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Chapter 517

Cong Nianwei was speechless. She didn’t understand why she was excited. Maybe in Hilton’s eyes, even Qin Guan’s farts smelled good.

By the time Hilton came back to her senses, the three of them had already left. Even Britney, her beloved enemy, couldn't stand her.

"Do you know why he is always running from us? You are too desperate. At least one of us must be his cup of tea. It's your fault! You scare him away!"

"I feel strange. I have never dated an Asian man. I don’t care if he has a girlfriend, we can still keep in touch. No one in the entertainment circle has any integrity these days. Besides, he is a man."

Madonna, who was the most experienced one, shook her head. "You don’t understand. He is not a toy. You have to show him your heart. He is a noble knight."

Hilton agreed with Madonna, nodding violently. "I will tell my grandpa that I’ll put

an end to my romantic affairs. I’ll ask for his help. I want to marry Qin Guan."

"You must be dreaming!"

"You are the last one he would choose among us!"

Her so-called friends both showed her their middle fingers.

Such good friends...

It was a starry night that reminded people of Van Gogh’s famous oil painting. The first cool breeze of the scorching summer started blowing.

Of course, Qu wouldn't let Qin Guan dress how he pleased for the party. After all, Qin Guan was a small celebrity in America. She was the chief editor of VOGUE. Image was really important.

Black was the safest color for a gentleman, and a white dress the best choice for a lady.

The party was held at a villa on the Hollywood Hills. When Qu drove the rented convertible into the parking lot, she realized the party was magnificent. There were luxury cars of all brands in the parking lot, all of them tasteful and fashionable.

A staff

staff member led them to the entrance. After identifying them, they welcomed the guests into the villa. It was a large, luxurious villa with an outdoor garden and pool. The lamps made it look as beautiful as it was during the daytime.

Some models and actresses were not let into the villa, so they lingered around, trying their best to attract the tycoons with their sexy dresses and poses. They had poked their noses into the queen’s party through all channels, eager to get to those famous, rich guys.

Actually, Hilton’s party was a feast for actresses seeking a good chance and tycoons looking for beautiful girls. Her parties were famous for their craziness.

As soon as Qin Guan entered the villa, he felt the party’s difference compared to the party at Columbia. The latter had been strictly focused on business connections in the finance circle, while the former brought together strange people of all kinds.

There were avant-garde designers there, dressed

there, dressed in shocking ways. Qin Guan could recognize at least three of them. There were also guest writers, fashion writers and magazine representatives. Qu could recognize about eight of her peers.

There were also talented music producers in attendance. They were handsome and easy-going, but they had a weird temper. Dr. Luke was their representative.

Of course, there were also people from film companies. Hilton's parties were always full of energy.

Qin Guan had originally considered himself a nobody, yet all the guests would greet him as they passed by.

"Hi, Qin Guan. How are you?"

"Hey, handsome guy!"

Strange smiles were pasted on their faces. It was so horrible! Qin Guan walked around in fear.

"What's wrong with them?" he asked Cong Nianwei and Qu.

"No idea. We will just deal with it by sticking to our fundamental principles."


They walked to the spare living room at the center of the party, which was decorated according to American style.

There was a half-meter tall stage and long stage and long independent buffet tables there. Waiters were shuttling between the guests with bubbling champagne on their trays.

It was the background wall that scared everyone. There were four large posters of Qin Guan hanging on the wall. There were introduction cards under each poster to indicate the shooting time and place.

That explained the guests’ strange smiles. It seemed that this was not a private party, but Qin Guan’s own initiation. How embarrassing!

Qin Guan stood there stupefied. Soon, he was surrounded by people. "He is the actor on the picture. Hilton is obsessed with him. She must have spent a lot on him. He is so handsome!" an old rich lady without morals was saying.

"I have seen the news. It’s a pity that he likes women!" That was You-Know-Who [1].

"Ha! That’s fine." A different opinion? Qin Guan cast an appreciative look at him. You are just jealous. You must be a normal man. Thank you so much!

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