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Chapter 34.2 : Strengthening ≒ Reinforcement + Date

It’s similar. It’s similar to the desert eagle which I got as my 13th birthday gift. Though there’s subtle difference in the design, this is extremely similar to the real desert eagle. And this desert eagle is said to have the most destructive power amongst automatic pistol. No, its power might be not coming along with its similar appearance. In the first place, it can even shoot magnum caliber bullet………… No, if the concept of magnum caliber bullet even exist in this world. I think there’s no choice but to try it. [TL : You must play counter strike to understand this but you can buy a sniper rifle called magnum in there, and the bullet can be used in dessert eagle too]

「Is it really such amazing gun? 」

「If it’s compared to reality, I do think that this gun have the most outstanding performance. It seems we can test it out, let me try it then」

I choose another guns beside the desert eagle and went to test it in the firing range at the side of the store. The one to which I’m most impressed to is the gun chosen by Fuyukawsan. Its official name is silver hawk. It can hold up to 8 bullets and have attack power of 15, each one of the status is higher than the gun I’m right now. Though the recoil is slightly lighter compared to the real desert eagle, it still have its best performance. The problem is………..

「U~hm……..I barely have enough money for it」

The price is similiar to its performance. My last line is that I’m barely able to buy this if I sell my current gun but, in that moment I’m going to be broke. Is there something that will left some leeway in my purse………. Ah, that’s it. It’s hard to let go of the weapon that always accompany me till this day. Sorry handgun. We are in the same boat.

「You’re a wonderful pistol right. And I love you too」

Thank you for everything up till now, handgun. I won’t forget you. My purse will become a deserted place unless I make some sacrifice. Bluffing men are such sad creature.

I’m squandering almost everything I have, and changed to a safer equipment. As expected, new equipment will make you excited. Though I won’t be able to answer if someone is asking “What’s so exciting about it?” aside, I certainly feel that way. I’m trying to hide my naturally upturned lips with my hand from Fuyukawsan and then confirming the status of my renewed equipment.

【Weapon Status】

・Silver Hawk

Physical Attack:8

A gun that was created with penetrating power and fast bullet as its selling point. In exchange for that power is the increase in its weight, a gun that needs an experienced and trained user to use with one hand.  Number of bullet is 15.

・Silver Hawk

Physical Attack:8

A gun that was created with penetrating power and fast bullet as its selling point. In exchange for that power is the increase in its weight, a gun that needs an experienced and trained user to use with one hand.  Number of bullet is 15.


Physical Attack : 12

An item made by blacksmith master Hanzou. It has a big size to be called as a knife and despite its attack power, it’s a weapon for expert.

Ooh, it’s quite powerful huh. No, in fact the Physical attack is almost doubled. The truth is I want to upgrade my defensive equipment too but…….. My purse is already as weak as paper. Tras―― No, I shouldn’t do that. I wonder how much I have to raise my level till I can become like those super vegetable people. [TL : Super Saiyan] See, it makes you feel excited right.

「What do you think, Sou-kun. It seems you’ve been decided your gun but, will you be looking for another gun 」

Oops.  I’m unintentionally entering my own world.

「That’s right.  To be honest I want to look for other gun, rifle in particular. But, won’t you feel bored by this, Fuyukawsan? 」

The scenery where a woman is looking at a gun with sparkling eyes is………….. A bit unbelieveble for me.

「That’s not true. I’m really enjoying strolling around with Sou-kun. And since I don’t know much about it, I will be glad, if you’re willing to teach me about the gun」

KUAAAH………….. What’s with this cute creature. Are you trying to make me die from agony. If she’s scheming against me using this kind of tactic, I’m dead meat. And above all, it’s 120% effective.

「Well then, shall we see that store over there」

We were looking at various gun in the store for a while after that, a lively conversation is blooming between us.

What a bliss.

After we come to HELLOWORK to meet with Shinji-tachi who’s looking for a request related to capture the boss, we’re heading toward the PvP arena. But our goal isn’t PvP, we are coming in order to grasp each other abilities to make it easier for us to cooperate.

We also know that the chance to defeat that boss is so low from yesterday’s experience. I think we are in better condition than yesterday after replacing our equipment with stronger one but, we’d like to make a countermeasure plan in order to not repeating the same mistake as yesterday.

Thus we will be practising various arts, skill, song and magic in PvP arena for few hours. We have a basic grasp of each other abilities and decided on a plan for the battle.

「Generally, I’ll be the tank and Sou will be the attacker」

Shinji strong point is naturally his defense. Because he has enough power to withstand the boss attack from the front. There’s no one more competent than Shinji as a tanker.

「Then, Leaf will provide a cover for Sou with her magic when he’s in pinch. I’ll protect you if the hate is turned toward you」

Wakakussan whose main selling point is instanous firepower of her magic which place her at the top of our damage dealer. But she’ll be left wide open during the moment she cast her magic, thus after thinking for a long time, we come to a conclusion that she has to be always at Shinji vicinities. In the first place the hate won’t goes toward Wakakussan as long as we keep the boss busy.

「Thus, Blue will back us with her song. The timing for invocation is the moment the hate moving toward Sou」


We don’t know whether Fuyukawsan debuff song will have any effect on the boss without testing it. Though the probability for it to be effective is quite low, we can’t use that even if it’s actually effective. We’ll try to test it first, if it’s turned out to be ineffective, she’ll be assisting me and Shinji with her song of healing.

「Well in short, Sou will shave the HP bar of the boss by himself and we’ll back him up when he’s cornered. To be honest, I hate the fact that we have to overly relying on Sou to fight that boss alone on the front line. I feel gratified by that but――」

As Shinji is about to bow his head to me, I pat his shoulder to stop him.

「We’re a team right? Moreover I’m fine with such tactic since it’s best tactic that making use of my high combat skill. I trust your tactic which put a consideration of me」

「I see……… Thanks」

「Don’t mind about it」

It’s too good of a good position to be given to someone else. That boss is―― Mine.

After making various preparation, the 4 of us headed toward yesterday’s dungeon. For the sake of keeping the consumption of healing potion to minimal, we’re using an item to lower monster encounter rate, thus, our party arrived in front of the dungeon without even battling a single monster.

It’s originally an item intended for production class and hobbyist but, it’s still become many players favourite item since that item is useful when capturing dungeon.

Night is approaching in the blink of eyes. We’re going to challenge the boss tomorrow but, it seems Shinji-tachi will dive into the dungeon for a bit and then returning again after logging out for a meal.

Though I don’t know what should I do, I decided to log out since I’ve been neglecting mother and Ruri lately.

We’re returning to reality after registering our avatar in the rest area right in front of the dungeon so that we can challenge it right away by tomorrow.

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