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Chapter 461

People were crowded around the square. The long red carpet and the security guards were already in place. Some stars, producers, directors and judges were chatting happily by the carpet.

Qin Guan and Sister Xue joined the first group as soon as they arrived. They found Director Gus chatting with other people happily. He embraced Qin Guan warmly.

"Qin Guan, I’m nominated for the top Cannes award… I’m so excited..." He was about to cry.

They were meeting again after a long time apart, so they had a lot to talk about. Suddenly, an enchanting woman got on the stage.

It was Monica Bellucci in a white dress. She raised the curtain of the festival and introduced the first group of guests, who started walking on the red carpet one after the other.

The carpet symbolized the path of an indie film. It was short, yet it bore the dreams of so many people. Gus was a sensitive man.

His hands started trembling when he heard his own name.

"We are here to support you!" Qin Guan tried to encourage the excited man.

"Yes! We are all together!" He gripped Qin Guan's hand. "Go! It’s your turn. Think of our crew!"

Qin Guan sighed. I’m not a girl. Let go of my hand.

"Just remember the day we were shooting among the maple trees. You walked with me, carrying the camera. You were a natural that day. Today, we are here together. You, me and that camera."

As the scene played back in Gus’ mind, he became a professional, devoted director again.

They were walking shoulder to shoulder, both of them wearing black formal suits. Qin Guan’s looks couldn’t outshine Gus’ confidence and glamor.

Sister Xue was watching them with a delighted smile. Qin Guan considerately yielded the best position to Gus. He was a hero worthy of the flashlights.

After the bombardment of the cameras, the flashes and the questions was

was over, Gus returned to the backstage area. He was calm, not worried about any personal gains or losses.

It’s my destiny to win it. It’s my fate to lose it. I will know the final result soon.

By then, Qin Guan had returned to the end of the red carpet, following the instructions of the organizing committee.

"Director Gus, I have two more appearances to make for my sponsors. Will you be okay here alone?"

Gus came back to his senses and smiled at Qin Guan kindly. "Of course. Every director I have heard so much about is here. This is the place of my dreams."

Qin Guan told him goodbye and ran to the indicated position, where the Armani director was waiting for him anxiously.

"Quick! Calm your breathing. It’s your turn. Walk to the end, then come back as soon as possible for Tiffany."

"No problem." An assistant smoothed the wrinkles on his back with a set of professional tools

professional tools and adjusted his bow tie to the standard position.

The sponsor show began. This was actually the most exciting part of the festival. The first show was L’oreal’s, which was a brand from France. Qin Guan was standing behind a tall, slender female model.

"Next up is Armani, a sponsor for men’s formal wear..."

As the host made an introduction, Qin Guan walked on the red carpet.

He was like a treasured sword coming out of a scabbard, like a pearl discovered in the sand, like a diamond polished after a long time.

Zhang Ziyi and Lou Ye, who were chatting with the first group of guests, cast a look at the red carpet. So did everyone around them.

Qin Guan showed his true abilities as a top model. Some reporters recognized him.

"That’s Qin Guan! He is the only Asian exclusive model of Armani!"

"Yes, check the playback! He was here with Gus!" The guy who had spoken was an editor of an editor of an indie film magazine, so he was familiar with the directors of indie films.

"Yes, he is the leading actor. The film was in theaters in North America. The box office of the second week was almost two million dollars!"

That explained it. French people liked handsome men. The flashlights twinkled again as the reporters and the audience watched Qin Guan make a turn at the end of the red carpet and ran back to the other end again!

What a shameless guy. Other people only tried to stand on the carpet a little longer, but that guy wanted a second round! Handsome guys were easily forgiven.

Both the media and the stars were surprised. An actress from another country turned to her agent. "Did he pay double to walk the carpet twice? Is there a Cannes red carpet appearance combo?"

Darling, this is not a KFC.

Then the host explained for everyone to hear. "Tiffany is the jewellery sponsor..."

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