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Good Day!

Cnine Here. It feel like that we just celebrating 2017 yesterday. Another year closer to our ……… Enjoy the 3 in 1 which is not 3 in 1

I request for anyone who have [.txt] file or [.epub] file of Seigensou[LN volume 7++] or Mushoku Tensei[LN volume 4+++], please contact me at my email ([email protected]) since I'm interested for the translation of those title. RECRUITING PROOFREADER AND EDITOR FOR NFB, THE CURRENT ONE IS OFTEN MIA[DUE TO RL]. The requirement are able to proofread[made the sentence flowing more smoothly] and editing[since all chapter is short chapter. Please look forward to our new project

Special Gratitude to my patrons:

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My gratitude to the Kind soul :

None for the time being………

TN : Some name is incomplete for the protection of their privacy

Without Further ADO , ENjoy :~(‘.’~)

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