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Chapter 1919: Decisive battle with Western Sky

“If the Seven Golden Lotuses can send some clansmen as assistance, we perhaps can save even more people, but this time… I feel as though it gives me a kind of…” Ye Xiao creased his brows and pondered for a moment before continuing, “Just have a kind of… feeling like the Human Realm’s matters are past their prime…”

“Could it be that 100,000 years later, with Heaven’s Leaf appearing again in the earth realm, this so-called time of breaking heaven, will unexpectedly end in a tragedy?” Jun Yinglian said, astonished.
“You also said is 100,000 years later… hearts can change.” Ye Xiao said one word after another. “Even if the original intention hasn’t ever changed, and the long-cherished wish is still as before, however, the attitude of the heart still ages to a point beyond recognition… The Seven Golden Lotuses are naturally an unquestionable existence with regards to cultivation level, so much so that they are above their old rivals. However, when you have gain you must have loss and vice versa. Just as I see it, those old enemies of theirs are admittedly inferior in strength, but their attitude of the heart is too good compared to them. A high post and generous salary, high ranking position, dazzling with paper and gold and indulging in a life of luxury, these things are perhaps a sort of obstacle to forging ahead vigorously with cultivation level, but towards mental state… The whole world without exception has scattered this feast, but they eat endless dishes, and also enjoy endless pleasures and are busy with endless work. On the contrary, the Seven Golden Lotuses spent those years dry and dull as they sharpened themselves on a grindstone, even if mental state has changed, it’s also very weak… therefore I would say that, just in the respect of mental state, instead the Seven Golden Lotuses have changed beyond recognition and dropped to a disadvantageous position…”

“In this sort of time period, they already had their mental state degrade to a dangerous degree. Only if they are able to transcend the worldliness of this world and arrive in the middle of an even vaster world, using a young fellow’s appearance to start afresh, no matter if it’s in romance, friendship, or familial love, it’s possible… Otherwise… The extreme vicissitudes of their mental state would cause them to arrive  at the extreme point.”

Jun Yinglian couldn’t help but be somewhat perplexed, and surprisedly said, “What are you saying? With regards to a person in the middle of cultivating, isn’t the more faint and silent the mental state, the better and more exceeding the cultivation? But you’re saying…”

Ye Xiao faintly smiled, and said, “Things of the world all have their limit. Cultivation is also thus. As the years that you and I have cultivated are limited, narrow and shallow, it’s naturally hard to imagine being miserable in the middle of it. Just think a moment. Should one person, year after year not growing old, watching one’s wife and lovers, each and every one go from a unique young beauty to becoming old and rickety, their lives slowly going to an end… What kind of feeling is that?”

“This person’s experience, time after time as they taste this, this person will gradually not again dare to touch this kind of sentiment, and even sentiment in general…”

“And similarly, this person watches their own son grow big, get married and have kids. Afterwards their grandson grows old, the son and daughter-in-law die, and one can only watch with the cool eye of a bystander, not able to redeem these relatives’ lives. By the time that again afterwards the grandson dies, the great-great-grandson also… Watching the family graveyard become more and more large, ranging even farther and wider, but there is always only oneself remaining there, what kind of feeling is this as well?”

“These kinds of vicissitudes of life and death, the boundless desolation, if you aren’t disturbed by some equivalent foreign affairs… It’s actually so much so that whatever lofty ideals they had were all exhausted and ground up. The original intention of those years, the previous stubborn pursuit of dreams, now would seem perhaps no heavier than a goose feather…”

“Perhaps I should say that, right now, what’s supporting them is only a part of their past faith and conviction, that’s all… And with Heaven’s Leaf appearing again in the earth realm, honoring the commitment of this so-called time of breaking heaven, with this whole grand battle spanning the whole world, it’s fundamentally just because of this sort of conviction’s support.”

“Finally right now, Heaven’s Leaf has already reappeared, with this their conviction has already obtained expression. With regards to this battle, regardless of victory or defeat, no matter if it’s life or death, they won’t take it too seriously, so much so that this world isn’t at all inside their eyes…”

Ye Xiao sighed.

Monarch’s Hall engaged in the war!

This previously small Jianghu organization was clearly not in the eyes of the big shots before in a fundamental sense. At most it was a small power with a somewhat out of the ordinary Medicine and Pill Dao. However, at this one battle, they actually erupted out with such a capability, it actually made everyone not be able to help sitting up and taking notice!

This meant that even the five great Sky Kings found material on the Monarch’s Hall lying on their desk tops. In the middle of their busy schedules and marching armies to combat, they were finding time to study this side influence that was currently rising to the skies.

Just as Ye Xiao expected, on the evening of the fifth day after the big Western Sky army’s defeat, the Ye Family forces encampment suddenly encountered an unprecedented attack!

No less than 50 Undead Stage experts, commanding an elite army of hundreds of thousands, entered the Ye Family forces’ encampment and launched a devastating attack!

It took no more than overnight for the Ye Family forces’ encampment to be razed to the ground by the enemy!

Ye Yunduan was saved by a Ye Family expert who risked life and limb to get him out. In the end, he was hit by a powerful enemy’s penetrating palm; because he didn’t have any support to save him, midway on his escape he breathed his last.

This attack that came down totally wiped out the Ye Family forces’ accumulation these few years, and thoroughly reset them!

This occurrence was sudden, and ended even more quickly. By the time that the Seven Golden Lotuses had received news and hurriedly come to provide assistance, it had already been over for a long time, and the invaders had cleanly gotten away. They were only able to arrive to see a camp full of corpses that had been devastated beyond recognition by the enemy!

The whole battlefield unexpectedly didn’t have any remaining survivors whatsoever.

The enemy’s action was ruthless and spicy. It was really enough to make one’s hair stand up in anger.

The Seven Golden Lotuses, confronting this situation, naturally and suddenly flew into a rage. What was before their eyes was clearly a retaliatory slaughter movement.

“Expedition for the whole world, fight at close quarters in the battlefield, winner is the king loser is the villain, nine deaths have no regrets, for all eternity arrive at the truth! Fight to determine victory, committing all manner of crimes, it’s not your death, it just is my death; cultivation level relates to success or failure, schemes achieve life or death! With people especially not!” Guan Shanyao angrily faced upwards and screamed. “But only because you gave vent to anger, and turned towards the family who had cultivation level of no use to take action, you actually violated the most dreaded course of action!”

(TLN: Guan Shanyao is being all poetic here, so it doesn’t translate terribly well)

“In the Jianghu, fighting in close quarters is also okay, whole world’s power struggle it’s also okay; inevitably some regulations need to be abided by! But in case these regulations are destroyed, Meng Tianluo, don’t blame me for being vicious and merciless, a tooth for a tooth! You did one at the beginning, don’t tell me that now I’m not allowed to do fifteen?!”

Guan Shanyao’s words, bursting out and echoing through the night sky, instantly spread widely across the entire Limitless Ocean.

The four directions were quiet for a time.

The middle of the sky suddenly had a wisp of a red colored flash, and Ye Hongchen’s imposing silhouette suddenly appeared at high altitude. Apparently at this moment Ye Hongchen’s body became a lofty giant, all over shining bright, illuminating and giving life to color throughout the world. His eyes watching all four directions attentively, he faintly said, “Meng Tianluo, you broke regulations and violated taboo. With this occurrence in the whole world’s power struggle, your big Western Sky doesn’t have any more leeway!”

These remarks were as flat as water, yet seemed like the same as a judge pronouncing a sentence. From then on he clearly told the whole world that he had reached a verdict in the Human Realm.

When his voice had not yet fallen off, Ye Hongchen’s figure had a burst of wind that swept through heaven and earth rush forth from it. This imposing figure turned towards the west side and left. “Meng Tianluo, come out and fight with me!”

Below, countless shadows of people burst forth at high speed like lightning, traveling back and forth. All of the Heaven’s Leaf’s well known experts all dispatched their troops!

Turning towards the west side’s camp, they launched to the limit, sparing nothing to violently attack and go!

Meng Tianluo’s silhouette flagrantly appeared in the sky and looked off into the distance at Ye Hongchen. “Ye Hongchen, the matter of extinguishing the Ye Family forces, although it was intentionally done, so much so that I had issued a similar order, this evening’s attack was not our doing. Today’s battle is admittedly unavoidable, but I must say this up front!”

Ye Hongchen faintly smiled. “Just like you clearly knew that the massacre of the information specialists was not my side’s doing but still dispatched your troops to attack me…. War, actually only needs one reason. Whether this reason is specific or not, or even is true or is false, is not important!”

Ye Hongchen’s gigantic silhouette abruptly released out an extreme magnificence which then blossomed out over the boundless horizon as a scarlet canopy that suddenly descended upon the world. This endless grand light subsequently became sword qi that overflowed the heavens, illuminating everything in sight.

Along with the grand light illuminating the world, the horizon again had a dragon roar and a phoenix cry appear.

Together counting no less than several thousands of meters, a huge azure dragon body suddenly appeared high in the clouds, charging strongly into the Western Sky camp. Almost at the same time, another creature with stature no less than several thousands of meters appeared, a white colored phoenix. Its whole body had an extremely sharp cry sound lingering on it as it dropped straight down into the Western Sky main forces!

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