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Ye Futian stood quietly behind the crowd and looked at the vast army before him from which a wave of terrifying martial arts fate was being released. The army extended all the way into the distance and nobody knew how many spirits there were.

The disciples of the Top Three Schools also seemed very solemn. They knew that this level was like a dividing line. Those who could pass it would have a chance to obtain something much better.

The people behind them arrived one after another. People who could reach the sixth level were either Upper Arcana Plane cultivators or talented geniuses from the Top Three Schools. Very soon, the disciples from the Top Three Schools also formed an army. They all stared before them with a serious expression.

Suddenly, a person in front of the crowd from Blazing Sun School said emotionlessly, "It's about time. Let's start." Immediately, everyone released their auras and an astonishing gust of martial arts fate was formed, circling around them. Then, they started advancing forward.

There was a Blazing Sun School disciple who was charging at the front of the crowd. With a Sun Sword in his hand, he leaped out in mid-air. When he lifted his sword, martial arts fate circled around the sword which was set ablaze with sun flares. Then, he struck his sword out, sending many beams of light downwards. Accompanied by a continuous sizzling, many spirits were killed, their martial arts fate flying towards the disciple.

Battle erupted in just a split second. The disciples of the Top Three Schools all charged forward. In the martial arts battlefield trial this time, the Arcana Plane disciples of the Top Three Schools were almost all present, many of whom were geniuses. There were also many Upper Arcana Plane disciples. Clearly, the team formed by them at the moment was extremely strong.

Behind an extraordinary disciple from Bright Moon School, the radiance of the moon bloomed and poured down. Many spirits were rooted directly, after which they were frozen and annihilated.

Ye Futian saw Zhen Rong. Her mount was a demon which was at the peak of the Arcana Plane and was crushing everything in its path. However, she only injured the spirits around instead of killing them. She had an outstanding sword of fire in her hand and wherever she passed, blood poured down like the rain. As a sixth level Arcana Plane cultivator, Zhen Rong's power and combat ability were both excellent. After all, she was a madman at cultivating.

Behind Long Mu, martial arts fate turned into a pure-blooded dragon who circled around him. He was similarly in the sixth level of the Arcana Plane. As he advanced forward, the demonic dragon engulfed everything and nothing could stop him at all.

"Our goal isn't to pass the army quickly. Instead, it's to collect sufficient martial arts fate. From the seventh level all the way to the ninth level," Ye Futian said. Only in this way, they could continue moving up. He believed that with their ability to challenge people at much higher levels than them, they would not encounter many difficulties. As long as they could obtain enough martial arts fate, they would be able to deal with the other people later.

In Ye Futian's opinion, it was not a wild thought to go to the seventh level of the battlefield, but something he must do. At the moment, he was not trying to break past the army quickly and enter the seventh level but to accumulate a sufficient amount of martial arts fate in the sixth level.

"Alright." Ye Futian's teammates all understood his meaning and nodded one after another. Then, they moved forward and also charged into the army.

The four people had all obtained quite a lot of seventh level martial arts fate in the last level. With this, they could possess the combat power of the seventh level of the Arcana Plane which was more than enough for them to deal with spirits of the same level. Even if they were to encounter any spirits in the eighth level of the Arcana Plane, they were still confident that they would win.

At the moment when they charged into the crowd, they were surrounded by spirits at once as there were too many of them. As they spread out, Ye Futian realized that many seventh level Arcana Plane cultivators were charging towards him.

Ye Futian's hand suddenly struck forward like a bolt of lightning and martial arts fate converged. Immediately, many palm prints were formed together and flew towards the incoming spirits. Numerous bolts of lightning swept past and destroyed everything in their paths. Then, the palm prints slapped down, producing a loud rumbling, after which many beams of martial arts fate fused with Ye Futian.

Soon, Ye Futian's body was buried within the huge army of martial fate spirits. He was not however anxious to charge out. Instead, he fought within the army and his every punch was extremely powerful. With every attack that he made, he would destroy one spirit and obtain its martial arts fate. It was as if he was practicing his boxing skills here. The martial arts battlefield had become a place for him to train his combat powers.

In the sky above, some people noticed what had happened to Ye Futian and his team, for example, Jiang Nan who had been constantly paying close attention to Ye Futian. Realizing that Ye Futian and his friends were trapped, Jiang Nan sneered. Even though Ye Futian was talented, it would still be very difficult for him to break out of the army once buried.

He flashed and left via the air, searching for his new target. He needed to kill stronger spirits in order to experience an effect.

Ye Futian and his friends were wildly killing the spirits which were in the seventh level of the Arcana Plane. At the moment, a few stronger spirits noticed Ye Futian and walked towards him from the air. They all had spears in their hands as if they were in charge of punishing offenders. They stared coldly at Ye Futian, after which their spears flew across the sky and charged towards Ye Futian like silver bolts of lightning.

Ye Futian raised his head and glanced at the incoming spears above him. Then, the martial arts fate around him suddenly trembled and golden light filled the sky. A light screen appeared above him, on which there were many magical symbols. Every beam of martial arts fate seemed to have turned into a symbol.

When the few spirits approached him, Ye Futian pointed his finger at the sky. Right away, the spells from the symbols erupted simultaneously, releasing a dazzling radiance and crushing everything in their paths. This was the ability which he had obtained from the martial arts fate.

Accompanied with many loud booms, the powerful attacks collided with each other. Just then, Ye Futian moved his body with martial arts fate circling around him. As he moved his palm, thousands of beams of martial arts fate turned into countless vines which swept out towards the incoming enemies.

Following many sizzling sounds, all the eighth level spirits collapsed and their martial arts fate flew towards Ye Futian.

After Ye Futian obtained the martial arts fate, he already had a shocking amount on his body. Moreover, it was far from over yet. Of course, even though Ye Futian's speed was very fast, there were still many people who were faster. Those people who were Upper Arcana Plane geniuses, riding on powerful demons, or holding sage ritual implements because of their extraordinary backgrounds were all moving at the front line, killing countless spirits.

However, suddenly, many figures flew over from the distance. They were showered in brilliant golden light and wearing armor like they were divine generals. Possessing an incredible amount of martial arts fate, they looked extremely powerful.

These general-like figures charged directly towards the powerful people in the air. For example, such a figure appeared in front of Zhen Rong. The general-like figure swang his palm forward. Immediately, a golden matrix appeared in the sky which rotated rapidly and released a destructive power. As he pushed his palm forward, it turned into a deadly power which charged towards Zhen Rong.

Zhen Rong was holding a sage ritual implement in her hand. Although she could not use all of its powers, as she struck it out casually, red light still filled the sky as if it was going to cut the sky into two. It crushed many incoming beams of light, but a strong spell still managed to reach her, blowing her backward.

Zhen Rong's expression changed slightly. Indeed, it was only the sixth level and the enemies were already so powerful. It was hard to imagine how the seventh level would look like.

These general-like figures were like noble-level martial arts fate. It did not feel like they were at the peak of the Arcana Plane. Instead, they seemed to be top nobles who had their levels suppressed.

Apart from Zhen Rong, the cultivators who had killed the most number of spirits also encountered such an obstacle. The same thing happened to Long Mu. His level was also not high. Therefore, just like Ye Futian, he had been killing spirits from lower to higher levels. Because he had the ability to fight enemies of higher levels than him, he had already obtained ninth level martial arts fate, with which he could possess the combat power equivalent to the peak of the Arcana Plane. Of course, since his own level was not as high, he was not as strong as he would be when he entered the peak of the Arcana Plane himself.

Before him, a violent general-like figure appeared. The pure-blooded dragon around him roared in anger as the all-powerful figure fought with him head-on. Many fierce shock waves were released outwards.

Even Long Mu'er arms seemed to be evolving. Demonic aura filled the sky and his bloodline roared. Eventually, his arms seemed to have turned into arms of a dragon. In his body, there was a faintly visible dragon which contained an immense power.

The members of West Mountain Dragon Clan all inherited the bloodline of the Ancestral Dragon. They had the power of a pure-blooded dragon. When their blood started boiling, the power in their bodies would be totally activated.

Long Mu roared and the howl of dragon echoed in the sky. Then, he struck out with his fist, as if a pure-blooded dragon was fighting against the heaven. Following a loud bang, he tore his opponent into pieces, after which he obtained the martial arts fate. Then, he continued forward and destroyed all the spirits in his path in an overpowering manner.

Long Mu passed through many obstacles. Finally, he walked out of the army and arrived before a palace. There was a door there which would allow people to enter the subsequent level.

At the moment, there were already quite a few people here, all of whom were the brightest talents in the Top Three Schools. Beside them, there was an eye-catching figure which looked like a god. He stared emotionlessly at the happenings before him, as if he was only a spirit.

Long Mu walked up and stared at him solemnly.

"Congratulations. You are qualified to enter the seventh level." The figure glanced emotionlessly at Long Mu. He seemed to be both real and illusory, as if he was going to vanish at any time.

Long Mu did not say anything. He jumped up and stood with the rest. Turning around, he looked at the battlefield, wondering how many people could enter the seventh level this time. He was somewhat looking forward to his journey in the seventh level. What did his father experience there in that year?

At the moment, in the vast battlefield, Gu Yunxi encountered some trouble. She was being attacked by the divine general-like figure and she looked somewhat awkward.

Below him, Ye Futian had already been fighting for a long time and had obtained a large amount of martial arts fate, including those at the ninth level. Raising his head, he looked at Gu Yunxi, after which he turned into a bolt of lightning.

Boom! An enormous golden fist fell down from the sky and struck towards Gu Yunxi like the fist of god.

Gu Yunxi's expression changed slightly as she stepped backward. Suddenly, a gust of blow blew past her. Then, she saw a dazzling figure rotating in the air. In the next instant, there seemed to be a rod that swept out with a devastating force.

Bang! Following a loud bang, the all-powerful figure was crushed into pieces, while the martial arts fate was obtained by the attacker. Ye Futian turned around and asked, "Are you alright?"

Gu Yunxi froze in astonishment. Then, she smiled sweetly and replied, "Thank you, Mr. Ye."

"No problem. Let's go," Ye Futian said, clearing the path before them. Yu Sheng and the rest ascended into the sky and followed him closely. Then, another person came over, who turned out to be Gu Ming, a genius from Gu Clan. He glanced at Ye Futian and his friends, after which he joined them.

The battlefield was in total chaos so they did not have the time to say anything.

At the moment, Jiang Nan was blown backward by an attack. Noticing that Ye Futian was advancing with Gu Ming, his face darkened. Did this shameless scum befriend Gu Clan after entering the battlefield?

Soon, Ye Futian and his team also arrived at where Long Mu was. When they saw Ye Futian appear, Long Mu and Zhen Rong all seemed to be surprised. However, after seeing Gu Ming, they were also relieved.

Long Mu was somewhat unhappy as he glanced coldly at Ye Futian who actually came here under the guidance of Gu Ming and Gu Yunxi.

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