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Chapter 10: Unexpected Indifference (2)

Was it merely an illusion…? But he was quite nervous when hearing she'd gotten herself in a car accident.

Bai Qingyan didn't understand it herself. She got up, determined to find him and clear up the misunderstandings — whatever it may be.

She'll go to GT Entertainment.

Bai Qingyan placed her hand on the knob and stood there for a few minutes steadying her mood before heading out. When she came out, she saw several policemen standing outside the operating room trying to drag the wailing Qin Xiaomeng away.

"Mrs. Qin, we checked the surveillance video and suspect her to be the cause of Mr. Gu's accident. This lady is the woman behind the car. We'll be taking her to the police station."

"Help… aunt… won't you help me…? I… I… I don't do anything…" Qin Xiaomeng struggled. She bled and cried mournfully — she looked pitiful.

She's not going to jail like this! She's an artist! If she's in prison, her whole life would be ruined… and though she knew Qin Wei would not save her, she still held her very last rays of hope, but she never expected to be welcomed by…

"You bitch! You dare murder your cousin! It's better you die in prison!" Qin Wei stretched out her legs and stomped on Qin Xiaomeng.

She fumed with anger that she cared not of her bearing in front of the law enforcement. To think she slowly believed Qin Xiaomeng's falsified lie that it was that little white face.

Qin Wei felt wronged… cheated… betrayed!

She kicked the pathological liar hard over and over again. The law enforcement attempted to persuade but she refused to listen.

"Bitch, I never did you wrong! I treated you well! Gu Hang was so good to you and now you want to ruin the relationship and murder him?! I should kill you instead!" Qin Wei pulled on her niece's hair. Oh, how she wished to kill her right here and now.

A sudden gush of pain jolted throughout Qin Xiaomeng's body. Her stomach ached, her arms lost tension, and her legs began to weaken.

A police officer seized the emotionally agitated Qin Wei and dragged her away from the offender, allowing her to relax momentarily. They understood the emotions dwelling in family drama crimes.

Bai Qingyan grinned as she watched them drag Qin Xiaomeng away. She looked on with cold eyes, mood somewhat elevated.

If she had never been reborn, the situation now would be her lying on the hospice bed as Gu Yezhi worried deathly for her safety while Qin Xiaomeng and Gu Hang would be out celebrating.

You deserve it… you deserve it…

Bai Qingyan lowered her head slightly and assimilated a melancholic countenance. She walked over to Qin Wei and helplessly said, "Sorry, sister-in-law, it looks like Yezhi won't be able to come… you can rest assure… Gu Hang will be okay by the hands of professionals. They'll take care of him I'm sure. Maybe Qin Xiaomeng joked around with Gu Hang and didn't really bump into him, otherwise, he would have died before reaching the hospital. Rest assured."

Qin Wei: "….."

What is "He would have died before reaching the hospital."? Is she comforting her? No, she's cursing Gu Hang!

That bitch!

Qin Wei looked at Bai Qinyan fiercely but she did not do anything — she could not, she would not, and she dared not. Offending Yezhi was the last thought in her mind.

Qin Wei nodded impatiently. "I thank you for your for caring for my son while he met a tragic accident."

"I'll be leaving now." Bai Qingyan said pitifully and left.

… … …

Stepping foot inside the taxi, she dropped off her mask and smiled gracefully. Her first battle after the rebirth was successful and she was saved from the bitter pains of meeting a serious case of injury.

The car parked on GT Entertainment's parking lot.

Bai Qingyan looked up and examined the towering building. Taking a deep breath, her eyes reddened slightly.

Soon, she'll see the man who loved her deeply.

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