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Ye Xiao didn't think of it earlier. Just as how it was described said in the world, Wind, Cloud, Thunder and Lightning were four beautiful men. The four of them were all at the level nine of Dao Origin Stage. It had been one hundred years since they were seen as four beautiful men, however, they became old and clumsy with white hairs and beards now…

It was impossible that they would become like this, as they were all powerful cultivators.

That was why Ye Xiao didn't think of Wind, Cloud and Thunder the first moment when he heard their names!

Maybe… Maybe they all got seriously injured by Wu Fa.

That injury was the reason why they grew older so fast!

Otherwise, strong as they were, they should have many years to live in the world. They shouldn't need to worry about having a personal disciple so soon…

Ye Xiao sighed.

The three old men were still quarreling.

None of them really wanted a fight, but none of them would like to give up the chance. They were all so determined.

In the end, Lei Dadi grabbed Yue Changtian on the collar and let him make a decision. He was the Prime Master after all. They wanted him to decided Ye Chongxiao's future as the Prime Master…

The other two old men didn't hesitate. They crowded over and grabbed on Yue Changtian too. One of them grabbed on his chest, while the other grabbed his sleeve. They talked so loud as if they would kill themselves if Yue Changtian didn't assign Ye Chongxiao to them.

Yue Changtian was in such a big trouble all of a sudden.

He surely wouldn't dare to piss any one of the three old men.

The three old men were already furious. It seemed they were ready to have a big fight outside the hall to decide who could have the young disciple today.

"Let's fight! Winner gets to make the call! Winner gets the young man!"

"Let's go! You think I'm be scared?" Lei Dadi held his sleeves and laughed weirdly, "You two have been beaten up by me for your whole lives. Now you ask more!"

"We have been respecting you because you are the oldest! You think you really are that capable?"


"Come on! Let's see who's a coward!"

"Let's do it!"

The three old men were walking out.

Everybody else was shocked… [Are they really going to fight?]

[No! They can't!]

At this important moment, Yue Changtian thought of something.

"Wait! Grandmasters. I have an idea. You may want to discuss about it!" Yue Chagntian spoke loudly.

"What is it?" Lei Dadi looked back.

That was just a joke. None of them three really wanted that fight. Since they were badly injured in the old days, they had lost their cultivation foundation although they still had the same cultivation. In other words, they were the same powerful in a fight, but they were already at the end of their lives. That was why they looked so old. They felt lucky to be alive everyday.

It didn't mean they couldn't fight. They could. They were still as powerful as they used to be. However, they didn't use spiritual power to fight anymore. Instead, they used their life energy. More as they used it, more likely they would die immediately.

When Xuan Bing came to Cold Moon Palace and hurt the three elders, the three grandmasters didn't show up to fight against her. In one hand, Xuan Bing was too powerful. The three old men had to fight together so as to have chance to defeat Xuan Bing. In the other hand, the three old men knew that Xuan Bing didn't really want to wipe out Cold Moon Palace, and she was just sending a message. That was why the three of them just kept hiding!

If they really had a fight now, they would have to burn their life energy. If things went worse, the three of them might need no disciples ever. They might just all die there.

"I understand how you feel, grandmasters… But… There is only one disciple." Yue Changtian smiled, "How about… We make Ye Chongxiao a personal disciple to all three of you. What do you think?"

"Good idea, Prime Master! Good!"

"Nice! Not bad!"

"That's right. You are a good Prime Master! What a great idea!"

The three old men all agreed with pleasure!

Yue Changtian was surprised. He suddenly felt like he had eaten a piece of shxt. [The three old guys reacted so quickly. They didn't even hesitate a bit. They must have thought about this earlier. They just felt disgraced to say it, so they let me say it for them…]

[You want this, then why don't you just say it… Why do you have to do this to me…]

[Is this fun?]

After all that had happened, Ye Xiao, Ye Chongxiao, finally and officially became a disciple of Cold Moon Palace!

He had a pretty high seniority even though he was new in the sect. He was a disciple brother to the Prime Master!

Yue Changtian now had a little younger disciple brother, who was apparently the inheritor of the three grandmasters. Ye Xiao was now even more important than all other disciples. [We were only personal disciples to our masters in the old days. He is definitely better than being a personal disciple now.] The nineteen Dao Origin Stage cultivators in the hall all felt weird at the moment. However, they all showed a fake smile and gave Ye Xiao something as gifts to congratulate him.

"Brother Zhan." Ye Xiao was standing before Zhan Yunfei's eyes. He felt so good about it.

[You? You want me to be your disciple? Hah! Now we are the same generation in the sect!]

[Wait! When I officially become the inheritor, I am in higher position than you!]

Zhan Yunfei showed him an ugly face. "Brother Ye."

Ye Xiao took over Zhan Yunfei's present. He showed a pure and friendly big smile.

Zhan Yunfei turned around with a blank face. He didn't turn back…

"How will the three grandmasters train Brother Ye?" Yue Changtian was also feeling sick about this. However, a genius disciple stayed in the sect after all. The sect finally had an opportunity to rise in the future. He felt happy about it.

"Well, that's simple." Lei Dadi rubbed his beard and said, "We will train him for three months first. After three months, according to his cultivation level, we will put him into the ground competition! We must keep the ground competition fair. No matter who he is, he must fight his own way up from the bottom of the league. Who has the bigger fist makes the call!"

"That's right!" Feng Wuying smiled. "Good steel needs a heavy hammer! One will only glow in splendid light after hard training. We will train him step by step and make sure he will improve faster."

"That's right. That's what we should do as his masters. However, the most practical training…" Yun Piaoliu said, "It should be the ground competition of the sect."

"You are right. Masters. But, Brother Ye is weak in cultivation. I am afraid he will get hurt among the disciples. Even though you are going to train him for three months, I don't think he will make any progress!" Yue Changtian was worried. "It is good to make him practice. However, if we push him too hard, won't it be worse for him…"

"Humph! He is our disciple. Even if he will get hurt, so what?" Lei Dadi looked up and spoke arrogantly, "After less than one and half a year, he will be at the peak of Spirit Origin Stage!"

"Heh, heh…"

Yue Changtian obviously didn't believe it!

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