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The king half closed the eyes and said, "We reward the one who contributes and punish the one who blunders. Let’s wait till General Ye returns."

And then he said, "One more, Zuo Wuji is young and talented. Send him in to royal house as a study companion. Give him the right to walk freely in front of the king. No actual official post."

That was setting a direction for Zuo Wuji.

It surely needed replenishment to make it a formal decree, but that was somebody’s job. The king didn’t need to worry about that…

"That is all. Off court!"

"Wise King!"

This was the day Zuo Wuji officially stepped on the political area at the age of 19. He didn’t get an actually post yet, but he could be with the king as he wished and read in the royal house.

This was what Zuo Wuji needed the most at the moment.

The king gave him this on purpose. He wanted to watch Prime Minister Zuo’s grandson and get to know him better.

This was the beginning of Zuo Wuji’s life in the court, the one who handled the waves in the future.

One month was passed!

In the ice mountain outside the city.

Ye Xiao sat on the top of the mountain cross-legged. He was trying to feel Bing-Er’s breath inside the mountain.

Bing-Er was already level five of Sky Origin Stage now!

She was definitely boosting her cultivation tremendously within the month.

She didn’t completely use the entire month to grow her cultivation. Every time when she broke through a new level, she would practice martial arts with Ye Xiao, so as to enhance the stability. Ye Xiao never showed mercy when he fought against Bing-Er…

He was like a huge hammer, shaping Bing-Er, the outstanding sword in every second he could use!

He stroke so badly so as to purify her energy as soon as he could!

However, surprisingly, she improved much faster than he expected. Bing-Er didn’t show any instability at all, even though her cultivation was rapidly progressing. Ye Xiao knew no matter how hard he worked to stay to stabilize her power, as she improved too fast, she shouldn’t be stable like this. However, she was that stable.

Ye Xiao couldn’t think it through. He could only explain that Bing-Er was talented. There was nothing else he could think of anyway!

Bing-Er was now breaking through a new level.

After that, she would become level six of Sky Origin Stage!

[If she stays upgrading this fast, we are going to make it before it’s too late.] Ye Xiao thought.

However, at this moment, Ye Xiao looked to the capital. He was surprised…

In the capital, there were a dozen guys staying in the capital for over a dozen days. They were trying to hide there.

"Where the hell is Feng Monarch now?"

"The second auction is over now… How can he skip such an important event, as he is the owner! What is he doing?"

"What should we do? We got a few supreme dan beads. That is good. But we are not here for this…"

"Guys, do you think it is possible that he knew we are coming, so he hid away?"

"Absolutely not!"

"Then why is it?"

"What about we do as I said earlier. We take Wan Zhenghao and question him about Feng Zhiling. He will talk."

"Not wise! We will alert them! Besides, I don’t think Feng Monarch cares about Wan Zhenghao that much."

"Wan Zhenghao has a weird background though. The grandmasters told us not to get him involved if we don’t really have to. We should focus on Feng Zhiling the most!"

"Once they are alerted and he notices the danger, he may hide away forever. That is only going to get it more and more complicated. We can’t stay in between two realms forever."

"Just act cautiously. Kill Feng Zhiling first and then do the investigation on Ling-Bao Hall."

"That’s right."

"That is upsetting… Humph… He is just an ant, a Sky Origin Stage ant… And they actually need us to come down for it… God damn it…"

"Don’t be upset. Just kill that Feng Monarch and we will return for cultivation! You said it yourself. He is simply in the Sky Origin Stage. It should be easy as a piece of cake. It won’t take us much time!"

"Not much time, huh? I have had enough already. You know I will get to Dream Origin Stage just after a little more cultivation! And I suddenly was sent for this stupid mission. It disturbed my schedule completely. I don’t know when will I return to that status again…"

"That is true! I only need a little bit of push too! But I was sent over…"

"Come on, you guys. Just get satisfied already. I was feeling the second level of Dream Origin Stage, yet I was stopped… All in all, this Feng Monarch is completely an annoying prick!"

"Forget it. Complaining won’t help. Just go get this ant smashed and return."

"That’s right."

"Let’s stay energetic! Find him and finish this!"

After waiting for over a dozen days, they were impatient.

"We have been looking for him for so many times. There is no sign of him at all. Even if he can fly up to the sky and burrow down deep to the ground, he couldn’t escape our spiritual mind research!"

"He is definitely not in the city. Would he be out of the city?"

"That’s right. Let’s go out and search for him. Let’s take it as a leisure walk…"

"Hmm. I heard there was an ice mountain that popped up from sky. That must be a marvelous scene. I haven’t visited it yet… Maybe there are some treasures on that mountain waiting for our visit. If there truly are, this isn’t wasting time though…"

"Hmm. Let’s go then."

Ye Xiao was sitting on the mountain, looking at the capital and a few streams of strong qi shot over. He was a bit worried!

[Why so many superior cultivators?]

[What… What is going on?]

[Did I expose myself accidentally?]

He was upset and worried about it.

There shouldn’t be anybody who noticed him here…

He thought his action could draw away people’s attention, so he didn’t expect to be followed up to this place…

He touched his face and thought that he should stay as Feng Monarch. He couldn’t expose his identity as Ye Xiao after all…

In fact, those men came over to the ice mountain for purely coincidence.

They wanted to find Feng Monarch, so they went to Ling-Bao Hall. However, they saw no trace of Feng Monarch. Because Wan Zhenghao had a special background and they didn’t want to alert them, they didn’t get on Ling-Bao Hall directly. They had no idea where to get on.

However, when they decided to just have a walk outside the city… There it was the coincidence…

They finally met Feng Monarch!

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