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Chapter 585: Busy Working

Tasha's long dress and the lovely cow were lingering in Qin Guan's mind as he returned to New York. His free time was sadly over.

Sister Xue was already busy working, and Qin Guan got serious when he went back to his office.

Yin Changtao was putting forward ideas. They would soon be submitting an application for the press conference of the Milan Fashion Week.

A few days later, they got a positive response. Even though he was a new designer, Yin was outstanding at both fashion design and tailoring.

As the trendsetter of the international high-end clothing market, the Milan Fashion Week was open to newcomers. Yin would show up 22nd along with seven other designers from different countries. It was a special day for promising young designers.

Everyone in the studio applauded at the news. This was a big deal for a rookie.

It made sense to keep

the goodies within the family, so all the Chinese models got a chance to go to Milan. Qin Guan, who was the most important model among them, would get on the stage during the opening show.

Armani had sent their timetable to Sister Xue, and the Italian Clothing Association and the organizers of the Milan Fashion Week had sent Qin Guan a personal invitation.

They were inviting Qin Guan to be a part of their official opening show. In the letter, which was particularly moving, they told him all about the difficulties they were facing.

It went a little like this:

Dear Qin Guan, we consider you an important male model and representative of the Asian continent in the fashion world. Milan Fashion Week is among the top four fashion weeks in the world, yet it is still suffering from great stress. We have to try our best to

to attract famous brands and international top models.

We heard that you are an exclusive model of Armani, which means that other haute couture brands are unable to collaborate with you. With the exception of your own studio's show, we are afraid that you might feel a little bored during the fashion week.

Therefore, we would like to present you with another option. You could come to Milan in advance and meet the many designers waiting for you here. They need your help, as they have failed to find the right models for their designs.

We are confident that both the payment and the opportunity will meet your standards.

The long list attached indicated the power of the Milan Fashion Week.

Bertha, Lucio Fontana, Laura, Du Chen, Corot, Li Meiqi (also known as Maggie Q).

Qin Guan was shocked. These were all top models ten times more prestigious than him, yet they

yet they were just ordinary participants at the Milan Fashion Week.

As the only male model among them. Qin Guan felt inclined to join them.

His schedule was posted on his blog soon, making his fans sigh before their screens.

"Even if we were in Milan, we wouldn't be able to attend the show. Guests there have to have an invitation."

"Those invitations are not mere parking tickets either. They are very expensive."

After a long silence, some fans became happy again.

"This means that none of us can attend the show. We are all equal! We all have to wait for the pictures!"

Wood, who was an American, was really angry with Qin Guan's Chinese fans. I should not enjoy seeing photos of him. I'm not fond of him, I just...

The tough American guy had not heard of the following Chinese saying: It is inequality, and not desire, that causes all the trouble.

For all the trouble.

For his fans, Qin Guan's trip to Milan was another milestone in his career. To profit-oriented businessmen though, it was just a good opportunity for promotion.

The fame he had gained thanks to his awards and romantic affairs had faded away, so the brands and advertising agencies he was collaborating with were considering how to promote him in the future. The Milan Fashion Week was a perfect chance for them.

A new advertisement aired before the most popular TV programs.

"Cadillac, a supreme choice..."

The shocking symphony was broadcasted through subwoofers. Qin Guan hadn't showed his whole body in the advertisement, but the montage of different scenes made up a complete picture of his figure.

His slender fingers, strong wrist, elegant jaw, bright eyes and sexy lips expressed his pleasure at driving a luxurious car. The audience could sense the quality of both the driver and the car.

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