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Chapter 33.1 : Reflection+Reflection = Shopping—Teaser—-

I fell asleep right after my first death in IEO. The first thing that I heard when I awakened was an angel voice.

「Oniichan, good morni~ng」

「………. G’morning Ruri」

Today morning is also wonderful. Wait a minute, why are you waitingwaiting till I waking up? Oh my angel.

「That’s rare for you to waiting till I waking up, Ruri. Normally you’re jumpin on the bed and then landing on my stomach to wake me up」

「Yeah.  Because I wanted to looking at oniichan sleeping face today」

What with this cute angel. What do you want to do on me. What are you going to do since my bones will become jello if you’re even cuter than this. Geez my bones is no longer softbone chicken anymore, it’s already became as soft as jellyfish.

「I see, but your stealthty is as impressive as ever Ruri. Despite sleeping on my bed, the one who can invade my room without me noticing are just you and father you know」

As expected of my angel. Though father isn’t teaching anything but self-defense arts since she’s still in elementary school, her stealth already far beyond me. Maybe even mroe than father. At this rate she might become even stronger than me if he teach her how to use weapon.

「Ehehe, I want to surprise oniichan, stealth is my speciality after all」

I see, I was the reason huh. While I’m shivering from the possibility of this angel, I left my room along with my angel.

(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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