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He jumped out of the safety railings. After pausing in the air, he flew into the sky like a bird and then ran quickly without hesitation. Taking a leap, he performed a wonderful backward somersault at the edge of the roof and jumped down to the balcony of a nearby villa. A camera happened to be there.

This was not the fixed route, so some clothes were hanging out on the balcony, dancing beautifully in the warm breeze.

Qin Guan rolled down and landed safely. His back touched the ground before he bounced back up and shuttled among the dancing clothes. The director watched him run in the sunshine, partly hidden and partly visible in the light. Qin Guan rushed forward, breaking through all the obstacles that stood in his way.

The camera recorded everything unti Qin Guan jumped over it.

Everyone under the building and by the road, including David, watched his performance either directly or through the camera. They all had the same expression on their faces. Their facial muscles had stiffened, and their jaws had nearly dropped.

Qu shot a calm, supercilious look at the others as she massaged her ankles. I shouldn't wear high heels to exterior shooting locations.

Qin Guan didn't disappoint. He finished the whole sequence in a completely new way and struck a handsome pose. The director was too excited to control himself.

 Professional actors often didn't make mistakes. They could also rely on the post-production team anyway. This was an extreme sports ad though. Qin Guan was famous for his indie films!

"Cut!" roared the excited director.

Qin Guan roared right back in excitement. "Are we finished? I have three more different ways I could do it!" he told the director.

"Oh, no! Once more then! A girl will hand you a piece of chocolate after your run."

That's it! This is an ad about chocolate. The boy is too impatient to use the stairs, so he jumps off to get to the sweet chocolate in his girlfriend's hands.

A blonde girl grimaced in a corner. She had competed fiercely with other models for a chance to cooperate with Qin Guan. Although she only had a tiny part in the ad, she had to be treated well. She was the protagonist's girlfriend after all.

An awkward assistant comforted the girl, giving her a piece of KIT KAT.

Qin Guan rushed towards the girl at full speed, his eyes sparkling with warmth. By now, the girl had peeled the packaging to reveal the chocolate with the intention of stuffing it into Qin Guan's mouth.

 Something went wrong though. It could probably be blamed on Qin Guan's looks, his warm smile or charming figure. He was a real lady-killer after all.

The girl had been too absent-minded, so the chocolate had ended up on Qin Guan's nose. Qin Guan took a step back and shook his head before biting on the chocolate bar. There was still some chocolate on his face though. It looked kind of like a beard.

Qu burst into laughter. So did everyone else. All the spectators were laughing loudly except for the angry director.

The dedicated man yelled at the girl, "Vivian, what are you doing? Concentrate, please! If you can't, then just go!"

The girl was not like Qin Guan. There were plenty of girls like her in the circle. Qin Guan had been a background model before, so he knew that they were considered nobodies.

He waved his hands at the director immediately. He could do one more take. It was not a problem. The girl tried her best to hold back her tears. The brand representative was going to repeat his scene because of her mistake.

He is so kind! I shouldn't be crying, or my makeup will be destroyed...

The girl braced herself. When Qin Guan rushed up to her for the second time, the chocolate in her hand was in the right position.


Both Qin Guan's teeth and the chocolate bar looked attractive in the camera. The two happy lovers smiled at each other, their foreheads touching. "Cut!"

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