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Qin Guan smiled at Sister Xue's warm complaint and stretched his arms out in the narrow backseat of the Buick Business Vehicle. Avoiding the topic, he replied, "Buy another car for our agency, Sister Xue. I have returned now. You can't drive me around in this shabby car. I'm an international award-winning actor after all!"

Sister Xue changed the topic again. "Stop beating about the bush. You work hard to make money. Don't spend it so casually!"

Qin Guan adjusted his posture. He couldn't tell her about his past life, but he had to convince her.

"Don't forget about my studies, Sister Xue. It's why I returned to China without a PhD. China is about to soar into the sky, not just in one industry, but in all of them!"

"Let's discuss Wanda's leading position in the real estate industry later. According to the location of my residential holdings, the company has to pay me 10 times my investment to buy the lots. 10 times! This means that 2,500 yuan will turn into about 20,000! I could get about 10 million for the property. With a little more investment, I won't suffer any losses on the bigger, newer stores around the same area."

"The 6th Ring Road has been under construction lately, so we don't need to worry about the financial potential of the city. I'll get us the deal."

Qin Guan was calm and peaceful. Reassured, Sister Xue patted her chest and murmured to herself, "I feel more at ease now. You know, I invested all my savings in one of your stores. It's my entire fortune. Do you understand?"

It turned out that she was worried about her own fortune. If it hadn't been for Qin Guan, she would never have gotten a store by the East Second Ring Road.

Qin Guan smiled again. "Is that your dowry, Sister Xue? When is your wedding? I'll give you a large bonus."

Sister Xue was not ashamed at being exposed. She didn't want to talk about her private life though, so she steered the conversation away.

"Will you accept Wang's proposal?"


"That's smart. His idea is not good enough..."

"The real estate industry is not like other industries. No project can please everyone. Even the nicest building can't satisfy all customers. On the contrary, people may start to question your taste."

"Real estate advertising tends to be more traditional. Let's not push our luck..."

The car slowed down gradually and pulled up to an independent three-storey building 300 meters away from the China World Center. Qin Guan had bought the building for his firm. He got out of the car and then turned back, suddenly remembering something.

"Actually, I won't turn down Wang's offer… Not unless I get the same money Ge You got from China Mobile!"

Sister Xue was speechless. This was the first time Qin Guan was being so bold. With that amount, Wang would be able to develop even more buildings!

Talking and laughing, the two of them went into the unfamiliar office and checked Qin Guan's work schedule, both abroad and domestically. Qin Guan had returned to China in secret. No one actually knew about his arrival.

The jobs at hand were not urgent ones. Qin Guan had accepted them during his short stay in China back at the Spring Festival.

Qin Guan took out some scripts first. He was not interested in the modelling circle lately. He wanted to have a meeting with the owner of J Clothing about the shooting of the latest posters. They would also negotiate about a contract for Wang's new business streets.

Meanwhile, Qin Guan could relax for a few weeks. It was rare for a celebrity like him to rest at wish.

If one stayed away from the cameras for some time, the audience would forget about them and think that they were past their prime.

Qin Guan's staff were familiar with his indolence though. Some actors just didn't fit into the traditional entertainment circle.

Talented actors could stay in the audience's memories forever. No matter how many years passed, they could still make a comeback with a high-quality film and make their fans get obsessed with them again.

They were so charming that they didn't even need a PR team. Their loyal fans would talk to younger fans about them when the time came.

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