional and knows his stuff.”

Fang Yao found it weird. “Why was it said that he knew nothing about dancing?”

He Sumo chimed in, “Yeah, it’s not like he’s not aware of the rumors. Why didn’t he clear the air?”

Xia Mi was not surprised, having figured that Yun Xiao was more than met the eyes.

Su Muyan had a grave look on his face. For a professional like Gu Yang to give Mr. Yun Xiao the stamp of approval, was the latter really that good?

Gu Yang’s mind harked back to his conversation with Mr. Yun Xiao. Fancying the same pizazz as Mr. Yun Xiao, he faintly said, “You don’t tell people you can dance. You show them.”

He then moved along with panache.

Fang Yao had a funny feeling about it. She glanced at Gu Yang’s receding figure before turning to ask Xia Mi, “Don’t you think there’s a problem with him?”

Xia Mi grinned. “Mr. Yun Xiao was merely not responding to the rumors. He never said he can’t dance.”

He Sumo shook his head and lamented, “Gu Yang changed.”

Among the few, Su Muyan had the stinkiest look on his face due to Gu Yang’s affirmation and commendation.

If Yun Xiao was indeed adept in dancing, then Su Muyan’s earlier behavior would make him look like a fool.

Rage overtook every fiber of his being.

Godd*mnit! How dare a rat sent by Cosmos Entertainment make a monkey out of him!

Glancing at Su Muyan, Xia Mi inquired, “Mr. Su, weren’t you at Group F’s studio in the morning? What did you think about Mr. Yun Xiao’s dancing?”

Su Muyan might be furious, but he was not going to show it on his face. He was on camera after all. “It’s a shame I didn’t get to watch Mr. Yun Xiao in action.”

Fang Yao was dubious of Su Muyan. The guy had been trying to humiliate Mr. Yun Xiao at every chance he got since yesterday. She wondered what Su Muyan was feeling at this very moment.

The mentors were not the only ones talking about Yun Xiao. Yun Xiao was also a much-discussed topic among the trainees.

It never occurred to He Lu that she would eat her words so soon. However, she would never admit to it.

Han Yan did not expect to bump into the He Lu and her rude minions at the stairwell again. She turned to Ye Weiyang.. “Yangyang, do you remember a certain somebody in the morning who claimed that Mr. Yun Xiao doesn’t know how to dance? Who was it again? I wonder if that somebody is feeling the burn right now?”

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