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Chapter 582: A Family Of Squirrels

Lin had already gotten to work. He took countless pictures of Qin Guan without sparing the film.

"Cong Nianwei, come here! It's so beautiful!"

Qin Guan looked like a fairy descending from Heaven amid the golden sunshine. His smile seemed very delicate.

However, after joy came sadness. When he waved at the people under the tree, a naughty squirrel saw the uninvited guest sitting before his door.

That troublemaker is shouting right beside my home. My babies cannot sleep!

As the head of the family, he had to drive the intruders away.

"Wow! Look at that cute animal with the fluffy tail!"

Paris Hilton, who was focused on Qin Guan, was the first one to notice it.

"Don't scare it away, Qin Guan! Good boy! Try to play with it!"

Both Tasha and Lin gave him

instructions. That would be a perfect picture for both painting and photography.

The two of them exchanged a tacit glance before they focused on Qin Guan again.

There was only one normal person there and that was Cong Nianwei, who knew what was going to happen and smiled to herself.

"Come here, my friend..."

Qin Guan, who had already forgotten about the disaster at the aquarium, carefully stretched out his slender fingers towards the squirrel.

The squirrel took a chestnut from under its tail and held it before its chest as it leapt towards Qin Guan.

When it was in the air, it threw the chestnut in the face of the intruder.

Bang! The chestnut hit Qin Guan on the forehead, bounced back and fell down on the ground.

"Ha ha ha..." Cong Nianwei burst into

into laughter. Qin Guan made her life so much fun.

Tasha stopped drawing in shock. Then she smiled.

Lin was lucky enough to capture the moment. It was a rare photo full of childish fun.

The only sad person around was Qin Guan. The chestnut had reminded him of his strange nature and the laughter of the spectators had awakened the entire family of squirrels.

Father Squirrel was enraged when he saw his babies go out. He threw another chestnut at Qin Guan and then climbed down the tree.

The four cute squirrels were watching Qin Guan silently. Tasha's inspiration was flowing like a spring river.

Cong Nianwei was about to climb up to help Qin Guan, when she saw Father Squirrel return with a chestnut shell.

Qin Guan's eyes widened. As the only enemy on

enemy on the tree, he was the first to be attacked.

The shell got tangled in his hair.

The four kids seemed excited over their father's courage. Realizing that things did not look good for him, Qin Guan jumped down from the tree and ran away as fast as his feet would move.

"Ha ha! You are a good professional model, Qin Guan! Could you be my exclusive model and drop by once a month?"

Qin Guan lowered his head to allow Cong Nianwei to pick the shell out of his hair. Paris Hilton didn't move though.

He doesn't seem to like animals. I have eight puppies back home...

You are missing the point, dear. Why don't you ask the puppies about their feelings?

Lin, who was laughing tearfully, rolled his eyes and pointed to a corner to a corner of the garden. "Dear Qin, would you please walk to the small wooden house behind that fence?" he asked Qin Guan in his most sincere tone. "There is a beautiful paved road there and plenty of flowers. I think it's a great place to take pictures."

Qin Guan didn't object. He just winked at Cong Nianwei and ran in that direction. Paris Hilton walked up to Cong Nianwei.

"Is he always like this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Doesn't he like animals?"

Cong Nianwei grinned, an apologetic smile emerging on her pretty face.

"No, he is a kind man. He likes animals. You have it backwards. It's the animals that don't like him. He has failed an audition because of it. He has been in a bad mood for a long time."

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