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Ye Xiao stopped talking too. He started to sit in meditation, trying to absorb spiritual energy from the sky and earth. This was the first time he cultivated in Qing-Yun Realm.

Erhuo was staying in his clothes, like a quiet child.

After a while, the enormous amount of spiritual qi started to gather over to Ye Xiao like tides…

Ye Xiao felt that he was floating inside the ocean of spiritual qi. That felt so good. He felt like flying in the universe.

The inner core created a huge lake of spiritual energy which slightly poured over his Jing and Mai through a tiny aperture. The energy ran over his body like a hot spring…

It was soft and warm, but also contained a slight sense of coldness. He felt like several streams of spring water were running inside his body. The energy slowly, went through his Jing and Mai and he felt his body became much more sensitive.

He felt like lying in the spring water, which was just warm enough to make him forget the passage of time. Every nerve inside him was in their most sensitive status.

At the same time, the dense spiritual qi from the Space started to run into his Jing and Mai too. The spiritual qi met the energy from the inner core in his dantian. They immediately merged and ran into every piece of his body together.

Spiritual qi from all over the world was rushing over to Ye Xiao because of his special martial art and the qi from Erhuo's natural skill.

It meant four sources of energy all rushed into Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai at the same time!

Over three hundred Cold Moon Palace disciples all sensed the dense spiritual qi around them at the same time. They were confused but didn't waste the chance to absorb as much as they could…

They all sat in meditation too.

Xiao Mufei frowned. He knew it was abnormal that the spiritual qi from the world gathered together like this. He kept looking around but couldn't find anything special.

Spiritual qi could not be sensed by natural human senses. Only when one was operating his own spiritual qi could he feel it strongly. However, he could sense the spiritual qi's consistency and pure degree and that was all.

The next moment.

Xiao Mufei silently jumped up to a hundred meter height. He stepped on the air and he rushed up again. When he stopped rising, he raised his arms so that he could rise up dozens of meters high.

Till now, Xiao Mufei had risen over two hundred meters high. He looked down.

He couldn't see the spiritual qi, but he could see many other things, like the fog!

The fog would move along the spiritual qi. His disciples all just wanted to absorb the spiritual qi to improve themselves!

Xiao Mufei wanted more. He wanted to figure out what exactly made this happen. He tried to locate the source of the gathering by observing the fog. He was experienced, unlike others!

He looked down and found something… The fog over those men's heads were rolling. It became a vortex…

The center of the vortex was… the young man he just met… Ye Chongxiao!

Xiao Mufei widely opened his eyes. His eyes nearly popped out the eye frames!

He couldn't believe what he saw at the moment!

"He had just come here from the lower realm… He should be no more than level 2 of Spirit Origin Stage… But… Even Dream Origin Stage cultivator under level five can't do this…

"His body automatically absorbs the spiritual qi… and gathers it into his dantian… Only those with supreme body could do this…" Xiao Mufei took a cold breath in, "Hmm… Only the legendary Nature Exquisite Body can do this. Only people with that marvelous body can absorb spiritual qi in such a marvelous way when they are so weak…

"But… Nature Exquisite Body hasn't shown up for tens of thousands of years… A legendary physical condition…"

Xiao Mufei stared at Ye Xiao who was concentrated in cultivating. He was shaking!

[Ye Chongxiao has eaten the inner core of Golden Scale Fish by luck. That gives him a ten thousand years cultivation! And… if he truly has a Nature Exquisite Body…]

[Is it… his future...]

Xiao Mufei got down to the ground like a flying meteorite. He quietly walked to Ye Xiao and took a close look at his body, his skin, his face and everything…

After a long time, he found something different. There was a mass of light purple qi hidden under Ye Xiao's skin…

He wouldn't find it if he didn't check it very carefully!

He took a cold breath in and murmured, "He… truly has… the legendary Nature Exquisite Body?"

He sat on the ground with a complex expression on his face.

He looked at Ye Xiao and then finally made a long sigh.

He wanted to take Ye Xiao back to the sect, because he didn't want the latter to serve other sects. If Ye Xiao could become a loyal member of them, it would be the best.

Along the way, he liked Ye Xiao more and more. He felt that he should protect this young man, however, he wouldn't sacrifice much for him.

He had thought about some possible situation. If things got real dangerous, he would try to protect Ye Chongxiao. If it cost too much to do so, like if he needed to sacrifice half of his men, he wouldn't do it. Ye Chongxiao was a valuable person at the moment, but it would still take time for him to improve. He might not be as valuable as the hundreds of disciples he had right now…

He would rather kill Ye Chongxiao immediately if it took lots of his men's lives to keep the young man alive. As long as he was dead, there wouldn't be any problems…

What they were fighting for was gone, so there was no reason to fight anymore.

However, what he just found out changed his mind.

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