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Chapter 33.1 : Reflection+Reflection = Shopping

I fell asleep right after my first death in IEO. The first thing that I heard when I awakened was an angel voice.

「Oniichan, good morni~ng」

「………. G’morning Ruri」

Today’s morning is also wonderful. Wait a minute, why are you waiting for me to wake up? Oh my little angel.

「That’s rare for you to wait for me waking up, Ruri. Normally you’re going to jump on the bed and then land on my stomach to wake me up」

「Yeah.  Because I wanted to look at oniichan sleeping face today」

What with this cute angel. What do you want to do on me. What are you going to do since my bones will become jello if you’re even cuter than this. Geez my bones is no longer soft-bone chicken anymore, it’s already became as soft as jellyfish.

「I see, but your stealth is as impressive as ever Ruri. Despite sleeping on my bed, the one who can invade my room without me noticing are just you and father you know」

As expected of my angel. Though father isn’t teaching anything but self-defense arts since she’s still in elementary school, her stealth is already far beyond me. Maybe even more than father. At this rate she might become even stronger than me if he teaches her how to use weapon.

「Ehehe, I want to surprise oniichan, stealth is my speciality after all」

I see, I was the reason huh. While I’m shivering from the possibility of this angel, I left my room along with my angel.

After enjoying plenty of moment with my angel, I dived to IEO to meet with Shinji-tachi.

This is……… Nago city huh. I see, so one will be logging in at the nearest city when they died in dungeon huh. Well then, everyone is already logging into the game.

I’m moving my fingers to open friend list and confirming it. Yup, everyone’s already logged in.

【Oh, you finally came huh, Sou. Let’s meet right away】

From Shinji huh. He’s still the same as ever, doing something the moment I logged in. Are you actually my login call. [TL : Basically similiar to NPC message who will say “Welcome back to XXX”] Maybe I’m wishing for Fuyukawsan and Wakakussan for that role.

【Ok, where are we going to meet? 】

【After I’m sending my position, come to room 204 of that inn. After that, we’re going to discuss yesterday’s event】


I went toward the designated inn right away as soon as I got the coordinate from Shinji.

When I’m entering the room, the 3 of them Wakakussan, Fuyukawsan and Shinji is already sitting around the round table.

「Yo, Sou」

「Good day Sou-kun」

「Good, day, Sou-kun」

A~h, so the double greeting of the two goddess held this much destructive power huh. The world is actually filled with such brilliant color. Hello the world. Welcome, the new me. I wonder how much more brilliant is this situation if only Shinji isn’t with them.

「Good day everyone. Shinji, you’re a nuisance of this paradise」

「So cruel! ? 」

Oops, I’ve just blurted out my real intention. I have to fix this misundestandi-……… Maybe it’s better to leave it as a misunderstanding.

「Shinji, how far have you told them about yesterday’s event? 」

「Eh, You just leave it at that! ? 」


「Well, I have yet to tell them anything. We’re just gathered a while ago after all」

「I see」

In that case, maybe we’re going to start from the matter of the dungeon first.

After that, we told them regarding the matter of dungeon diving yesterday, and then about the boss. Though Wakakussan and Fuyukawsan hear about it with interested face at first, their eyes gradually changing from the middle of our stories and completely stupefied at the end of the stories. Maybe they become interested when we tell them about the jackpot.

「U~hm…….I wonder where should I start from」

「Midori, please tell Sou about the truth since he is in fact lacking of self awareness」

Hey, that’s too cruel you know. Well it might be the truth since I’m the one who have the least information about the game.

「What do you mean by I’m having no self awareness? 」

「Listen Sou-kun, first is, do you know how many people have challenged the Okinawa boss? 」

「No, not at all」

But the current me is extremely lacking in such basic information. Wait a minute, could it be that I’m actually extremely dependance on Shinji.

「The maximum number of 1 party is 4 people. I told you about this when we were forming a party a while ago right. And then, the maximum number of party who can go to challenge Okinawa boss at the same time is 2 party」

Hohou, so the maximum number of people who can go to challange that boss is 8 people huh. And yet, we’re challenging it with just 2 people………… We must be a fool huh.

「And, the Okinawa boss is an extremely powerful one, many of information site or BBS are dubbing it as “Savage”」

Certainly, that last attack was too much. Well, it’s no wonder they call it savage.

「Even the top leveled guild amongst the capture group are only managed to shave away 60-70% of the boss HP bar. And naturally they’re forming full party」

E?  Is that so?

「But then, Sou-kun and Shinji, didn’t the two of you shave away 80% of the boss HP bar. That’s amazing feat, or should I say the pinnacle of recklessness? Well, that’s how I feel」

Even if you say it that way………. I still think that there’s a great difference between amazing feat and recklessness you know.

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