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Chapter 9 [Regarding The Cheat of Mine Which Is Still Much Useful Even In Game]

9話 俺のチートがゲームでも通用する件について

TL : Cnine

ED :

Part 1

The 38 PvP  battle of me against Shinji. It should be okay if I can make use of this battle style without arts which is different from the one up till now, if it’s not possible to use this style, then I’ve lost all means I can use.

I was facing against Shinji, somehow with the feeling close to that of actual combat.

I have 2 guns  in both my hand. Moreover, it’s initial equipment. My garment is also that of traveler clothes, the so called made of cloth. Though I’m not against Shinji who wearing his full plate armor, he’s wearing helmet and armor which covering almost all of his vital points, in addition there’s also the shield with wide defense range. The difference of our equipment is as plain as day.

Though we say that the purpose of this PvP is for my attack to hit Shinji, since I have the skill to the extent that there won’t be any accidental shooting, it’s nothing significant, the problem is none.

I’m using every last bit of my power similiar to when facing against my father, and then without giving the chance for my opponent to noticing it―― FIRE.

2 dry “Papan” sound is resounding in the air―― And then it’s snatching Shinji field of vision for a moment.

「HAH!? 」

Though Shinji’s trembling for a moment when he suddenly completely lost his vision, it seems that he immediately noticed after that. I just shoot both of his eyes.


I’m looking at Shinji who was trembling with appearance as if couldn’t believe the situaiton without moving from my place.  At the same time as his surprise, I was slightly surprised too in the fact that I can move my body like how I move my real body.

「Yup, my shooting skill itself is almost reaching my real skill. I can shoot without feeling uncomfortable」

While I saying those words, Shinji field of view is going back. While looking at me with look of disbelief, the corner of his mouth is raising high and saying the words which seems like stockpiling words in loud voice.


I can felt the his feeling permeating inside myself looking at Shinji completely delighted expression as if it’s his own achievement.

「In spite of me saying that it’s difficult for even only accidental head shot and yet……… To both eyes. As expected of real cheat. Moreover, doing something like shooting 2 bullets in that short amount of time」

N? Isn’t there some kind of misunderstanding there?

「I shot 4 bullets. I shot both of your eyes and then both of the gap of your armor」

「EH?  」

Shinji’s solidified for a moment in hearing my words, and then confirming it on his body by quickly taking off his armor. In there is――

「It’s true………….. There really is damage judgement on both side… B-But, I heard no more than 2 sound of gunshot!? 」

「Naturally, it’s because I shot them at the same time. I got 2 guns, so why would I go out of my way todo something as inefficient as using them separately? 」[TL : Courtesy to Rinvelt]

Part 2

Well, I deliberately shifting the timing despite the probability of the timing become messed up when it came to melee, it won’t be found out the reason though I shoot the target who’se standing still in front of me.

「Hahaha………. I get this feeling that I just created a ridiculous monster」

That’s rude.

「That aside, let’s do it for a bit longer. I knew that I can shoot in the same way as the reality but, I want to confirming my field of vision and the deviation of my aim when I’m on the move, and then the movement of my body」

「Yeah, fine by me. I’ll accompany you as much as you like. But, let’s take some distance for 1 game. My HP already entering red zone with your previous attack」

We were separating again in accordance to Shinji words, facing at each other again―― And then moved.

「That swift attack won’t work on me――【Defense Shield】!」

Shinji’s invoking his defense arts and then charging toward me. It gave him more physical ability, his speed also faster than in reality, and sharp.

Facing against that I’m going at him with the same timing at him without ambushing him with my gun. But, my speed is still faster. Shinji’s saved my time by voluntarily running toward me, I then sending a kick toward the blind spot of his vision who still unable to reacting to me who’s covering the distance between both of us in a moment.

Since there was a helmet, my kick wasn’t registered as an attack toward face but, Shinji’s blown to the right as if drawing a perpendicular line from his straight orbit which he came from and then tumbled along with his armor which you can feel the mass in the virtual  field.

Though I’m wondering whether I should pursuing him or not, I stopped moving too since Shinji’s still lying down on the field with dumbfounded look for unable to rise himself. If this was real battle, I definitely will come to stab him.

「What’s matter, Hive?」

Shinji’s not even reacting to my voice and keep looking at the sky and then, slowly opening his mouth from the little gap on his helmet.

「――Hey, So」

「N?  」

「You just way too cheat aren't you」

I did around 10 battle against Shinji after that, and then I perfectly grasped how to move my body in this game.

That’s because, this game made almost no difference in the way of moving one’s own body in real world and virtual world.  But, I have to keep my vigilance since I don’t know how it’ll change when I’m learning skill or arts afterward.

Part 3

The things I was going to try is shooting while I’m moving my body. I could do that without any different with reality. But, the reload time for the bullet which is a bit slower than in reality is a bottleneck for me. I can do that in an instant with reserve magazine if it’s in reality but, in this world I need to wait for 10 seconds recast time by saying 「Reload」 before I can go for the next shoot. Well, it really can’t be helped with this one.

Next is testing my hand-to-hand combat. Though for some reason I know that I can do this too due to my previous test on PvP, the others move such as newaza[1] or shimewaza[2], and when I tried to using various other technique of professional wrestling with playful mood, I could perform everything perfectly without any hindrance.  Even Shinji is surprised by taht and then we played while talking a bit about technique after that. The finishing blow is my camel clutch[3]. My opponent is so died.

In addition, when I tried to test my swordplay by borrowing Shinji spare sword, this also have no problem.  Though I can’t do it since I have no weapon, I might be able to do this part if I have a knife.

Though Shinji’s muttering in the middle 「I don’t even know why a gunner can use sword better than me, a knight」, sooner or later I might not be able to match Shinji if he got complete set of skills and arts for knight after this.

And then, I who briefly tried it then logged out after saying my gratitude to obstinate Shinji. Though I get this feeling that Shinji eyes are fallen slightly to the dark side before leaving, that just my imagination right.

The things which reflected in my eyes right after log out was the ceiling of my room. And then, I felt that there’s something soft on top of my body.

「Uhn………. AH, Onii-chan. Welcome back」

WHo’s this, an angel.

「I’m back, Ruri, uhm, should I say that too」

Ruri’s pondering for a while after I say that, maybe because she couldn’t understand, she eventually smiling a smile which resembling that of sun flower in the end. She’s an angel.

「Rather, what time is it now―― Isn’t this already 10 in the evening!」

I logged in right after coming back from the school and then completely immersing in playing after that. In short, I forget about the dinner. Will mother getting angry too……

After I bid farewell with the angel who getting on top of my body, I hurriedly heading to the living room which we always have meal. The one who I saw there was――

Part 4

「Ara, So-chan. Do you already have enough fun with game? 」

My mother is washing the tableware on washbasin and there was a dinner carefully wrapped placed on top of the table.

「Ah, yes.  Uhm………… Sorry」

「It’s okay, it’s the game which So-chan got after summoning his courage to ask for it right. Did you enjoying it? 」

My mother asked my impression about the game without being angry about the fact that I’m late for dinner.  In addition, I’m carefully replying to her.

「Yeah………….. I’m enjoying it」

「Right. In that case, I’m glad then. I was really worried since you’ve the face as if worrying about something till yesterday but, I’m relieved since you’ve a really refreshing expression now」

AmI that easy to see through.  Though I believed that I’m making sure that it doesn’t show much change myself. No, should I say, as expected of my mother.

「Sorry for making you feeling worried. But that problem already solved」

To me who saying those words, mother is offering the dishes while smiling exactly like the smile made by Ruri while ago. The hungry me is instantly accepting that and went toward the table.

「But please promise me that you won’t be late so much for dinner next time, alright?」

「Yes, I’ll be careful next time――AH」

Come to think of it, I recalled that there was a way to get in touch with outside from game, I stopped moving my chopsticks and told my mother about that method.

「You can send an email even inside of game. Please contact me right away since I will know if there’s an incoming mail to my smartphone」

「He~~, so you can do that kind of thing too, I see.  Say, the latest game is amazing aren’t they」

When my mother saying that, Ruri who’s doing dish-washing on her side is puffing her cheeks. EH, wait a minute, let me to take your picture.

「Ruri want to playing game with onii-chan too」

What’s with this angel. Yup, let’s take her video. Then directly saving it in blue ray for collector version.

「Ruri too? Uhm, I see…………. I’ll think about it」

I keep moving my chopstick as I can’t leave such interesting conversation.

[1] [TL* : Judo technique– Pinning]

[2] [TL : Judo technique too — strangehold]

[3] [TL* : Link for camel clutch]


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