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Chapter 31 : [Poor Equipment+Shield] x Guts – Boss = Death–Teaser—

If we opened the door, we will find a boss room behind it

The mane that standing upright like a blazing flame. It’s stout 4 limbs is supporting it’s lean but muscular body. Standing on that place was the peak of all beast.

「…….. Lion? Nay, should I call it guardian deity[Lion]?  」

「Since this is Okinawa, I think we should call it LionDog[Shisha]」

When I’m looking at the information of the opponent, I found that it’s name is Jiisha, almost as Shinji say. No, could it be that the one on there isn’t a Shisha? Or it might be just a pun name of Shisha just like that snake and mongoose?

When I’m pondering about that, a sound is transmitting into my ears who finished pondering about the mystery of that name. A tense voice filled with all kind of nervousness.

「Becareful, Sou. It’s obviously on a completely different dimension than the enemy we faced so far」

「…….. Seems so」

I’m completely agreeing in that regard. I won’t be so frightened if the one that standing in front of us is just a normal lion, like in reality. But the Shi–er, I mean the Jiisha that standing before us, no matter how you look at it is surpassing the common sense of all living being. Since we’re in Okinawa, Shisha was definitely a guardian deity but well I’m sure that this one is surpassing common sense in all aspect.

It’s height might be around 3 metres tall is it? It’s height is the same as the water buffalo that I saw today at noon. The problem is in how much explosive power it have but…. We’re in deep shit since it have muscle that unique to a carnivore beast.

I think we really have no chance of winning against this beast if we were to fight it from the front, as long as we’re excluding my father.


It’s thunderous roar which seemingly will break everything apart is resounding inside of the cave. It’s as if a shock applied to my skin, completely unlike the roar of the one from reality.

Shall I move ahead then……… It seems to be extremely powerful foe. Like hell I can win against that. No, it might be not something a human can fight against. Robot, someone please send a giant robot over here. Or send us a tank at least.

「WOOOOOOW. In addition, we can’t………………

(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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