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Chapter 801: A Scolding From Old Master Bai (2)

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Old Master Mo poured out his wrath on Old Master Bai!

“Old man, is this how you raise your grandsons? How dare he flirt with my eldest granddaughter-in-law! Is he blind? He dared to do such a thing when he saw my grandson standing there. What does he mean by that, huh?”

Old Master Bai had just picked up the receiver. He jumped in fright to hear Old Master Mo’s roar. His ear was ringing!

But before he could respond, Old Master Mo took a breath and continued roaring. “He thinks he’s so great! He even dared to flirt with my granddaughter-in-law in front of my grandson? Hasn’t he seen a woman before? He can’t find a wife after his divorce so now he’s stealing other people’s wives? Is the Bai Family full of robbers?

Old Master Bai’s brain was ringing at his tirade. “No, Old Mo…”

“What do you mean no? My grandson told me about it personally, can there be any doubt? So many people in the restaurant witnessed it. You’ve trampled on my family’s reputation.

“And your useless son! He failed to teach his son properly so he was beaten up, then he had the cheek to question me? Who does he think he is? Your boy was shameless enough to flirt with someone else’s granddaughter-in-law, was beaten up by her fiancé, and he dares to say anything? He should consider himself lucky I don’t just shoot him.

“What kind of fools are you raising? Your grandson is despicable, shameless, and useless. Your son has no sense of propriety and dares to question me? I’m so angry, I won’t let this go!”


Old Master Mo finished roaring and hung up the phone.

He picked up the cup of tea on his table and moistened his throat. That felt better!

Meanwhile, in the Bai family, Old Master Bai was bewildered by this outpouring of wrath. He had not even had a chance to explain before Old Master Mo hung up.

He was angry, but one sentence stood out.

His son had questioned Old Master Mo!

Old Master Bai turned to look at the people in the living room. “Which of you dared to question Old Mo?”

Bai Jing shuddered instinctively. “It… it was me!”

Old Master Bai looked at his son incredulously.

“You… you went to question Old Mo over something like that? What is there to question? Did you question why his grandson beat up your son?”

Bai Jing could not help but grow frightened at his father’s tone.

“I… Father, Chi’er was beaten up so badly. I just felt sorry for him. He’s the father of our family’s oldest great-grandson. The boy is young and motherless, and his father was so badly beaten up. Of course I was upset.”

Old Master Bai slapped him angrily. “So you went to question Old Master Mo?”

Bai Jing shrank back after the blow. “No… no… I… I just made a call… ah…”

Old Master Bai slapped him again before he could finish.

“Just made a call? What else can you do besides make a call? Were you thinking of going over to the Mo house and questioning Old Mo in person? Old Mo would probably shoot you!”

Bai Jingcheng said in an aggrieved tone, “But, Father, Chi’er is the Bai family’s grandson. We can’t just allow someone from the Mo family to beat him. Who is Mo Beihan? He’s just a country bumpkin who has no influence in the Mo family! How can he compare to our Chi’er?

“At the very least, I am also the Bai family’s Young Master. Surely, Old Master Mo wouldn’t shoot me? The Mo family has been on the decline for years, but our Bai family has been doing very well.”

Old Master Bai exploded in rage and started to kick him. “You idiot, I’ll beat you to death. Even if the Mo family has really declined, Old Master Mo is not to be questioned by an idiot like you. Come here! Don’t you dare dodge!”

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