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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 [When I Started Playing The Game]

6話 俺がゲームを始めた件について

TL : Cnine

ED :

Part 1



――When I open the door, that place was the virtual world.



Things which sudden came into my cleared field of vision is workshop and shop, and on it’s opposite is houses which standing in row as if encircling the big street. And then, there’s a plaza with big fountain. Moreover, it’s completely buried only with people, people, and more people. If so much human is jammed in my home town it’ll make an “Just what kind of festival being held today” uproar.


Oops, it’s not the time for me to be befuddled. Don’t i have to meet Shinji. When I’m looking at the surrounding as I thinking of that, A voice is reached into my ears from slightly separated place.


「O~i,  So. Over here」


When I’m looking at that direction, someone who’s looking like Shinji so much is calling to me. Or rather, he’s Shinji. There’s no doubt about it. It just that I’m slightly bewildered since his appearance is just like middle aged knight. What the heck, so cool.


「Yo, Shin―― Or not. Hive」


「Oh, it seems that you’re more or less properly learning the manner of online game. Very nice job」


「Well, i guess. Or rather, as expected of you to find me in this kind of crowd」


「It’s because your appearance is extremely conspicious no matter where you go. Look at the face of the player on your surrounding. The male plainly have annoyed face, and the female have extremely curious face right.  If it’s from me, that kind of expression is an extremely convenient searching device」


「I-i see…………….」


If it’s from me, the black colored hair of pure japanese is an extremely envious things. Well, it can’t be helped. A half is extremely conspicious in this country, the think I wished for is too much after all. I have no choice but to fight with the weapon in my hand. For example, how I seems to the other people.


「This is a conspicious place. Let’s go to the field for the time being」




I’m agreeing to Shinji proposal. Despite being conspicious a while ago, I know that I’m not that conspicious in reality.



After we’re on the field devoid of people, Shinji was talking to me while opening his own ability terminal screen.


「Well then, let’s confirm your occupation and ability right away. You’ve not confirming it yet right? 」



「Yeah. How can I activated terminal screen? 」


「It’ll coming out if you just think “come out, ability terminal screen”. Or rather, this is supposed to be written in the manual but……. Have you skip it? 」


「W-Who know」


It can’t be helped since I;m looking forward to it. Uhm, ability terminal screen, was it. Oh,it came out. It’s just like semi-transparent borad huh.

Part 2



「It came out」


「Well then, touch your terminal screen as it is. just think of it like a big smartphone」


I’m following Shinji instruction and then finally arrived in the place called list of ability terminal screen.


「There’s entry called 【Occupation】 and 【Arts】. Moreover there’s also entry called 【Skill】and【Magic】 right? 」




「Then, try to looking from 【Occupation】」


I’m touching the occupation entry following Shinji advice. Thereupon, it’s content was floating before me.


「Then, what was written on it?」


「U~hm……………………….. It say Gunner. Judging from the name, is it an occupation which using gun? 」


「That’s right, it’s a rare occupation with not so many user for it. f I’m not wrong, It was a style where you’re using gun to hit your opponent from mid-range. Next is, It’s the only occupation in which allowed you to using two gun―― The dual pistol」


i see. Then, what’s different between this occupation and the usual me?


「This gunner, can it use magic?」


「It’s not like it can’t use magic………. But I think, I never heard things like “learning something which is different from your aptitude occupation is very hard“.  I don’t think that there’s magic in gunner battle style」


――What……………………. THE HELL………..!


「Could it be that there’s someone saying something like “the so called gunner is useless job“?」


「No, there’s nothing like that. Well if I must say it, it’s a normal occupation」


「I……….. See…………….」


「That’t right, don’t give up. Next, let’s confirm your arts」


Despite unable to hide my trembling, I opened 【Arts】 entry following after Shinji suggestion.


【Arts List】

・Twin Shot(Lv1)

Simultanously firing your dual pistol to hit the target. The accuracy and rapid-firing rate is increasing according to the level.

Part 3




Only 1…………….. Seriously…………… Moreover, what the hell with this Arts. I can accomplish that with my eyes closed.


「That’s Gunner exclusive arts.  It’s simultanously shooting your opponent with ordinary dual pistol, more so since it’s absolutely impossible for an amateur to hitting their opponent with that arts. Even so, it seems that it’s possible to hit your opponent if this arts is used by militaryman or policeman who received training for it」


He, He~………………. I don’t know what shouldI do……………. or rather, isn’t this arts completely deteriorating my skill?


「Next is. Try to see your skill」




What should I do………….. It feel like that my heart is going to break if my skill is rotten skill too. Please…………..


【Skill List】




Yup, it’s broke~, my heart is broke you kno~w~T^T. I mean, nothing in it………. Seriously. ………. Could it be there’s somekind of resentment in this game that I bought.


「O-Ou………………. Well……………….. How should I say…………………… It seems there’s this kind of case too. In ultra-rare case」


「Please don’t try to comfort me………………. I’ll do my best with everything I have……………」


Well, in case of me don’t have any skill.


「Come to think of it, Shi――Hive, what’s your impression?」


「Want to look at mine? Here」


As he say so, Shinji’s flicked 2 terminal screen with his fingers and it’s slide in front of me.


【Arts List】

・Offense Shield(Lv2)

An arts to attack the opponent with your shield[bash]. Number of continues attack [2], Recast time [10 second]. The shortening for recast time decreasing according to level, the speed and number of continues attack increasing according to level.


・Defense Shield(Lv2)

And arts to defending from enemy attack with shield. Number of continues defense [3], Recast time [10 second]. The recast time is shortening according to level, the reaction speed and the number of possible continues defense is increasing according to level.


・Blade Attack(Lv1)

An attack to attack the opponent with dagger, short swort, katana, two-handed sword and one-handed sword.  Number of continues attack [2], Recast time [10 second]. The shortening for recast time decreasing according to level, the speed and number of continues attack increasing according to level.



【Skill List】

・High Alert!(Lv1)

Collecting the Heat of the opponent within 10 metres radius from the user. Recast time [180 second]. The recast time is shorthening according the level, the radius is enlarged according to level. Active Skill.

Part 4



・Ability Enhancement(Lv1)

Enhance ability. And the user will gain bonus damage when attacking a certain parts of the body with weapon in melee. The ability is enhanced in accordance to the level.  Passive Skill.


・Defense Enhancement(Lv1)

Enhance Defense power. And the user will gain status bonus when equipping armor. The ability is enhanced in accordance to the level. Passive skill.



So much………. Is this the difference between me and the leading group.


「Say, what’s the difference between “Active Skill” and “Passive Skill” which written in the end of the explanation?」


「Active skill is the skill which you can activate at your own discretion. Passive skill are the opposite of that, it’s a skill that always active」


「I see, easy to understand. But, you’ve abundance of skills and arts」


「It’s because my occupation is knight. Mine is centering in the skills and arts to protect my party member.  It’s what you call as “Tanker”. The other guys will be gathering the “Hate” of the enemies as a vanguard during the gap between attack, I’ll buying them time for the sake of throwing a big attack」


「He~~. Then, are you normally playing with others? 」


「Yup. I’m making a guild with the guys in the same school as us, they’re a skilled one」


Despite I have no one but Shinji as someone who I can call as a friend, the siciable Shinji himself have many friends. Though he cut some slack for me today, I can’t be like a spoiled chiled to Shinji.


「I see, my bad. You cut some of your hunting time with them for my sake」


「Don’t worry about it. Rather, won’t you come to our guild too? We’re going to welcome you you know? 」


Guild huh. U~hn……….


「Since I’m still fumbling around with this game, I think that I’m going to do it alone till I can do many things. Sorry despite your trouble for going as far as inviting me」


Though it doesn’t mean that much is enough for a reason, it’s hard for me to say something bad to Shinji more than this. I’m sorry, I decided to refusing your invitation.


「I see, well just talk to me if you’ve change of mind. I’ll always give a warm welcome to you」


Shinji shoulder is dropping slightly afterward, but he instantly recovered and said those words to me with bright tone. For the sake of this me…………… You really are too good to be my friend.


「Well then, let’s go hunting as it is. Since there’s wapon amongst the initial items, you might be able to somehow pull it out if you use that」


「Oh, that’s nice」


It’s finally time for adventure huh. My proper game is finally begin with this but, somehow or another there’s Shinji too.


――Let’s do this!

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