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Chapter 245: The Qi Family, Attracted by the Spirit Rice

The Qi family’s Second Uncle and Aunt originally thought that their son was aggrieved and wanted to eat porridge on the spur of the moment, so they didn’t think much of it. In less than half an hour, the fragrance of the porridge drifted over from the kitchen.

Second Uncle and Second Aunt were shocked. They really didn’t know how to describe the fragrance of the rice porridge. It was too fragrant and nice, and not at all pungent.

They had never seen a pot of porridge that smelled so good. The fragrance could even be smelled from far away. Even Grandpa Qi, who was on the second floor, was drawn into coming downstairs after a while.

Grandpa Qi felt very hungry when he smelled this fragrance from the second floor. Now that he was downstairs, the fragrance was even stronger. He was curious about what was being cooked in the kitchen. When he went downstairs, he saw his second son, his second daughter-in-law, and his red-eyed grandson standing in the living room.

Of course, because the porridge was so fragrant, he directly ignored his red-eyed grandson and asked his daughter-in-law directly, “What are you cooking in the kitchen?”

The Qi family’s Second Aunt replied blankly, “Dad, it was baby… Haozi who bought the rice. This child said he wanted to eat porridge. I’ll have the kitchen cook a little more!”

Grandpa Qi nodded and waved his hand for Second Aunt to go and do so.

Only then did Qi Hao say obediently, “Grandpa!”

Grandpa Qi sat on the sofa and looked at this red-eyed kid with a frown. His second son and his wife really spoiled this kid. Those who didn’t know better would think they were raising a daughter.

“Sit with your back straight. You’re a man – why are you crying?” Grandpa Qi lectured coldly.

Second Uncle was about to speak, but he immediately swallowed his words obediently when the old man glanced at him.

Qi Hao usually wasn’t afraid of his grandfather, but in case his grandfather’s face darkened for real, Qi Hao still quivered and said firmly, “Got it, Grandpa!” His voice was firm enough.

Grandpa Qi originally wanted to lecture this kid on behalf of his second son and daughter-in-law, but the kitchen aunt brought in the porridge at that moment, and it smelled so good.

Grandpa Qi couldn’t care less about teaching this kid a lesson now. He went to the table and had the kitchen aunt ladle a bowl for him first.

Qi Hao was very clear on how the rice tasted. He was afraid that his grandpa would finish it, so he had no time to feel sad anymore. He nimbly ladled bowls for his parents and one for himself.

Fortunately, the rest of the Qi family was out; there was no one else, just the few of them. It was also a good thing that the kitchen aunt specially cooked a little more porridge at Second Aunt’s instruction.

Second Uncle and Second Aunt originally didn’t plan to eat the porridge, but when they smelled the fragrance of the rice, they couldn’t help but sit down and try a few mouthfuls. At the first taste, they almost swallowed their tongues.

This was simply too delicious!

Second Aunt and Second Uncle had seen the world, but they never thought that porridge could be so delicious. Where had Haozi gotten such a delicious thing?

Second Uncle wolfed down his food, unafraid of burning his tongue. Second Aunt was an elegant woman, but while she wanted to eat gracefully, the taste of the porridge got the better of her and she couldn’t stop eating. Nevertheless, her movements were still much better than Second Uncle’s.

As for Grandpa Qi, he was immediately won over by the porridge at the first taste. No matter if the porridge burned his tongue or not, his hand never slowed down.

The more he ate, the more fragrant and delicious it became!

There was nothing the old man hadn’t eaten, but this was the first time in his life that he was wolfing down his food. He didn’t even have time to praise it.

Now, he found Qi Hao much more pleasing to the eye. Where did this guy buy the rice from?

Although the kitchen auntie had specially cooked a lot of porridge, there really wasn’t much to go around for the four of them. In the end, Grandpa Qi told his second son and daughter-in-law to stop eating after one bowl each. He then fought over the rest with his grandson.

Qi Hao might be spoiled rotten, but he was still very filial and sensible. Seeing his parents put down their bowls and chopsticks with aggrieved expressions, he didn’t fight his grandfather for the rest of the porridge.

Grandpa Qi waited until the last of the porridge at the bottom of the pot was placed in his bowl and he wolfed it down before he had the time to ask Qi Hao, “Where did you get this rice?”

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