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Chapter 7 [The Reason Why My Best Friend is The Best Ever]

7話 俺の親友はやっぱ最高な件について

TL : Cnine

ED :

Part 1

2 hours after I goes to hunting by forming a party with Shinji. There was 1 fact that I need to accept.

「|Sou《So》, you……………. You suck」

The sole arts which I learned【Twin Shot.Lv1】  I’m using that since a while ago to fight against monster, a completely no hit. It’s quite stressing even just by using gun mechanism which I’m not quite understand but, the things which have tormenting me even more is called simultant shoot.

I making sure to carefully read the slide in the entry of arts once more.

【Arts List】

・Twin Shot(Lv1)

Simultanously firing your dual pistol to hit the target. The accuracy and rapid-firing rate is increasing according to the level.

It’s not simultant, rather, that’s just shooting with loose timing you know. Moreover, the aim also just too half-hearted. It won’t hit the target when the enemy is moving, and won’t hit the target even if I’m moving along. This is way too impossible you know………

「I’ve seen another gunner but, I noticed that they hit the target sometimes. Aren’t you putting too much power? 」

I couldn’t just let Shinji advice to pass. And then, even I know. I’ve know that but, I can’t just let the habit which ingrained in my body.  If I must say, this arts called 【Twin Shot.Lv1】 is just way too poor.  Due to that, as a result of my body is unintentionally rejecting that unnecessary movement, the bullets failed to hit the target. I know the meaning of the words, and the reason but, my instinct is completely rejecting such poor movement.

I, who was receiving special hell course training of my father since childhood. Amongst those was a training which will expose me to danger of my life just by moment of carelessness. ! mistake mean a trip to grave, my body won’t allow me to purposely cutting corner, this style is still ingrained in me even now.  Though I might be able to somehow manage it if this is knife or fist, gun is impossible.

It say that trained assasin will change into part of the gun the moment their finger touched the trigger.  It’s practically similiar to people like the friends of my father whose I meet once before. Though I’m not on that level, at least my body will adapting to unauthorized reaction.  At any rate, the programmed motion of the action is completely obstructed by my own body.

I fought against small fry monster which is popping in the surrounding for a while but, I saved by Shinji so many times when I’m about to die. And then, Shinji said the word which seems difficult to say, but he told me that for my own sake.

「This is……… It seems we need to practice for a while. This is far from hunting with your party, you’ll certainly recognized as land mine due to friendly fire. That was a close call if my occupation wasn’t knight which main point is defense」

「…………. Friendly………….. Fire?」

――The moment I heard that words, a crack formed in my world[i].

Friendly fire is an accidental shooting toward ally. Since you’ll lost the faith from your comrade, it’s the most taboo things in battlefield. I understand the meaning of that words. By asking him again didn’t mean that I don’t understand the meaning of that words, I just can’t believe that I do such things.

Part 2

「Yeah. Yeah, the truth is there was severals attack which come toward me that I blocked with defense type arts――AH! But, don’t fret over it. The entire game itself is mostly for the first time, so it can’t be helped even if you say that shooting occupation is quite difficult you know」

Maybe because he guessing that I’m downhearted. Shinji’s desperately saying it in a way that it won’t hurt me.

But, the turmoil of my heart waay to big than what I think. This is a game, not a reality. I desperately tried to make myself understand that but, even if it was in virtual word, the undeniable truth is that I accidentally shoot my own ally―― what's more, my best friend, felt like a nail was thrust in my heart. [TL* : Courtesy to Rinvelt]

「Sorry,  Shinji. I’m really sorry」

「Don’t worry, this is just a game, no need to fret over it you know. Hn? 」

「………. I, can only play this far today. Thank you for accompanying someone like me. See you――」

「O-OI! ? SO! SO! ! 」

From that day onward, I vanished from Innocent Earth Online.

「Oi, So! You didn’t log in too yesterday. It’s already the fourth day you know? Please get back on your feet. Didn’t I say that I don’t mind about it. WAH? 」

Shinji who’s worrying in the fact that I’m not logging in the Innocent Earth Online after that is coming to the seat beside me and keep persuading me everyday. But, despite I’m feeling sorry for Shinji, I can’t forgive myself who accidentally shooting my own ally, even if it’s in game. Though I’m confident that kind of thing definitely won’t happen in reality, I really have no confident in game. It can’t be helped since I have almost no game skill, there might be no poorer markmans than me in that world.  The result is as clear as day even if we do it again. If that was the case then――

「Sorry, Shinji. I………… I’m still can't do it」

I’m rising from my seat as it is and then leaving the classroom to heading toward the rooftop.

If you ask “why rooftop?”, it’s simply because the scenery which I see from high place is calming my heart. I often came to this place when there’s something troubling me, I also frequently come to this place during this few days.

「Oi, So! Our talk doesn’t end yet! 」

Shinji, who’s gasping for breath, is calling from behind. Though I’m not surprised since I feel his sign, honestly it’s pressuring my heart.

「You, Are you really okay just leaving like that!  ? You’re really stop playing the game which you want to play so much just like that! 」

「…… I don’t want to stop playing game」


「Even so, I can’t bring myself to make same failure!」

「I already can’t bring myself to makethe same mistake. Even if it might be in game, I really didn’t want to shooting my ally. I already―― Didn’t want…………………. To feel that way…………..」

The emotions such as disgust and guilt is intermingling inside my head. More than what, I can’t stop the guilty feeling toward Shinji which is bigger than feeling of giving up on something that I was looking forward only to immediately abandoning that. Though I want to keep playing game when thinking about Shinji, I can’t even bring myself to do that. To be honest, I couldn’t even understand my own feeling anymore.

Shinji who heard my words is thinking about something for a while, and then opening his mouth as if resolving himself.

「…….. Doyou think so. Okay then. Then, have a match with me! 」

……….. A match? What the hell the is guy is talking about.

「Have a one-on-one match with me! Now in this place! If I won, you must log in the game today. If you won’t, feel free to stop playing game」

「……… No, a gamr of you against me……… Or is it a match of something or what?」

「No, it’s one-on-one battle. Here I go, ORAA! 」

Part 3

Right after saying so, Shinji’s brandishing his tightly grippen right fist to my face with large swing.

But, people of the same generation, moreover, an ordinary person will never reach me, this fist is magnificently hitting on the empty air where I stand a while ago. Though he’s tumbling due to the residual force, he somehow remaining in that place and suddenly turning around and heading toward me for the second time.

「O-Oi, stop it Shinji, that’s dangerous」

Naturally, Shinji is the one who’s in danger.  An amateur who never train his fist will have bone fracture when he punch solid things, their body will be injured by falling too. It was really dangerous a while ago. But, Shinji’s completely ignoring my words.

「Shut up, I decided to do what I say. Don’t stop me! 」

That words is pricking in my heart more than anything else.

「No, I say stop it already! You can’t win against me! 」

Even I think that I’m the lowest for saying such things. If it was my father, I definitely will beat him at least.

「You won’t know if you don’t try right! If I’m just worrying whether I can win or not, I definitely will regret it. That’s my way! 」

That words too is definitely stabbing into my heart. But, this is reckless attempt no matter how you think. The difference in power between me and Shinji is waaay too much. Shinji absolutely can’t win against me. The difference of just saying it is there.

And yet, Shinji’s not stopping swinging his fist.

「Don’t escape! With just one failure」

「Is your “looking forward to it” only that much! Or else, do you really think that something like game is boring! ? 」

「……….. There’s no way I will think that it’s boring」

「Was it so hateful to play with me!? 」

「As if!! 」[So]

I also reacting with similiar passionate voice to Shinji words.

「I want to play with you! But, I don’t know the how to play[suck]! 」[So]

To my passionate reply, Shinji’s replying with even more passion.

「Why not looking for it!」

Part 4

「Looking for it! But, I’m completely lacking in the necessary point in order to change to the other occupation from gunner. In the end, I have no choice but to using my gun again」

After that incident, I was looking for various ways in something like BBS question or hints.  It really doesn’t mean that I’m completely giving up from the very beginning. But, I made zero progress after that. To change my occupation, I need to clear some event using play style of my current occupation, moreover, I understood the structure where you can’t do or unable to save the necessary point or raw material.

I thought that I might be able to  somehow doing it while secretly training alone in game. But, maybe because I think that if similiar things happened again, my hand is trembling and I’m unable to pick my【REVE】.

「…….. It’s okay even if you don’t know how to do it you know」

Shinji also stopping his fist as he’s looking at me who’s hanging my head down and stopped avoiding him.

「Then―― Why you aren’t tell me about about that!」

「……. EH」

「You can ask me about that you know! I’m a man who almost have nothing in which I can win against you in real life but, I’m your senior when it comes to game!」

「…….. Shinji」

「I will try to do something about it. That’s why―― Trust me, So」

――That words is forcefully wrenched open the lid that I desperately trying to shut in my heart.

And then, I finally saw it. The figure of Shinji frantically outstretching his hand to me who’s inside the cover that I desperately tried to shut.

「Yeah…………… Sorry, Shinji」

Shinji is slowly shaking his head in hearing my words.

「It’s not I’m sorry right. What you have to say right now is」

――You really are……….

「Yeah…………. Help me, Shinji」

「――Leave it to me!」

This day I, returned to Innocent Earth Online.

[i] Need image for crack formed in my world[anime]


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