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Chapter 1415: I am a Mole

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Everybody knew that Ye Xiao had to attend over ten weddings in a day. Even though he could still physically hold it, he might suffer it mentally. Therefore, they only wanted him to have one drink.

Ye Xiao smiled and raised up the liquor, drinking and thinking, [That is a great suggestion.]

Not that Ye Xiao was pretentious, he just had attended too many weddings recently. Nobody felt better drinking like that. It was already a challenge for Ye Xiao to still join the weddings and drink more liquor.

However, somebody said, “It is good that we all propose a toast to Lord Monarch. However, each table deserves a drink with him alone.”

The others heard it and some of them were angry.

[There are so many weddings recently that Xiao Monarch needs to attend. He is showing great respect to us joining us. Yet this guy wants Xiao Monarch to drink table by table?]

[How could you come up with such a f*ckass idea?]

[Can that be more shameless?]

However, when Ye Xiao heard it, his eyes lit up, and he said in a deep voice, “That is right! One drink to all is never as good as one to each!”

Then he stood up holding his liquor, walked down table after table to drink with everybody, ignoring other’s dissuasion.

When he walked to the table where the person suggested him to drink more, he cast a look at three pairs of eyes.

Both sides were trying to restrain themselves, but in fact, none of them could hold down the excitement in their hearts.

The first person Ye Xiao looked at was Ning Biluo, who hadn’t been heard since ascending to Qing-Yun Realm. The king of assassins in Land of Han-Yang was now just like an ordinary cultivator in the martial world.

He came to this world weak, and the improvement he could have during those days only made him an average cultivator in the world. That was reasonable!

However, Ye Xiao had a pair of sharp eyes. As he looked at Ning Biluo, he realized the man had reached level one of Dao Origin Stage already!

That was not ordinary at all. It was absurd to think that level one in Dao Origin Stage was average. All Dao Origin Stage cultivators were superior cultivators in the world!

In some small towns, a level one cultivator could become a conqueror!

A Dao Origin Stage disciple in the seven great sects could be influential to the sect!

Most importantly, Ning Biluo was so weak when he last saw Ye Xiao. He improved greatly a lot in a short time!

The speed of improvement shocked Ye Xiao.

[If I didn’t get that lucky earlier, could I still be better than Ning Biluo in cultivation?]

He really couldn’t be sure of that. Ning Biluo had truly improved incredibly fast!

At the moment, Ning Biluo was standing with excitement in the face just like the others, raising up his liquor. It was like he finally had the chance to meet somebody he admired for a long time…

Ye Xiao nodded and slipped his gaze aside like they didn’t know each other.

However, through spiritual mind connection, he said to Ning Biluo, “Get drunk today!”

Ning Biluo understood and laughed, “Lord Monarch really shows us respect today. I am flattered! What I do is to have three drinks in a row as a return!”

Then he picked up the big jar of liquor and drank it up in gulps in a short time. After that, he started to stumble.

“F*ck that!”

A man shouted furiously, “The man is lying for the liquor. Now, look at me! I am truly showing my respect!”

Then this man drank up a big jar of liquor in gulps too.

– Gurgle, gurgle… –

It was the man who incited Ye Xiao to drink more. In fact, he was also one of the old fellows of Ye Xiao in Land of Han-Yang, the killer king, Zhao Pingtian!

Beside Zhao Pingtian, there was another man. If Li Wuliang was here, he would definitely run over to talk to this guy. This guy was the person whom Li Wuliang liked so much and wanted to recruit but failed, the first trustworthy subordinate of Ye Xiao, the Instant Killer, Liu Changjun.

Liu Changjun was laughing, spirited up, said loudly, “Today, I am so lucky to see the great Xiao Monarch laugh upon all heroes in the world. I guess I should drink for it…”

Then he lifted a jar of liquor and started to drink it up in gulps. Then he laughed and shouted. “Drinking with Xiao Monarch, nobody is allowed to force the alcohol out by operating martial arts! Let’s just enjoy it to the utmost!”


Everybody was laughing and drinking in a jar…

Ye Xiao didn’t feel any special about it. He had seen too many people drinking in a jar and passing out in the liquor. After the drink, he moved to the next table as if nothing special had happened.

After he left, the guys were still drinking excitedly.

“Lord Monarch is such a nice man. He is friendly to everyone.”

“He is so handsome… If only I have a sister…”

“Cut it off! Look at you, a piteous ugly face. Even if you have a sister, she probably is a troll. You actually want to be Lord Monarch’s brother-in-law. Come on… Be realistic…”

“F*ck you, Wang Laosan. How dare you! Bastard, I am going to kill you in a fight!”

“Let’s fight then! Do you think I am scared? Come on, I will drink to your death!”

“I am drinking to your death!”

“Fine! Let’s see who wins!”

When somebody was really drunk, he either was sent to the toilet, or he went to the toilet himself. Ning Biluo was still fine, staggering up and holding the pants up, said to a man, “Where is the toilet? I… I can’t find it.”

The man was Zhao Pingtian, who was also drunk, and said angrily, “F*ck! What the f*ck are you doing, you bastard! This is where we drink and eat, not the toilet… Are you going to pee here?”

Ning Biluo shook his head and said, “I can’t find the toilet… Can you smell it for me?”

Zhao Pingtian was furious, “F*ck you! You smell it yourself… Am I a dog to you?”

Smell it for me…

People around them were enjoying the scene. They clapped, slapped on the butts, and laughed out loud.

“I am going too… I smelled it…” Liu Changjun staggered up and walked out.

“Where is it? I am going with you!” Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian followed up.

“Where the f*ck do you think you are going… F*ck!” Somebody scolded, “This is not the toilet… Go that way… Go…”

The three men staggered over the other direction holding each other. They didn’t seem able to walk normally. In their hearts, they felt the warmth.

[Finally, brothers, we are back together in Qing-Yun Realm.]

They couldn’t help recollecting the memory of the days they lived in the Land of Han-Yang. It was like a dream.

[Now we are together again!]

[Once again, we follow the master, stirred the world, controlled the world!]

[We have no regrets!]

Nobody talked much, just staggered to the toilet. They even stumbled and fell a few times, which was really embarrassing. A bunch of drunk men laughed and whistled at them behind their back…

[They have fuddled themselves for real…]

They turned around somewhere and disappeared in the forest.

People on the table were still shouting, “Come on! Again! Drink! Who wants more?”

“I do!”


“I am drinking to your death!”

“I am drinking to your death!”

In Ye Xiao’s personal camp.

Bing’er was rubbing Ye Xiao’s temples softly. Ye Xiao was lying with his head on Bing’er’s big breasts, closing his eyes, groaning with pleasure.

Jun Yinglian walked in and saw the provocative scene, so she rubbed her eyes and rolled up the eyes. She said, “The great young Lord Ye, you men are here.”

Xuan Bing saw Jun Yinglian and automatically stopped what she was doing. Ye Xiao still kept his eyes close, and said, “Go on… I am mentally exhausted these days. My temples hurt. Don’t mind the visitors. They are Ning Biluo and the other two…”

Xuan Bing bit her lower lip. She couldn’t disobey Ye Xiao’s order at all… so she just went on rubbing.

Jun Yinglian’s mouth twisted and said, “So they are our men? I am letting them in. Just be careful, you two…”

Ye Xiao didn’t open the eyes, and he looked incredibly comfortable. “Careful for what… When they are with me in Land of Han-Yang, Bing’er was serving me. They knew…”

Jun Yinglian was speechless. [So they are so trustworthy that you don’t even need to hide the intimacy between you two. Well, I guess I am more like a stranger!]

She rolled up her eyes and imagined punching Ye Xiao really hard.

The three assassins didn’t have to pretend drunk anymore. They entered the room and saw two old friends. Zhao Pingtian said gladly, “Oh! Lady Bing’er is here too… We have been worried so much about you. It turns out Master has found you. Congratulations, Master! Congratulations, Lady Bing’er!”

Ye Xiao laughed and said, “That is so nice of you. How do you feel staying in Qing-Yun Realm?”

They hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so they had a lot of chatting before they got to the serious business.

“How did you make it here?”

Ye Xiao asked.

“As I learned more, I know about my ignorance. Thanks to your support, we could come to this world. As we arrived, we realized how small we were when in the Land of Han-Yang…” Ning Biluo made a long sigh.

“After experiencing the power of the cultivators here, we know that there are always, higher skies, thicker lands, and stronger people.”

The other two nodded to agree.

That was true. When they were in Land of Han-Yang, they thought they were the best and looked down upon everybody else. After the ascending, they knew how terrible and stupid arrogance was.

They knew that the sky was boundlessly high, and the world was boundlessly big!

The path to the greatness of martial art did not have an end!

“When I think about the days in Land of Han-Yang… I can’t skip the truth that Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian fought so hard for the seat of the best assassin in the world…” Liu Changjun was giggling. “I always laugh out when I think about it. It is hilarious, isn’t it… Haha…”

Ning Biluo and Zhao Pintian’s faces turned red at the same time, and they glared at Liu Changjun.

They decided to beat him up hard when they left the camp!

How could he joke on the King of Assassins and the Killer King?

Well, they were not kings in this world though!

There was a saying—do not punch someone in the face, or humiliate someone by exposing his shortcomings. Liu Changjun liked to expose something that embarrassed others. He deserved a punch!

“Pingtian, how is Rou’er?” Ye Xiao concernedly asked.

“Thank you, Master. After ascending to Qing-Yun Realm, we have gotten quite some fortunate experience. Rou’er can visualize herself now.” Zhao Pingtian gratefully said, “Rou’er has such a great achievement only because you taught her that technique in Land of Han-Yang. It is marvelous. As long as she keeps practicing it, she will become a living person again.”

Ye Xiao smiled and said, “Don’t be too blindly optimistic though. I killed a vile man many years ago and took the martial art from him. However, I don’t think it is the whole of the technique. If we can get the whole technique, it will help Rou’er much more. Even though she is weak in cultivation, she could still do better.”

He thought for a while and continued, “After this war, let’s pay more attention to it. Maybe we will fill up the martial art… I have a feeling. If that martial art is fully fixed, it may be even more powerful than our martial arts… Martial art for the dead to return to life… It is not evil.”

Zhao Pingtian was spirited. “Thank you, master!”

“Okay. Tell me. Why are you here together?” Ye Xiao asked.

Unexpectedly, after the three assassins talked, Ye Xiao, Jun Yinglian, and Xuan Bing were all shocked.

They even abruptly stood up at the same time.

“In fact, we have heard about you a long time ago…” Ning Biluo surprised Ye Xiao first.

“However, we were too weak. If we stayed with you, we would only become your burden… We wouldn’t be able to help… That is why we decided to keep improving through practical fights… We have been walking on the edge between life and death to improve ourselves.

“Liu Changjun met your brother, Li Wuliang. They got along really well with each other. However, Changjun still wanted to improve himself more before he could return to you!

“Afterward, we heard more information about you… Things were getting strange in the world…

“So I thought… You will start a war against the vile organization sooner or later because you’re such a righteous man. One year ago, we started to collect information about that organization…

“Maybe my experience as an assassin helped. In a coincidence half year ago, I joined the organization and became an assassin in the system.” Ning Biluo smiled, “I am good at that, to be honest!”

“You… Do you mean you joined the organization and became one of their assassins?” Ye Xiao was shocked. Even Xuan Bing suddenly opened her eyes wide. She couldn’t believe what she just heard!

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