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Chapter 399

"Question to No.1. What would you do if you went on a date with me?"

"I’d buy you flowers and take you home personally..."

The blonde girl seemed to be familiar with the show. She didn't say anything. She just moved on to the next contestant.

"What about you, No.3?"

"Uh, nothing. You would just experience my power..." No.3 made a sly gesture at the audience. 

The audience burst into laughter. So did Qin Guan. The director cut that part though.

"Our show is not like those adultery shows. No dirty jokes allowed! Stop it, or leave."

Qin Guan had no choice.

The secret service man appeared again with a wonderful idea. In fact, it was part of his mission.

"You could

arrange an exciting trip for the couple. Take them abroad..."


"To Moscow."

 Spare my life, brother!

All the secret service men, including Qin Guan, were dispatched to Russia. To cover up his identity, Qin Guan had to bring the silly couple with him.

It was a dangerous task during the Cold War.

Qin Guan was sitting in a cafe in Moscow, waiting for someone to get in touch with him. George was standing behind the camera. He was interested in the scene between the two strange partners.

A beautiful woman pushed into the smoke-filled cafe. She was wearing a light grey squash hat. She was walking neither too fast nor too slow, looking like a fairy in the dark.

She pulled

pulled off her black gloves slowly to reveal her slender fingers. According to the script, she had to stretch her legs as a hint to the American spy.

A beautiful, elegant leg stretched beneath the table. The black net silk stocking and white heels betrayed the danger.

 Filled with joy and hope, Qin Guan sat down across from the woman.

"Is this seat taken?" he inquired politely. The audience felt slightly drunk.

His head was leaning close, his eyes shining. His curly hair was touching his cheek. The woman flushed. She drew her leg back and sat gracefully.

"No, it's for you."

They looked at each other in admiration. Qin Guan delivered the secret message. "Helsinki is charming this time of

time of the year..."

The woman was stupefied. A rare opening for accosting someone...

She smiled and nodded. "Yes..."

Silence. I’ve made a mistake.

Qin Guan remained calm. They looked at each other for a full 20 seconds without saying a word. The camera was still rolling.

Qin Guan grinned and turned his head around. He saw a lonely leg leaning out of the last booth, swaying to attract attention.

That's the right person...

 "Sorry!" Qin Guan said awkwardly. Giving up his graceful manners, he rushed to the last booth, standing there with a serious expression.

"Helsinki is charming this time of the year..."

The heroine was revealed as the camera zoomed forward. Her face was covered by a veil. Her rosy lips were blooming lips were blooming in the cold winter. She looked like an Ice Queen.

Julia Roberts, the beauty with the wide mouth, was portraying the heroine of the film.

She delivered her lines calmly through her lips. "Especially when it snows. People always feel lonely, even if they are in a bustling city."

She did not seem moved by Qin Guan’s looks.

After confirming her identity, Qin Guan sat down across from her to reveal his own.

"I’m Chuck. Who are you?"

She didn't reply. She just gave Qin Guan a thin paper bag that contained his next mission. Her indifference made Qin Guan turn serious.

"At least give me a nickname so I can call somebody if I’m in danger."

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