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Luo Zhi Qiu didn't see Luo Wei out of the city. He sat back down at the desk to look over the work he still hadn't finished. It wasn't just about the work, there were some feelings that were difficult to explain, and he didn't want Luo Wei to see it in him. This kid's thoughts were complex and full that even a drop of water wouldn't slip by unnoticed. It was almost terrifying. If he knew that he was royalty one day, would he be satisfied just to act as a minister in the imperial court's employment? Luo Zhi Qiu became more and more afraid as he thought about it, until he stopped thinking about it entirely out of fear.

Luo Ze went with Luo Wei all the way to the north gate.

"Big brother, whatever's happening at home is up to you now, take care," Luo Wei said by way of farewell.

"Xiao Wei," Luo Ze also couldn't stop from repeating himself, telling Luo Wei to be as careful as he can on the road, "The outside world is not the same as being at home, you have to watch out for anything."

But something else occurred to Luo Wei at the moment. He pulled a portrait from his sleeve and handed it to Luo Ze, whispering into his brother's ear, "Big brother, the person depicted in this portrait is Ning Fei. In case Qi Lin Villa fails, on the days around the examination, tell the guards at the four gates of the city to watch out for him. If he comes to the city for the exam, you must keep him from attending."

Luo Ze asked, "You want me to kill him?"

Luo Wei answered, "There's no need for that. You can arrange for a couple of soldiers to start a fight with him on the street. Attacking imperial soldiers out in the open is enough of an offense to keep him out of the martial exams forever."

Luo Ze nodded. He's a straightforward and honest person. He couldn't have thought of a plan like this even if he wanted to, but he could feel how devious his kid brother was. "Xiao Wei," Luo Ze couldn't help but ask, "Do you know this guy?"

"Never met him," Luo Wei answered.

"Then why do you hate him so much?" Luo Ze asked.

Luo Wei smiled, "Big brother, he's someone who will oppose our family, so I have to deal with him."

Luo Ze thought about it a bit, but the reason was sound enough, "You're right."

Luo Wei could tell that Luo Ze wasn't happy, and his heart thrummed in his chest, "Big brother, do you think what I'm doing is dishonest? Not something a gentleman would do?"

Luo Ze regarded his little brother, and responded gently, "Of course not, I know you're doing this for the crown prince."

Luo Wei leaned closer to Luo Ze, and whispered into his ear again, "I'm doing this for our family."

A shiver ran through Luo Ze's body.

Luo Wei kept going, "If something happened to the crown prince, what's going to happen to the Luo family? Big brother, there's only ever been one throne."

"Xiao Wei?" As he listened, Luo Ze wanted to cover Luo Wei's mouth by reflex.

"Okay, I'm leaving now," Luo Wei grinned as he stepped back, "Big brother should go home and spend more time with my sister-in-law, I want to hear some good news when you get back!"

"You little asshole!" Luo Ze didn't know if he ought to laugh or be shocked, and in the end could only toss a curse at Luo Wei, "Get there fast and come back soon, don't make us worry too much."

Luo Wei said everything he had to say and didn't dally any longer. He, along with the five Secret Guards and Qi Zi, kicked their horses and started their journey northward.

Luo Ze returned home. His wife, Xu Yue Miao had been waiting up for him.

"Did Xiao Wei head out already?" Xu Yue Miao asked.

"No yet," Luo Ze didn't ask her for help, and took off his coat on his own, "He's going to that stone exhibition tomorrow or something."

His wife nodded, "Looks like he still likes to play, mother'll be furious when she finds out."

Luo Ze changed the subject and asked about his three year old son, "Is You Er asleep?"

"Yeah," Xu Yue Miao poured a cup of water for Luo Ze, handing it to him, "He's tuckered himself out, making trouble all day."

"Yue Miao?"


Luo Ze, "Actually, Xiao wei..."

"What about Xiao Wei?"

Luo Ze didn't know how to finish the sentence. He surmised that perhaps Luo Wei didn't hate Xu Yue Miao as much as he pretended to. If he hated her as much as he'd said in the past, then perhaps his lady wife would've already been dead. "Yue Miao," Luo Ze said to his wife, "I'm telling you, our little brother is the most formidable person in our whole family."

Back with another one! : ) Luo Wei's interactions with his older brother is really cute, hehe...

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