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The director watched the playback with satisfaction as David sized Qin Guan up from head to toe.

"Impossible! Your physique is pretty good, and most people can do a somersault, but how did you get familiar with all the landing and leveraging principles so fast? It took me lots of training and practice to do it!"

"You must be a magician! Oh, wait... Chinese people are good at martial arts! That may have something to do with this!"

As David tried to find an answer, Qin Guan smiled mysteriously and began packing for the next scene.

This was the difference between mental and manual work. Body dynamics, recoil force, force area, and mathematical calculation all indicated the importance of studying science.

If a snooker player was good at mathematical calculations, he would play really well. Qin Guan didn't feel proud of his luck, but he really hoped it would help him with those animals. Trained animals were much better than wild ones after all.

The second ad was set in an indoor lawn, so that the squirrels wouldn't escape. It was easier for their trainer to do his job this way.

The little creatures were very funny and they were amazingly good actors. Directors of Disney and Dreamworks movies loved them the most.

The trainer was showing them to the crew before the shooting began. He was quite proud of his boys and girls.

He took out a small hammer and a fine gong, like the ones used by Chinese monks. The squirrels, which had large hairy tails, were sitting on a shelf across from him, each preoccupied with its own hazelnut.

Suddenly, the trainer hit the gong.

At his signal, the squirrels straightened their backs and lifted their tails. If one looked at them from the front, they would see their small claws. They were so cute! If one looked at them from behind though, they would see 46 small chrysanthemums.

The squirrels were as good as professional circus animals. The trainer certainly deserved the title of the Best Trainer in New York. His pet store was actually a favorite of all directors that shot films with animals.

All professional filmmakers visited his store. Everyone eventually asked for his help.

The squirrels' abilities reassured the director. When Qin Guan came out of the fitting room, he had changed into a T-shirt of a different color and put on a pair of jeans.

 KIT KAT was a fast-moving snack bar loved by the average consumer, so he couldn't wear Armani Haute Couture or expensive jewellery.

J Clothing benefited greatly from that. Although the brand couldn't appear in the actual ad, the outfit was really similar to its latest collection. Any loyal fan of Qin Guan would recognize its origin at first sight.

The ad agency didn't pay attention to such details. Qin Guan could wear anything, or even go naked, as long as he finished the ad.

Qin Guan looked at the troop of squirrels warily. They were all focused on the trainer, so they were paying no attention to the newcomer.

When the director finished all the preparations, the trainer left the set silently and squatted down within sight of the animals.

"Second scene! The chocolate carnival on the lawn! Three, two… Camera!"

All the lights went on.

Qin Guan was sitting on the lawn leisurely, leaning back against the leg of a bench. He was enjoying the warm spring, blue sky and green grass. A KIT KAT would make his afternoon even more perfect!

Qin Guan opened a bar of chocolate and bit on it. That's when the squirrels showed up.

They had heard the sound of the wrapper and seen their favorite snack. Are those hazelnut kernels?

The first part was finished perfectly. The squirrels moved together orderly with lifted tails. Any animal lover would surely like the ad.

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