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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Hacking Skill

A cyber cafe, where it will be something that can be found commonly and almost everywhere in the years to come; but in this age where computer is not something that every family will have in their house or afford to have one, the shop that is found at the corner of the street seem to be somewhere of high class .

If she did not come across it by chance, Song Ye had never really thought that she will be able to get in touch will her old companion this soon .

That’s right, computers are Song Ye’s most loyal partner and her one and only companion . As an assassin that was wanted globally, she never had the fear of being apprehended because her hacking skills are deemed the best worldwide . No matter how much the national information server had build up the data, she can easily erase any information about herself .

Although it is possible to access the internet in this age, not many people actually know how to do so and not to mention the softwares were also incomplete . Downlaoded in the few tens of computers in the cyber cafe are all single-player mini games .

As there are no age restriction in the illegal cyber cafe now, Song Ye had only spent one buck to use the computer for an hour . After choosing a secluded corner,  she turned the internet on . When her fingers touched the keyboard, tapping sounds can be heard nonstop . Countless pages had appeared on the blue screen; the small and cluttered letters that can make one feel their eyes blurred out . If someone don’t know about the circumstances, they might thought that the computer was infected by viruses .

Taking not more than three minutes, Song Ye had easily hacked into the Yun Cheng’s Public Safety database and created a whole new identity for herself . She set her age as 18 years old and changed her gender to male, and by using the cyber cafe’s webcam, she then inserted her picture . From now on in Country Z, Song Ye will have a whole new identity .

Turning over her thoughts for a little, Song Ye then also changed her current identity’s gender as well .

When doing business at the outside, although this young appearance of hers can lower the guard of other people, there are still a lot of things that appear to be inconvinient to her, such as creating a bank card .

After faking her identity and seeing that no one had found out her stunts yet, Song Ye then felt like finding out about the information in regards to the organization, but in the end, as she ahd expected, nothing about them can be found .

That’s right huh, in that organization, they had the most advanced technology and countless genius talents, so how would they even left any traces behind .

She will have her revenge against them either way… . .

Thinking that, Song Ye had preapred to log out of the page but at that moment, she spotted a newly released notification at the corner of her eye .

‘Human Trafficker in Yun Cheng Escaped, Listed As Wanted Nationwide Effective From Today . ’

Under the topic, the face of the goatee man whom Song Ye had played around before can be seen .  

He still managed to escape despite there being so many people around at that time .

Song Ye began to question the capability of the so-called government servant .

But looking at the face on the screen now, Song Ye had remembered the face of someone buried deep within her memories . Someone that had helped her out in her most helpless moment .

After making a decision in her heart, she closed all the pages and erased her traces . She then walked out of the cyber cafe and went to create a banking card while she’s on her way .

Unbeknownst to her, when she had casually walked out of the cyber cafe, on the computer of the faraway mountainous area where the Yun Cheng Military Base is located, a red alert sign had appeared .

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The guard that was in charge of controlling the system was taken aback .

“Yun Cheng’s system was being hacked . ”

Just after he had done reporting it, the signal then immediately disappeared from the screen .

At that moment, Qin Zhan that had sat by the window turned his sharp eyes over, his heavy gaze dropped just at the same moment the signal had disappeared .

“Eh, that’s weird . How come it had disappeared? The source of the signal can’t be found and this guy even evaded the trace back systems!”

The guard stared at the computer for some time, his mouth agape showing how outrageous he found this to be .

Beside the window, Qin Zhan stood up and walked over . The camouflage combat uniform showed his wide shoulders and narrow waist, with steady footstep and that long leg of his, an aura that was able to make anyone feel overwhelmed was emitted from him .

Using that long fingers of his, he tapped the screen, opening his thin lips, a voice as cold as how he appeared to be can be heard .

“It’s a hacker . Investigate the major incidents that had happened in Yun Cheng lately . ”

“Yes . ”

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Hearing the word ‘hacker’, the face of the guard changed and he began to quickly control the pages on the computer . The latest somputer security technology is currently in their hands . If the oppnent is someone that can easily hack through the system, it is highly possible that they belong to the power from overseas .

Following the data that continuously floated on the computer screen, the guard reported with a strong voice .

“Major, other than the news where there are some riots caused by the villagers in some area, there is also the latest news update where a group of human traffickers that traffics teenage girls are being listed as wanted . The traces in the system were completely covered up, the opponent is an experienced one . ”

Qin Zhan said nothing and with his large body that stood in front of the door that almost covered all the sunlight visible in the room . After a while, he then continued,

“Investigate the human trafficking case and continue to observe the network system of Yun Cheng . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

Right after the guard affirmed the task given, Qin Zhan then stepped out of the room . The moment when the tension around him left, the guard felt the burden off his chest, there’s also a layer of cold sweat that he perspired sub-consciously on his forehead .

As the pioneer special combat unit of the country, Qin Zhan had accumulated countless military merits and taking all sorts of missions overseas for a long term . The reason he had came to Yun Cheng this time around was to solve the firearm smuggling case . In the process of it all, as long as they came across anything suspicious, they will be listed under their investigating area .

And the misfortunate Song Ye that had claimed her identity card was in a good mood, not realizing that she was under the area of observation of someone .

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The auction will be held in the main hall at centre of the raw stone market . On the outside, there were all sorts small-sized raw stones sold . Although the quality is not high, the price itself was not high at all; which is why a lot of people that are not involved in the business picked them up to try their luck .

This is the first time Song Ye came to such a large-scaled raw stone market .

The layout of the whole place was a circular inlay . Inside the hall is spacious and some larger sized raw stone can be seen . On the outer layer, small stalls can be found . The raw stone found there had a small area scraped off to appear as a half-emerald gambling and also some emerald handicraft .

Zhao Zhen was not interested in the stocks for outsiders and so after he had discussed the meet-up time with Song Ye, he proceeded to register the auctioning information by himself . Song Ye then wandered around the outer layer, oberserving other people attempting to cut the prices down and gathering the business information . She had only stopped when she reached in front of a raw stone stall .

“Hey, young man, you want to buy some raw stone? Let me tell you, all of these here might have the possibility to extract an emerald . Do you know what is emerald? It’s a very expensive stuff . ”

Seeing someone as young as Song Ye, the owner of the stall had hurriedly explained everything to her, feeling concerned that she didn’t know anything in this field . In the end, after explaining everything through and seeing that Song Ye did not react to him, he then shut his mouth and ignored her .

Song Ye did not answer him as she knew that he wanted to raise the price up to scam her, so she only squatted down and lifted the raw stone up to look it through .

Every raw stone in her hand had become something akin to glass ball as she can see all the content inside, be it the insides are white coloured or emerald or transparent .

This cheating skill had helped her in choosing the stuff quickly as she made a small pit from the piles of raw stone at the most front part of the stall .

“Hey, you bumpkin, if you want to play with muds then go back and play . Don’t bring shame upon yourself . ”

Behind her, a mocking voice can be heard and soon after, a few people had stood beside Song Ye .

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