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Chapter 35 : Re-Challenge = Motivation+Courage+Guts

After indulging myself in gaming weekend, I who attended the school like usual is fronzen stiff in front of the school gate. It doesn’t mean that there’s thick armor attached to it. I just keep being nervous.

But I think it really can’t be helped. At any rate, this will be a change over a new leaf in my life which almost never happened before. This kind of nervousness is even greater than when I tried to catch an anaconda in the middle of rainforest back then.

Even though I feel like myself almost squashed by a pressure that I never felt before, I’m desperately waiting for that time. And finally, the time is coming.

I who imagined so many times and tried to calm my shivering lips is opening my mouth.

「G-Good morning Midori-san! Aoi-san! 」

I’m calling them with their given name from now. Though I already spoke to them beforehand, as expected the tension for speaking it the first time is so great. If they say that I shouldn’t call them by their given name, I won’t be able to get back on my feet anymore.

Thus, while I’m struggling in a dead and alive match inside, Wakakussa―― No, I mean Midori-san is smiling kindly at me while Aoi-san is replying with slightly stiff tone.

「Morning Sou-kun」

「G-Good morning Sou-kun」

Aah, is this how you feel thrilled when girls are calling your given name. What a wonderful world. Such wonderful world is――

「Fufu, you’re a bit stuttered but at least it’s still within the passing mark. The next milestone is to call our name without honorific. Ah in that case, Ao-chan is fine too」

What a wonderful milestone. Shall I tackle this challenge with my everything. Aah, welcome to this wonderful wor――

「O~h, quite early there aren’t you, Sou」

What a wonderful timing you got there, Shinji. Is this that legendary words block. No, I’m not saying anything though.

「Yeah Shinji, it’s thanks to the blessing of the god」

Come to think of it, it’s thanks to Shinji that I can become a good friend with Aoi-san and Midori-san. In fact he’s been supporting me in various things.

「Tonight is revenge match after all. Thus, let’s go with a blast」

「OU!  」

Naturally we’re entering with a blast. There’s nothing left can stop me now.

「Shinji, Sou-kun」

What’s matter Midori-san. This fiery passion within me won’t put out that easily you know?

「I don’t mind if you do it tonight but, shouldn’t you incite such fighting spirit for today quiz first? 」


Nice, Midori-san. What a wonderful firefighting skill. My blazing passion is vanished within a moment.

Thus, me and Shinji throw ourself into such desperate battle.

After finishing such desperate mortal combat, we’re meeting online in the rest area in front of the dungeon now. Though it was too cruel to talk or asking about the result of today’s quest, Midori-san and Aoi-san skilfully avoided such topic since they might feel our situation.

Though my old man once said 「Kindness can be the most painful things」, I think the current me might understand a bit of his words. The most painful thing is when they’re smiling while avoiding our gaze.

「Yup, let’s get going! 」

Maybe because feeling the similar thoughts to me, Shinji is also yelling in strange tone while we dived into the dungeon. I can feel your pain you know.

There’s a lot of leftover Ryuukyuu under its basement. We were advancing through the dungeon in similar pace to yesterday. In accordance to our prior arrangement, me and Shinji will act as vanguard, Aoi-san and Midori-san are in charge of rear guard. It’s precisely the most simple and easiest formation.

Few minutes after venturing inside, I can see the flocks of bat which we fought numerous times yesterday. Their number is 5. They’re hanging themself upside down at the ceiling without noticing our presence.

After telling my teammates that the enemies are ahead with a hand sign, I’m entering into battle ready stance. I’ve known about the performance of my new gun yesterday but, this is the first time I’ll use this in actual combat. Let’s try to shot 2 bullet while aiming for head shot for now.


When that two exploding sound resounded, the bat whose got a headshot fall down with a thud and then become particles of light.

Ooh, one sided slaughter huh. This is a good gu-…………. Crap, this ain’t the time to praise my gun. There’re 4 enemies left. It seems they’re shaken after being ambushed but still facing toward our direction. Perhaps, I should focus only on decreasing their number while they’re approaching.

I’m maintaining my shooting stance and land another headshot to another bat which then turned into particles of light. When I’m counting down the left over in my head, Midori-san voice is resounding right behind me.

「I won’t let you to take all the spotlight you know――《Wind Bullet》! 」

3 compressed air bullet that appeared around Midori is following her hand movement and shot toward our opponent. The air bullets that was shot in straight line is hitting 3 of the bats who couldn’t move freely due to the lack of the room inside of the cave. And there, Shinji is pursuing the knocked bats and proceeded to shave their HP gauge down.

I on the other hand is leaving those bats to Shinji and start to pay my attention on the thing that is approaching from behind.

「Sou-kun, a huge crab[normal crab] is coming from behind us! 」

Aoi-san also noticed it huh. I decided to entrust the task of beating those bats to Midori-san and Shinji and then face against the gigantic crab from yesterday along with Aoi-san. Shinji had said before that they won’t come to attack in a party, so this might be a coincidence that we were trapped in pincer attack.

「Leave this one to us. And Blue. This crab[coconut crab] is the comrade of hermit crab. It’s not a true crab」

「Do we really need that kind of trivia right now! ? 」

Oh, we haven’t such lee way in fact. But this much should be alright.

「I’ll slide through under its belly since that place is this guy weakness. Please give a cover for me, Blue」

「S-Sure!  」

Aoi-san is replying almost as the same time as I asked her, and then I’m sprinting toward the gigantic crab.

「――Song of bewitchment! 」

The vivid sound of Aoi-san flute is resounding inside of the cave. It’s a calm tone that will soothe your heart. Or so for me, but.


Though I don’t know whether it’s a sound of agonizing pain or not but, the gigantic crab limbs is clattering while letting out such scream. It might be trembled, or confused. I don’t know which one it is since that gigantic crab has no facial expression.

But thanks to that I can easily slip under its belly. Though it hurriedly wield its pincer-like hammer to stop me when I face against it with Shinji yesterday, this crab is showing no reaction even when I’m approaching it. I’m stooping over as low as possible to enter the space under its belly while paying full attention to its pincer, but.


The crab suddenly turn sobered during that moment and then pushing off its belly, its weak point, before my eyes.

………… Eh, what the hell is this. Is this like belly up posture of a dog. But from the way it is moving its pincers, it still has the intention to continue the battle.

「S-Sou-kun. Attack」

Ah right. I don’t know why but, it’s a chance since this crab is voluntarily showing its belly, its own weakness. Nice chance. I pounded the bullets in my gun into the exposed belly of the crab with unsatisfied feeling. Thus, the gigantic crab is raising a mute scream as it’s vanishing into particles of light.

What the heck is this.

「Are you okay, Sou-kun? 」

「Yeah, I’m uninjured」

I mean there’s not even a chance for me to get injured.

「Thank god……… It seems that the monster is compatible with my flute」

Aoi-san and that gigantic crab compatibility is good she said? What an envious fella. Hurry, change place with this potion.

「Compatibility? 」

「Yes.   It seems that monster is revealing its weak point during a moment of confusion, thus its compatibility with my flute is good」

So that’s the case.  I see, so that’s due to assist from Aoi-san and not that crab showing submissive pose. Thank god, I definitely won’t be able to sleep well if that was actually submissive pose.

「Well then, I’ll be relying on your flute if the situation needed for that arise later, Blue」

「Leave it to me. I-I’ll do my best! 」

Aoi-san is placing her hands on her hips as she replied while puffing her chest. But rather than triumphant expression, her face more like the face of someone who is trying to bluff to hide her embarrassment. I really want to take a screenshot of her in this pose.

「It seems Shinji’s side also dispatched their opponent, let’s meet them and gather the materials」


After that, we’re advancing through the labyrinth without even meeting a pinch that can be called as a pinch.

Me and Midori-san keep performing preemptive attack against the bats, and they’ll be stopped by me and Shinji by the time they came to us, we’ll receive a healing from Aoi-san once in a while.

The matter about that gigantic crab coming out is already like a bonus stage. When the sound of Aoi-san flute is resounding, our opponent would be exposing their weak point while blowing bubble from their mouth. And there, the three of me, Shinji and Midori-san began our dull work of dispatching them. To be honest, though it’s more like dispatching them rather than fighting them, Shinji and Midori-san is showing satisfied face.

This might be a different opinion between me and Shinji-tachi in regard to battle. More than fighting what kind of opponent, I’m wishing for a fight against opponent that made me fired up. The feeling of tension that is sharpening my instinct while giving the best pleasure when I come out victorious.

Compared to that, Shinji-tachi felt like they’re delighted with the growth of their skill and arts along with gaining raw materials. Though it doesn’t mean that I’m not feeling the same way as them, in my case, battle must be thrilling and the raw materials are just the byproduct from that battle. Though I won’t justify anyone of those two preference since Shinji-tachi line of thought might be the common one. Since that’s just what game is for us.

Well in regard to battle aside, since I can enjoy this game with everyone those kind of details is already trivial matter. It’s good as long as it is enjoyable. This is a game after all.

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